Origin 300i vs Aegis Avenger Titan | A Star Citizen’s Ship Battle | Alpha 3.5.1

Origin 300i vs Aegis Avenger Titan | A Star Citizen’s Ship Battle | Alpha 3.5.1

I’m gonna give you all the info you need
to make your choice between the origin 300i and the aegis avenger titan and
we’re starting right now welcome to the first a star citizenship battle
what’s up citizens this is subliminal here and today we’ll be discussing the
features functions and benefits of the origin 300i and Aegis Avenger Titan and
we’ll compare those features amongst each other so you can make an informed
buying decision. we’ll cover a brief overview go over weapons discuss
components look at the exterior take a tour of the interiors with you stat
comparisons review the pros and cons and finish up with my thoughts on the ships
being reviewed if this is our first time meeting be sure to add my full reviews
of each of these ships here to your watch later list and consider
subscribing now let’s get to it the aegis of Avenger Titan has been a staple
in the star citizen universe after all it is likely the first ship you upgraded
to from your starter ship if not you’re probably here to figure out which one
you should upgrade to but with the recent redesign and upgrades has the 300
i overtaking the titan is the best upgrade for new players wanting to
branch out from the clutches of the Aurora and Mustang starters well let’s
find out the Titan of 300 I are currently fight rating as of today the
Titan is available for purchase or upgrade for $50 in the 300 I from $55 on
average to Titan sales for $77 in the gray market and 69 for the 300 I neither
is available to purchase without the EC with that out of the way let’s see how
they compare to one another for comparison we’ll be looking at the stats
in these categories your Google sheet document with the data is linked in the
description this comparison is for the base model 300 I and Titan as I don’t
see weapon packages to be worth any monetary value they will not be
considered in this review the Titan is the lightest and comes in at around
fifty thousand kilograms they both have a max crew size of 1 they both have a
cargo capacity of 8 scu the Titan has 6500 hit points across its body 302 HP
more than the 300 I the Titan wins again with 7600 shield capacity 360 more than
the 3 the 300i has a sustained gun DPS of 1016
for more than the Titan the 300 I went again with a burst DPS of twelve hundred
and forty-one 174 more than than Titan the Titan smashes with a combined
missile payload of almost 3,800 2045 more than the 300 I the 300 I comes in
first with over 5,200 fuel units 7500 more than the Titan the 300 I wins again
with a max all pitch rate of 68 degrees per second this is 6 more than the Titan
the 300 i has an SCM speed of 204 m/s 15 more than the Titan and his top speed of
under 1200 is 75 meters per second faster than the Titan
their quantum drives have a 46 mega meter per second quantum speed so travel
from Portales r2r Corp will take you about 15 minutes and 13 seconds in both
ships the three hundred eyes QT range of 71 Giga meters is 11 Giga meters faster
than the type so you can travel from Portales r2r Corp 1.7 times before
needing to refuel in the 300 I point three times more than the Titan let’s
take a look at the exterior the standard 300 eye features a classy white color on
the nose you can see the size 3 m5 a laser autocannon and it’s distinct 300
series LED headlights on the wings you will notice its retro thrusters under
the wings we have our shredder ballistic cannons and one size two strike force to around the rear we have our main
thrusters you can also clearly see it’s Uni wing design underneath in the middle we have a cargo
bay with eight seu of cargo space as for the titan we have a completely different
retro design side on the nose you can see the size for gimble with a size
three mantas GT 220 this can be replaced with a size 4 fixed just behind that we
have our cockpit access under the wings we have our badger laser repeaters and
to size to ignite ooze and around the rear we have the cargo bay now for the interior to the left we have
the cockpit the pilot seat features four MFDs and
the radar the 300 series does come equipped with an ejection feature behind
us we have a head on the starboard side we have a bed new to the 2949 origin 300 i is a
functional MFD in the bed the titans bed does not have this feature in the rear
we have a clothing locker and a functional but not yet persistent weapon
wrap and some wine glass storage shelves because this is origin we like to be
fancy on the port side we have a mini-fridge and a sink and of course
available on all 300 series we have the iconic moonroof the Aegis avenge of
Titan features a cargo bay big enough to comfortably fit at least one break at
PTV or 8s see you in the rear it is also rumored but not confirmed that the
unreleased humble Ranger will be able to fit also this is a feature that the 300i
does not have to the left and the right are unmarked component housings and some
cool spaceship stuff moving on we have more component housings and some more
spaceship stuff there is a bed on the port side for the cockpit we have more
components the cockpit features three MFDs and a
