Online shopping boom in S. Korea

Online shopping boom in S. Korea

now it is time for our life and info
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today we’re going to talk about popular online shopping trends from for more on
that we have our young gyeongmin in the studio I’m delighted to say morning –
jongmin now we all know that internet shopping is huge around the world but
just how popular is ecommerce here in South Korea good morning Marcus so many
people in South Korea really enjoy by shopping at online shopping including
mobile shopping so people just buy goods with their
computers or smartphones and I’ve heard from some citizens why they use
e-commerce well let’s take a listen first I usually search for cosmetics in
case of my fame shopping with mobile friends is convenience because I can
compare prices straight away I can buy clothes and other things easily with my
phone I don’t have to go around lots of stores and the goods are delivered right
to my door according to statistics Korea online transactions in the second
quarter of this year amounted to some 27 billion u.s. dollars that’s of 18% from
the previous year and mobile shopping made up nearly 64 percent of all online
transactions the data shows that many people bought food and home appliance
from April to June fashion items and cosmetics were also popular these days
there are daybreak delivery services in Korea if you buy fresh food through the
internet suppliers deliver the products early the next morning yeah I have
first-hand experience of this myself it seems like every day there’s at least
one or two packages outside our door due to internet shopping but what’s really
the driving force behind this online shopping boom in South Korea well
experts say it’s because South Korea has strong internet and mobile services so
as we all know the internet is very fast here and you can access free Wi-Fi in
cafes on public transport while that’s almost
anywhere and here’s what the expert thinks the total revenue for online
shopping is expected to reach more than 110 billion US dollars this year the
market is growing 20 percent every year that’s because of higher smartphone
usage which is around 95 percent and good Internet infrastructure and not
only that the weather also affects people’s shopping habits it’s often hot
and humid in Korea during the summer monsoon season and people prefer to stay
indoors and order food and other goods using the internet or smartphones as a
number of people choose to stay home for their vacation there is even a term Hong
Kong’s people enjoying this Hong Kong seem to
have bought more food and video games on the internet and young men I hear that
more and more people in South Korea are purchasing items abroad and having them
sent here as well yeah you’re right so the internet connects the world and
goods are traded across borders so according to this statistics agency
people in South Korea sold goods online worth more than 1 billion dollars to
overseas buyers in the second quarter also people in Korea directly bought
more than 730 million dollars of products from overseas traders during
the same period both double-digit increases from the previous year major
traders were based in the US the EU China and Japan and various goods
ranging from clothing to cosmetics were bought and sold well that was very
useful information I hear that many people actually run small businesses
just by buying things online and then reselling them on to other people here
in in Korea jongmin it was a pleasure thank you for coming in today well
thanks for having me


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