New Zealand People & Culture: Kiwi Attitudes | Understanding People From New Zealand!

New Zealand People & Culture: Kiwi Attitudes | Understanding People From New Zealand!

Salut YouTube today I’m moving away
from my role as observer of the French culture and I’m going back to my roots
and talking about what New Zealanders are like and what the New Zealand culture
is like I’ve been getting quite a few questions on this topic about people who
are either wanting to travel to New Zealand for a long time or actually move
there and they’re saying I know that the country is beautiful and there’s a lot
of amazing things to see but what are the actual New Zealanders themselves
like what does it mean to be a Kiwi and obviously this question is massive but
I’m gonna give it my best shot I’m gonna talk a little bit about the Kiwi people
what it means to be in New Zealander what the kind of general attitudes and
behaviours might be so that you know more or less what to expect when you hit the
ground in New Zealand so I think just quickly before diving into cultural
specificities it’s really important to understand the heritage of New Zealand
and who the people are making up this country so first and foremost you have
our indigenous population the Māori people and the Māori people came
hundreds of years before the European settlers peddling from the Pacific
Islands by Waka or by canoe all the way to New Zealand then in 1769 English
Voyager arrives in New Zealand with his ship full of men and they are officially
the first European settlers to discover New Zealand from the 1850s onwards there was huge mass immigration coming from all of the United Kingdom and lot of
areas in northern Europe as well we’ve seen as continued immigration to New
Zealand we’re really a melting pot kind of culture so as we stand today it is
quite mixed you’ve got this group that we call New Zealand’s European which
could be you know Holland Scottish Irish English descent whatever but we’re
talking you know three four potentially five generations back in addition to
that we’ve got about 15 percent of people identifying as Māori or Māori
origin we’ve got 11% coming from southern or eastern Asia
and around 8% identifying as Pacific Islander 1.5 million live in Auckland
City so it’s our biggest city by far and this particular city is second only to
London when it comes to the amount of diversity and multiculturalism in one
city per capita so there’s always going to be exceptions when you’re talking
about culture but in general what are the New Zealand people like well maybe
it’s because of our immigrant heritage but we are renowned worldwide for being
very friendly and very warm and very welcoming it was actually Forbes
magazine recently that a study looking at all experts around the world their
level of happiness and their levels of integration into society and what they
found is that in New Zealand 75% of expats said that it was easy to
fit into the culture there which is huge and I get this all the time whenever I
introduce myself over in Europe like hey I’m from New Zealand people are like oh
I went to New Zealand the people were so friendly and I think it is something
that we do value as a society is definitely being welcoming helping
others opening your doors to people you don’t even know because it’s all part of
being a community the downside of course have been nice or kind-hearted or
whatever you want to call it is that Kiwis are incredibly conflict avoidant
and they have a really hard time saying no so I think for more direct cultures
like Germans Dutch maybe the French maybe Russians New Zealanders might
drive them mad because we don’t really like to say no and we don’t really like
to give people negative feedback for example if someone asks in New Zealander hey do you want to go out to a concert this weekend and a New Zealander replies to you like oh yeah, could do maybe they’re probably not very
interested to be honest New Zealanders are super enthusiastic so if they’re
saying yeah cool sure what time that’s a good sign if they were kind of avoiding
it like oh I have a think about it that’s kind of your signal obviously
linked to this friendliness is the fact that New Zealand is one of the world’s
happiest country’s so according to the world
happiness report by the United Nations New Zealand as the eighth most happiest
country in the world and when I’m looking at the countries who ranked
higher than New Zealand it’s very much Norway Finland Sweden Switzerland Canada
and I’m like but it’s so cold there and I think you’ll find that in the attitude
of people there’s differently an optimism a she’ll be right let’s keep
going kind of solution oriented attitude with the New Zealand people that kind of
yes people yep let’s give it a go Another cultural aspect that I really
wanted to touch on with New Zealanders is the fact that they are very pragmatic
and one of the cultural slogans of New Zealanders do it yourself you don’t need
to call a builder to come and put a fence up at your house get your sleeves
rolled up and do it yourself do you think about all the work that has gone
in over the past 200 years to literally take New Zealand from you know basically
forests and to create townships and cities and roads and bridges I’m not
saying that’s a good thing but people had to just roll up their sleeves and
get stuck in and make it work and make it happen and I think this has
influenced the attitude of New Zealanders you know we’re huge lovers of
rennovating our homes of working on the garden we’re always getting stuck into
things and this translates into the workplace for example you often see
