Mobile Home Living ,Second Class CITIZEN ,or LOWER Class Living ,The Lies,The Myths

Mobile Home Living ,Second Class  CITIZEN ,or LOWER Class Living ,The Lies,The Myths

well it’s wintertime and that’s a whole
new life for me different chores different things that I have to do and
one of them is lighting oil lamps I use my oil lamps I use them in the morning
and I use them at evening there’s two reasons one is it helps reduce my
electricity and two is it helps heat my home now as you’ve seen in many of my
videos I have clean Heat it’s K L EA n heat and this is a fuel that you can use
in your oil lamps it will also help heat your house and there’s no kerosene smell
another thing I just learned is you can put essential oils in your oil lamps and
it is amazing it has an amazing scent to it so that is something else I do
morning I light my oil lamps and I will keep them lit for about maybe two hours
or three hours until the Sun is up and I’m able to see and then in the evening
once again around five o’clock I will light my oil lamps and then we start
with what I do 365 days of the year come along with me and I’ll show you walk
outside the doors and I have to go to the chicken house
and I have to let my beloved chickens out because they’ve been cooped up in
their house for about 12 hours I put them to bed really early every
evening when it turns dark and so the nights are much longer and so they’re in
their house and they are ready to get out as soon it’s the crack of dawn it’s
really really cold it’s about Fibby 32 degrees as you see I don’t work
coats I’m very bad at wearing coats even when it’s snowing just how I am
I know eventually I’ll get to the point where I’m gonna have to dress warmer I
really have a hard time with accepting winter time because I love being outside
and it’s really hard to be outside when it is so cold all right so let’s get the
chickens out just like you and I when we wake up we are hungry Hey what are they
looking for oh no their food bowl is empty we have to make sure we take care
of that I keep their football I keep their food
ball empty during the night so I don’t have any problems with wild animals
coming in here to try to get it to food on really cold mornings I will make them
some hot oatmeal and they love that alright the chickens are fed now on to
more chores that chore is done for another day it seems like every single
day I do the exact same things over and over and over again but you know what
that gives a purpose in life and it helps establish your routine they say
people work best if they have a routine most of us do have a routine most of us
get up every morning brush our teeth and get started on the day this is my
routine so this is what I would call a vlog or in my words a B log and I
haven’t had one of these in a long time following in somebody’s footsteps it’s
really interesting because you get to see how they live their life uh ‘add and
just get to see what it’s like to live in their shoes
so to speak now we go back into the house and it’s dark so I’m just gonna
share with you how do I go about my day now it’s not as dark in here as what it
would appear to be it justice because the camera and also I went from a really
cold outside to really warm inside and so my camera is probably going to be
just this little bit fuzzy the next thing I do is before I eat breakfast
which is always a bagel with cream cheese I don’t eat a big breakfast but
that’s what I eat every single day but what I do is I get all of my water ready
and I start heating it up so I can wash my dishes now mom told me every night
have your dishes washed that didn’t happen last night so that means I woke
up this morning with a whole bunch of dishes to wash so I will heat my water
on the stove because I have so many to do that I need to get started with my
laundry and how am i doing my laundry you ask well I brought
my portable laundry machine inside because it is winter time and that means
that I have to wash indoors and so this is how I wash my clothing and how I wash
my dishes and then we are going to have leftovers for lunch today because I have
a lot of leftovers from the last couple days and so let’s get started on the
rest of the chores it makes a huge difference is just one second I’ll quick
put it up is an LED light all right I don’t want to hurt anybody’s eyes but
this LED light is amazing and so this is what I do a lot of people who are new to
my channel don’t understand my setup so I’m gonna explain this to you as simple
as I can they see I had running water but they don’t understand how why I heat
my water to make it as simple as it can is this house the house was broken we
didn’t know it was broken until we actually paid for it we bought a house
on cash sale and the plumbing is a lot of issues with it I have cold water and
my whole house except for my shower which still has hot water my pipes are
all broken underneath the house because underneath the house is only two feet
about two to two and a half feet high and it is an old mobile home we’ve had
many people come many people looked at it they shake their heads and they walk
away nobody wants to fix it so I adapt I bought a place it was free
and clear it was cash this is where we lived so we had to deal with the
problems that we have but when we moved in here this is what we were faced with
and you know what you do with what you got
and so I learned to heat water on a stove I never did that before and I
learned all of these things I learned about grey water and the rules with grey
water and how you you know can reuse grey water and outside you know with
your plants and so these are things that I have learned thankfully our sewers
