Orphans of a Humane Society [Documentary]

Orphans of a Humane Society [Documentary]

♪ Bruce. This is big boy Bruce. He’s a five year old and a very sweet boy. There’s only one thing missing… He is looking for a home. He’s been here for a year. His story is incredible. He’s been adopted out three times and returned three times. We try so hard, but we just haven’t found the right home for him. We’re not gonna give up and we’re not gonna stop trying because he’s an incredible dog. He deserves a family that’s gonna love him forever. *Barking dogs* Another of one of our long time residents is Scarlet. She’s a beautiful grey and white cat who has been here for three years. She loves getting petted, held, and cuddled. Tracie: I think the reason she has not been adopted is because people want an outgoing cat. She just needs the right home. The right family. My name’s Kayla. I’ve been with the Humane Society for a year and a half. I’m on cats two days a week and dogs two days a week. Pets hold a very special place in my heart. I just adopted another kitten last week from here. We have so many and it was time to get another one. These guys need extra love and care. Something that other animals don’t get. It’s a new experience and I’ve learned lots of new things. I’m very glad for this experience because it opened my eyes on how many stray animals are in this county! The numbers are incredible with how many we take in a year. 100 animals come through our shelter doors per month. It’s heartbreaking to know that people think shelter animals are damaged goods. Shelter animals just need a second chance. They just need love. There is an overpopulation of unloved pets. It goes out of control due to the lack of spaying and neutering. We need more room for newborn animals. There just isn’t enough space here. ♪ This is Sid. He’s our pet. He was a rescue from a house that had a meth lab. He’s been out little buddy since. Ferrets are really cool because they do eat what’s called “Ferret Food.” Just like how there’s specialties for cats and dogs but they can also eat cat food. They’re cat-like. ♪ continues ♪ *phone ringing* Kayla: So honestly the best thing to do if he’s in that bad of shape is to take him to the vet… …and have him euthanized. If the vet seems fit. That’s completely her choice. We don’t do that kind of thing here. We do this quite a bit. If she could take a picture of the dog, put as much as information about him and share it our facebook page. We could do a lot of re-homing that way especially with him being a German Shepard. Unfortunately we can’t take him right now because we are packed. I would try the Facebook and try….Last resort, last resort taking him to the vet. But unfortunately that’s all I can tell you right now. Alright. Thank you so much. Bye-bye. ♪ Tracie: Pets aren’t forgotten. They’re memorialized. They’re family who can complete a missing portion of our lives. I adopted a German Shepard. Her name is Riley. She’s about 10 and a half weeks now. I really do think she has enhanced my living quality. It’s a lot better. It’s a lot less stressful. I’m gonna want someone there to ease the stress of being alone. ♪ *Doorbells chime* Hi! Can I help you? Scarlet was adopted today! We are beyond happy! It’s been nearly three years! So excited that Scarlet was finally adopted. I couldn’t be happier. I may be crying but they are tears of joy. Nothing makes me happier when a long time resident finally gets that forever home with just the right person. There is a home for every animal, dog or cat or otherwise with just the right person. It’s just a matter of finding the right person for that pet. For Scarlet, it’s finally here! Yay! Tracie: It takes a lot of commitment to care for a pet. We always want to make sure that adopter know the animal and feel comfortable with that animal. As well as the animal being comfortable with the adopter. ♪


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