N-400 US Citizenship Interview What to Expect & Prepare | USCitizenshipTest.org

N-400 US Citizenship Interview What to Expect & Prepare | USCitizenshipTest.org

The purpose of this video is to help applicants prepare for the naturalization interview and test. We will go over what to do before the interview, what to expect during the interview, what happens after the interview, and a quick summary. Are you ready? Let’s get started. N-400 USA Citizenship Interview.
What to expect and how to prepare for it. Before the interview When is the interview? After you have submitted your N-400 application and completed the fingerprint appointment, you will receive a notice. This is usually the longest part of your path to citizenship. It varies from a couple of months up to two years depending on your USCIS field office. The notice will have both the date and the location of the interview. You can reschedule your interview. However, we strongly discourage you to do that because it will add a significant delay to your application. if you really have to reschedule, the notice will have the contact information for rescheduling. And make sure to contact them as soon as possible. If you don’t show up for the interview without notifying USCIS in advance, your application will be closed. If that happens, you need to contact USCIS within one year to restart the process. If you don’t do that, your application will be denied and that will cause a lot of issues down the road if you decide to reapply. Where does the interview take place? USCIS will provide the field office for your interview based on the zip code of your current physical address on the N-400 form. If you move, you need to either fill out the form AR-11 online or call USCIS within 10 days of your relocation. Your application might be delayed if they need to transfer it to a new field office. How long will the interview last? If everything goes well, it will usually last about 15 to 30 minutes. What should I bring? You must bring your appointment notice with you to the interview along with your permanent resident card also called your green card, all valid and expired passports, and a state issued identification card such as a driver’s license. There are other documents that you should bring to your interview to avoid any delay in processing your application. These include federal income tax returns for the past three or five years depending on your application. Evidence of your current marital status such as a marriage certificate, divorce or annulment decree or the death certificate of a former spouse. If you’ve changed your name, bring evidence of the name change such as a copy of your marriage documents. If your spouse was previously married, bring evidence that your spouse’s prior marriage was terminated. If you’ve been arrested or detained by the police at any time, bring original or certified copies of court dispositions. If you have any traffic tickets, bring the payment receipts. And if you are a man between 18 and 31 years old, you need to provide proof that you’re registered with the Selective Service. In addition, we suggest you to bring a copy of the N-400 application you submitted. How should I dress? We suggest you to dress business casual. For men, it’s usually long pants, a shirt or sweater and closed toed shoes. For women, long pants and a blouse or a dress. Skip shorts, t-shirt, sandals and anything too revealing. Treat it as an interview, not a day at the beach or in the club. During the interview Try to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before the appointment time to avoid unforeseeable situations such as traffic. When you arrive, you will be asked to enter through the security checkpoint, like in an airport. You must show your naturalization interview notice and identification to the security officer. The security officer or an immigration officer will tell you where to find the customer service waiting area. When you arrive at the customer service waiting area, you will need to present your naturalization interview notice to the immigration officer at the customer service desk. The officer will then ask you to wait until your name is called. Once your name is called, a USCIS officer will first place you under oath, take your picture and get your fingerprints. The interview consists of four portions. No 1. confirm your application is accurate and up to date. No 2. test your ability to speak and understand English. No 3. test your ability to read and write English. No 4. test your USA civics knowledge So let’s go over each one of them. No 1. confirm your application is accurate and up-to-date. No 2. test your ability to speak and understand English. A large part of the naturalization interview involves reviewing the N-400 form. The officer will ask you questions to verify the answers you provided on the application and to determine your eligibility for naturalization. The officer will also review documents you submitted to support your application and may ask you to provide additional information to the answers provided in the application. Now is also a good time to notify the officer if some of the answers for the application have changed such as new trips after submitting the application, marital status, or traffic tickets. Some potential questions the officer might ask are: Biographical information including marital history and military service. Admission and length of time as a lawful permanent resident. Absences from the United States after becoming a lawful permanent resident. Places of residence and employment history. Moral character and any criminal history. Attachment to the principles of the USA Constitution. Affiliations or memberships in certain organizations. Willingness to take an oath of allegiance to the United States. Any other topic pertinent to the eligibility determination. It’s a good idea to review the answers on your application prior to attending your exam appointment. Keep in mind that you must always be honest in your responses. Lying to an immigration officer during the naturalization interview may make you ineligible for naturalization. When the officer reviews form N-400 with you, the officer is also testing your ability to speak and understand the English language, one of the requirements for naturalization. The USCIS officer might also ask you about the definition of some of the words on the N-400 form during the interview, so make sure you study for that. No 3. test your ability to read and write English. The officer will proceed to the reading and writing portion of the English test. The reading and writing tests each have three sentences. You only need to get one reading and one writing sentence correct to pass. No 4. test your USA civics knowledge. The officer will test your civics knowledge by asking you 10 out of the 100 set questions. Please note that the officer will stop asking you questions once you’ve answered six questions correctly. Finally, the officer will ask you to sign a series of documents. Everything is digital now, so the reading and writing portion of the English test and all of the signatures will be on a tablet. A few things to be noted during the interview. If you do not understand something, you should ask the officer to repeat the question or explain the question using other words. Take some time to process them and answer the questions clearly and slowly. There’s no rush. Sometimes the officer will choose to record the interview. He or she will notify you. There’s no need to worry about that. They might use that for training purposes or evidence to support the decision of the interview. Upon completion of your interview, USCIS will give you form N-652