system is perfect and we have hot water in the shower only so what I’m going to
do is I take sometimes my hot water from the bathtub and bring it in here
a lot of people ask me that other question why don’t I take hot water from
the bathroom and bring it here to wash dishes and why do I heat it on the stove
well to be honest with you looking five gallons of hot water all day long is
very tiresome I already have to lug five gallons of hot water for all of my
laundry and to do it for dishes too it’s very tiring and so sometimes I do steps
like this which is easier physically on my body I am a big girl let’s face it
but I do work very hard and work very hard
at just the everyday tasks that people have in life and one thing I noticed was
when I was thinner I didn’t have the strength that I do now and so being
overweight does have a lot of challenges but also being overweight does have a
lot of benefits as far as if you have more strength so I have more strength to
actually lift all these buckets because it’s a lot of weight Wow anywhere
between 200 to 300 to 400 pounds of water that sounds like a lot of water
but if you calculate all the drops of water that you use in a day you would
really be surprised I can tell you how much water it takes for me to have a
shower I can tell you how much water it takes for me to do a large load of
dishes I can tell you how much water it takes for me to wash my laundry and so
sometimes it looks to you like I’m doing harder work but actually it’s easier so
heating my water in the stove for me is a lot easier because I don’t have to
haul so much water and you know that is just part of my life that a lot of
people don’t understand and everybody has their own dynamics in life everybody
has their own things that they have to work on my home I know how it runs I
know how it works because I’ve been here nine years and so I learned ok Tessie
this doesn’t work how do you make it work and so this is what a lot of people
are really fast naded about my life is I am not off-grid
I never was off-grid but I bought a home that was broken and I just learned to
adapt I do more in one hour than a lot of people do in a whole day and I don’t
say this to brag at all I just say it to share with you that it is a hard life
living this life but I like it it’s not that I’m putting a hardship on myself
I’m just learning to adapt in a life that I was given and I love working I
love doing this stuff this would be very hard if you didn’t like it if you didn’t
like homesteading or living like this it’s heavy my bucket is extremely heavy
now you count that many times a day so this is what I do and in a matter of 10 minutes it will be
soaked up so as you can see I really try hard to conserve water as much as I can
but I like having things clean and have anything as clean takes the quite amount
of water I find it absolutely hilarious that a small group of women about six of
them claim I don’t live this life it’s just a prop and I do this for videos if
I would do this for videos I sure would hope I get paid a lot more than that
because it is not easy it is hard work no weather have a youtube or not this is
what I got a deal this would be a lot of work just to make
a youtube video oh my water is still heating up but you know what it’s
starting to get daylight and so soon I can blew out my oil lamps I only keep
them up with just a small time because I really want to save that fuel that I
have and you would not believe the difference it makes is a mobile home
which in the wintertime my walls are very thin and so it can get very damp
and using an oil lamp in my rooms like my bathroom or my bedroom can really
make a difference in the evening because it just helps take all of that dampness
away so oil lamps not only are they pleasing to the eye they also do have a
purpose and when you use clean heat that really makes a difference because it’s a
very fine kerosene that you can get at knows where you want to get it is at
they have it now in their paint section yes in their paint section they use it
for paint stripping but it is actually made for oil lamps and you can read it
on the directions it says oil lamps it is a heating oil but it’s very
refined and there’s no smell whatsoever and I need some essential oils your oil
lamps wow what a difference that made so my water’s still heating up I’m gonna
have a little bit of breakfast then wash my dishes get my laundry going and then
after all that’s done and my house is cleaned up I have to edit this video so
editing this video it takes me 1 hour and 20 minutes to put this video
together then it takes another hour in 20 minutes to two hours to upload it as
you can see so by the time it reaches to your house it’s gone through quite a
process I do my videos with editing I do my videos with all kinds of extra things
and so it takes time but I want to have a real clean video a nice video for you
to watch and so it takes extra time but I enjoy it making videos and editing
videos is actually a work of art because you’re putting things together with
music and sound it’s it’s like a movie and that’s why I liked about it at home
that doesn’t work you think outside the box now I love living like Little House
on the Prairie I did a video last week that had a little bit of scrutiny you
know when you’re a content creator you always have people that watch your
videos and they look at you and like they call you names and things like that
but I’m here I’m gonna share with you a little bit more about my life in this
summer time I like using my rainwater and I like using basins to wash my
clothing in last week’s video I used this and I used this and somebody
pointed out that this is new so I bought this just to make a video and this came
