Pearland ISD Board Meeting 9/10/2019

all right ladies and gentlemen it is
Tuesday which means there is Junior High football and the d-backs seventh grade a
team are tied with Lomax six six there’s a rushing touchdown on the board from
Charles good in the third so he’s doing this thing out there anyway so I’ll love
all the d-backs at all all the teams to play in today all our junior High’s okay
I call this meeting of the Pearland Independent School District Board of
Trustees to order on September 10th at 5:01 p.m. let the record show that a
quorum of board members is present that this meeting has been duly called and
that the notice of this meeting has been posted in accordance with the Texas Open
Meetings Act Texas government code chapter 5 5 1 let the record show that
all trustees are present Carbone Murphy Decker Gooden Botkin Floyd and Barry and
I am told that we do not have any speakers signed up for public comment so
we will go directly into closed session ok the Board of Trustees of the Pearland
Independent School District will now convene into a closed meeting to discuss
the following items posted on our agenda this evening as allowed by title 5
chapter 5 5 1 Texas government code and/or the Education Code the
superintendent will present for the board’s consideration our discussion of
the following matters section 5 5 1071 072 074 076 and 082
no voting will take place in closed meeting any action the board wishes to
take as a result of discussions in closed session will take place after the
board reconvenes and open meeting it is now 502 p.m. the board will adjourn into
closed session all right ladies and gentlemen as I said earlier it’s Tuesday so the d-backs are playing seventh grade eighth d-backs won 19-6 there were two
rushing touchdowns put on the board by Charles gooden the third so we’re
having a real good night so let’s all right all right all right come on talk to me man I’m sorry My daughter plays volleyball I’m
just like all right 6:20 p.m. the board will reconvene from executive session no
voting or no action was taking place in closed section session is there a motion
yes sir I move we accept and approve the superintendence recommendation for
employment of personnel as presented that’s the motion is their a second motion
second second Carbone excuse me motion Decker second Carbone any further
discussion hearing now let’s vote all in favor
motion carries 7 0 all right we will go into opening remarks by trustee Botkin we’re off to a good start of the school
year correct dr. Kelly support I think
Charles worked extremely hard to get onto every and so I want to commend the
staff custodial staff the cafeteria staff the maintenance mr. Berger get
everything ready everybody involved ESC the principals and teachers and and even
the students you know the parents trying to get their kids back on a routine
because being a father of four and three in the district it’s a little tough to
get it back in a little routine you know waking them up early the mornings or you
know a little different they stay those teenagers said that their brains don’t
shut off to about 11 o’clock 11:30 so and they get wake up early it’s a little
tough on them but commend everybody for the first start of a good
school year it’s going off good we got some good preliminary numbers on our on
our enrollment which is good you know it shows that we’re doing a lot of good
things in this district but you know we’re not done and we’re gonna always
try to prove but I want to thank everybody for for appreciate y’all I’m
gonna give anybody around applause specially over there a lot of sports
going on a lot of extracurricular activities I always marvel at the when I
Drive by the high schools and see the bands out in the parking lot and and so
I always a former football player and I always go gosh they worked a lot harder
than I ever did you know they’re out there on that concrete you know and so
it takes a lot of takes a lot of effort to get out there and thankful that you
know kids are involved in something right bigger than themselves and that’s
a that’s that’s what it’s all about you know academics is great but you know
when you can always be a part of something it’s bigger than yourself you
learn a valuable lesson in life so thank you to everybody for the extracurricular
activities and I’m just just I’m happy and excited for this school year to
start I mean keep keep going moving forward and getting better thank you sir
okay we will roll right into the board recognition good evening Carolyn ISD is home to some
of the most talented students and staff in the state of Texas and now comes the
time we love to recognize them for achievements and along with our
generosity of our community partners this evening
each year our administration selects a student as the featured artist for our
district employee birthday card the 1920 artist is Jameson middle schools Karly
Tunstall who is now a 7th grader at peril in junior high South carly’s
Jameson art teacher was Miss Greta Lafleur and they are here with us this
evening so come on up congratulations and for Carly we have a set of her cards
and she can use for other people’s birthdays and then we have a framed
picture of her card next we’d like to continue with our fine
arts department the parallel is the fine arts department recently received the
Texas Art Education District of Distinction Award this
accolade recognizes the district’s commitment to providing a well-rounded
education that advocates and integrates visual arts curriculum to inspire
creativity and reach all different types of learners for the 2019 award more than
1,000 school districts were eligible to apply only 20 were selected and met the
high standard and will receive the outstanding honor indicating that they
are in the top 2% of districts in the state here with us this evening
representing the fine arts department is director Tom Bell and coordinator Victor
Ragosa each year the Vic Coppinger Family YMCA
hosts one of the largest area school supply drives operation backpack through
the 14th annual YMCA operation backpack Vic Coppinger Family YMCA donated over
1,000 backpacks and eight thousand school supplies to Parowan ISD students
