Origin 300i Rework – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5

Origin 300i Rework – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5

I’m gonna give you a first look at the
all-new 29:49 origin 300 I and we’re starting right now welcome to a star citizen’s ship buyer’s
guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today you’ll see my unscripted first impressions of the origin 300I
will take a look at the exterior tour the interior and finish up with a brief
flight tests in the new flight model this footage is in the PTU currently
opened to subscribers and con shares so there will be bugs your feedback is
important as this is a new series on a new channel let me know in the comments
please stay tuned for my full review of the origin 300 eye at a later date with
that out of the way let’s take a first look at the all new origin 300 I all
right boys here we go look at it oh look at dad
that’s a beautiful shit all right guys this is gonna be my first
look at the new origin 300 I unscripted uncut look at this this this is a
beautiful ship is it bigger it looks bigger all right
can’t get my controls right here look at this look at this shit look at that all right keep walking
around here it’s kinda it’s a nice pearl white color now like this this is a
luxury shit what are those in for ace I wonder if I can look in the go ahead and
interrupt here for a second so this is the vehicle loadout manager it looks
like it’s got some missing stuff here port hard point paint – eat trim oh I
think you’re gonna be able to customize it you’re gonna be able to customize the
interior and everything in the exterior I forgot about that ain’t just a placeholder Wow repulsion
it’s got the expedition quantum drive I think that was like it was before
hydrocele coolers industrial glass roughneck powerplant industrial bulwark
shield generators industrial weaponry we’ve got the missile rack with the is it the shredder I don’t know
what missiles does it have as a missile rack but it doesn’t show there’s any
missiles okay all right we’ll move past that so we got what’s this hard point
cargo door front anyway we got an m4 laser autocannon on the front and we got
these SW shredders ballistic lower firing cannons there on the wings that’s
what it’s gotta quit boys let’s get back to it
I think the wings have are bigger than this nose yeah like this is an m4 I
think that might be like an m6 or somewhere maybe this is an m3 look at
that look at the look at the headlights man it looks like a BMW or Audi oh that’s a different type of gun right
there that’s that’s ballistic I don’t know what this is
they tuned from our review on this where I go more in depth this is beautiful I
can’t wait to see the rest of the variants the 325 a is gonna be beautiful
imagine this in black oh my god alright can you
is there cargo now like how much much SD you a space does it have nothing there
nothing to click on under there let’s go ahead and get it inside alright enter
step back ladder boys I found something else I found
something else here oh oh look look at that look at that what that’s where the cargo goes right there
they look like what is it okay I mean are you gonna have to pull
this down whenever you go buy something with it and I raise it back up Oh Oh is a button okay look at that
that is cool that is cool all right that back you don’t get killed by the ladder take me oh okay all right takes a little bit but
okay all right oh look at that oh I’ll turn the light
back on what’s that oh okay okay so alright wait let me give me everything
situate here’s what’s this oh oh this is this is awesome you can’t lift the
toilet seat up alright okay whatever cool alpha alpha alpha all right all
right let’s take a look in the back here so we got a bed to logout in okay
doesn’t retract like the old one you got our moonroof in here but wait there’s
wine glasses what a gun rack I wonder if it’s functional there’s wine glasses in
the ship there’s a mini fridge doors a sink the glasses can i grab
oh man this this is beautiful this is amazing like this is this is what the
300 is supposed to be oh look at that look at that look at pilot seat all right I’m sorry guys if I’m being a
little bit unprofessional here let me impose myself
oh okay wait that whole thing oh it’s all a thing it’s all one thing
all right let’s lock it we don’t want nobody trolling us here bite ready all
right so I noticed now that it didn’t it didn’t do the whole where it presses the
buttons and everything okay got four MSDS
radars got an eject feature okay so I guess that canopy will open all right oh
man look at this shit look at this look at that that’s beautiful alright let’s take it for flight boys now I haven’t gotten really used to the
new flight model we’re gonna try this out just to have see oh my bad
I’m still in the this is the old flat model I try and do
some tricks but I really don’t know what I’m doing right now all that was yet no that okay I was
smooth that was smooth all right stop drifting stop drifting oh yeah
oh yeah I like this I mean this new five models gonna take
some getting used to but the next ship in my first look series
will be the misc Reliant’s in I’d like to know your thoughts on it as well as a
300 i down in the comments please stay tuned for my full review of this ship
where I’ll cover it more in depth did you like this first look like it
subscribe by clicking the round circle here check out some of my other reviews
in this series here comment what ship you’d like to see
featured in the next first look a star citizenship buyer’s guide until next
time citizens I’ll see you in the verse


