MISC Reliant Tana – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5

MISC Reliant Tana – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5

I’m gonna give you a first look at the
misc reliant Anna and we’re starting right now welcome to a star citizen’s ship
buyer’s guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today you will see my unscripted first impressions of the Miss
reliant Anna we’ll take a look at the exterior briefly review weapons tour the
interior and finish up with a brief flight test in the new flight model this
footage is in the PTU currently opened to subscribers in kashi airs your
feedback is important as this is a new series on a new channel let me know in
the comments what you think with that out of the way let’s take a first look
at the misc reliant Anna this is gonna be my unscripted first look at the mist
reliant Anna I certainly do like this color scheme
better than the rest of the reliant series the the washed out Ness of all of
them and the particular colors that they have it just I just don’t like the way
they look maybe the Mako is good with its yellow color but definitely don’t
like this this thing got the guns here now they’re not normally pointed up like
this what happened when I got out of the ship normally they’re facing forward but
you’d see that they’re gimballed take a look and see what kind of weapons they
are there in forays and in 5a so it’s got in five A’s it looks like maybe at
the tip yeah in five A’s at the tip and in four days that’s it’s a pretty good
firepower got some laser auto canyons there believe this deal here is the
missile base missiles come from at the m4a I’m here got a sensor there chaired amongst the
entire reliance series I love the way the new glass looks in alpha 3.5 though
crystal-clear and reflections are pretty cool got more sensors this reflective
material is pretty cool I’m not sure what it does but at the second in 4a
under the wings the other missile Bay and the m58 decadently there’s the back
here we got our thrusters we have our vertical takeoff and lift Roasters metric cool so it’s got the same thing
aside go so that’s the outside go take a look at the inside but it does have one scu of cargo space
let me go ahead and turn the ship on hello how can this help you today I think they might have fixed the issue
with interior lights and vehicles they do turns now you got one seu of cargo
space there there are left you have two bunk beds and logout in this have a
storage locker here which since this is a fighter ship I mean I’m guessing
you’ll be able to keep clothes in their armor that type of stuff you got a gun
rack it’s functional you can put a gun there I’m in an armistice zone so I
can’t pull mine out sure what that is down there some space ship stuff got oil
it here open it when that happens a sink goes in it know it on the way to the cockpit we
have what looks like some component housings that’ll be used later you just
call them access points for now but we go to fix any damage it’s bad enough in
the copilot seat first unlike the Zen and the Mako o policy for
this one doesn’t really have much to do you just have your MFD you know I have
access to a remote turret or remote camera all right let’s see MFDs are pretty high in this notice some
complaints about that but I think it’s not enough screens down here for I could
deal with just those and use these when I want to call landing services this no
problem no ejection feature pretty sure makes sense because the design of the
ship but it’s pretty small so you should be able to get out bring fast let me go
ahead and get back in it it will do a test flight one thing that’s cool about
the reliance series and for most of you know but if you don’t this is the landing gear down mode for
the reliance series if you what you’re landing your way then this happens and
that same view from the from within the inside is looks like this your copilot
just rotates back up pretty cool just below you when you’re flying and comes
back up to your side now you also got to remember that or if you should know that
when it’s in that flight mode you can’t get out of your seat you have to put the
landing gear down just to get out of your seat no matter what I’m gonna take a pic it for a spin
around the block I personally did not like the way the other variants flew hoping that this is
going to be a little bit better I’ve also gotten a little bit better got
my Adil joystick set up today he’s doing some pretty cool maneuvers in the 300 I
it’s very drifty but I need a lot of practice but this does feel pretty good this is definitely better than the rest
of the variants they’re pretty slow and much more drifty yes yeah I mean that’s precision there
this new flight model is just much more slow paced than it used to be but I like
it it’s pretty good not as good as some of the other fighter
ships which is to be expected please stay tuned for my full review of the
reliant Anna Y we’ll cover it more in depth did you like this first look like
it subscribe by clicking the round circle here check out some of my other
first looks in this series here comment with ship you’d like to see featured in
the next first look us our citizenship buyer’s guide until next time citizens
I’ll see you in the verse


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    William Lewis

    It's an interesting ship, I like it more now after the revamp. Being able to switch flight modes is great too for atmo flying as well as those alien tech engines which hopefully make it more again in space 🙂

    When the filming works it's going to be amazing for streaming events – hopefully in and out of game alike!