who needed a little extra help to start the school year we’re extremely grateful
for the continued support of this community partner and this monumental
undertaking every year I’ve seen the mountain of school supplies it’s huge
at this time we’d like to recognize YMCA representatives and board members with
us here this evening we have director Suzanne Murray Kaylin Collins and
Kristina Gutierrez and board members Adam Martinez and Lexi Marshall Charles you have to get on the side over
there right there next we’d like to recognize several
community organizations who came together to provide the district with
donations and training for stop the bleed thank you to Memorial Hermann
parolin utmb help Texas iam SC state partnership
and children’s memorial for their efforts together they were able to
provide perrilyn ISD with enough basic North American rescue individual
bleeding control kits to place at every campus in the district with the AED this
is an estimated donation of over three thousand dollars in supplies here
representing Memorial Hermann pearland and Children’s Memorial we have Memorial
Hermann purely on trauma program manager meg Michael a BP nursing Memorial
Hermann para lien Louise Hernandez and director of local and community
relations Ashley Quinn Nunez yes finally this August the district held a
leadership retreat for district principals directors and assistant
superintendents which included inspiring speakers as well as growth fellowship
and team-building opportunities for everyone in attendance this leadership
retreat would not have been possible without the support of our title sponsor
Purdue Brandon attorneys-at-law here tonight representing Purdue Brandon is
Mike Darlow that concludes our recognition this
evening thank you all right just a quick programming no
we’re going to move the presentation on the accountability up to the regular
agenda and it’s going to be the second item we’re gonna do under regular agenda
right so for now we’re going to briefly have a board member committee update and
basically what we wanted to do here is just kind of give an idea of some of the
things that are going on in the district that the board is involved in mr. berry
would you like to give a preview of the Student Advisory Committee yeah so
Student Advisory Committee we came up with the Student Advisory Committee last
year we were able to have one meeting of that committee and that that meeting
actually entailed the junior High’s and high schools primarily the class
presidents and whatnot it was a canvassing of those of those campuses
with the principals and Nan weimar I believe is the one that spearheaded that
for us from administration did a great job setting that up and it was a great
meeting we talked about various different things about campus culture
and things along those lines I think next time when we have our one upcoming
here soon next month or so we’re gonna focus on those individuals those
overachievers but we’re also going to try and get individuals that are kind of
middle-of-the-road you know middle because we’re trying to understand
exactly how to make our campuses a little bit more accommodating and how
you know how to break through to the middle of the road and maybe even some
of the ones on on the lower end of the achieving scale so that we can build
that culture of excellence within the school district I think it’s important
that we all agree and I think we all agree and that it’s very important to
for the success of all these kids too so thank you sir
all right there is also a required now safety and security committee which met
on August 28th and it will have regular meetings as required by the state we had
a really good conversation great cross-section of the first responders
and district staff that were there talking about facilities hardening
mental health and prevention lots of different things so those are this is
really impressive the amount of work that’s gone in safety and security in
this district we will also be having a long range facilities planning committee
we’re gonna have a subset of that committee begin to meet I think they may
have two meetings over the next couple months and they’re gonna be giving us
recommendations on naming facilities in the future all right and hopefully of
course this is all about we wanted to figure out how we could honor Preston
Bullard and so the committee is kind of the way we’re gonna get some input from
the community on that all right and also as dr. Kelley announced a while back we
have a as a Diversity Committee which is has been renamed the culturally
responsive committee right and they are going to they’re gonna be putting on
some meetings and they’ve already had some some initial kind of organization
type things going on but there’s gonna be a lot to come from them they’re gonna
be doing a lot of community engagement as well all right we’ll move on from
there good deal anything else as a school
board several notes are going we just get up-to-date on what’s going on in our
state and across the nation and we earn hours to become better school board
members for our districts Jefferson can you update us on NBC EA I saw something
online about the grand opening of like culinary or something that so if you
haven’t had an opportunity to go to Turner and look at the new culinary
facility I actually went around there they have
three commercial kitchens they have a humidity temperature control baking
facility in there it’s absolutely top of the
top-of-the-line incredible opportunity for our kids to learn the art of
culinary but on top of that we also have you know state-of-the-art HVAC program
lab and a welding lab and these kids are actually the before they actually start
welding with sticks and things of that sort
they’re actually using a our virtual reality VR I guess you know virtual
reality goggles to figure out how to do you know start welding and what not is
incredible so it’s come out great I think it’s gonna be a great learning
experience for the kids I’m gonna I mean I can’t say enough about it it’s just
incredible you have the date of the culinary no I don’t it’s coming up here
in October 3rd I believe is it October 3rd and then the upper line is d
