New Origin 325a | Customization Options | Star Citizen 3.5.1

New Origin 325a | Customization Options | Star Citizen 3.5.1

I’m going to show you everything you
need to know about the origin 325 a customization options offered an alpha
3.5 point one and we’re starting right now what’s up citizens welcome to a star
citizen’s guide to the galaxy alpha 3.5.1 has reached
live access with this comes the customization options offered on the
origin 300 series in this video I will briefly overview the options and prices
available to you on the 325 eight including color trim weapons packages
and finish up with a look at what we built in game stay tuned for my full
review of the 325 a coming soon with that out of the way let’s get to it
let’s take a look at the customization options available in a 325 a so first we
have our origin celebration colors we have evening onyx sagebrush and two-tone
sagebrush is kind of cool for this to be a fighter ship to have a military color
scheme is really cool I like that these are free for a limited time next we have
our standard colors this is the standard 325 a color scheme with the like dark
silver gray or dark silver black and red that one is called scarlet steel
Scotland scarlet is also available which is completely red and Citroen which is
yellow next we get to the premium colors so for premium we have electric blue and
monarch both of those cost a dollar alright pretty cool that color and game
looks a little bit brighter than that but it’s pretty close to this next we
have our ultra premium colors they call metallic that are two dollars for that
we have ultramarine obsidian sterling and moonlight so we’ve got kind of like
a dark blue which is pretty it’s a pretty color of this obsidian looks nice
if you want it to be black and then sterling for the purposes of this I
think I’m going to I’m gonna go with the sagebrush this is a cool color scheme
I’m not really a fan of green but I want someone to be able to look at my
and no it’s a 325 a so you go back to the front here alright so we’re gonna go
ahead and go with the sage green color for the cockpit I think let’s see we
have the options for that are included are would red and the aluminum the
premium colors are carbon fiber gloss blue carbon fiber yellow and yellow I’m
gonna go ahead and go with the carbon fiber I’m actually purchasing this one
by the way guys the 3.5 is now live and three point five point one is now live
so this is this is me actually buying this sucker so for the steering wheel we
have the standard and sport I’m using real money and I’m not gonna look down
at the steering wheel so I’m gonna go ahead and leave it with the standard
next we have the seat for the seat we have also the sport would be a dollar if
I were to purchase that for the seats we have the standard and the sport the
sport would add an extra two dollars and I think the the standard is just fine as
far as the seat material I don’t think the brown is really gonna go too well
this color scheme I don’t like the white I’m gonna stick with the black the
premium gloss or white leather would be an extra dollar for the finish now this
finish is actually pretty cool on this view you can see it changes the seat
color the the origin logo on the seat now if I spin the camera around to the
back you’ll see that the carbon fiber can actually be on the seat when you
click blue you got blue on the back so it’s showing you your your complete view
there so I’m gonna go ahead and go with carbon fiber for that to match and as
far as the bedding this is so unimportant but like so we have Sonata
gray so not a white and grey those are included
we have Lullaby gray Lullaby white and gray
Nocturne gray and Nocturne why turn and not turn white and gray and they’re all
a dollar and I personally liked the lullaby gray now for the weapons
packages the first weapons package that we have offered is the classic this
comes with it for free comes with the ages for galius powerplant bracer
coolers all stop shield generators and a beacon quantum drive on the nose we get
a m6 a laser autocannon and on the wings we get the shredders the size three
shredders you get a two missile racks with Dominator twos and arrests or
threes so that that’s a pretty decent load out there I’d like to see maybe
some ballistics on the nose what do we got here now so for this second package
which would cost you an extra 18 bucks you get the fire cell and it’s called
the 325 ACC you get the fire cell cascade power plant zero rush cooler the
forest wall shield generators and the rush quantum drive then it comes with
two missile racks with dominance threes and arrestor threes and the size 4
weapon has one size for salvation distortion scattergun that doesn’t
really interest me so next we have the 325 8 XC
this comes with a firewall cascade power plant also the polar cooler the force
wall chill generator as well and the rust quantum drive as well comes with
revenant ballistic Gatling guns and manse’s GT 2 20s enticing we get the missile racks also with the
Dominator twos in the arrest of threes the next package which I will not be
purchasing I can tell already we have the firewall or you have fire haven’t
