My New Colony BMX Bike Build!

My New Colony BMX Bike Build!

Hi guys, welcome back! I’m building another bicycle! Not to long ago, I think it’s been about 3
or 4.. Yeah it’s been about 3 months. Either in this or in this corner, is a link
to a video of me building up a new bike. But I am building up a new frame because I
really wanted this specific frame. I’ll go grab it for you guys. This is it! So this is a 2017 Colony Sweet Tooth. Colony. Sweet Tooth. This is the trans metal gold colour. It doesn’t look gold but it looks really really
good. I’ve been wanting this frame for a while. This year they have a higher stand over, which
is that tube. So basically, this is just going to be a bike
check video. I’ll explain you guys what parts I run and
why I run them. As I put them together into a complete bicycle. Using one of these is the best way to put
in a bottom bracket. If you’ve ever had people complain about their
headsets making noise, big chance they don’t put grease in it. Next up is the forks and these are the Odyssey
R32 forks. The 32 stands for the offset on the forks. Meaning it’s a 32mm offset. They come in 25 as well. Odyssey makes the best forks in the world. This thing is good. Next up are some carbonfiber headset spacers. Kind of gives me the illusion my bike is light. That’s pretty much the only reason I run these. Before I put on my stem and my bars, I have
to put on this. It’s the Odyssey GTX gyro or detangeler , or
whatever you want to call it. There is no real reason why I picked this
over a Colony or a Snafu or any other gyro. It’s smooth and it looks good. That’s a plus. So this is the Colony front load stem. The bars are Failure Dumbbars, I think they
are called. 8.7 inch rise. The reason I have these bars is because at
the time. I don’t think Failure.. Is Failure still around? If Failure is still around let me know in
the comments below, because I honestly don’t know. One of the team riders at the time was Jeremiah
Smith. He’s a really really good friend of mine and
this is his signature bar. That’s basically the only reason I run these
bars. Why not support a friend? I miss you Jeremiah, I will try to come to
the States as quickly as possible. I am not sure when that’s going to happen. That is the Odyssey M2 lever. The reason I run this is because you can run
a direct dual cable setup. I really like the way these feel. This is the small version by the way. Those are TLC titanium bolts. The reason I run those ti bolts is just kind
of a gimmick. Makes me feel good, being able to say I have
some titanium on my bike. Shaving weight off these bolts doesn’t really
make sense. These are ODI longneck grips. I have been running ODI grips for years, they
last me a very very long time and I love it. As bar ends, these are Odyssey Plastic bar
ends. I think they call them par ends. That’s basically my handlebar setup in a nutshell. That brings us to the seat. This is a pivotal seat, so what a pivotal
seat is.. It’s just a seat and it has a special base
that has a single bolt running through. You can access the bolt from up here and there’s
threads in the seat post and you just thread in the bolt and it’s a really light option. I’ve been running this seat for a while. This is the Colony fat seat. I think they used to call it the fat logo
seat. I’m not really sure. I’m sorry Colony. This has a titanium pivotal bolt going through
it as well. Again, just a small little gimmick. Next up are the cranks. And as for cranks, these are the Colony 22’s. I run them in the 170mm length. It’s a two piece design, I really like the
way these cranks feel, they’re light, they’re strong. So you might be wondering why I run so many
Colony parts. The real reason is I am supported by a BMX
distribution here in the Netherlands and one of the brands they run is Colony. Kind of makes sense to run Colony as well. I was looking for a sprocket for a very long
time. I bend all my sprockets pretty quick, and
the only sprocket I actually like is the Tree sprocket. One of the brands the distribution carries
as well is Eclat and this is the most gorgeous sprocket I have ever seen. So it’s a 28 tooth, 24mm hole but it comes
with spacers for 22 and 19. It’s like a shiny polish with black inserts. It kind of reminds me of high-end expensive
Volkswagen wheels. So as for pedals. These are Salt Plus plastic pedals, one of
the brands Dante Distribution carries as well. The platform is really big, they have a ton
of pins and sealed bearings. The most perfect plastic pedal you can get
in my opinion. So the next part I’m going to put on the bike
are the brakes and these are the Odyssey Evo 2 brakes. The reason I picked these over other brands
is because they are really stiff, easy to clean. Like they are easy to keep clean because they
are just really basic brakes, and they last for ever. So having really solid brakes is really important
to me. I put clear brake pads on. They are like a softer compound, so they make
more noise but they brake a lot better. Yes when I explain parts like this, I always
like twirl it around like a stupid idiot. So next up are my wheels. Both wheels I run a Colony wasp hub front
and back, black Odyssey spokes and a Odyssey 7KA rim. The reason I run this rim is because it is
one of the lightest and in my opinion strongest rims you can pretty much buy. The hubs I just like the way the hubs look
and again it’s Colony so it goes with the rest of the bike. These are the Demolition Momentum tires. I run 2.2 in the front and 2.0 in the back. This is the first time I am going to run Momentum
tires. I’ve been running Maxxis Grifter and DTH tires
since like I think 2009. So it’s going to be really different. I’ve heard they are really grippy and really
quick. I’m looking forward to see how they run. For my rear wheel, the only thing I changed
is the an alloy driver upgrade. I did clean out the grease, to make it a bit
louder. I like the noise. Cleaning out the grease, it will decrease
the life span of your hub so be careful with that. Next up is the chain and this is an Eclat
half link chain and it’s called the.. Stroke. Yeah it’s called the Stroke. Half link chains they are slightly heavier
than a normal chain would be but they are so much stronger. Let’s put this bad boy on there. So I’ve basically finished my entire bike,
the only thing missing is my brake cable and I will show you guys the end result when I’m
done. So I’m going to spin a couple days into the
future and I’ll show you guys what the end result is. See ya! Here she is! She’s all ready and just about to go have
a first session. I think honestly this is the best looking
bike I’ve ever had. Really really really dialed. I hope I explained everything well enough. If you have any questions about my bike please
leave a comment below and I’ll answer every single one. In the meantime I you like this video please
give me a thumbs up, I’d really appreciate if you guys’d subscribe as well. The next couple of videos are all going to
be riding videos, so until then! See you guys next time!


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    Dudu BMX

    Are you in New York ? I think I've heard you say you were in New York once , we should ride sometime . I'm 13 but I just started riding , so don't be disappointed 🙂

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    Okina 7

    I fucking love colony frames, I have a colony miner v3 in oilslick (only 50 were made in oilslick) it's by far the best frame I've ridden

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    How do i get good cranks i plan on getting the eastman sprocket from kink but my cousin says one piece crank is better than 3 piece please help me

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    Tobis GAMER

    one thing i can say i really really i love your bike itss so cool 😎😎😎🤘🤘🤘🤘

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    T Hofman

    Ik heb ook zoon 360 rem van chadow maar k weet niet welke kant ik hem wil😂😩 dus ik had hem er vanaf… jij hebt hem aan de rechter kant toch?

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