radar the Titan does feature an ejection system and finally a canopy entry and
exit access not featured in the 300 series now let’s talk about their
firepower the 300 eye comes with two size three weapon hard points on the
wings and one size three hard point on the nose the Titan comes with two size
three weapon hard points on the wings and one size four on the nose on the
wings the 300i comes with 1 SW 16 BR 3 shredder ballistic repeaters each one
shredder is size 3 has 112 physical damage with 240 RPM for a total of 448
DPS and a 27 hundred meter range the Titan comes with 2 ver si gimbal mounts
with 1 CF 2 to 7 badger laser repeaters each one badger is size 2 has 59 energy
damage with 300 rpm for total of 294 DPS and a 1700 meter range on the nose the
300 I has one m5 a laser autocannon one in 5a is size three does 318 energy
damage with 65 RPM for a total of 345 dps and a 3,500 meter range the Titan
has one bear puck s4 gimbal mount with one mantis GT 220 on the nose one GT 220
is size three does twenty-nine physical damage with a thousand rpm for a total
of 480 DPS and a 2400 meter range for missiles the 300 I has two MSD three one
two missile racks with one strike force twos each strike force twos are sized to
our cross-section have 874 mix damage a two point six eight second lock time and
a forty eight hundred meter lock range for missiles the Titan has two MSD three
to two missile racks with to ignite twos each ignite OU’s are sized to our
infrared have 948 mix damage a one point six eight second lock time
and a fifty six hundred meter lock range now for the components the standard
components available on the ships are as follows the 300 I and tighten both have
one size one expedition quantum drive with a forty six mega meters per second
quantum speed and a 10 second cooldown one size one power volt power plant with
over 1900 max power generation per second on a 300 I and one size one
endurance power plant with under 2,300 max power generation per second on the
Titan to size one Arctic storm coolers that provide 200 thousand max cooling
per second on the 300 I and two sides one bracer coolers that provide two
hundred and sixty thousand max Coulomb per second each on the Titan this is a
pretty decent spread the power plant will need to be the first component you
upgrade them to 300 R and last but not least we have to size one web shield
generators with 3600 capacity each on the 302 size one bulwark shield
generators with almost 3800 capacity on the Titan so wash it out by one ship
over the other for the 300 iets overall manoeuvrability is better this includes
SCM speed max speed and max raw pitch these are very important metrics to
consider in addition it has slightly better sustained and berths DPS it also
features a better QT range this isn’t that important to me however it should
be considered also in the future the amenities in the 300 I are far better
than that of the Titan and some may say this is unimportant and this is just my
opinion and it’s very important to me its aesthetics are far greater than the
Titan I’m just not a fan of the classic art style for the Titan it has the best
damage potential it has a size for hardpoint on the nose and comes fully
gimballed this is currently the meta right now so even though the 300i has
better DPS the Titan currently has an advantage for now but who knows what
will come in the future and the Titan comes with twice the missiles this
cannot be ignored also it has the best defense with better shield capacity and
hull HP this is pretty important also the cargo bay of the Titan for some
could be detrimental being able to haul around a small land vehicle
or 10 plus players is a great capability so my thoughts this is a tough one for
me it’s a simple choice as you could tell about the presentation of my videos
design is important to me but this should not be a reason for me to
recommend one over the other and after looking at the data I’m still torn
between the two so here’s what I suggest look at the reasons to buy each chip and
decide for yourself if one chip has a feature that is a must-have if you want
to be able to tote your grey cat or tumble Ranger around then you want to go
for the Titan if speed and maneuverability are important to you
then you want to go to 300 i if you’re a damn dirty missile throwing 8 go with
the Titan and if you can’t stand to look at the wrinkled space spring win while
traveling around the verse then get to 300 I either way you can’t go wrong those are my thoughts what are yours
let’s continue this conversation down in the comments this is my first
installment of a star citizenship battle what two ships would you like to see me
pin against each other in a dog fight for the stats next let me know down in
the comments did you like this review like it subscribe by clicking the circle
here check out some of my other reviews in the series here and if you enjoy my
content and would like to support the channel further check the description
for ways to do so however your viewership is more than enough
until next time citizens I’ll see you in the verse


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    Andy Russ

    Finally! This will be a great video for your channel Subliminal, these two ships will be a future buyer’s first tough choice.