people being very solution oriented very pragmatic and let’s get on with it very
action-oriented perhaps linked to our immigration history is the fact that we
are very low context communicators what does that mean that means that we say
what we mean wait back it up in general I mean as I said before with the
conflict avoidance it’s a little bit different but in general if a New
Zealander says to you I think you did a really good job at that that’s what they
mean we have a saying which is call a spade a spade it’s quite black and white
like the communications very straightforward I don’t feel like you
need to overanalyze things that New Zealanders say that they’re trying to
you know send hidden messages it’s not that complicated it is what it is
Something that I’m sure that you’ve probably picked up about New Zealand
worldwide is that we are sports obsessed and very specifically rugby obsessed
like rugby is not a game it’s not just a group of men on a field chasing a
funny-shaped ball it is really a religion a lifestyle a very common hobby
and a huge source of our culture our entertainment bonding really revolves
around rugby even if you aren’t really vet interact be you’ll find yourself
spending a decent amount of time talking about it watching the games and
attending the games with your friends it’s like a social thing to do but I
think quite a shocking side of that can be like if we lose a major rugby game
watching the whole country go into depression guys it’s just a game. One of
the core cultural pillars of New Zealand and one of my least favorite parts of
the New Zealand culture is that we suffer extremely from tall poppy
syndrome you know if you imagine a field of poppies beautiful field of red
poppies all at the same height and there’s one poppy that kind of stands
above the rest well what do you do with it you cut it down because then your
field of poppies will stay all at the same height and all uniform so what it
means concretely is that if you’re someone that’s a little bit unique
special and especially successful in New Zealand you often get sort of cut down
to come back down to the crowds it’s a very collective society you want to be a
good team you want to be a good team player and it can be in the smallest way
like for example if you’re a guy and you’ve just got a nice haircut you’ll
get teased about it from your friends I’m like wow nice haircut
someone’s going out tonight you know like you’ll have comments made on it
because you’ve got a haircut and it probably looks good so not only is there
that side but there’s also the way you do it to yourself so New Zealanders have
really self-deprecating humor we’re always putting ourselves down we’re
always sending signals to other people that were not arrogant and we don’t
think too much of ourselves and we’re very down-to-earth and we’re very humble
it’s very rare to find a New Zealander who’s super arrogant and very sure of
themselves and thinks that they’re very good-looking and this kind of thing it
just doesn’t really happen so I know that Australians really have the
reputation for being very heavy drinkers binge drinkers and while I don’t really
know if it’s as bad in New Zealand we’ve definitely got a drinking culture for
example we’ve got bad road toll (death toll) statistics for people that drink and
drive I’m not saying that everyone in New Zealand are alcoholics not by any
stretch but I think you’ll notice that New Zealanders and particularly New
Zealand men can drink a lot something that you’ll notice almost instantly of
arriving in New Zealand is that we’re really comfortable with our fashion I
think New Zealand has you know two Louis Vuitton stores and one Gucci store in the
whole country and this is really for tourists we’re not really this kind of
nation that wants to strive towards these perfect luxury outfits and those
designer handbags although we appreciate them from a distance but it’s not really
us we like to be comfortable you’ll often see people walking around the city
and active we’re so gym clothes don’t be going to or from the gym you’ll see
people wearing jandals and a lot of people say you know New Zealanders walk
around barefoot and yes true you do see New Zealanders walking around barefoot
with no shoes especially on holiday because like why not you’re on holiday
it’s a beautiful clean country you can walk around without shoes on enjoy it
overall New Zealand society is something that’s quite I would say open-minded
modern we were the first country in the world to give women the right to vote so
I think that’s an awesome testament to how progressive we are in this way it’s
not really a country with very deep-rooted ideologies and religion and
traditions and and things that would impede progression for example like
being against say gay marriage I think like anywhere just like any nation there
are people that whole different viewpoints but I think in general
New Zealand’s a very open and accepting society sometimes we get compared to
Australia who are a little bit famous as being a little bit let’s say more
closed-minded or racist even and I have actually heard people make the
comparison that Canada is to the United States as New Zealand is to Australia
though in terms of the mindset of people no offence Ozzies love you guys so that’s
all I had to say for this video I hope that was interesting for you guys I hope
you’ve got a bit of feel for the New Zealand culture if you have any
questions whatsoever leave them down below and I will get back to you but
until the next video see you next time à bientôt !