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    Mr Laag

    I wish i could get my hands on just one of these ships. Sooo tired of my Aurora…

    Nice ship but it’s a bummer you can‘t buy it in-game …

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    The reliant line is my favorite been waiting on this one for years. they really dropped the ball on it , The copilot should be able to use remote turret and it should be able to fly in atmosphere in horizontal mode with gear up they fix those to things and it will be the best light fighter in my opinion. still love it 🙂

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    Oh yea and they could blast the bubble of the front and save both pilot and copilot in an emergency, I could even have a parachute in atmosphere. Like an escape pod. So many possibility's to make this ship even more cool.

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    Hehe but the Reliant is like what Cheech said one time in one of his and Chong's movies, I'm so good looking I have to scar my face to give everyone else a chance.

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    Greg Moulton

    No ejection seat is a major draw back with permadeath! I'd have guessed it would have had one. Thanks for the review!

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    Gonçalo Pinto Ferreira

    The copilot takes control of the gun turrets, you can also switch the S3 single mount turrets for S2 double mount turrets

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    Phillip Mulligan

    I own a TANA and really love it in the PTU. Not really a stealth ship but it's diminutive size and layout should still make it a perfect spy/irregular commando deployment ship. This ship has really benefited from the new flight model. It previously flew like a sick angle fish. I really need to buy head tracking software and voice attack so I can access all the ships systems more easily in an emergency or combat.

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    I believe that CIG has indicated that the Reliant series will be able to rotate wing position independently of the landing gear in the future.
    This would be a very good thing.

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    I kinda like it. I picked one up to give it a shot. I already had the SEN. Can't wait for them to release 3.5 live. Not interested in getting in the PTU. Thanks for the preview.

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    Old Man Bryan

    I like this unscripted impressions more than the regular reviews but thats me. I find the background music to be a bit too loud and distracting though.

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    Ian Smith

    Loved this hands on style of review video, very short sweet and to the point. I get people want do know a lot about ships before buying but some people reviewing ships will spend 5 mins on something small like a screen a panel and i just keep thinking 'FFS get on with it!' but never thought that with this review.

    Subbed for this style of video.

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    Shady Saber

    Its cool how they these ships take a completely different form in seconds. I really wanna get a khartu-al but from what I hear its really inneffective and I don't think it really something I should look for In a first purchase for star citizen maybe I should just get a reliant. I just wish they would make more Xi'an ships 😭

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    Daniel Cottrill

    when you buy this i like to see you do a mission with this ship i'll give you 5 stars for that one !!

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    So… If you can't justify taking a carrier along, then your options for doing an escort mission for a large cargo ship (say a Hull C – anything larger is probably hauling so much stuff that you should really bring out the big guns, like… At least a hammerhead or the like), then taking into account the fuel mechanics that should be in place in future, your choices for escort ships would appear to be something like this (no comment on how combat effective these are – just that they are 'fighters' equipped for long range operation):
    – Reliant Tana
    – 325a
    – Aurora Legionnaire
    – 125a
    – Vanguard warden
    – Banu Defender

    Maybe something like a Cutlass black if you're desperate I guess…

    That's more than I initially thought, and a few other things could be forced into service if you're desperate (Other Aurora, 100 and 300 series variants, and the Mustang Beta – even though that's not intended for a fight, it's moderately combat-worthy and has the facilities for longer distances.)
    But on the whole, once the implications of fuel and range considerations take effect it's going to become surprisingly challenging to effectively guard a small to medium cargo hauler.
    Of those, my pick would be a wing of 325a's (like 2-3, since a coordinated strike from multiple fighters beats out a single ship any day), or maybe the Wardens (though I don't know much about them.)
    I guess if the haul is low value enough, a wing of Auroras wouldn't be completely absurd. – again, a well coordinated pack still beats out individual ships.

    The thing is, there are of course much better fighters, but by their nature, most of them are unsuited to escort duty unless you have a carrier to hand.
    And who has a carrier that's sufficiently cheap and easy to crew to justify using it as an escort for a cargo hauler?

    So… What exactly is going to protect a Hull C, when you think about the logistics?
    A Hull D or E is so absurdly huge and it's cargo so valuable that having an Idris and a hammerhead or two guarding it isn't out of the question, but once you get down to more reasonable and affordable scales, it becomes a bit more questionable that you can justify anything large enough to function as a carrier especially, and the moment you can no longer have a carrier as escort, is the moment you can no longer use the vast majority of fighters as escorts…

    So… If you're aiming for making Escort/guard missions a major element of your career, then you should work hard to familiarise yourself with the fighting ships capable of actually performing that role to any extent, because the list is quite small, and most of them are not overly well regarded as dogfighters, so you've got your work cut out for you to fight effectively with them…

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