P4A: The Xerces Society [CC]

P4A: The Xerces Society [CC]

Did you know that some invertebrates, like
millipedes, fluoresce under UV light? Or that jumping spiders can see in color? Or that in the spring, bumblebee queens fight
to the death for the best places to start a new nest? The world is covered in insects. And while that might seem like the premise
for a horror movie, those tiny invertebrates are actually a vital part of our ecosystem. From the spider making its home in the corner
of your kitchen [yes, that’s an actual spider from my house], to tiny mites at the beach,
and the famous honeybee, without these tiny friends, our ecosystem would literally fall
apart. If you’re a subscriber to my channel, you
know how important pollinators are to plant life and our food system. And spiders eat insects that might otherwise
become pests in your living spaces. Insects and arachnids are our helpful neighbors
that don’t get enough appreciation. The Xerces Society is dedicated to protecting
all types of invertebrates, all around the world. They do this by educating the public, running
citizen science programs, and offering resources to farmers, among a plethora of other programs. Their specialists help farmers reduce pesticide
use and find sustainable methods of pest management. Their Bumblebee Watch citizen science project
tracks pollinators across the world using data submitted by volunteers. They’ve worked with the International Union
for the Conservation of Nature to research how and why bumblebee populations are disappearing
in North America, and they push policy to protect pollinators. The Xerces Society is doing everything they
can to conserve invertebrates. I encourage you to check out the resources
at their website, donate if you can, and, most importantly, vote for my video at the
Project for Awesome link in the description. With enough votes, the Xerces Society could
receive a portion of the funds raised during P4A. Thanks for watching, and DFTBA!


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    Katrina Eames

    This is very important but I immediately switched to a new tab once I realized there were pictures of insects. I appreciate them from a distance when I can't see them.

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    Rachel Ko

    i am irrationally terrified of insects but rationally know that they are essential to our ecosystem.
    It's an important and good cause. save the beeeees and the insects!
    DFTBA and happy P4A.

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    Matt Palka

    Hey! Really neat cause! We need the bumblebees. Great to see you makin a P4A video! On my way home where I live all these orb weavers makes webs on the ceiling of parking garage entrances and it makes me think about how much they rely and build ecosystems. They are such a foundation.

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    Adam the Alien

    Protect the pollinators! And I do appreciate the work my spider neighbors do…just not when they fall from the ceiling (or in the cases of some species in my house, outright jump) right onto me (often right onto my head) while I'm in the shower. šŸ˜€

    Great cause! Happy P4A, and DFTBA!

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    Iā€™m 100% sure Paul stamens came across some ground breaking knowledge, that bees feed on the mycelium of fungi, and then they are able to fight off any parasites or mites….look it up.

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