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    Samantha Yniguez

    wow. i feel like i'm going to love NZ. i'll be coming soon to work there. NZ registers to me as simplicity at it's best 🙂

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    Gisele Dumas

    alors pourquoi ce mot kiwi? Vous ne l avez pas dit….. un kiwi c est un fruit mais quel rapport avec les néo-zelandais?

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    Westside Love

    I'm a Californian who just spent 3 weeks in New Zealand, it was such a lovely experience. Incredibly beautiful, with delightful people. Three quirky things we noticed while traveling the South Island, a lot of young hitch hikers, people wearing shorts and flip-flops in rainy weather, and shoeless well-dressed men. My wife first noticed a shoeless man in a Countdown grocery market and was confused. lol. Right on, thanks for talking about it in this video! I can dig it, let those dogs get some fresh air! 😀

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    Ocativen Uzumaki

    Are you sure you're from New Zealand your view of Nz is very shaded we're you see more of the white side of nz I agree with some of what you said but it seems like you have just read about nz or just visited nz when you were younger new zealand is highly racist but it's not aimed at white people more against Asian people and Indian's. You didn't even mention new zealand has more gang members per head than any other country also most of nz is on weed and half is on crack so not peaceful as you make it out to be. Conflict avoidant now I'm sure you are either lying to your self or been in France to long you seem to think we are French no New Zealander would ever avoid a fight 2 reason for that 1 new zealanders enjoy fighting and number 2 you whould be called a pussy and a soft target by everyone your best friend your girlfriend your brother everyone. New Zealand not a drinking culture are you high or a idiot we have god dam adds about not drinking and driving every time a show starts a break and finishes one every god dam nz movie has either people drinking good example once a warriors new zealand people love drinking its in our dna why do we drink a lot because alcohol is so god dam cheap over here $37 for a box of 18 wood stock

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    I wouldn't say we conflict avoidant. That's incorrect. I know a lot of kiwis who say no. I say no. I think that's a completely incorrect statement. We can be quite abrupt and honest. Which contradicts that statement that we don't say no…

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    mark dale

    Quote: "You've got this group that we call New Zealand European which could be, you know, Holland, Scottish, Irish, English descent, whatever"
    This might be seen as just a little misleading. New Zealand-Euros of Dutch descent make up only a very small % of the population (around 2%) … and English descent absolutely dominates, with those of Scots ancestry quite a way back in second place, followed by Irish ancesrty (only about 12%) a fairly distant third. (about 74% of New Zealanders are of European descent … although a small minority of them also have at least some Maori or other non-Euro ancestry).

    Quote: "But we're talking, you know, 3, 4, potentially 5 generations back"
    I'd say as much as 6 or 7 for some people. Certainly 6 for the youngest members of our extended family.

    Overall, though, a good (& important) video. Cheers.

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    Kiwis are chilled and down to earth. In terms of diversity, Auckland is very different to the rest of NZ, the rest of NZ (especially smaller towns in south island) is more homogenic. Well, Auckland itself is very different compared to the rest of NZ, it's like its own bubble and I get why some people say it's not real NZ. My opinion based on 10 months and counting spent on these funny little islands at the edge of the world. Loving it!

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    Fleur Hua

    I came back from New Zealand last week. It’s really wonderful place with kindly people and picturesque landscapes. I’m planning to go for working holidays next year.

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    Eileen Olivares

    Hi, I’m going to New Zeland for studying, and thanks to your videos I have calm myself. I’m very shy and introvert, and I was afraid I will
    lose my head there. Thank you for sharing your culture and your advices for travelers. Do you have any tips for the foreign students?

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    f seb

    Lolol have you ever been out of nz, kiwis are so pretentencious and arrogant, it s true they tried to be friendly but it s not for long, kiwis have no idea of what happenning in the rest of the world and they are extremely close minded, see ya mate 😂😂😂

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    vanlife freedom

    On a very superficial level kiwi culture is friendly and warm and dread conflicts. But if one removes the thin layer of cash and status that holds this society/culture together then one can see the real kiwi culture. Which is a cunt who would jump at your throat if he/she can take you or backstab you if he/she can't. Very unpleasant creatures.

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    xyz abc

    I respect Newzealand people because they are very down to earth..
    I admire Newzealand cricket team as they are very humble..
    Loads of love to Kiwis from India….

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    Ma Poi

    Haha… Us kiwis take nothing for granted, we're a culture that doesn't care what we look like, we like to dress for comfort. Some people do their grocery shopping in their pjs with socks and jandals, gumboots with t.shirt and shorts or a Swanies with shorts and jandals weekend rugby game I know my family do it all the time, now the kids are catching onto our lay back fashion sense

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    Elie Vill

    I am planning to move in NZ next year im from PH 🤗🤗 i find NZ as the most peaceful country in the world ❤️

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    Born in NZ, lived all over NZ and the south Pacific. Lived in Australia for 36 years but I left my heart in NZ. Great analysis, reasonable and balanced. Sweet bro.

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    Andrew Gratton

    Re: fashion, I started wearing Hawaiian shirts as a piss-take on our office manager's day off each week after she said I needed more colour. It ultimately got a bit out of hand as the next two companies I worked at have basically treated it as a work uniform and I get a lot of shit if I wear anything else. That includes meetings with clients, local bodies, and the wider industry as I've managed to get a reputation for them and, if someone goes on a holiday to a pacific island, they buy me more. I have about 12, of which I purchased two. Zero fucks given by anyone, and it's become my brand now.

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