livestock show is this week Charles effect can add one more thing so
kind of a sure thing back to the NBC a the October 3rd event is our equipment
fundraiser it’s one of our only fundraisers of the year where we put our
equipment on display we go out and we reach out to all the CTE teachers find
out what additional equipment they need in the classroom we actually go and
purchase that equipment through NBC EA funds and then we auction those items
off so as a stake holder my company’s a stake holder and so are some of these
others here on this in the on the board and in this room part of a part of our
stakeholder funds go towards go towards equipment funding and scholarships for
you know the individuals seeking dual credit programs at Turner as well so
October 3rd is an opportunity to buy some more bid on some of the equipment
you don’t have to pay for the whole thing even if you just want to
contribute $100 towards one piece of equipment you know it’s gratefully
appreciated it’s six o’clock all right thank you all very much as you can see
there’s a lot going on and we didn’t even really scratch the surface so thank
you guys let’s move on to the consent agenda there are two items presented is
there anything any trustee would like to remove for consideration hearing none is
there a motion for the consent agenda and make a motion that the board approve
the consent agenda as presented motion second very any further discussion
hearing none let’s vote all in favor motion carries 7 0 all right on to the
regular agenda item 1 consider to approve the guaranteed maximum price
amendment to the contract with Stuart builders for services related to the Reg
scope of Caroline high school 2016 bond project and two additional rig related
tics Thank You mr. paws thank you so this is the GMP for the remainder of the
rig projects so it’s really three things the expanded press box
the facade treatment and the sound system we were able to get the graphic
banners the wraps on the front and on the on both sides we did that as an
alternate we are able to get that in the price and we’re still under budget so I’ll make a remark I was on the visitors
side of the rig and those lights are nice and bright man beautiful and I’ve
been talking about lights for years okay okay any discussion yes sir I just want
to say did PBK and everyone involved so far really appreciate all that hard work
I know as long and we went back and forth on a lot of different things but
really appreciate what you’ve done all right
emotion price amendment to the contract with Stewart builders for some not to
exceed seven million six hundred fifteen thousand two hundred and thirty three
for services related to Phase two of the rig and authorize the superintendent or
his designee to execute the amendment and any other necessary documents on
behalf of the school district motion Decker second Bakken is there any
further discussion I just want to note that I’ll be voting no tonight
I’ve been opposed to the expanded expanded perspective since the very
beginning and the fact that this is lumped together tonight I just want to
clarify my vote before before votes go out tonight okay thank you very much
all right any other discussion hey let’s vote all in favor all opposed motion
carries 5 – all right with Carbone and Barry voting no ok now as noted we will
take the overview of the accountability system results we’ll get that going yes
ma’am good to see you again I feel like I have the best job in the world because
I get to come and give you all of our wonderful results i’ma let my guys in
the back get the PowerPoint up for us so looking at the a through up
accountability system and our second year in this system and our students
outcome and you’ll notice probably when you looked at our presentation tonight I
carried over our theme from calm this convocation of grit growth and greatness
because I really thought that was a wonderful reflection of where we were huh I do have thank you Tim getting a square how about
those d-bags huh about those Cowboys I mean the d-backs were the first team of
mine did one okay all right so I’m looking at a couple of milestones and
some wonderful recognition that our district has gotten once again we
received an A+ overall grade by nish we were ranked number one as best school
district in Missouri County and number four in the Houston metro for excellence
in academics and student culture looking at so various school districts are
ranked in a lot of categories but we came out number 25 as best school
districts in the entire state of Texas and number 34 in diversity so I think
that’s very important because we do have an incredibly diverse student population
in the Texas smart Schools org this is really an indicator of academic progress
over per pupil spending and I think it’s I’m sure dr. Kelly wishes that red dot
was a little over to the left but it really speaks to what we do in our
district this is where they use both academic progress and spending levels to
give you a smart score a little bit the best place to be on that chart is in the
upper right hand because the bottom scale starts with a higher amount per
student and moves to a lower amount so basically what it’s showing is that we
are at the top of academic progress and near the bottom of academic spending so
yeah I guess that’s what you mean is you’d like to see us spending more we’d
like to have a little more money to spend from this date absolutely but the
five star rating that room reflects the strongest relative progress
combined with the lowest relative spending so I’m doing a great job there
and looking at our financial summary I’m looking at how our district did receive
what we did compared to others our fiscal peer was at we were at eight
thousand two hundred and fifty six versus other district average which was
ten thousand three hundred and eighty five so our overall rating was a 98 out
of 100 for an A rating for our financial integrity rating for the system of tech
Texas for overall te a rating again in our second year of this new
accountability system the old accountability system had a separate
state and a separate federal accountability component this new
