New Origin 315p | Customization Options | Star Citizen 3.5.1

New Origin 315p | Customization Options | Star Citizen 3.5.1

I’m gonna tell you everything you need
to know about the origin three 15p customization options offered an alpha
three point five point one and we’re starting right now what’s up citizens welcome to a star
citizen’s guide to the galaxy alpha 3.5.1 has reached
PTU access for subscribers and concierge with this comes customization options
offered on the origin 300 series in this video I will briefly overview the
options and prices available to you on the 315 P including color trim weapons
packages and finish up with a look at what we built in game stay tuned for my
full review of the 315 P coming soon with that out of the way let’s get to it
alright let’s take a look at the customization options for the 315 P then
go ahead and click customize down here I’m back all right so we’ve got our standard
colors of thunderstorm scarlet and Citroen these the I know the scarlet and
the Citroen are available on the 300 series also that this is its base color
with the color scheme we’re more familiar with and the origin celebrated
colors comes with nightshade black rose and white lightning pretty cool now
those are different depending on the particular model so the 300 series and
the 325 a and the 350 are had their own origin celebration libraries if you want
to call it that and then you have the premium metallic electric blue and
monarch those give you an extra dollar and the metallic is two dollars we have
ultramarine obsidian sterling and moon-like I’m gonna go ahead and go with
he standard just so at a glance you can look at it and tell it to 315 P okay so
for the cockpit this is an exploration ship so I’m gonna want to be kind of
comfortable so I think I might go with something more luxury maybe just stick
with a standard woodgrain now I’ll go with this this aluminum like a brushed
steel type of the type field looks pretty cool kind of matches the outside
too and as far as the inside you can change the steering wheel from sport to
standard you can also click this arrow here I know you can’t see but you can’t
see my mouse okay you can click this arrow to get another view of the
steering wheel so you can see both sides of it and I’ll go ahead and go with the
sport I mean why not right and using free money by the way I’m doing this on the PTU
website as far as the seat let me switch user oh that’s cool and you change the
seat and that view it shows it there too yeah this looks really uncomfortable
that’s port model one I will not want to have an exploration ship with that so
I’m gonna stick with the standard and okay I’ll go with with the Brown just
hit the premium looks no I’ll go with the premium premium white and you finish
so you got woodgrain so that changes the origin logo if you switch around to the
backside there’s this side yeah here’s the back so you could see those changes
there so you have an option for carbon-fiber
blue yellow and carbon-fiber yellow which I guess I don’t have an image for
that because it disappears we can imagine what it looks like I’m gonna go
ahead and go with the yellow switch back to whoops oh maybe black does look
better because the yellow doesn’t really show
up on their own there all right then if that’s the case I’m gonna go ahead and
switch to the yellow trim oh that’s cool oh yeah that’s awesome
okay all right let’s go to next deal here so by the way these premium colors
are another dollar the metallic colors on the exterior are two dollars the
premium colors are a dollar and the sport seat would be two dollars but I’m
not gonna go with that and you also have the premium seat which is another dollar
so just throwing throwing our dimes at them so with the finish here oh we’ve
already picked that one together all right next we’re gonna take a look at
the bed so we have the Sonata gray bed sheets and the Sonata white and grade
that are included and we have lullaby gray lullaby white and gray Nocturne
gray and Nocturne white and gray I’m gonna go ahead and pick the lullaby gray
that is an extra dollar and now we’re getting to the weapons packages here so
there’s three different loadouts there’s the classic the 315 PGT the 315 P X C so
we’ve got three different ones the classic comes with one a sonic light
power plant key safe cooler shimmer shield generator and the Goliath quantum
drive and for weapons you get your sure grip tractor being their size three with
a size three saw buck shredders I’m sorry shredders the ballistic cannons
and you click on this actually so you can see the image of it there we go so
you got your your shredders your missile wreck with Tempest twos that’s comes for
free and then if you want to pay $16 extra the 315 PGT comes with the sonic
light power plant which is the same as before and the vapor block cooler the
shimmer shield generator and the Colossus quantum drive
so it looks like they changed the power plant and the I’m sorry yeah so they
changed the cooler and the quantum drive in this GT and we still have the tractor
cannon of course that’s gonna be on all the packages and we get a gimbal mounted
a gimbal mount with a size 2 distortion cannons a missile rack and Dominator – I
don’t know if I would go with this knee distortion cannons on my 315 feet so we
get with the final in the XC which is only 6 bucks so I guess they had these