from the dollar store Wow I hate to tell you this is authentic and 1800s actual
washboard it’s authentic vintage and yes my buckets are new
but why are my buckets NIP because I took the money from Amazon affiliate
which you guys buy things off of it and I went got myself some buckets and if
you want to see how I used to do my laundry look right here above here and
you will see the old totes that I used to use to wash my clothing I also have
this one I use this one as well but I wasn’t doing a large amount of laundry
because I was making a small video talking to you all while I was working
on some of my clothing but this one is what I use when I have a lot of clothing
you know sometimes people can come onto your channel and see one video and they
make their whole assumption on that one video they don’t go back and look at
some of the other videos to see the actual storyline of someone’s life and I
can share with you and prove to everyone that the clothing that I wash by hand I
did it two years ago and I had some really old buckets and had some really
old totes you know I love what people say things like this on a negative way
because I’m able to share with you hey I can prove to you how I live my life I
can share with you in tangible ways how I live my life people have a hard time
understanding how other people can live and I think that’s one thing that we
really need to break the stereotypes there stereotypes are a lot if you’re
poor or if you have things that don’t work then you’re sloppy
then you’re lazy if you’re overweight you’re lazy
and so many of these stereotypes are true in fact some of the most overweight
women weren’t really hard there’s ways and there’s reasons why it people are
overweight it doesn’t always mean they’re lazy sometimes people have
handicaps in their life and that is why they’re overweight they can’t do the
work sometimes people work hard and they have
a lot of muscle and their look overweight there’s just so many things
about people’s lives and so when you look at a video don’t assume someone’s
whole life by one video because you don’t understand someone’s life just
because you don’t understand why they have a new bucket
they use washboards does it necessarily mean that they are being fake or they’re
being props are there not being true there are some people in this world that
actually do live a different lifestyle than your own and I’m ready and I’m
ready bully to share my lifestyle and share with everyone that my videos are
complete and my videos are open for the world to see ears are open I don’t hide
anything of my life I share my whole life and yes this is my home it’s not a
prop so now let’s get washing our clothing it’s hard for two people to
realize that I like this lifestyle enjoy doing things this way I find great
satisfaction in doing it I’m an old soul so living this way it it doesn’t affect
to me like it would some when you have what you have you work with what you
have this video I talked to you all about the dishwasher breaking did you
know almost every comment that I got about my dishwasher was the same thing
you all had one it broke and you never replaced it why didn’t you replace it
probably for the same reasons why I didn’t replace mine you know it’s
amazing how we learned to adapt I’m a homebody I’m home like 24/7 and so this
lifestyle isn’t that bad for me because I’m home now if I was working away from
home I don’t know how I would do all of this but because I’m home I’m able to do
it when we went to get out of debt we sold everything just about everything
other than our heirlooms and we bought this place and we quickly bought it
because it was on the market and we wanted it because it was a very cheap
affordable living we didn’t think about all of those other things but to be
honest with you at that point in our life but probably still what about this
place because we you need to go to a place where we could
be debt-free and I am an adventurous type of person and living this way is
adventurous I mean it’s different it’s different than what a lot of people but
you know what there are a lot of people who live this way they just you don’t
you don’t hear about their stories and so I like living like this I choose to
live like this to a certain level I choose it you know we could sell this
place and move into an apartment or we could sell this place and and and move
into a rental I wouldn’t want that life I like it here I like it here
that I’m gonna stay here as long as I can maybe someday I will move but for
now this is my home the point of this video the point of the video was to
share with you an intimate look at my life an intimate look at my mornings and
how almost every morning it’s the same it’s to share with you that there’s so
many stereotypes out in this world that people who live different that people
who live maybe lower income than others they’re always classified as being poor
being lazy being trashy not taking care of things being sloppy you know that’s
not always the case you know there are people in low income that don’t live
trashy lives and they don’t live lazy and they don’t live you know not taking
care of things and so those stereotypes really need to go away a lot of people
who live low income are living that way because of things that happened in their
life whether they chose it or not things happen and sometimes this is the knife
that we are led to live and do it abundantly do it happily you can’t take
back time you can’t take back things decisions that you made in your life but
you know what you can live a life that’s joyous now even if it’s a broken home
where nothing seems to work thank everyone will see you guys


