Ohio State President Drake’s 2020 Vision: Education for citizenship

Ohio State President Drake’s 2020 Vision: Education for citizenship

The second area I’ll address is our founding
land-grant mission to create and extend new knowledge to our community. This commitment
constitutes the DNA of the university’s motto, Education for Citizenship.
The university’s relationship with the Ohio business community has never been stronger,
and we are committed to fully supporting our outstanding partnerships to create an ever
more vibrant statewide economy. The Wexner Medical Center provides more than
$170 million in annual benefits through charity care and outreach efforts such as neighborhood
clinics, free health screenings, prenatal education and myriad community sponsorships. OSU Extension shares academic scholarship
with citizens in all 88 Ohio counties. And Ohio State has been recognized nationally
as an “engaged university” including more than 1.2 million hours of service each year
by our students. These are just a few of the extraordinary
ways that we are making a difference. But these efforts, at the moment, but despite
these efforts, at this moment, just blocks away from where we are, children may not know
where they’re getting their next meal. This is unacceptable. Significant work is being done in our community
and at Ohio State to address food insecurity, but we can do more. After substantial planning, the university
is making an unprecedented strategic and financial commitment to address food insecurity with
an investment of nearly $15 million in new faculty experts as part of the Discovery Themes
initiative. Combined with more than 50 faculty at Ohio State who work on food security issues,
we will, over the next decade, commit nearly $100 million to this grand challenge. These
efforts are already underway. Beyond the financial support, we must bring
to bear the overwhelming energy and talents of our faculty, staff and students to address
this issue. We must work closely with our community and
state partners, refining collective strategies to elevate all members of our society. At
the end of the day, all of us share a responsibility in the future of Ohio and the lives of our
fellow citizens. Many of us had a wonderful time in New Orleans
and Dallas in January, even before the terrific football victories. We went into local communities
and, honoring a tradition begun decades ago at Ohio State, engaged in service projects
to reduce food insecurity. In both cities, students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents
and friends came together to Pay Forward for the collective good will. In the coming months we will again call upon
the powerful support of Buckeye Nation, our passionate alumni and friends around the globe,
to help in these efforts. Together, we can make Ohio shine as an exemplar
of how to systematically and strategically we can solve one of the critical issues of
our time. Plain and simple: Our collective efforts can and will transform lives.


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    USA News

    Dr. Drake is responsible for the worst attack on Ohio University history. Dr Drake is responsible for Students being Injured student's could have been killed!
    Drake made false reports to Campus newspaper! No Muslims were EVER attacked! Dr. Drake is a racist extremist social justice Radical Professor that needs to be removed from our University!!

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