in the wrong order apparently this one isn’t gonna be as great as the one
before you get the Delta max power plant the vapor block the shimmer shield
generators the siren quantum drive of course you get the tractor beam and
mantas gt2 20s I think I would like to have this better and you get Tempest
twos so for me it’d be between the classic or the manses GT 220 so the
question is when I want gt2 20s order all belong to shredders that answer is
gonna depend on how good I am and I am NOT the best so I’d rather go with the
with the Manchus gt2 20s so if I miss a couple shots it’s not that big of a deal
let’s go down to decorations so we have the fresh brew coffee the food maker duo
the Octavia sound system and the curved metal picture frame and the display
clock so I’m going to go ahead and click all those just because I’m using free
money I’m not actually spending my own so I’m gonna go ahead and purchase this
and add it to cart all right so we’re here at the console we have the 350 our
that I own reliant Corey that I own I don’t know where my other ships are but
the 315 P that we just built is here I’m gonna go ahead and retrieve it
alright boys so here we have it our 315 p2 rebuilt love the color scheme for
sure I’m glad that I stuck with the 315 P colors my grade looks really nice so
on the front we got our tractor cannon and we have our Mantis gt2 20s on the
wings and what looks like an infrared missile forgive what that one’s called
just take a look at the back nice I love what they’ve done with the new rework I
do wish that we didn’t necessarily have the options to change the accent color
so that you kind of forced to go with the default color scheme so that you
know you can look at the ship at a glance without having to read anything
and see what it is alright let’s go ahead and take a look inside actually well alright tell me they have
the option you go back and let’s take a look at the storage under here lower it
down and we have our 8 SC you of cargo space
here and then I think the way this works is you open up the second part to get
the other four I believe so total 12 SC you cargo space how types out right on
the screen what it actually is but here’s your cargo hold here pretty cool close that one close that one and now
let’s have you side step back so we don’t die just in case I think they
might have fixed that but old habits Artie so I already have the ship turned
on so as you can see you can see our yellow accents nice 315 Pete color
scheme here let’s go ahead and sit in the pilot seat and oh look at that okay so yep you got
our four MFDs the radar is missing I think that’s a bug it’s not supposed to
be like that but I’m sure they’ll fix that everything else I mean it’s pretty
standard here you can see our steering wheel that we pick the sports steering
wheel the basic chair your seat alright let’s hop out of course if
you’ve never seen the inside of the 350 or the 300 series before you got our
toilet there and you got our bed with our clock that we picked out the time
there shows 8:15 and oh look at that Oh or supposed to be now that is not my
time at all so it doesn’t actually show you your time can I do anything with
that nope okay look anything there let’s go
ahead and enter the bed all nice it four tracks out that’s pretty cool yeah she’s nice ho nice folds in oh look
at that I did not know that if you’ve seen my
other videos I mentioned that it would be nice to use this TV this is why when
you pull the game data the 315 P or the 300 series has a crew size of two now
because it accounts that someone in the bed can actually go in and I’m just I’m
not sure if it’s actually functional but you can make changes to the shit I don’t
think that this is gonna carry over but we’ll definitely see but how about it
looks like the change that we made from the bed made a change in the MFD here so
I actually adjusted the shields from here for the power I’m sorry look at
that how about I want to keep this video short so let me move quickly to here
everything here is standard nothing changed there’s a gun rack but it’s I’m
not sure if it’s functional I can’t pull a gun out and arms to zone we open this
oh okay alright come on I don’t know how that happened please
don’t tell me the server’s dying on me you got water bottles in there that we
could pick up pick up coffee and place it
who’ll make coffee cool beans
so here she’s just gonna fill up that cup it was it’s gonna happen nope nothing all right that’s our sound
system there me see if I can interact with it just move that out of the way nope can’t
interact with the sound system you can interact with the food processor alright
I’ve got some storage there and of course a nice big sunroof
I love this new design really is good so what do you guys think of the new 315 P
customization options what do you think of the prices this is just another way
to get more money out of us these options be available to purchase in-game
as well let me know down in the comments did you like this guide like it consider
subscribing by clicking the circle here check out some of my other videos in
this series here and if you enjoy my content and would like to support the
channel further check the description for ways to do so however your
viewership is more than enough until next time citizens I’ll see you in
the verse


