Origin 325a Rework – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5

Origin 325a Rework – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5

I’m gonna give you a first look of the
origin 325 a and we’re starting right now welcome to a star citizens ship
buyer’s guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today you’ll see my unscripted first impressions of the origin 325
eight we’ll take a look at the exterior tour the interior but unfortunately the
300 series variants have not hit the PTU so I’m not able to give a test flight I
have flown in 300 I on the PTU and I’ll link in the in screen to that footage
this footage is in the PTU currently open to subscribers and cashiers this is
a new series on a new channel your feedback is very important to me let me
know in the comments what you think this video is a first look my full review of
the 325 a with accurate information will be released after it arrives in the
persistent universe with that out of the way let’s take a first look of the
origin 325 8 alright so this is gonna be my unscripted first look at the origin
325 a so this ship is currently in the hangar as you can see so I don’t have
the ability to flight test it I’m gonna be able to get in it take a look at the
weapons and that’s really about it but but let’s go ahead and do a walk
around real quick so beautiful I don’t I’m not a fan of the of the color scheme
I was really expecting it to be black but it’s not that big of a deal I mean
it’s it’s still beautiful but I was just kind of expecting it to be black it
looks like it appears to be like a silver I know a lot of times the the
lighting can make colors look different than what they are it’s so weird moving
in the third person I want to say walk around like this beautiful ship man I
love the new rework got the missiles here under the wings we’ve got new ballistic cannons I think
these are the saw bucks in the hangar I don’t have access to see the weapons
that are on the ship but I can’t confirm like what size they are I’m pretty sure
they’re size three but basically I don’t I don’t have the ship in the list here I
only have the ship in the list when I you know spawn it in the hangar so these
are if you take a look if I take a look at the 300 I which I know has some of
these weapons to get it to load up here what the heck alright because alpha yeah
these are the saw bucks ballistic cannons I’m pretty sure their size 3 if
they’re not let me know in the comments but I don’t know if anybody knows this
also may not be finalized either because of course the ships not released
in the PTU yet so I believe this is maybe size 4 I don’t know let me run
back over and check yeah I mean they look about the same size and I doubt
this thing’s totem size 4 so that’s probably size 3 on the nose
it doesn’t appear to be gimballed it may be I mean we’ll have to see the
beautiful ship beautiful ship good thing about it is this hangar is well lit so
we’re gonna be able to take a look at the 300 series interior with the cab
lights on now so that’s great I love the reverse thrusters and the
wings there that’s amazing alright let’s go ahead and take a look at the inside
also one thing I want to cover it doesn’t appear as though the the hatch
opens for storage so it may not have storage I mean not confirmed it just
this is just the hangar this is not the PTU but this does not open like on the
300 I oh this is pretty cool and see inside the landing gear there
the IG has that’s good attention in the detail anyway back to our regularly
scheduled programming I’m pretty sure that the way this is gonna fly it’s
gonna fly pretty similar to the 300 I so check my first look at that I
this ladder takes a second to grab you there we go
check my first look at the 300 I flew it around the Portales are a little bit so
we do have wood grain I’ve heard a lot of people say bring the wood grain back
I know it’s less but it’s still there there’s been harder to see without the
lights on but this is the beautiful man I love it
I don’t really have any complaints about it at all I almost forgot let me step
into the cockpit you guys can see it that looks like from the pilots
perspective you’ll notice this what’s different than the rework is that he
doesn’t do the button press things which i think is ok because he didn’t hit any
of the right spots anyway so but yeah this is the view from the pilot’s seat this is above but I’m sure we’ll make it
to the PTU once it’s available so I don’t think we have to worry about that Lefty’s yeah I mean this is a beautiful
ship man all right back to the regularly scheduled program I can’t say that for
whatever reason you got the toilet here well I’ll keep wanting to open it you
can’t you can just sit down so I guess you just drop deuce through the toilet
seat fire extinguisher with that’s missing okay all right that’s great you
got a bed here nice aluminum foil bedsheets sounds comfortable
you got the sink here with the storage underneath I mean I feel like they could
have that looks really cool and all but I feel like that that could have been
used for something you know mini-fridge the wine glasses is just this is
hilarious man wine glasses in a spaceship it does barrel rolls got a
weapon rack I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be functional and what’s also pretty
cool too is the moonroof yeah that’s awesome
all right boys I think that is going to be it let me check and see if I can get
the I can get the 300i information up here though the 300 I has yeah these SW
saw bucks shredders I’m pretty sure that this is
what I saw on the 300 eye so I’m willing to bet that the nose of the 325 a is a
size 4 hard point though so you’ll probably be able to upgrade that upgrade
that shredder to something else to size 4
yeah yeah wait it oh you’re right could wait this is the 300 I remember that
yeah I’m not I’m not sure if the front of this has a gimbal it probably does
just doesn’t look like one I’ve been anyway that this has been my first look
of the origin 325 a let me know in the comments what you guys think the next
ship in my first look series will be the origin 315 P it is also available in the
hangar I’d like to know your thoughts on it as well as our 325 a down in the
comments please stay tuned for my full review of the 325 a where I’ll cover it
more in depth did you like this first look like it subscribe by clicking the
round circle here check out some of my other first looks in this series here
and comment with ship you’d like to see featured in the next I first look a star
citizenship buyer’s guide until next time citizens I’ll see you in the verse


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    I for one really like this color scheme. I much prefer the more aluminium look to the bright white of the regular 300i, I feel as though only now I can fully appreciate the design.

