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    William Guy Thilgen Jr.

    I have no nationality, and have no idea what my ethnicity actually is. Regardless of ones skins color, if one is born in France, they are considered French; If Germany, they are German; Greece, they are Greek etc. etc. etc. But nobody born in America, is American? Not even the indiginous natives referred to as Indians although none of them actually come from India. Though every country in the world would refer to me as an American, American is an ethnicity, not a nationality. But I am not an American, even though I was born here. In the 50's I was referred to as bring an "Anglo Saxon", somewhere in the 70's it was changed by sombody to "Caucasian" considering that there is no actual countries named or even referred to as "Anglo Saxia" or "Caucasia". in the 90's, someone, again, changed it to "Northern European". I've been an avid user of the internet (WWW) since its conception at or about the same time I was changed to Northern European, in the earily 90's. In the previous 26+ of searching, I've not been able to find the either the dick or cunt who keeps changing my supposed ethnicity nor any country named Europia.

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