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    🚀🚀Sorry, forget to confirm that 12 SCU was correct.
    What do you guys think about the new 300i Customization options?

    What do you think of the prices?

    Is this just another way to get more money out of us?
    Will these options be available to purchase in-game as well?

  2. Post
  3. Post
  4. Post
  5. Post
    Nate The Great

    I like how you actually commit and buy the ship and compare it in game. Many others just derp around on the website and that is it. Also some colors look different in game verses the store. Also if you have a lazy ass friend he can lay in bed and work as a crew member.

  6. Post
  7. Post

    Request: please take time to fully explore and detail the 350r.

    Because the interior is so different than the others; the lack of decorations, missing mfd screen, differing weapons pkgs and etc for the 350r …. may change viewers understand in of the differences of the other variants.

    Thx in advance. Keep up the phenomenal work 👌!

  8. Post
  9. Post
    Robert Schumacher

    I do like the customization options, but the weapon packages are likely something I won't bother with unless the stock one is absolute garbage, and even then I'm more likely spend the little extra in-game cash to get exactly the gear I want.

  10. Post
    Max Voermans

    If you have bought the ship already (315p) is there a way that you can use the Customization options? Or do you need to buy it again?

  11. Post
  12. Post

    Hows the customization going to work? As in when will you get the option to customize the ship if you have one?

  13. Post
    C Four

    I want the dark exterior paint job, probably with the purp trim. But the purp interor seems like it might be obnoxious. The white interior finishes and black seat might be the thing.

  14. Post
    C Four

    i should mention, I dont use the ptu, so im trying to use this video for a guide on what options will be available for the 315P. Your video jumps from slowly showing each image, to quickly skipping past ones, to not showing them at all & mentioning price points to skipping over them. If you could aim to make the videos evenly cover all options & price points, it would be more useful for me. The video verges on being a complete walk threw but isn't when you get distracted with your favorite picks. Additionally, if you could show off the skins in different lighting conditions in game or AC that would be help for me making a choice on what exterior ship skin to go with. Anyways, might be all outside the scope of your video, which is ok, this is just ideas for future videos! Cheers, good content, best guide for me and you posted quickly which was nice

  15. Post
    Jaryd Weiss

    Damn, I have a 300i so I can't get that Nightshade color. That looks great. At this point, I still don't really know why we'd pay actual money to get 'upgrades' for the ship. Maybe the industrial cooler will allow you to Quantum to ArcCorp without shutting down, but who knows? You can't know unless you buy it and try it out. At this point, I'll just wait to actually earn ship stuff in-game.

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    Kevin Felker

    They've updated the descriptions since this PTU site.

    The XC package comes with:
    Power Plant (Stealth Grade B)
    Shield (Industrial Grade B)
    Cooler (Stealth Grade B)
    Quantum Drive (Military Grade B)
    S3 Ballistic gatlings

    GT Package:
    Cooler (Stealth Grade B)
    Quantum Drive (Industrial Grade B)
    Gimbaled S2 distortion repeaters

    Hmm, so the XC comes with a lot of component upgrades, where the GT gets you gimbals.

    I think I'd go with the XC, as I don't plan on doing a lot of fighting with my 315. Opinions?

  19. Post

    why do we care about the pew pew on a 315p that is made for exploration? i care more about the details of the packages. what does "military" grade and "industrial" grade mean. and what are the likely consequences of choosing those components. being read the components doesn't help.

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  23. Post

    Possible all 300 series have this construction BUG !?!?!
    i bought 315p
    What are thouse 2 "HORNS" on my ship ??? i put 4 pics ! sometimes appear at some distance:

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