accountability system looks at three domains domain one into our state
accountability and domain three is their federal accountability and so it’s
combined and so we had sixteen of our 23 campuses maintaining an A rating or
improving scores so if you remember last year our schools weren’t actually didn’t
actually receive a letter grade they got a met standard or needs improvement but
we did get a numerical grade and they sent out in January of what if report
telling us what our letter grade would have been the district received an
actual score of 93 which was almost identical to our score of 94 last year
however it was reduced to an an overall rating of 89 and a B due to one of those
things in the domain 3 federal accountability that we’ll talk about in
just a moment and that score adjustment was due to a new rule a new piece of
legislation that sted that said that if any campus in the district received a
rating of T or below that the district overall would have to have its rating
reduced to a B so even though our numerical rating was in 93 our posted
rating was a b or an 89 what I think is really notable is that
our three comprehensive high schools all received an A and I think what I noticed
the most as I was looking at our star data and I was going through all the
various data was that you can see as children come to us in elementary school
they come from a variety of backgrounds different achievement gaps different
gaps in their knowledge and then as they come in as you look at our data as they
move into middle school and junior high and high school you really see that
achievement gap narrowing you can see that in our data it’s very evident and I
think that makes me the most proud because that’s our job as educators is
to make sure that we are continually narrowing that achievement gap and then
you see it when we get to high school and we’re at a ratings for all of those
high schools so I think that we’re doing a great job and as you said in the
beginning we really have to applaud our teachers and everybody that’s involved
in that process that gets our kids to where they need to be looking at growth
again as dr. Kelly has said and and I agree wholeheartedly I think the
strength of this accountability system is that it looks at student growth what
I think is really nice about this accountability system is that you know
even if a student did not pass a star test last year and they didn’t pass this
year but they made growth they made a year’s worth of growth then the district
still receives points for that and as an educator to me that’s what’s most
important as a child growing because if a child comes into the district say
moves here from a different state or another country and maybe they’re not
quite at the level where we would want them to be in Texas we may have even
bigger gaps to fill but if we’re filling those gaps and we’re moving children
forward then this accountability system rewards us for that and that is part of
that 93 that we received so we continue to navigate the complexity of the system
but what I think is most important is that this system really connects
accountability to instruction and I think that’s a big strength in that
system so as we talked about a minute ago um
last year campuses did not get a letter rating but this year both the district
and the campuses did receive a letter rating nothing changed in terms of how
they’re rated if you remember there are three domains the first domain is
straight star scores for elementary middle and junior High’s it’s 100% star
scores for high schools its star scores college and career readiness and
graduation rates and then domain two is that growth that student growth so they
look at your soar scores and they look at how your students grew and they pick
whichever one you scored the highest in so again another strength of this system
is they look at where you did the best and then 30% of the system is based on
the federal piece the essa accountability which is in closing the
gaps so looking at domain one student achievement our district received ninety
three out of 100 i’m student achievement again it’s star scores and that looks at
what students know and are able to do at the end of the year on so again overall
we received an 89 our rating was reduced to an 89 or a B rating overall but I
want to look at and show you and give you some information on some of our
grade level store results because they were quite spectacular and I want to
tell you some areas where our children really grew with the star test we have
for achievement levels so that is did not mean approaches meets and masters so
there’s three cut scores within that just so you know there were eight
thousand three hundred and two campuses across the state of Texas rated and
accountability ratings this year so that was over a thousand school districts so
looking at third-grade math as you can see across the board in every category
we continue to outperform the state but I want to give you some some even more
detailed information so for Grade three math our students
gained three percent and approaches six percent of meats and six percent of
masters so when that meets a masters category talking about that growth and
wanting students to continue to grow we’re continuing to improve those
achievement levels and again thinking about where they come in kindergarten
and the the various differences they have when they come to us being able to
close those gaps starting at third grade is a really significant in third grade
reading our students improved 0.2 percent in approaches four percent in
meats and six percent in masters so really continuing to grow their fourth
grade math a half a percent in meats and three percent in masters fourth grade
reading up three percent in meats and fourth grade writing up two percent in
approaches so not only did we have across-the-board increases but we had
some very significant increases within those grade levels as well you know what
I like about that this year past years is that the system has finally become
stable in that you can actually compare last year this year because the
standards haven’t changed and so now we have a real way of saying did we improve
