New Origin 300i | Customization Options | Star Citizen 3.5.1

New Origin 300i | Customization Options | Star Citizen 3.5.1

I’m gonna show you everything you need
to know about the origin 300 I customization options offered an out for
three point five point one and we’re starting right now what’s up citizens welcome to a star
citizen’s guide to the galaxy alpha 3.5.1 has reached
PTU access for subscribers in Kashi heirs with this comes customization
options offered on the origin 300 series in this video I will briefly overview
the options and prices available to you on the 300 I including color trim
weapons packages and finish up with a look at what we built in game be sure to
check out my full review of the 300 I here with that out of the way let’s get
to it alright so let’s take a look at the three hundred eyes customization
options go to customize I’m in the public test universe they give us a
hundred and seventy five dollars credit which I’m sure is like the maximum
amount you can spend if you buy a 350 our and fully customized it so it’s
pretty cool you can reset you can reset your account to the PTU in order to get
to $175 back if you want to try a different ship so that’s pretty cool so
yeah let’s go to the 300 then customize got the cool origin logo there alright
so we are first hit with different color options and these complimentary for a
limited of time these are origin celebration colors so they’re
complimentary for a limited time this is what they look like first response
golden corona and Imperial red I think out all those I like the first response
and then standard colors these will be available all the time for free they’re
all there included you have white or they call it granite scarlet and Citroen
so pretty cool white red and yellow what I don’t like about this is it’s not
going to be easy to distinguish between the different variants but but this is
still pretty cool to have this customization and then there you
get your first set of premium colors here you’ve got electric blue and
monarch both cost a dollar and then you have premium premium which cost two
bucks you have ultramarine Obsidian this will probably be what I like the
sterling and the moonlight okay alright that’s pretty cool alright so
I’m gonna go ahead and just customize this the way I would pick if money was
no option so let’s pick the interior now so we have the option between woodgrain glossy red and aluminum are included
free of charge which the reddening is pretty cool but if you want to be classy
with it you’re gonna want to go with the wood grain and then premium you have
carbon fiber glossy blue carbon fiber yellow and gloss yellow that’s pretty
cool I’m about to go ahead with the carbon fiber though let’s go down to the
steering wheel now included you have the standard steering wheel and you can see
it here in the image and then you have the sport steering wheel so those are
the differences between those two there and me out I’ll go ahead and go with the
sport one for an extra buck right nickel and dime in this so we can also change
the seat here we have the option for a sport model seat which I probably like
the original one better but I’m gonna go ahead and go with the sport why not
right this is just a PTU I’m not spending real money and that was two
bucks to get the sport seat alright so you got two different options for the
material for the seat that are included and you got a premium one and I I like
the I like the standard so even if the money was an option that still wouldn’t
pick the other one and you have a finish what do they mean by that oh it changes
the color of the deal there okay oh it also is changing the color
behind behind the seat also which they showed me an image of that I think the
carbon fiber will go well so that is that another dollar
yeah carbon fiber is another dollar yeah alright so yet we’re still in the C
category so next we’re gonna go ahead and take a look at the bed so we’ve got
the SONA gray bed and the sun so not a white I’m sorry so not a gray so not a
white and gray is included and you have a lullaby grey lullaby white and gray
Nocturne gray and Nocturne white and gray I’m gonna go ahead and go with the
lullaby gray now now we get to them the meat and potatoes here so we’ve got the
classic loadout which comes with a power bolt power plant Arctic storm cooler and
a web shield generator with an expedition quantum drive for weapons you
get the m5 a laser autocannon the SW shredder a missile rack with two strike
force tubes I’m pretty sure that this is the same
way the default loadout is now in the 300 I that we are currently flying in
3.5 and okay I’m not sure about the the power plant coolers all those components
but I know that those weapons are the same let’s take a look at this 300 IG so
it looks like Powerball Arctic storm Webb expeditions all that’s the same
except you get a gimbal mount with the Badger laser repeater I’m a little bit
confused here how long you get the gimbal mount with three badger laser
repeaters okay so this image is wrong this image shows that there’s an m5 a
included but it is not so that image is wrong did I click it yeah you put that
like this okay so that that’s a little bit weird it
just put the gimbals there but that’s not the right weapon anyway so that