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    Andy Russ

    Just something to keep in mind for future videos – it should be WINNER or LOSER, looser would be loose like a knot.
    Otherwise fantastic video!

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    Hazel Amberwood

    Great job.
    Even if i'm a big 300 serie fan I must say those two ships are really in the same category.
    It will be interesting to see if the basic loadout of the avenger change when it gets the customisation options.
    With maybe lower quality of component for the basic model, and the crurent loadout put un a higher price pack.

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    Christopher Bryant

    If they implement the npcs ai, they have discussed luxury vehicles like the 300i, giving you unique interactions with NPCs which could unlock unique missions. But also the titan could have prison cells added to give you access to bounty hunter missions.

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    Dawei Tao

    Really good video and well put together. Titan owner here, it was indeed my first and only upgrade from the base ship. I actually prefer the look of the pre-updated 300i ships but I think the new versions could grow on me. Of the 2 compared here I'd certainly prefer to be a passenger on the 300i 🙂

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    I've just had this very dilemma myself just recently. In the end, I chose the Titan. I have no regrets with what way the coin landed, the access ramp just makes the Titan a far more functional ship for the gameplay loops we have just now. I like these new Ship Battle videos, I can't wait for the next installment.

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    Anna Floden

    I own a Titan and i have tried the new 300 series(all of the versions) And when thinking about the future i would pick the titan even though design and facilities are very important to me too. However staying inside the ship is usually at minimal time unless spending it behind the controls, and that's where function trumps anything. Sure the origin has better mobility and speed but wepons is such a huge role for the game as it is now and for the future and having the titan coming with default gimbals on it will save a lot of players, me included a LOT of ingame money. Also you can costomize all ships in the future to some point to where some things can be changed inside to make it "more you" aswell as outside paintjobs, The titans storage is made better also and can as mentioned carry small vehicles such as the up and coming bike and some other stuff. for me it's an easy Titan choice 😀
    PS: And having the possebility for a size 4 hardmounted front gun for the titan that the origin does NOT is a huge damage buff, same for the wings so if u do change out the weponry to all hardpoint wepons the Titan wins on dps EASILY. (OH and size 4 wepons are usually the minimal if you wanna help out on attacking bigger ships such as the Hammerhead) it's possible with smaller ballistic wepons but it's more likely you'll run out of ammo before anything)

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    I had Titan before, and one thing that I miss is the ability to fit my ship with size 2 QT drive, especially now, that you keep the upgrades after your ship blows up. It kinda helps that they added new, faster s1 drives.

    Now I have 315p and I'm fairly happy. My biggest pet peeve is how many animations you have to go through to each time you want to enter your ship. first you have to wait for the ladder to come down, then you lose control over your character to climb the ladder, and then you have to enter your seat. in Titant the only time you're stuck in animation is when you sit down, the rest of your ship is accessible with no delay. And couple of people can enter at the same time, unlike 300 series, where the ladder comes up each time one person enters. 300 series desperately needs direct access to pilot seat from the outside.

    But honestly that's it 😛

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    Upgraded my Aurora to a Space Penguin…..then that became a Cutlass….but I missed my old Titan…so I now have one as well. I like the looks..and well… if given the choice I wear work boots not running shoes….so the Titan works for me. I tried the 300i in the Origin free fly week, and didn't get on with it. I liked the 350 racer variant, but found the base model twitchy and fragile. The Titan was a winner for me. Especially when you ditch the stock guns and gimbals and run M5A on the wings and an M6A on the nose. But..to be fair…either ship is a big step up from the Aurora/Mustang in terms of flexibility and mission options.

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    As allways – thx for the good vid.
    Good info, nice presentation, all important facts and what I allways like most: complete in every point- I can't find something you missed. 🙂
    I like the new Ship battle series.
    Maybe the transition from the outer of the Titan to the inner of the 300 confuses people that don't own or know both of 'em so well.
    Confused me for a sec, though I know and own both (325a not 300i, but interior's the same) At 4:53
    After going round the titan the second (half) time you show nearly exact the side the Titan has it's front entrance and after the cut you climb into the 300i 😉
    Of course you mention a few sentences later that it's the 300i.
    Just wanted to state that, maybe for future vids (and for newbies) make the transition a bit clearer, so that everybody knows exactly what he's seeing atm in the vid, after a cut.