read that wrong the whole time by rail cascade power plant the zero rush cooler
force wall shield generator and the Fox fire quantum drive that’s 22 bucks and
you get the revenant ballistic Gatling gun on the front size four and the DR
model x j3 s i’m not really interested in that
gameplay let’s go ahead and go down to the last and final one for 29 bucks for
the 325 al see we get the fire l cascade powerplant the polar cooler the all stop
children shield generator the beacon quantum drive and you get a full set of
omni sky laser cannons which I probably would have dulled all over this prior
23.5 but however because these are my favorite weapons back then however I now
don’t know what my favorite weapons are I still have some more research to do
but this could have been really good way back when 3.4 so I think I’m gonna
go ahead and go with the the 325 a XC so we’ve got the fresh brew coffee the food
maker duo the Octavia sound system the curved metallic picture frame and the
Aeon whole display clock are available like vanity items that you can add I am
NOT however gonna spend nine dollars on things that do nothing inside of my ship
you know just so I can show my friends one time if you would like to see these
live in action take a look at some of the other videos that I did when I had
access to the PTU I showed off all these items about 3:15
P in the 300 series customization guides
or overviews so I’m gonna go ahead and take those all the way off and just just
to confirm I have picked I have picked an uprated weapons package I had picked
the lullaby gray that’s fine I’m gonna go ahead and get the carbon fiber
interior I don’t need a sport steering wheel and more carbon fiber all right so
I’m paying an extra $21 I had already purchased the 325 eight
and I went into my hangar and select Customize and that’s how I was able to
get this screen to go up that’s why it only says $21 on there because I’m not
purchasing the ship I already own it so let me go ahead and click confirm I’m
gonna reconfirm options carbon fiber carbon fiber Lullaby gray 325 8 XC
package and alright and go ahead and add it to cart all right boys let’s take a
look and see what I built I love the color that green looks good I think I
might go to the metallic the gray metallic go back to that the actor for
the extra 2 bucks I’m just kind of a dark color scheme guy but this this
looks really good though which is definitely my second choice of color and
here we have our size 4 ballistic Gatling gun look at look at that it’s
huge but I feel like this thing should be doing a nose wheelie right now this
is amazing under the wings we’ve got the two Mantis gt2 20s awesome she’s gotta
have quite a bit of firepower give another look around here alright
let’s go ahead and take a look at the inside actually before I do that let’s
show you the cargo space so it’s at the back not like the 300 I or the 315 P
where you can open it from the front and and/or the back but you have your cargo
space here I believe this is for SCU of cargo space I’ve heard someone say –
I’ll confirm in the pin comment or on the screen later
I believe that’s to se you of cargo space I don’t want to speak unless I’m
100% sure left ok let’s go ahead and climb up into the inside now I didn’t
pick any options for the rear except for the bed the options that are offered
here I didn’t pick those I think they’re kind of a waste of money however if you
would like to see them check out my guide on the 315 P or the 300 I I did
those in the PTU so I had free money oh look at the carbon fiber everywhere ah
looks nice looks like we are missing the radar
still so that’s a bug that is in I believe the 315 P and the others 315 P
there and the 300 I so they still haven’t fixed that yet this is the live
build we got the carbon fiber that I ordered nice got the standard steering
wheel I did not upgrade that and I think that’s it boys one thing I forgot to
mention how cool is this check this out not that the bed folds out not the D bed
folds out that’s not it I am talking about this bad boy oh yeah do that
that’s right we have a functional MFD in the bed of the 300 i however I can’t
confirm that I can make changes to the Power Distribution and hopping into the
pilot seat and my change has been made that is awesome you can be sleep and be
a co-pilot to the ship I don’t know what I think about that anyway still pretty
cool peace out so what do you guys think about the new
325 any customization options what do you think about the prices is this just
another way to get more money out of this let me know down in the comments
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until next time citizens I’ll see you in the verse


  1. Post
    Nate The Great

    I would suggest a 325A-CL for the ZeroRush coolers, ForceWall shields, and Foxfire QD. But I feel you on the weapons loadout

  2. Post
    Ghost Refuge

    Great video. I wouldn't sleep on the size 4 distortion scatter gun build. I put one on my avenger and was reliable chewing up Vanguards and Hornets close range. Tons of the medium fighters are power hungry and the distortion scatter guns do a ton of upfront distortion damage.