over last year absolutely absolutely and the nice thing is the system is supposed
to stay stable for five years so we really should be able to have some nice
comparisons dr. Kelly when they measure those students are they measuring are
they following the same classes would they measure the gap are you saying that
in third grade in 2018 they were at 88% now in 2019 they’re at 91% but is it a
different class that came behind them that you’re measuring no it’s cohorts
moving along so third grade is our first measurement third grade is their first
start coast so then you look at fourth grade so the first year that the
district has a growth measurement is in fourth grade we don’t have a growth met
because third third grade is their very first test score so fourth greatest the
first year you have a growth measurement so yes and they follow that through we
talk about growth in the number of students who are exceeding expectations
though that is correct growth and score growth and source right so that’s one
one third grade group compared to the following third grade group right or is
it the same group of kids it’s the same group of children so then I wanted to
give you just a comparison of some surrounding districts and and I think
that this might denote just a little clarification as well it’s not really an
apples to apples comparison I think that dr. Kelly and I would agree that all of
these districts are high performing districts and and I think that you know
not every district has the same high rigorous standards that we do so we try
to look for other districts that we feel like are also high-performing but there
are still some differences there just just to give you an idea I put some
numbers down for example in third and fourth grade we had about 1500 testers
1565 testers you know but Fort Bend had 5,000 testers Friendswood had 400
testers so you’re looking at you know it’s a big difference in four hundred
verses sixteen hundred versus five thousand so a lot of difference there
and really with all of the high-performing districts when you get
to a certain level even just moving the needle a little bit you know it’s
significant and and you kind of see as I was looking at last year versus this
year we may have lost a point they gained a point they we gained a point
they lost a point so it just shifts but I think it is important to see that
we’re in the ballpark and that we’re doing well and I think that we
consistently outperform some of the other high performing districts as well
I think I inserted this about two or three years ago in order to compare to
the best districts in in in the Houston area just finished saying it’s not
totally a fair comparison although Clear Creek is almost identical
percentage of economic disadvantaged students Fort Bend has more than we do
Friendswood has considerably less they’re about 10 percent katie is I
think 2 or 3 points above ours and economic disadvantaged and Tomball is
only about 20 percent as compared to us like 29
I think we’ve crossed over into 331 I think was the last thing I saw so it’s
not completely apples to apples but it gives an idea of how we do compared to
the more prominent districts right Tom ball actually has almost the exact same
number of students that we do but Creek has a more comparable economically
disadvantaged population and culturally diverse population as we do but it’s
just to give you an eyeball of what’s going on um looking at middle school
again we had some really tremendous scores here in comparison with the state
and we had some great games here too that I really want to share with you in
fifth grade math that master’s level we increased by seven percent so that would
have been fourth grade last year fifth grade this year that highest achieving
level we increased by 7% fifth grade reading the highest masters will have a
we increased by 4% wait’ll you hear this one fifth grade science the metes level
increased by 13% the master’s level increased by 17%
so really tremendous gains there sixth grade math up by a percent and then
sixth grade reading up by about half a percent so I’m just continuing not only
to achieve at a high level but continuing to move that needle forward
with the kids and really helping the students achieve at high levels I’m
again just looking at regional comparisons and I think we continue to
hold our own and and everyone pretty much in a comparable range they’re then
looking at junior high we again had some really good numbers here and this is
where as I was looking at the data I could see just that achievement gap
really becoming more narrow our students performing exceptionally well in seventh
grade math we were up about three tenths of a percent seventh grade reading
approaches meets and masters we increase it in all of those levels up three
percent and meets and master’s seventh grade writing and writing is one of
those areas where students continue to struggle at the Masters level we were up
five point eight-percent it’s a really great
work there on behalf of our teachers and then in eighth grade we had increases in
approaches meets and masters and all four subject areas so you know in math
up three six and eight percent and master’s and reading up eight percent of
meats and four percents and master’s science approaches meats and masters
were all up and then social studies approaches up five percent meets up four
percent and masters up two percent so really just tremendous work going on
looking at the graphs and maybe this is you’re trying maybe this is the way I’m
understanding what you’re saying is that the blue lines tend to decrease in their
percentage rates where ours are continuing to hike as we progress
through like elementary middle school junior high we’re seeing continued gains
in our district as the state sees continued declines
I don’t know that the state is seeing declines as much as they are remaining
flat I think across the board the state might be only increasing a percentage or
remaining flat whereas we continue to see growth even at the high you know and
as you get higher once you have students you know when you have 88 89 90 90 plus
percent of your population at a passing rate and then at a rate you know at