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    Just think how miserable those poor women are, who spend so much time concerning themselves with criticizing you and saying you don't really live the way you do. Imagine picking out a bucket because it is new – as though poor people don't need new buckets ever. Speaking of your weight the way they do – obviously they are only familiar with the outsides of things, just as were the Pharisees. Honey, don't worry about those poor women – they are so severely handicapped they will probably never become whole persons. You just do you and don't bother even thinking about the tragic accusatory harridans – they are their own worst enemies.

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    BTW, on my farm, I had to go out very early, before I went off to work 8 hour days, with buckets of hot water to put into the animal troughs to break the ice and melt it so they could have warm water to drink. It was my least favorite chore, but they loved me for it. Our power went out once for 3 days during an ice storm, and my son and I had to put up blanikets to block off the LR so we could use the fireplace and one kerosene stove to stay warm. The bathroom had no heat and it was COLD! We lived through it, though. I just hope I never have to do it again.

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    You are so refreshing!! I find you so relatable!! I have had hot water turned off so I had to heat it up, I have had my kitchen sink plug so I’ve had to do dishes in the tub, my dishwasher broke and we didn’t fix it. People that have never lived that way don’t understand. I am 41 and have always rented and that was partly to stay out of debt, now we are going to buy a trailer home and that’s how I found you. You have a great channel that I completely need to watch so kudos to you Tessie🥰

  71. Post
    Andrea Absolom

    Hi tess hope you are well. Have you and your hubby thought about solar power. I know it's expensive first up, but in the long run it could help with electric things, like charging your hubby's mobile phone Yes I understand you are living off grid and it's your choice. The only reason why I suggested it is things do get harder, as we get older. I use solar lanterns and they are great. Have a great day

  72. Post
    roxanne scott

    Tessie your amazing in so many ways! I truly wish you the very best🙂 Don’t listen to anyone that has a negative opinion about how you live. If you enjoy living the way you do then it doesn’t matter what anyone says. Honestly you are so much more then what you show here. I’ve had experiences myself with having to adapt to certain situations. It made me think outside the box a bit! Lol.
    Much love to you and yours!

  73. Post
  74. Post
    New Start

    This video reminds me of how I used to live but not too many people could understand it. I was happy then and debt free. It was a fun game to see how many things we could adapt to and stop struggling against it. Thank you.

  75. Post

    Hey Tessie my name is Angue, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you being honest about the way you live. We bought a mobile home and are in the process of fixing it up. Good for you for choosing to live your life. Don't let anyone put you down or call you a liar, that's their issue not yours, good luck moving forward.

  76. Post
    Florence Ensana

    Tessie ! What an inspiration you are. Your home looks so warm and cozy. I loved your furniture absolutely beautiful. You took the when life gives you lemons make lemonade approach. Life has become to much about stuff. Thank you for sharing.

  77. Post
  78. Post
  79. Post
    Lisa Swetz

    Oh Tessie! Sweetheart, please don't feel like you need to explain your life to crazy mean people. They don't deserve one second of your time. The people who really care about you know what kind of a person you are and we sure know what kind of people these 6 women who are coming against you are. God Bless You Honey!!

  80. Post

    Most people who criticize others are very jealous of another person's happiness. You are a happy and grateful person and this inspires me.

