Origin 350R – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5.1

Origin 350R – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5.1

I’m gonna give you a first look of the
origin 350 R and we’re starting right now welcome to a star citizens first look
what’s up citizens this is subliminal here and today you will see my
unscripted first impressions of the origin 350R the three point five
point one PTU is now available to subscribers in kashi heirs with the
three point five point one PTU the customization of the 300 series is
available in the pledge store it should be noted this first look is of the base
350 are with no add-ons in this first look we’ll take a look at the exterior
tour the interior and take it for a brief flight test this video is a first
look by full review of the 350 R with accurate information will be released at
a later date with that out of the way let’s take a first look at the origin
350 R this is gonna be my unscripted first impressions of the origin 350 R
let’s go ahead and get started so the color scheme looks really good I really
like this black matte color scheme this is the base color that comes with it
there are more colors available on the pledge store I think I’m going to do a
separate video on the 300 I customization I just wanted to give this
guy a first look I didn’t get to do it when we had hangar access when the 3.5
came out under the nose here we got a size 3
m4a autocannon and under the wings you’ve got some size 3 ballistic cannons
not sure which missiles those are ah I love this color look at that look
at that a revelon york sticker on the back that’s cool this is the racing
variant of the 300 series I hope it looks different in the inside is it it
should it makes sense on the outside the one thing you’ll notice that this has
that the other ones don’t oh look at those headlights look at that look at
that are the those scoops up there too I guess keep the engines cool that’s
pretty cool the cargo bay I’ve been having trouble with the cargo bay I
can’t get it to open the buttons right here but it won’t let me open it it’s
gonna have four scu of cargo space wasn’t able to find any buttons or
anything back oh there we go Oh found it and move the button on us
so for scu of cargo space right here you can do a light Widow run or neon
whatever you’d like to run that’s the exterior let’s go ahead and take a look
at the interior the interior is also customizable but
again this is just the base we’ll go ahead and turn it on first so I can get
the lights on in here oh look it’s it’s different two beds in the middle alright
let’s go ahead and turn the ship on when you first come in you got the head your
toilet there be kind of cool if you could change the lights behind the
bullet also and those that back and here you’ve got your bed so as you’ll notice
it’s different than the 300 ah you don’t have your bed over on the left side and
your kitchen on the right there’s just a bed let’s go ahead and see if we can get
in it oh you can sit let’s do that let’s sit okay so you just sit down on the
okay you look through the sunroof well look at that hello
alright let’s just move forward to get up and let’s let’s lie down now yeah that’s cool all this is
customizable by the way too when I saw from the website you can change your
bedding and it costs money for some of the things kind of cringy but I don’t
know I hope it works out I hope the community likes it that’s the bed let’s
go ahead and get back to the cockpit seat it looks like this seat is the
upgraded racing seat or at least if you want to get this seat in like a 325 a
you have to pay extra for it I’m go ahead and hop in this seat yeah this is
definitely the sporty seat let’s check the steering wheel – yeah
this is the sporty steering wheel – so it looks like this comes included in the
350 R where is unlike the 325 a you can pay extra to get this steering wheel in
this seat though does I mean that that’s kind of cool it’s not much extra it’s
like another dollar so you got your four MFDs you’ve got the radar everything
here is pretty much the same except you’ve got carbon fiber on the panels
that’s pretty cool alright let’s go ahead and take it for a quick flight
test I’m a little bit rusty I haven’t I haven’t played much recently let’s see my landing gear up oh yeah I like this yeah yeah yeah yeah
I like this this is nice let’s go ahead and get it up – it’s a top speed here
all right see how fast it can go in just deep space I’ll look at that
acceleration look at that oh that’s awesome 13:47 trying to get to 1348 look at that ship is beautiful
oh that’s so sexy yeah they really did a good job with
this 300 series really did I can’t wait to see my 325 80 that’s my favorite of
all of them all right this has been my first impressions of the origin 350 our
stay tuned for my full review please stay tuned for my full review of the 350
our wah we’ll cover it more in depth what are your thoughts in the 350 our
let me know down in the comments did you like this first look like it subscribe
by clicking the circle here check out some of my other first looks
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viewership is more than enough until next time citizens I’ll see you in
the verse


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    The 350R and 325 only have the rear cargo bay. The front is sealed up. The 300i has the front cargo bay and the 315 has both.

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    Michael Jacobs

    I never understood why racing ships have weapons. If they're racing ships then that should be the focus. High speed low drag. Or at most use size ones.

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    Welcome back! I love the videos man 😀 can't wait to see more like the terrapin or the hurricane. If you need to borrow ships feel free to contact me. Don't have a massive fleet, but got some nice ships.

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    Dillan Catley

    I chose the 325a and love the firepower and military grade equipment that comes with it. Only downside is it seems to run out of hydrogen fuel quick.

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    It might look nice, but it is dead as a racer. As of now, the reworked ship is awful in actual competition, even slower than Titans, SH, or Arrows.

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    Ted Wendelboe

    So, the 350 now has 3 size 3 hard points. The Arrow has 3 size 3 hard points. While the Arrow has more missiles, the 350 is second only to the Herald for speed, has a bed, and cargo space.
    I'm looking forward to pitting it against an Arrow for combat tests.

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    A dedicated racing variant with cargo space? Granted I'm not in to racing (real life) at all but generally the first thing almost any type of racing vehicle wants to do is reduce the weight and first step in that is removing all parts not essential to racing. If they're going to keep that cargo space they really should not even refer to this as a racing oriented variant simply one tuned for speed because a racing ship with cargo space really makes no sense at all.

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    Jaryd Weiss

    Looks sleek. Also, I was just thinking this morning "I wonder when SubliminaL is going to post another video." Glad I didn't have to wait too long

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    Jason Fabrick

    I like the added winglets. I would like to see an option to get them on the other variants. I'd like to add the front ones under the cockpit window. I'm eying a 300 or 325 myself.

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    Perhaps use your suits flashlight when looking at the sides without lighting or inside when the ships lights aren't on, I think its bound to T. Other than that i don't have any complaints. I cant wait to take my 350r for a spin when 3.5.1 goes live. 🙂

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    I still hate that the stats page is flawed and only shows what ships have stock and even then its missing stuff. like I didn't think this ship has a nose mount cuz the stats page didn't say it had one and CIG is like "oh if we do that too soon it might change a week later and would be the wrong info and its a HUGE task!" even though the ships are done…..

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    Cyrus F. Bon

    I loved how this ship is flying, and I started to believe that 350R should be labeled as a light fighter. I don't know but when I compare this with my Arrow, I don't know man!. I bought my Arrow the day one and I have it since and no other ship could replace her, till I met 350R. I think I'm going to betray my Arrow 🙂 Sadly 350R has less 4 missiles but the way that this ship is fling and the bed, fills the gap I think. For me maneuverability in combat means life and death . The only downside of 350R is that engine does overheat and stops too quickly other than this I can say its a perfect ship for dog fights.

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