masters level achieving beyond what is so that is a button working above grade
level and when you see students continue to move above that mark that’s pretty
remarkable when everyone else at the state is and when the state is remaining
flat that means that students are at approaches grade level so a lot of the
students across the state aren’t even quite making meets grade level yet so
our students are at meets and higher leaving even past masters right level
all right and then looking regionally seventh grade math seventh grade reading
I’m writing and then again here’s a regional view for eighth grade scores as
well and then our high school end of course
assessments which are a requirement for graduation we did see some nice gains in
English 1 & 2 that continues to be one of the more difficult exams for students
to pass and so we did move into the 80 percentile for that and so we were very
excited about that really great gains in algebra and biology and u.s. history and
then looking regionally and how we compare with our surrounding districts
so just looking overall this is just a screenshot from one of my reports total
we administered over 36,000 tests in our district and then you can see the number
of tests and the percentages of students who were at the approaches at the meets
and at the Masters grade level keeping in mind if they were at meets they were
also at approaches if they were at masters they were also at meets and
approaches one thing that we’re concerned about all school districts in
Texas are is that look at that total number of tests 36,000 389 within what
is the two or three years we all have to we have to do our testing online so that
basically means computer access for every kid for all those different tests is there a waiver they’re getting
tighter and tighter every year so I don’t know if you know not at this time
when so the last meeting I had with Gea and with testing assessment Department
and ta their response to that question was we’ve let you know the deadline 2022
our expectation is that you will be prepared so it’s interesting because the
current legislation states that they want to minimize the educational
disruption and so they’re shortening the assessments and that’s like a whole
nother presentation I can give you at another time but they’re shortening the
the assessments they’re eliminating some of the writing assessments and things
coming up in the future a lot happened in this last legislative session I’m
going online but in order to go online they’re really going to have to open up
that window a lot longer because every school district is certainly not
one-to-one and so in my opinion it’s probably going to create a greater
disruption to instruction but as always we’ll come up with a plan and we’ll
figure it out okay so progress domain this is that domain to where we talk
about student growth and in that domain we received a score of 91 out of a
hundred and just very quickly this was some information that I had just shared
with dr. Kelly and I wanted to bring it and share it with you tonight too
because I think it’s so remarkable in looking at our star scores for reading
just to give you an idea we gave 9,500 three nine reading tests in the district
and of those tests over 7,000 showed growth for our students and then in math
we administered 8899 tests and right at seven thousand of those showed growth so
tremendous amount of growth in our district and really I think that domain
– and that growth piece you know where your district grows is you know we’re
growth is is where your district goes so you may have heard me say this during
convocation but what I one of the features of the new accountability
system that I appreciate is in the old days you either passed or you didn’t
pass and so you got credit for the kid passing and that’s it and the new
accountability system if you make as ellen suggests a year’s worth of growth
you get credit and you get credit for the kids that move from did not pass to
approaches from approach as you get credit to those who make it to meets
grade level and for those again neglected in the past system those who
are at past meets great level and move to masters get credit so you’re looking
at every kid now becomes part of your accountability system as
opposed to did they pass or not and and for us in Pearland where we do have so
many students who are high performing for students who are already out of
masters grade level who then achieve master’s next year maintaining that
growth because even staying at masters from say third grade reading to fourth
grade reading you have to have a year’s worth of growth in order to do that
so maintaining that level also demonstrates growth and is rewarded in
the current accountability system so in the old accountability system a lot of
times districts and schools were focused just on getting those kids to pass and
now it really forces and requires and as a great thing has you know it rewards
schools for taking care of all of their kids which we have always done but
across the state has really created a focus that every child matters and every
child counts and I love that and it’s nice for districts like us that really
have so many high-performing students to be able to be rewarded for that domain
three closing the gaps there’s some really interesting things about this to
mean this is that federal domain that we talked about the essa required domain so
they came out with six labels in this domain this year and you only get a
label if you didn’t meet a target in this domain so they they basically did
not make a label that said you did good so the absence of or silence of a label
means that you did well but what I found really interesting and I just learned
this in the state of Texas almost half of the schools received an SL label and
of those schools there were 78 campuses a rated campuses in the state of Texas
that got it a federal label remember labels aren’t good over a thousand and
sixty two B campuses got a label so dr. Kelly and I will both agree this is the
strongest best accountability system we’ve ever
but it is not without its flaws I think the Commissioner has been very receptive
and listening to these things and one of the organizations I’m very active in t
