National Citizens Alliance Registration Update

National Citizens Alliance Registration Update

As of Friday July 20th the National
Citizens Alliance officially withdrew its application to become an officially
registered federal party. We submitted 316 declaration forms to Elections
Canada. The requirement from the Elections Act is 250 verified
declaration forms. Of the first 254 declaration forms that we submitted only
57 forms were confirmed by Elections Canada because apparently many people
did not mail in their confirmation forms. Further, we are in possession of a number
of additional declaration forms we could have submitted by the July 20th deadline,
which would have brought our number of declarations close to 500. However, the
National citizens Alliance Executive decided to withdraw our registration
application as mentioned and resubmit a new registration package on August 31st
2018. Elections Canada said that we have only one chance to top up our initial
batch of declaration forms that we mailed in and that first batch was the
254 in which only 57 of them were confirmed. If we fall short of the 250
verify declaration forms, we would have been denied official registration and
have to start the registration process over from zero declaration forms, and
thereby wiping out all the declaration forms already submitted. We weren’t
willing to do this. The National Citizens Alliance goal now is to submit 400 plus
high-quality declaration forms to Elections Canada. High quality refers to
genuine true supporters of the party. We believe
if we achieve this goal, our registration will not and cannot be denied. As of
today, we need just a hundred and sixty four declaration forms to attain the
400-plus declaration form goal by August 31st, which is just over a month from now. The National Citizens Alliance is nothing, absolutely nothing without the
support of the Canadian people. Our success as a federal party is tied
fundamentally to the support we receive from the Canadian people, and this is how
it should be. Therefore, we ask our supporters and members who have not
already submitted declaration forms to us to do so right away and get any
interested family members and friends to do so as well.
This is the declaration form. It is a relatively simple form, and I brought one
with me today just to show everyone who hasn’t seen it. It’s just a one-page form.
Here the party name National Citizens Alliance is at the top. You tick type 1
which is a new federal party, and you sign here, you date when you signed, you put
your surname, your first name, and then you put your mailing address right here.
This form is complete then. We will happily email you this form if for by
chance you don’t have a printer we will happily email you the form or even mail
you a form. So just contact us at [email protected] and we
will happily get that form to you or you could call us at
one 800-number 1-833-822-8330 and
we will happily assist you in any way we can. Please note that we can only accept
the original signed form, which must be mailed to us, to the National Citizens
Alliance. That’s very very very important. For just one stamp you will
contribute to the success of the National Citizens Alliance and by
extension to the Canadian people, and receive a free non-voting membership in
the National Citizens Alliance for just one stamp. It should be noted that these
declaration forms are only counted towards our registration if the
supporter and/or member completes the confirmation form that Elections
Canada will eventually mail to you and that package includes a postage paid
return envelope. It is imperative that these confirmation forms are completed
and mailed back to Elections Canada otherwise your declaration form will not
count. This is the confirmation form and like the declaration form it is a
relatively simple to complete. I would say it’s even simpler. So they send you a
copy of the declaration form that you signed and this form here says
did you sign it and you tick yes, and then you just put your name, your address
and there’s English here and there’s French there depending what language you
speak, and then if you want us to know that you submitted this
confirmation form you tick yes, and we encourage you to do that so that we can
keep track of who’s submitting the confirmation forms, and you simply just
sign the bottom of this form and date it, put it into the prepaid envelope and
drop it in the mailbox. That’s all you have to do. The good news today everyone
is that the National Citizens Alliance is growing every day, and we have members
coast-to-coast. We just need all our supporters and
members to take these declaration forms seriously. Thank you. Unity must be our
greatest strength!


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    July 25, 2018 6:06 am
    Updated: July 25, 2018 7:15 am
    Islamic State claims responsibility for Toronto mass shooting, yet provides no evidence

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    Are you Christian? Canada is godless that is why we have fallen so far. I pray to Jesus for strong and hopeful future. Please send me a form P.M me so i can give you my address God bless you.

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    fletchl lives

    This breaks my heart…I sent my in , do I need to send another? Please let me know so I can do it ASAP!! I'm like. Broken record spreading the word on YouTube etc trying to get people involved etc.. please let's keep at it, Canada is in desperate need of this party…we can do this Canada

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    Rodney Blue

    is it possible that elections canada are being coerced into delaying and rejecting forms? this is the third new party that has had problems this way so far. any thoughts?

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