  81. Post
    Alex Martinez

    Tessie, I think your home is beautiful. There's no need for you to explain why you bought yourself a bucket, unless you want to. Also, I love your chickens! I have 5 chickens at my house. ^_^

  82. Post
  83. Post
  84. Post
  85. Post
    Cristina Jacinto

    Hi. How you feel when people talk stupid thing about your life stilled ? Because I hate the still of live my family live and I most to do the same . For example they have money, for spend with no problems and I need save money because I don't have money like them, when I sed I cannot buy a same thing they call me cheap and I hate because they know I don't have the same still of life of them. Sorry about my writing ,my English it's very poor. Thankyou I love see your video. By for now.

  86. Post
    Patti Raithel

    I also don't have a dishwasher and hang up all my clothes. We are out of debt and it is because of the little things that can make that happen. My friends here at work just contantly spend money on a bunch of stuff that is keeping them from their finacial goals. They can't make any sacrifice and if they do they whine about it. Thank you for your inspiration.

  87. Post
  88. Post
  89. Post
    Susan Foster

    Tell them girl! You’re amazing. I’m new to your channel but I am enjoying your honest, wholesome content very much. Thank you.

  90. Post
  91. Post
    Nancy Simmons

    Where do you hang your clothes in the winter time after you're done washing them I used to hang ours over banister but I know what you're talkin about I know it's like to struggle I did things I didn't think about it it was just the way we live my one cousin we played together a lot grew up together but she had everything she don't understand what I've been through washing your clothes in the tub using shampoo to wash your dishes she always had everything so she looks at me like I have 10 Heads I never thought we were poor it was just the way we lived my cousins never even been to a laundromat we have a great Super Store they sell meat very cheap and I mean very cheap most of the people that live around here they go to that store when I tell my cousin what I buy she just thinks there's something wrong with the meat because you're not paying $15 for a piece of chicken her husband asked me one time why can't she be like you why does she have to spend so much money on everything she'll spend $500 on one purse I just don't understand it she puts people that are for going to Walmart she'll go to Walmart but she thinks it's all low life poor people who shop at Walmart I'm like you're in Walmart yeah but I don't go there all the time so it gets frustrating you try to help and tell her how to save money it just goes in one ear and out the other

  92. Post
    Stephanie Stevens

    Not sure I would bother myself with the negative comments. As you said, it's about 6 people who leave negative comments. Not wanting to do the math of your subscribers vs negative commenters, I would say you have already won the arguments. Have a great day.

  93. Post
  94. Post
  95. Post
    Bonnie Weiss

    "Home" should be a place of joy, security, comfort and love. If whatever you call home meets this criteria, I would consider you to be very blessed. Happiness is not in "stuff" … it's in us. Thanks for sharing your story. We can ALL learn from it.

  96. Post
    Kim Linn

    I spent 17 years living in a single wide trailer we bought new in 1992. I felt like trash and like I was always judged. But I kept it clean and I decorated it. I got to be a stay at home mom during those years because we had a payment of only 172. 00 a month for 15 years. My husband made under 20 k a year at that time but we lived well. 2 cars, my kids had a gas powered four wheeler, trampoline a yard and I home schooled. We did not own the best or designer clothes. But we were happy. My girls are grown now and hubby makes triple what he did but I miss my trailer and the simple life.

  97. Post

    You don’t have to explain your life or your weight to anyone. There are mean haters out here and people will say anything to derail your spirit. You are perfect the way God made you.

  98. Post
  99. Post
    Jim & Tammy

    Tessie….when I was a kid, we grew up dirt poor, I know exactly what you are talking about. There is no shame in living a simple life, in fact I have some of my best memories of the more simple things we did. I'll tell you one of them. My mom couldn't afford the plastic play set with the shopping cart, plastic groceries, and kitchen set. So, my mom would save empty boxes of our real groceries, from things like cereal boxes to egg cartons, and I would play "store" with them….and had a blast. Things like that made the best memories.

  100. Post
    Trista Kaiser

    I've lived in lots of broken places with a variety of no heat, no water, broken plumbing, only hot water in the kitchen sink. That one was rough lol. Even now we have leaks in the roof & broken pipes in the sinks so we use a variety of buckets. I think living poor makes you a genius in ways you never knew you were before!! 😊💯

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