Nationwide Building Society – Building Legendary Service

nationwide is the world’s largest
building society where a mutual organization were owned by and run for
the benefit of our members we offer a wide range of financial services
products current accounts mortgages savings credit cards and personal loans
we have 15 million members and serviced about 6.2 million current account
holders with around 1.9 million mortgage accounts with one of the UK’s top three
mortgage lenders eleven point four million people say with us and we
support a network of just under seven hundred branches and employ about
eighteen thousand people across the UK the digital revolution is here there is
twenty four by seven customer demand for our digital channels provided through
our internet banking and banking app services the growth in the use of our
digital service has been staggering over recent months we’re now servicing over
50 million logins every month so any downtime whether that be planned or
unplanned could be a major frustration for our members the expectation of our
members is that they should be able to access their funds anytime day or night
this is where the enterprise command center or ECC comes into play the ECC is
a 24 by 7 IT operation for nationwide it’s where the rubber hits the road I’m
Dara Myles been head of enterprise command center we are the eyes and the
ears of the IT operation we’re constantly looking for early signs of
service degradation or technical service issues we need to proactively respond
and remediating advance of their being a member service impact a recent track
record is extremely positive with a 50% reduction in major incidents in the last
three years however we know we can and must do
better our members rely on our digital proposition they need to have faith and
trust in our ability to provide them with the IT services they need and when
they need them our continued investment in our frontline diet operations
management systems remains a high priority for nationwide working with
interlink software has enabled us to totally transform the htc’s service
visualization dashboard capability with our new video will give us a
comprehensive view of service health across key critical services
with progressed from very static basic data and information the dynamic
interactive real-time reporting and monitoring across our platinum service
lines with our new IT operations management capabilities I’m absolutely
certain it will continue the trend of reducing major incidents together we’ve
built the means to protect service availability respond to failures before
impact occurs and build and provide legendary service to our members 24
hours a day seven days a week something that we take great pride in
and together we’re building society nationwide you

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