Paano Mag-Change Status sa BIR? | Updating TIN ID Card Marital Status 2019 | Life in The Philippines

There are our neighbors! Goat Language: Hello! Goat Language: Hi! Goat Language: Good morning too! Good morning everyone! Today is Friday It’s 8 o’clock in the morning. But I think it’s already passed 8. I’m already late. I’m going to BIR I’m gonna change my marital status in my TIN card. I’m not sure about the requirements. I still brought our Marriage Contract (PSA) And I also brought my Community Tax Certificate (CTC) or Cedula There are our neighbors! I’m now here at BIR office, Batangas District. Like what I’ve said, I’m going to update my marital status First, I logged in at the entrance Then I asked for the 9105 form. Here it is. I only filled up the numbers/part 1 and 9. and then siganture. Because it’s just the family name that I will change. I went to COR Updates window. It is counter number 7 here. Then, I gave the photocopy of our marriage certificate/contract And I was passed on to TIN Issuance So I can get a new ID card. But I cannot get a new one yet because I need to pay first. So now I asked for a new form. This form is 0605 I will go to counter number 2 to pay They said, I need to make a photocopy of this and my old TIN ID card. I need to go to Landbank But I will update later what is really the things I need to do. There. So now, I already went to the Bills and Payment window, but I did not pay anything. They just verified my forms. I am now going to Landbank to pay It just cost Php100 (new TIN ID card). Let’s now go to the bank. They’re not close to each other. I’ll ride a jeepney. What I asked at one personnel was “Am I going to pay at Landmark?” Funny. See you at the bank everyone! There it is! We’re almost there. We’re gonna pay there. It’s just a hundred pesos. This is the form for BIR payment I already finished writing on it, I am just hiding my details. We’re gonna pay once we’re called. We’re near. It is 2051 there. There, let’s go! I’m now having my old ID photocopied. Then we are going back to BIR office. So we can get a new one. I’m done paying! It’s so hot. Finally I’m done. I received my claim stub. I’m gonna show you. I got a card claim stub cause I’m done after 2 and a half hours Not really, maybe less than 2 hours It’s easy it’s just you need to go out to the bank to pay and you need to go back to submit the forms and the bank receipt. It’s done. We can now go home. I’m home. I finished updating my information at BIR. I’m going to put the procedures and processes as you’ve seen what I experienced. cause here in the vlog there are maybe unnecessary details included I think the processes are all the same, the forms and the price to pay. I think it suits all BIR offices here in The Philippines. Thank you everone for watching This vlog is Tagalog, so I can speak Tagalog. And it is for those Filipinos who want to change their marital status on their TIN card It is easier if I explain it in Tagalog. Just a tip, always bring a ballpen with you and extra money Though the card only costs Php100 It’s only a hundred, but if you’re going to the bank to pay, just bring extra cash. Always bring a pen, one or two. There you go! Thank you! See you on our next video. Please like this video. Subscribe to our channel and click the bell button so you’ll get notified on our next videos. Please don’t forget to Bye!

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