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    Eric Wollaston

    I have to say "Well Done" to you, Subliminal! Great video except for the aforementioned spelling error ;). Appreciate your frankness on speaking about the aesthetic reasons you like the 300 over the Avenger and the way you lay out the pros and cons of each. In the end, it is the choice of each Star Citizen, and you say that outright, and I applaud you for that. Certain ships will strike a person in some way, for nostalgia, style, feature, or whatever, that will have them pledge for it regardless of actual features (current or planned). I now have the Titan Renegade and 350r – each 'upgrade' focusing on some of the strengths of each of the models discussed here. Keep up the good work, recommending your channel to all Star Citizens I know!

  22. Post

    Loser has only 1 "o". Also, stop quoting the grey market prices as they are wildly inaccurate. Readily available ships do not sell for anything but 70% credit. The $70 price you stated is illogical. Source: I am a grey market seller with over 400 completed sales. Other than that, good job!

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    Very good review. I have a suggestion:
    Rather than use the same colors in your lettering, use different colors for each ship, i.e: yellow for the 300i, blue for the Titan. That makes it much easier to follow along. I had to rewind a few times to remember if the titan was the winner of a previously mentioned feature or if it was the 300i. I wouldn't have had to if you had used different font colors.

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    Metalrain's gaming

    I think you should take the freelancer max and compare it to its closet competitor. Also my true love of a ship is the freelancer mis. It is a very superior ship to most and has great balance of cargo and combat.

  28. Post
    John Boyd

    Out of curiosity, aside from quantity of MFDs, what is the difference between that bed MFD and an engineer's seat a la freelancer?

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    Shady Saber

    Excellent vid, I'm with you on the 300i it looks more aesthetically pleasing and that's a make or break with me on alot of the ships, it'll probably be my first ship.

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    Tony D

    Several important stats are better on the Titan, as you pointed out but I agree…the 300i is purdy. My first ship was a Mustang upgraded to a 315p but I wasn’t sure so I bought a Titan also. Ultimately, I just didn’t like the way the Titan looked so I got rid of it.

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    Doesn't the Titan have superior horizontal and vertical thrust which is more important than yaw and pitch speed in dogfighting. I'd have to give the maneuvering advantage to the Titan over the 300i

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    Hey you put out a great video but I'll make it real simple for everyone…. If you care about looks which is very subjective and you would like a weaker yet very slightly more maneuverable ship for a more money go for origin… However if you would like a stronger less expensive more functional ship with more Firepower go for the Aegis lol easy peasy

  39. Post

    My thoughts are.. I am glad I found this channel. Mis MISC vs. Cutty? Warden VS Hurricane? Hornet vs. Gladiator? Arrow vs Gladiolus.

  40. Post

    It remains to seen if a Tumbril Ranger can successfully fit in the belly of the 300i and 315p. If a Ranger can fit, I believe the 300i and 315p will beat out the Avenger because the 300 series (minus the 350r) offers more functionality concerning survival game mechanics. If the Ranger can't fit in the 300 series, then it becomes a matter of preference since both ships balance each other out nicely. Nice comparison video, Sub.

    If you're planning on doing more of these, might I suggest the two starter ships. It might help new players decide on what package to get when getting started in Star Citizen.

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    i rly like your videos and i rly want to see all smaller ship videos whit all info hp and shield hp :), rly informative if ya had a better micro then you whould totaly have over 100k subscribers o7

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    I see the radar doesn't show up on your 300i just like in my 325a. It was there in the 300i for me but when I traded it to the 325 it lost the radar. That 3d radar and the cool modern look is why I went from Titan to Origin ships. I don't like that simple 2d radar on Avengers and the Cutty, can't hardly see anything with them.

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    Revanant + 2 GT220 Gatlings is just impressive. Further, based on the SQ42 slice, the ability to mix and match Cargo capacity and prisoner cells, makes my choice the Avenger.

    One note on both, these ships have the best unobstructed view in this price range.

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    Lol the dilemma. When I look at this I’m like “If I’m looking for more cargo space why I don’t go for the 315P instead and if I’m looking for a more capable fighter why I don’t go for the 325A…” decisions lol.

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