  3. Post
  4. Post

    Once the game is live, they will need other methods of monetization. Not really a fan of buying the loadout, but we can do it in game to.

  5. Post
    Robert Schumacher

    Good reviews but there are a few things that should be mentioned. First, the flavor text in the weapons packages now tells you what the components are. (Grade B military and competition predominate) and the coffee and food maker might not be useless flair if the stamina system they're talking of adding in does come into the game. (not eating/drinking will cause you to have less stamina.)

  6. Post
  7. Post

    I really like Sagebrush, but it doesn't really feel like Origin considering that Origin isn't a military contractor. I guess the color scheme just conflicts with my head canon.

  8. Post
  9. Post

    it's 4 scu don't know if you gonna read my comment but it's 4 scu … for the 300i it's 8, the 315p it's 12 and all the other it's 4

  10. Post

    That's the same weapon package I chose seemed the best balanced. Wasn't feeling the distortion disable thing either.

  11. Post
  12. Post
  13. Post

    Does the 325a have the same cargo space as the 300i btw? Because this looks like a competent little ship!

  14. Post
    Ted Wendelboe

    I'd still take the Omniskies, I'm partial to the MxA series, with its slightly better range and damage (any idea why both series exist?)
    Despite the complaints of some people, I have not had issues with "fixed" weapons hitting since 3.5.1 PTU where I flew both the Omnisky loaded 325 and the MxA loaded heartseeker to very satisfactory results.
    I am almost completely pleased with the 325. My only complaint is they nerfed the speed from 1315 to 1235. Same as the Arrow and Gladius.
    I will have to get a 325 later this summer. But I think right now I need to get a 3 pack of rangers for LTI tokens. Use 1 for a Defender next month. (might have to get a prospector to Defender CCU. then CCU a ranger to Prospector down the line) and after the Defender, CCU a ranger to 325.
    Meanwhile I have a 350R. But I'm so freaking pissed off about it, I can hardly speak. Only reason I'm keeping it is the only reason I Bought it: my IRL car is a 350Z. Pure Vanity. Cost me a whole $4 to customize. I liked the white seat and blue Trim. (to go with my free black and royal paint job) and grey sheets with a logo.
    Why am I pissed? The short version is it costs $125 (300i + 325A = $125) and all you really get for the price of a 300i is 113 m/s. And you give up the size 4 gun, the missiles, kitchen, and larger cargo bay, as well as hull strength.
    For $55 you should give up NOTHING and get 2000 m/s, 12 SCU, almost zero drift for racing, and the absolute top of the line components. (Robbery they charge an extra $30ish)
    Oh. And Purple. You should get purple as an option.

  15. Post
  16. Post
    Michael Berrett

    I’ve been sitting here looking at the weapon/components packages for this ship for 2 hours… idk what to do haha. What’s more important to me ya know.. great video brother perfect timing!

  17. Post
  18. Post
  19. Post
  20. Post
  21. Post
  22. Post
    Stephen Norcross

    Do you think the coffee maker/food maker not doing anything is just because they haven’t gotten around to it yet or do you think it will always be just a cosmetic item?

  23. Post

    I think you brushed over the upgraded components and just focused on the guns. The CL pack has easily the best components. Besides ship weapons are the easiest and most known where to upgrade in game. Also, paying for sheets with the origin logo? but scoffing at the coffee maker?

  24. Post
  25. Post
    Eric Wollaston

    Subliminal, I am a new subscriber and truly appreciate your effort and thoroughness iin doing your videos. Your videos, your opinions, but you should emphasize that the current flair items like the coffee maker will serve a future purpose. Keep up the good work.

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