snap Texas state network of assessment professionals we have voiced a lot of
these concerns to tean to the commissioner and I think they’re
listening another another flaw if you will in domain three the ten-year goal
for the graduation wait for the state of Texas is 94% well apparently we’re at
99.5% the current system says if we don’t grow a tenth of a percent every
year we don’t get any points we’re graduating almost every student that
comes through our district it’s almost impossible to grow a tenth of a percent
and we’re so far beyond the ten-year role of the state yet we’re gonna be
penalized and not receive any points and that’s in this domain three portion not
in domain one the state accountability so there are a couple of challenges that
we’ll continue to work through as we go another issue here is when students and
third fourth and fifth grade can take a spanish star test if they’re learning
the language and then they transition over to an English test which in my
opinion you really should get almost double points for because the student
has not only acquired a language but also learned content but when they
transition from a Spanish to an English test we don’t get any growth points that
year so a couple of challenges within that domain three but I don’t see
anywhere that explains what labels that we might have received as a district did
we receive levels we had three campuses that received labels okay we had two
Elementary and our alternative school that received additional targeted
support the category that we didn’t really talk about about was a special
education category so in the past we could have students with extreme needs
take different kinds of testing but my understanding with this new measure is
that we’re kind of Dean every student to try the regular
star without alternative modifications that is a great yes so we do have the
star all test which is the test for our most severely impaired children but we
are capped at 1% on that so once we meet that 1% and that’s typically it is for
the district we look at it campus by campus and we try to make the best
decision for each child on each campus but as a result many students who
previously did take an alternative assessment on beginning last year had to
take the regular store test and I think we talked about this a little bit last
year and dr. Nixon can certainly chime in as well you know our philosophy and
and in our direction for the campuses on that was we’re gonna prepare the
children we’re going to present the test and at the point that they cannot engage
with it we’re gonna say that’s ok and and we’re not going to make it an
emotionally stressful situation for that child so yeah we we did us in every
district in Texas I mean everyone took a bit of the head on that you remember
what the percentage of start was prior to that change that we were what
population um I don’t I I could I would I could look that up and get that
information just curious because I think dr. Nixon performance four-star all the biggest
change for us was that if students had functional skills so they could move
about the building they could get lunch on the road those qualities in a student trying to reduce it to one so I guess
the point that I’m trying to make is number one we’re seeing growth in our
student population across the board even with students who may not have
functional capacity to really attend to the tasks at hand on a regular star so
that and we’re seeing some growth changes even with those students which
is huge and I guess secondly I think about the computer access piece and
those students who barely have functional ability to attend to a paper
star really gonna struggle and I don’t know that there’s any answer to that I
guess I just wonder out loud like how that’s going to impact us as
modification but at those that the other 1% that
would have qualified first are all in the past but now some modification no
Lisa I don’t want to and I don’t want to overstate this case but one of the good
things about moving to online is there’s apparently online helps of different
kinds available to those kids not available to others probably the
greatest percentage of any and those are given regardless of the
need so we’ll be ready well I’m just excited
to hear that even with those kind of dings all districts across the state saw
but that we didn’t see a significant impact and our overall results based on
those challenges that we’re coming our way so I think that’s actually really
exciting when you look at it really would be
interesting to see an overlay graph of that data combined because I don’t think
that tells a much different story than what’s portrayed of our district of
being a high economic that we just have kids naturally groomed to be successful
on this achievement test is a very different story than the reality of what
we see in our district the increases in special education population the
population if we could overlay that somehow it would tell a significant
story I think I’ve showed that to you where I just showed the difference
between 2000 to gether for me between 2009 and now the change in demographics
and the most dramatic change is really in the last year too and particularly in
special ed Inlet populations we basically have the same size student
body or very close to it but a dramatic shift in the percentage of special ed
and that visual combined with the scores and success rate would is in my mind the
visualization that I’m seeing is is pretty exciting given the work and tells
us a significant story of the work we’re doing in our district how many special
ed kids do we have in the district is the increase in that number
I’m sure it’s due to a couple different factors but is it easier now to qualify
for special ed or is it that people can’t work every single to stand up in that’s where I mean to me that’s a
shocking number twelve and a half percent of our student population 27:55 / 21 600 what is the percentage of
population that’s al so we have 10% in ESL right and it could
well okay there’s overlap there but you’re talking about 20% of our
population that meets one of these categories that’s a lot considering that