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    I really like new uncut format. Please consider keeping it that way. I am short on time to watch any streams but this open format is way better than usual video format we have everywhere. Feels fresh and new. And rather positive at that. Thanks for a great job covering the ship! Now I going to watch the rest of the video, stopped midway just to provide some feedback.

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    Nice vid tho, but I'll be really glad if you make a video compare between this (or 315p,325a) and avenger, because now I'm thinking about upgrade my avenger titan to 315p

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    You're definitely a long time 300i owner when you're still afraid of being killed by the ladder after the rework ๐Ÿ™‚

    I've had this ship (it's my only one too) since 2013 ๐Ÿ™‚
    FINALLY! Now it looks so much better! Luxury indeed, but it's missing stuff for sure ๐Ÿ™‚
    I'm not a fan of kitchen area at all… Also no shower ? What kind of luxury is that ๐Ÿ˜›
    BUT! Most importantly with the rework, finally have proper guns XD

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    Kevin Felker

    The rework is such an improvement. So glad they somehow made it taller while still being sleek to hold the cargo underneath.
    I was never a fan of the original's wing doors, because they made it impossible to utilize the interior walls.
    So I guess they've removed the Omnisky's…I don't know the value of those ballistic weapons, but I liked it better as a pure Omnisky ship. So don't know if that made it lose value for the base kit….or if this has something to do with being able to customize it from the dealership.
    I'm going to wait and see what the customization aspect looks like, and determine if I want to unmelt my 315p or 350r…or what the customization aspect means for those of us who already own one.

    Reliant Sen
    It's the only other "science" ship besides the Endeavor. So that's a rather large gap.
    Being a multi-crew starter ship, I'm just curious what Science it can do.
    For comparison, the Reliant Kore only has 4SCU..IN A MULTICREW CARGO SHIP.

    I know the Endeavor isn't a starter ship, but I've already invested in it (melted my Idris for the Master Set).
    It's multicrew and can do soooo much more categories of science. It's my favorite ship.

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    The bearded guy

    I'm concierge and a subscriber, why don't i have 3.5 yet? or are we all still waiting for it. Just seeing a lot of 3.5 vids.

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    George Custer

    Great looking ship. Can't wait for the 325. I have all 3 and have not joined the PTU so have to wait another week but now it looks like it's worth the wait. Love the new shitter….lol. Great video and thanks for the sneak peak.

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    Well, beauty is relative, but I find the interior underwhelming for an origin ship. I hope costumisation will enable us to get a more luxurious interior

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    Man you are amazing, love your reviews. As for the 300i I'm super stoked seeing as I also own one. Can't wait for a Tana review.

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    I have waited since 2013 to see the remaster .. my 1st baby ^^ Will need to download this game again when the 300i will be public ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thx for the preview. Keep up the good job

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    matthew kohl

    Waited so damn long for this. Soon I can fly my 315p. I had boycotted SC when the new cargo system came out and my 300 series didn't work with it

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    Ramone Brown

    I really like the rework, though I see alot of complaints about the interior being downgraded.

    RIght now the cargo bay is bugged you can't leave boxes for delivery missions in it because they glitch through it when you raise it. As soon as that is fixed I will try to make this my go to ship, actually I have the 325.

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    Ulukai Azgard

    they should introduce it as a new ship so people can either keep their vintage 300i or upgrade to the newest model. A lot of E36 owners wouldn't go for an E46.

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    Ognjen Maletic

    Are you sure cargo space is 8 SCU? Because website spec for old 300i says 2 SCU? Before this rework, I was planning to get Avenger titan with 8 SCU cargo but new 300i looks amazing. If it indeed holds 8 SCU I would get it without a doubt but I need to know for sure

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    Hey can you also look at the 325a once its out?? Or give it some extra attention in your next 300 video? Cheers!!

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