NYU Tandon Civil Engineering Graduates 2019

[Chris Katsanos] Hey, so I’m Chris Katsanos. I’m part of the graduating class of 2019 as a construction manager. I came to NYU because it was a great place to come. It’s a good environment, it’s an
awesome place to learn. [Cece Wu] I didn’t start with civil engineering, but I transferred and I really liked it and I will be going to grad school in civil engineering as well. [Matthew Light] I chose NYU because I knew it had an extremely diverse community with access
to lots of different cultures and lots of different opportunities. [Steven Lin] We have a small class and I really feel like we’re a big family and everybody like knows one another and help each other out. [Light] Once I graduate I’ll be working in
managing and supervising construction sites. [Tori Anna Kirby] After graduation I’m going to pursue a graduate degree in environmental engineering. [Professor Joseph Chow] I just want to
say congratulations to the class of 2019. You guys have done an excellent job. [Professor Anne Ronan] Congratulations to the class of 2019. It’s been a pleasure teaching you and
getting to know you well and best of luck in the future. [Professor Magued Iskander] Congratulations class of 2019. We’re very proud of you. [Faculty and staff, in unison] Congratulations class of 2019!

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