that’s it that’s a pretty good loadout I think I’m not too versed on exactly what
weapons are the best yet but I’m thinking that the laser repeaters are
the meta right now I could be wrong let me know you guys is opinion in the
comments let’s go ahead and take a look at the next one next okay yeah I don’t
like this so this one if the image is correct so we get iron burst power plant
which I’m guessing that that’s better because they brought this up to 11
dollars now the zero rush cooler web generator and the voyage quantum drive
you get the m5 a laser autocannon which is shown there and the dr model xj 3s
which are shown there but i don’t know why anybody would put distortion cannons
on the 300 i I don’t I don’t see that being worth it
strike force twos yes you get yeah I mean I don’t know about this package
let’s check the final one the 300 I see so this one’s got the iron burst eco
flow cooler Guardian and in expedition I’ve heard of the expedition quantum
driver I’ve never heard of these before I don’t know if they’re new or just
haven’t been on these ships that I’ve reviewed so you got an m5 a on the front
that size three Panther laser repeater and they’ve got the missile rack so I’m
guessing that these components are a better quality I wish they’d put the
grade and all that jargon in here so we can kind of know know why I’m spending
this extra money but this does seem like a pretty decent pack I don’t know if I
would pay the extra money to go from the G which comes with the badger with to
with to badger laser repeaters I mean I would just spend the time to I know it
comes with three all gimbal mounted versus the Panther laser repeaters yeah
I mean I don’t know I think I would stick with okay sighs – ah I see because their game
about it these are not these are fixed so I guess I probably go this route
because I use dual sticks and I can’t benefit from the gimbal so all right so
enough with the weapons let’s go ahead and go down to the decorations we’ve got
the fresh brew coffee okay I guess I’ll go ahead and pick that because again
money’s no option right okay cool – show me a little image of it food maker duo
okay Octavia sound system are uh out of us
sound system actually sounds like a real audio company curved metal picture frame
and E on hold display clock okay I mean that’s pretty cool I wonder what time
will it display like my time zone time let’s just review over this a little bit
I think make sure I picked all my options alright so that is it for the
customization of the sanam up to 96 bucks with me selecting options as if
money was no option so let’s take a look here we’re gonna confirm it gives us
another overview here we can see pictures okay cool so you see pictures
of different angles alright okay that looks looks pretty
nice it’s pretty nice oh look at that carbon fiber look at
that yeah yeah yeah yeah it should have shown that picture earlier this is I
mean this is I’m impressed with the site I don’t know about spending an extra
forty one dollars on a 300 i but I’m impressed with the website all right so
I’ll fast forward a little bit keep the size of the video down I purchased the
ship as if I purchased it from the store using the credit from the PTU account
and if she is a love that matte color this is nice
you got the m5 a laser autocannon on the front the size three
these are autocannon on the front this has the badge of the laser repeater so
or the Panthers whatever the bigger ones are so this is the more expensive
version be ceased spec looks really good just run around it real quick great great color beautiful looking back
at the weapons I only recommend the classic the one that it comes with and
then if you can spend the money for the extra I recommend it if you have the
money to throw it the extra $23 did anything else in between I don’t think
it’s worth it we’ll go ahead pilot seat we got our
sport seat that we picked out there we’ve got our carbon fiber trim awesome
we got our racing steering wheel up out notice on the back of the seat we got
our carbon five over there – picked out that spec and what we already know about
all this so to the left we got our bed with the sheets that we picked out
bought and that little picture frame where’s the TV will turn on that’d be
pretty cool we got the usual stuff back here and now
we have the coffeemaker okay bye-bye that’s some fridge with
some water bottles in there I don’t know what that thing is this that that
alright this is the ship that we built looks cool
and I mean it comes in instantly it’s awesome didn’t have to wait any time for
it I’ve just logged into the game and there she was so what do you guys think
about the new 300i customization options what do you think of the prices is this
just another way to get more money out of us
well these options be available to purchase in-game as well let me know
what you think down in the comments did you like this guide like it consider
subscribing by clicking the circle here check out some of my other videos in
this series here and if you enjoy my content and would like to support the
channel further check the description for ways to do so however your
viewership is more than enough until next time citizens I’ll see you in
the verse


