Our Commitment to an Open Society in Russia

Our Commitment to an Open Society in Russia

When I think back on the collapse of
the Soviet system, you could clearly distinguish between
right and wrong or black and white. The Soviet system was black. And therefore, a move towards
a more open society was white. As you moved towards a more open society,
the white became shades of gray. And now, you have a new form of what
you might call “closed society.” In Russia, 30 years ago, George believed
that there were possibilities to help jump start what he thinks of
as an open society. And he began with very core principles to him
such as education, critical thinking, providing opportunities for
people to go abroad. Russia has tradition of strong state,
not strong society. And our mission at the time and our window of
opportunity was to help the people understand themselves as citizens of the country,
responsible for what is going on there. The open society is to play the role
in terms of supporting change in education, in terms of curriculum development,
in terms of infrastructure. It was something very new, also,
for Russia, like giving grants to teachers that are really innovators, trying to create this climate of democracy
in their schools, so that students could practice democracy. He helped the scientists to survive when
it was very difficult for them. It supported magazines and journalists, and all sorts of human rights
organizations. There was a small package being created that
consisted of a copier, fax machine, and computers. By August of 1991, a large information
network already existed, covering the entire country. And the most visible impact was
the network of internet centers. Open internet centers for students,
professors, and people from the society. In 33 universities, we had 33 representatives
of George Soros’s foundation in all these regions. It was excellent work. Russia is certainly not an open society. We did not yet cultivate certain
values of tolerance, values of compromise, if the main goal is law, democracy, then it turns out that our start
was also our peak. The situation now is quite a bad and
quite alarming regarding even basic rights that are enshrined
in Russian Constitution. We are back to the arbitrary court trials. increased cenorship,
suppression of opposition. The war definitely added to
the propaganda hysteria and pressure on freedom of expression. There is fear, because people who
express their opinions might be punished by the state. People might be killed. I think Russia is returning to
the 17th century, and even returning sometimes with
all these laws, to Stalin. It’s impossible to endure working for
human rights, working for people. And it’s not just about bad or good
authorities, presidents, regimes. It’s about the unreadiness of the society. We all thought that we could change
the country overnight, and that we would be able to build new
societies on that blank slate and ignore cultural,
and institutional legacies. and I told him that in Russia it is easier to start something
than to complete something. However, what George said was this:
“It is easier to finish than to start.” Still, I think that I was right,
unfortunately. I think this was not a waste at all. Actually, even the very precedent of
how this can be done, I think we will use in future. All these thousands of initiatives, hundreds of organizations, none of them died without a trace. I had ten branches. Only one has survived. But this one branch that has survived now provides the best legal assistance to
journalists in the whole of Russia. We have at least civil society which we never
had under the Soviet period of time. At least several generations of children
have had access to all this variety and richness. Checkhov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky— we are a country with a great culture.
20 or 25 years are simply not enough. Russia today is something very different
from what I was hoping it would become. The yearning for freedom, certain principles,
have survived underground. So feeding it helps to have
the next flowering. And the more there is below ground, the better the chances when it comes out.


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    они  люди с образованием – рассуждают как жлобы..!! ни слова о том что в россии есть своя древняя традиция и понимание мира и жизни – которое они не хотят и не позволят никому разрушить.. толлерантность?? к кому??. к педофилам?. ну тк примеры европы – красочные!! партии педофилов католики педофилы. ватикан из педофилов.. толлерантность в высшей форме!!. а дети?? из зашишенность от педофилов?.. даже в конституции о защите ребенка от педофилилов ни слова!!. ни в одном государстве европы – дети не зашишаются от педофилов на уровне законов и конституции.. у родителей могут отобрать права на ребенка- могут запретить называться папой и мамой.. но никто не вступился за ребенка отданного тем кто одномолые – что чувствует ребенок – когда видит двух дядей в одной постели.. или двух тетей.. когда его сознание его инстинкты – не могут принять за норму- что дядя – это мама.но с яйцами. а тетя это папа но кастрат..жуткие модели.. а потом спрашивают откуда растут извращенцы маньяки педофилы.. все чисто по закону выращивается.. такой проффесуре – разобраться бы с ервопейскими ценностями. или же боятся рот открыть??  толлерантность!!  на грани режима..

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    Илья Дьячков

    Я Дьячков Илья Николаевич мы должны были встретится с Джорджем Соросом в Ижевске в 2004 году. я ему отправил факс через Настоятеля казанско-богородицкой церкви и он приехал. но мы не встретились мне мешали с ним встретится плохие люди. передайте Джорджу Соросу что меня проще найти по данному почтовому ящику [email protected]

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    Pablo Cruz

    U mean a better society like american's one?
    killing black people, being racist… still in 2015

    is true that URSS made terrible mistakes, but Russia is not URSS….
    also.. every country have a past, remeber american's 60s ?? the Racial segregation, the Apartheid?

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    Андрей Майоров

    Fierce promotion of values of degenerate West. Where this may lead? You can look at United States of America, the country of Freedoms, the country where EVERYTHING is bought and sold. And what will we see? The Kingdom of the basest vices, a complete lack of morality, contempt of such concepts as "Honor", a huge number of homosexuals, pedophiles, zoophiles, millions of overweight people, nursing homes for perents, ghettos for people with white skin, and fantastic debts.

    Лютая пропаганда ценностей вырождающегося Запада. К чему это может привести? Можно взглянуть на Соединённые Штаты Америки, страну победивших Свобод, страну где ВСЁ продаётся и покупается. И что мы увидим? Царство низменных пороков, полное отсутствие нравственности, презрение такого понятия как "Честь", огромное количество гомосексуалов, педофилов, зоофилов, миллионы разжиревших людей, дома престарелых для родителей, гетто для людей с белой кожей, и фантастические долги.

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    Александр Кузнецов

    Да слушали мы вас уже. Советников западных в 90е толпы мотались по Кремлю, рассказывая как лучше жить.

    А свелось все к тому, что эти советники были оплачены западными миллионерами, которые под шумок громких высказываний о переходе к "лучшей жизни" растащили полстраны, а оставшееся превратили в сырьевой придаток.

    Советский Союз оказался колобком, который сам полез на язык хитрой лисе.

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    Baron Von Trenk

    Soros made his money destroying countries. He ferments and finances riots around the world. As genuine to helping the poor as Bill Gates

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    Ivan Bunny

    you always have to read between the lines. Sure the words open society free society sound very attractive and good. On the surface they are. what matters is who is defining this. What matters is whose idea of free or open do you trust?. certainly not mr. Soros. we use the same word trickery in the United States government such as we pass a law in the United States Congress called the help the children act or freedom for Americans Act. But when you actually read through the legislation you understand that it is exactly counter or opposite – it's wonderful title. Beware beautiful titles underneath lies the rot.

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    Max P.

    Нам ваша сраная помощ не нужна. Вам пожалуй на украину с такой помощю.

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    Von Krieg

    And then shitlibs here in America complain about how Russia was involved in US elections. Most of the people in the video are former communist officials who became "liberals" when it became profitable and supported Yeltsin's fascist coup in 1993.

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    Kosta M.

    US propaganda video, aimed at destabilization of Russia, destruction of it's society and subsequent occupation and resource theft.

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    111 hxjiivv

    This wont ever work out here, and that is for the Better. So pack your bags, and get the fuck out of here (((you))) scum.

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