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    George Custer

    Great job. I am sure glad I have 3 of the 4 of these. I think the 350R will be black, this is in the same colors as the original. thanks for the view of this ship. Couldn't resist hitting the can I see.

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    From what I understand on the variants there appears to be a smaller cargo bay behind the large cargo bay on the 300i that seems to carry 2 or 4 SCU.

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    Mario Lara

    Hilariously you were at the MFD's and didn't get the power items tab, which gives you the names of the guns on the ship. πŸ˜€

    I'll load up into the hangar to take a peek!

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    I'm starting to wonder if all the 300 series are all going to have the same interiors. Thanks for the review πŸ‘

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    Alphawolf 001

    325a has always been metallic gray and red .. Also nice work on the amount of work "videos" you are putting out. I hope you don't get burnt out …. Ps 325a has a rear cargo hatch of 2 scu ;)… 315 carries 10scu with 2 separate cargo bay….. Again love your work, will see you in the verse again

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    Ramone Brown

    The button to open the 325a cargo hold seems to be in a different spot than in the 300i. There is another orange circle further back just beyond the landing gear. The drop down landing bay is much smaller maybe 1/3 the size.

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    Nemsis One

    i like the old one better this one does not look like a fighter at all haha looks more like a luxury space bus now with guns

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    Ted Wendelboe

    I'm fairly certain that those guns are the "shredder" . But I've never heard of them before the 300 rework

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    I don't know about the other 300 variants, but the 325a's front gun was a size 4 hard point and the weapon slid forward when you started the ship up.

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    pedro jose

    i ws expecting interior diferences between 300i and others……well gona change for fighter if has cargo

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    You've got better view from the seat on this one. But why the whineglasses in a fighter? Perhaps to get motivated… 😊

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    just a quick hint because you said it couple times wrong: it's conSierge, not conSCHierge :). really enjoy your videos, keep it up mate

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    Greg Moulton

    My little brother has one and insists it's better than my hornet. I disagree, but think it's a cool ship. Great review!

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    Alban d'Aquino

    The 325a does indeed got a S4 mount on the nose. And on the wing those where S3 Shredders auto-cannon.
    Don't forget that the 300 series is the first ship where the paint job should become available. You'll be able to change pretty much anything on the ship. Accent colors, main colors, trim colors etc. So the ship being light grey is not really a problem if you got some skin waiting on your account to be applied πŸ™‚

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    Still nothing to heat food with. Even Mustang Beta has a small stove top. I reckon not everyone is going to like self-heating Big Benny's packages……

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    I like this paint scheme a lot better than the all white base 300i model.

    This is also consistent with the colour scheme of the original.
    If you were expecting it to be all black, you're either expecting a drastic departure from the original, or you're confusing it with the 350r (which is black with some yellow highlights)

    I've owned a 315p and 350r for ages, so… Yeah.
    Well, seeing this variant, now I have to see the ones I actually own. XD

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    _Mighty_ *irie*

    LOL πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘ totality useless and stupid to buy the items and features for a game who is alpha since 2014 πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ you are the champions πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹…

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    You had the option to do "open exterior" but didn't do it.
    That's how you can actually see WHATS what in terms of open and close…
    My sole reason for considering buying this ship was for the cargo
    If I can't bring stuff in, why bother. And you skipped it, man… you totally skipped it.

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    TheReal_MrJ Mr.J

    Man I thought the touring model would have like a nice white finish or something inside. They made the 300 series all look the same. (Super Boring CIG) nice……. job……

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    I wasn't sold on the rework with the 300i, but seeing the 325A color scheme I really like it. I'm looking forward to seeing what customizations I can do to my 325A.

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    Something worth noting, shelves are left bare on a lot of ships to make way for your own customization such as with the mustang beta.

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    It really should have bigger missile racks. That was the only thing that set the 325a apart from the others. With the way it is now, you might as well go with a 315p and upgrade the guns in game. That way you could keep the main cargo lift.

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    Phillip Mulligan

    This 325A looks incomplete. I will miss my old 325A. Loved it canopy and front profile. The new 300 series is almost too Star Trekish in design language. I hope CIG adds small detail and finishes to take away from the Star Trek Next Gen feel.

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    Why did you expect black ? That's the 350R colors always has been. Not that it matters once the colors option system comes in with this series as the first set to have that option in the near future. Nice video though keep it up.

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    Julien Pham

    So the 325a will soon be available in 3.5 if it is hangar ready? This ship looks amazing. I have one but still the old one in 3.4.

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    Meh, i kinda miss the wing pilons and the gull wing doors, made it easier to enter in zero g, especially upside down or spinning, but i guess its worth it for the nicer interior, although i thought the retractable bed was a neat idea as a space saver. Can't wait to see the armament as we were promised a s4 nose mount and s3 wingmount, so i look forward to a revenant or combine explosive cannon with panthers or gimbaled badgers, 325a now rivals the hornet and sabre in firepower. I wonder if i get to keep the original s2 omnisky VI laser cannons and apoc railgun.

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    Why did you expect to be black? the 325A was never black, the 350R was black. Maybe you got confused between those two.

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  56. Post

    Why is this so well priced relative to other ships? It's supposedly comparable in combat to a more expensive Hornet, has the luxury appointments of the other Origin ships, and can carry light cargo.

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    The UncouthSir

    I am not at all happy with this I bought the 325a cause i liked it I dont at all like this new version

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