  1. Post
    Nate The Great

    Pro Tip: You have to hit the left and right arrows to get a different preview angle. Never mind you figured it out! Now do the 315p

  2. Post

    I'm kinda mixed on it. It's certainly better than what ED has to offer, with literally everything costing money there, but the ability to buy better loadouts is kinda pay to winnish, unless your loadout persists when your ship gets destroyed and you claim it. I could see myself paying 2 dollars extra to get a nice metallic paintjob, but paying a dollar for a different steering wheel you are never going to look at is too expensive.

  3. Post

    What do you guys think about the new 300i Customization options?
    What do you think of the prices?
    Is this just another way to get more money out of us?
    Will these options be available to purchase in-game as well?

  4. Post
  5. Post
    Mario Marques

    The changes in the visual of the ship are awesome. The 300i painted in black, is much better than the white one. The weapons loadout… I don't know… They are a little expensive for my taste.

  6. Post
    Ted Wendelboe

    Good to see you back
    I think you can also melt your freebie ship in the PTU. I wonder if you can melt all your ships in the PTU AND GO CRAZY with purchases, but have no consequence for your real account?

  7. Post
    Phillip Lemmon

    Lol…..the weapons are the most expensive things on there. Need brighter colors tho. Me I would go for a bright pink ship…(no not gay just different in games)

  8. Post
    Jaryd Weiss

    13:16 Looks like that's the stereo system you added, which I think is kind of funny. Hopefully that's just a subwoofer, and the sound system adds some speakers around the ship. Not sure how I feel about 'premium' options to customize the look. I hope they will be earnable in-game

  9. Post
  10. Post

    You can use the arrows on the left and right of the customization view to flip through the different views

  11. Post
  12. Post
    Johnny Patterson

    WTF so is it going to cost us 96 bucks just to completely customize our ships thats freakin crazy, Am I the only one out there that thinks these prices are ridiculous? I was joking the other day when I told my friends I bet it'll be a hundred bucks to customize our ships, this is worse than EA's bullshit way worse.

  13. Post
  14. Post

    It's a bit soon, but this is standard microtransactions. But you can also buy it with UEC so it's optional 🙂

  15. Post
  16. Post

    If you don't want to keep resetting your account, you can use the Stripe payment method in the store. It allows you to use test cards. For example: 4242 4242 4242 4242 is a valid test credit card number. The rest of the fields can be anything you want.

  17. Post
  18. Post

    I see no reason to spend much on the weapons loadout for a touring model. With that said, I do like the overall customization layout, but CIG is definitely going to experience some push back by the community concerning monetization.

  19. Post

    "Laser Repeaters are meta." (Definitely ballistics with the shield buff)
    "I use dual stick so can't benefit from gimbals." (Auto gimbals?)…

    It sounds like this guy isn't actually playing the game.

  20. Post

    Ahh, can't wait for my 315p, even the free options are kinda cool, I just hope that the Origin celebration colors will be complementary in live too 😀

  21. Post
    Citizen Shenanigans

    Good video.
    I believe the idea is to get the ship customization in-game using aUEC.
    Dual stick pilots do benefit from gimbal assist but, if you are a good pilot, you would do better with fixed weapons. (Assuming no glitches, hehe)

    Um… The saying is "If money was no object." 🙂

  22. Post

    Imo "limited" paint jobs shouldn't be limited. They look best. So, in order to make ship more attractive, they should be available to every new buyer all the time. Made-up excusivity sure is a good move in some times. Just not in this case.

    P.S. Extra REAL money for customization, especially with THESE PRICE TAGS, is simply insane. If they'll actually stick to that that idea for the purpose of making money and more importantly – to these prices, that'd be laughable. CIG is gonna get roasted on YouTube/Reddit for that.

    I think they should turn back while they still can. Ships are already expensive as they are.

  23. Post
  24. Post
  25. Post
  26. Post
  27. Post
  28. Post
    Olivier Lansier

    after i customized my 300i in a 300i T , i don't have anymore the scanner map into the cokpit …. i see in this version you bought it is a same thing

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