Nobody Knows What “Citizens United” Was About? | We the Internet TV

Hey, this is Lou Perez with We The Internet TV, and we are at the DNC trying to find out if anyone even knows what the Citizens United case is about! I think that Citizens United was a terrible terrible decision to come down from the Supreme Court. Disaster! I think half the
Supreme Court are basically crooked. I was very disappointed in Citizens United. I think they should get rid of, overturn Citizens United because it’s unconstitutional. Basically it gave corporations the status of individuals, and I don’t believe that’s right. Citizens United is a big big
downfall for the United States. I do not remember what the case was about,
uh, I wish I could. I just know what I’ve read and the impact it’s had on the political system. Citizens United was some group. -The Citizens United case?
-Yeah. It was a big court case. Oh. No, I don’t get into all that. I’m more about farming and
taking back our farms and our food. The case was about–they were angry about the fact that some… Hold on a sec, sorry, I gotta get my mind, so I can… So, in 2000, right? That was when Al Gore versus Bush happened, right? The case was about spending…how much money corporations could spend in elections. I’m not super informed about it, but, from what I’ve heard within the circle that I’m in, and the Progressive movement, like, it should not exist. And that it was a terrible decision that was made. So let’s get rid of it! [LOU] And do you know any specifics about the case? I don’t actually. The case within the Supreme Court? -Yeah, do you know what it was about? I mean, I haven’t been watching it, but I mean, I would guess that it’s about money in politics, and trying to get that out, but I don’t know exactly. To call corporations people makes perfect sense for capitalist government, capitalist political system. Then we decided that wasn’t really a good thing and the people rose up and the Citizens United came in. So Citizens United, specific to the case, you’re talking about? Uhh, trying to remember where it came from, the, like, who was suing who? Well, I think it originated with somebody doing a video about Hillary Clinton? And then, they tried to stop it, or something like that? And they were like, ‘no no no, free speech!’ What if I told you you were the only person who could tell me what the Citizens United case was about? -(chuckles) Really?
-Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I had the gist, but I don’t know all the details. Some people didn’t even have the gist.

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