(Naturalization interview results) This form contains your interview results and tells you the decision of the officer. Here’s a sample of the N-652 form. It is mainly divided into four sections. Section one has your alien number, the date of your interview, and the name of the officer who interviewed you. Section 2 covers your interview results and any further actions you need to take. Section 3 is the decision of the officer. Section 4 includes some important instructions you need to follow. So let’s go over section 2. If this box is checked, it means you passed both the English and the US civics test. That’s what you should aim for. This box is checked if you pass the civics test and your English test was waived because you met certain criteria. The next box is checked only if you claim any disability exemption such as blindness. If you fail the English reading and/or writing test or if the officer thinks you cannot speak basic English during the interview, this box will be checked and you will have to be scheduled for a second interview. If you cannot get at least six out of the ten USA civics test questions correctly, this will be checked and you will have to be scheduled for a second interview. This box is checked if additional information is needed to make an accurate determination on the naturalization application. The N-14 form will include the specific documentation or information that the officer is requesting, the ways in which the applicant may respond, and the period of time that the applicant has to reply, usually within 30 days. Make sure to follow these instructions and you must provide accurate information within the time frame. Failure to do so will result in a denial of your application. This box can be checked even if you passed both the English and civics test. The officer needs to confirm some of the new information you provided. if you did not pass the test the first time, an officer must provide you a second opportunity to pass the test within sixty to ninety days after the initial examination. And if you don’t pass any portion of the second interview, this box will be checked. Let’s hope that will never happen to you. Section 3 is the decision that the officer made based on the interview. Sometimes the USCIS officer will give you the conditional approval on the spot and the first box will be checked. If not, the second box will be checked and they’ll have up to 120 days after your interview to make a decision. Section 4 covers some important instructions you need to follow. You need to notify USCIS if your address has changed. Make sure to attend all scheduled interviews. Submit all requested documents if you receive the N-14 form. What you need to do if you want to write the officer with any additional questions after the interview. Attend the scheduled oath ceremony. and notify USCIS as soon as possible if you cannot attend any scheduled interview or oath ceremony. The form concludes the interview. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask the officer at this point. If not, the officer will escort you back to the waiting area. Remember to thank the officer before you leave. After the interview A few field offices can schedule the oath ceremony on the same day but most of them will send you a notice for a later date. If you pass your interview, you will receive a notice to take the Oath of Allegiance N-445 (Notice at naturalization oath ceremony) with the date time and location of the event. If you get a request for evidence notice (RFE), that means you are missing some information or documentation and the officer cannot make a decision to approve your application. A second interview will be scheduled to review the documents and that will further delay your application. That’s why we strongly suggest you to bring all supporting documents and study and prepare well to pass the test the first time. Oath ceremony The oath ceremony is the final step in becoming a USA citizen. Before a judge, you will recite the Oath of Allegiance out loud. After taking the Oath of Allegiance, your lawful permanent resident card will be taken by USCIS and you will be given a Certificate of Naturalization, Form N-550. The Certificate of Naturalization will serve as your proof of citizenship. You are now officially a US citizen and have all the rights and responsibilities that come with this privilege. Congratulations! Summary 1. Study study study! We have materials on our channel to help you study, so go check them out 2. Review all of the answers on your N-400 application and make sure to notify the officer of any changes after submission. 3. Dress professionally. Business casual.No need to be fancy or too revealing. It shows that you are serious about the application and respect the officer. 4. Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early. 5. Bring the appointment notice and your IDs including passports, driver’s license and green card. 6. Bring all supporting documents. 7. Posture is important. Relax but sit up straight. 8. Smile occasionally and make good eye contact with the interviewer. 9. Speak slowly and clearly 10. You can ask the officer to repeat the question or speak slower if needed. 11. Be truthful. 12. Enjoy the process. this is a big moment in your life. That’s it for today. Hope this helps you. if you have any questions, leave us a comment. Thanks and have a good day!


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    4. What do you pledge when you take the pledge of allegiance?
    5. How many years do we elect the President?
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    Sentence : The White House is in Washington, D.C.

    Goodluck everybody!!!

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