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LIC, Indian Oil and Bajaj Dominar The first 48 hrs at camp ICS are over our 12 civilians have been
put through a punishing regime, their arms are sore, their legs are scratched but their spirits are still high
as they clear their first mission They are looking forward to a good night’s sleep So that night hum logo ko laga ki
ab sone wale hai dinner kha lia hai toh ab araam se chill karenge soyenge It just surprised us! We were confused what happened. Heart Beat already started to run really really fast Kala kapda humare mu pe mask daal dia we were like very much stressed up,
what will happen? Exactly kya karwayenge humse? It was totally a numb situation
I can’t think even ki mere sath us time kya chal raha tha We were all thinking ab kya hoga aage? maybe they can beat us you know, anything can happen. Many, many thoughts were going into my mind Koi toh tha jo humare saamne
like aese rounds le raha tha tuk tuk tuk phir maine apne kaan khule rakhe or dikhayi toh kuch de ni raha tha Hume ye experience hua ki kitna darr lagta hai aese jab koi ek dum se andar aa jaaye guns leke or phir aapko, they take you as a hostage Us time yahi tha dimaag me ki
yaar wait karo aage wo kya bolte hai and hume ussi ko follow karna padega Stand Up Next leg of your training is inspired by the NSG. The National Security Guard is a counter terrorism force They specialize in Urban War fair and their main duty is to protect the nation during internal disturbances We don’t expect you to take on
Terrorist in arm combat but there can be situation you will be hostages and you should know as
India’s Citizen Squad what to do in these situations. Right? Quiet often we go through life thinking that something wrong
can only happen to somebody else and you know we feel, we in ourselves are quite safe. It could happen anywhere, anytime. You are all here because you were selected based on partly your physical fitness but there is a difference between physical fitness and endurance We wanted to expose the trainees
to the kind of situation that NSG regularly deals with. The NSG has been actively
involved now in antiterrorist operations it would certainly help if they
got support from the citizens on the ground. My aim is to build endurance I want you to stretch your body and your mind
much beyond the limits that you used to. Right? Yes Sir And this is going to be the key element of your training. Right? Yes Sir! So let me give you a warning during this training anybody drops it, he has hell to see. Is that understood? Yes sir Then do ustaad khadhe the waha pe aur we were instructed
that ek ek karke hume jaake unse riffles leni hai Take charge Our trainers instructed us as to
how to go about the riffle PT, so few exercises where
you are asked to take the riffle and hold it up in the air for as long as you can Two, three, four, The hardest of this riffle PT is you know is just to hold. Aap kitna jhel sakte ho,
kitna kitna kitna zada jhel sakte ho Jo riffle PT thi usme shoulders ka kaafi zada tha, back ka kaafi zada tha, uska weight actually lagta hai ki kam hai kyuki itni si hoti hai
lekin kaafi zada heavy hoti hai riffles Hold karo 2 minute Jab hum hold kar rahe the,
wo thodha sa mere liye kaafi difficult lag raha tha kyunki us time na meri arms puri bhari hui thi, they were totally exhausted It’s about endurance not just physical fitness tax your muscles much more than they can endure It’s really really painful!
you can’t hold the gun for like even 20 seconds and commander ne humko bola ki you should hold this for at least 1 min 2 min and we were like kaafi dard ho raha tha yaar You have a problem?
No sir Keep it up! keep it up! keep the weapon up! Can you do it?
Yes sir Keep the weapon up Yes I was almost on the verge of breaking but then one thing that kept me going that I am not going to give up under any circumstance Ok next exercise, One Two Three, down down Down! more down. Down! down down down! Tab thodha pressure atta tha muscles pe aur kahi na kahi lagta tha ki ab break hoga, lekin fir maine mind set kar lia ki karna hai Cover up, cover up! ???? Isko ghutne lagane ka shauk hai, Isko ghutne pe chalao Chal uth, uth ghutne pe baith seedhe In riffle PT mera dhyaan apni taraf hi tha because meri arms puri fed up ho rahi thi mera pura concentration apni body pe tha ki mai kaise isko zada time tak hold kar saku Get up, I don’t want you get your weapon down. Can you do it? Yes sir I will do it
Up weapon up. Yes sir I will do it arms hurt ho rahi hai lekin I will do it Toh jitna time mai upar rakh saka
toh maine puri koshish ki, ki mai sabke sath rakha rahu Are you a quitter? Weapon up I will not quit, I will not quit Hum log ki muscles were paining like hell or aesa lag raha tha ki kitni der kitni der hold karein I was not scared of the fact ki agar
mai fail karta hun toh mujhe punishment milegi I was scared of the fact ke
agar mai fail ho jata hu toh mai gir jata hai toh
I will not feel comfortable that time. So this was just a slice of
what riffle PT is all about, just a slice 10 more minutes of this and
I am quite sure you will start breaking My aim was to give you a small idea of what it takes when every muscle in your body
is aching and not give up And I must say you have done well. Thank you sir Remember, as India’s Citizen Squad you have to make sure that you act when everybody else freezes It could be out of pain, it could be out of fear and that way is the only way you can come to the aid of the people around. Alright? Yes sir

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