our our assessment scores are moving upwards of 85 to 90 percent and most
achievement areas it really is a pleasure to work with
them with everyone I’m finally I’ll wrap it up business to attend to tonight
designations distinction designations and we received 67 overall which again I
think is incredible ten of our eleven M elementary campuses received
distinctions all four Middle School’s Alexander and sabola Torah the maximum
you can receive at middle school is six and both received six out of six
all four of our junior High’s received distinctions Barry Miller received all
seven that they could possibly receive perylene South got six out of seven and
I knew mr. freaking and his staff were very excited about that because they
have an incredibly diverse population at their school so they have they have done
some tremendous work there and Dawson receives five out of seven and Turner
received four out of seven so a lot of great distinctions there just to give
you an idea you know we have tremendous supports in place again we really focus
a lot of that support at the elementary level with those students coming in in
kindergarten and moving up through those levels trying to fill in those gaps and
get those students at the same level so they’ll be on a level playing field
leveled literacy intervention is a small group reading support title one small
groups reading is at our Title one campuses Reading Recovery is for our
students who coming out of kindergarten going into first grade have shown that
they’re not at grade level reading I’m so we target those students and have a
specific program for them we have coaching and literacy math
courses for our teachers first and second grade do the math is a particular
program again for those first and second graders who are not performing at grade
level expectations in first and second grade so we really try to focus on
getting those students at the youngest age possible and two at that grade level
performance I’m we have push in small group support at almost every campus
that we have campus based purposeful planning led by our wonderful curriculum
and instruction department I can tell you that a big part of what
my department does involves data-driven instruction we have common assessments
we have district benchmarks and my department pulls that data and feeds
that out to the campuses with the curriculum specialist so that we can
really make instructional decisions based on how students are performing
throughout the year we can that we look at student by student TKE by tech and we
really look at what we need to do for each individual student it is a student
by student decision and that is why our district is so successful
we don’t have programs we don’t look at groups of students we look student by
student and then we have some wonderful community support programs where
community members come in and gives children that additional text support
they need through reading programs and so she’s given to so much academic
support but I think looking holistically at every child is something that our
district is also excelling in because what you see academically is also a
strength of us supporting their social emotional needs because the district the
population that’s coming to us when you have an ell student a student with
special needs that is struggling to learn commensurate to their peers those
that are economically disadvantaged are coming to us with a whole different set
of challenges that makes the hurdles for them to climb that much deeper to
perform here so I know you’re talking a lot about the academic supports which
are huge accolade for our district and I applaud our district for seeing the
whole child and then giving those supports social-emotional use that
really comes to from that one-to-one when we talk about looking at child by
child and that’s where the teachers really look student by student and we
have all of these additional support programs to identify where student needs
are and really put those proper– interventions in place for every single
student based on their needs so you’re right it really is that nice holistic
picture we have a lot of people as you can tell involved in all of that thank
you for all of your efforts in those two options absolutely thank you for your
support can we go back to those support slides
you mentioned that we had that we had three campuses that got let labels and
we were talking about their label for additional support is there any
additional I guess federal funding I see the title one but is there any
additional funding that comes in from either state or federal to provide these
services unfortunately there is not okay all right so my next question is for
those campuses do what additional appropriations are in order from this
board to support what’s going on at those campuses um we have some very
focuses focused support going on myself personally and from curriculum and
instruction done with a bonnie site and our curriculum specialists have them
very targeted and focused meetings weekly with that Kent with those campus
administrators with the reading teams with the math teams we’re doing some
coaching cycles going in and working particularly with new teachers first and
second-year teachers making sure that they understand the curriculum helping
model lessons and support in the classroom making sure that we’re looking
at every student and and readjusting funds were necessary to put in these
supports at those campuses but they really are receiving a weekly focus and
I mean it’s not a gotcha at all because those campuses and you know I love them
and we’re behind that you know those campus leaders and so I just want to
make sure that we want to follow so absolutely not and I think you’ll find I
mean historically the campuses with the highest percentage of economically
disadvantaged students always struggle the most and you know not an excuse just
an opportunity for us to look at our resources and and see what we need to do
to provide additional support in those campuses you know to use a military
analogy we don’t have the extra resources as if to go out and just power
on new resources as much as deploying things
strategically as possible and so you see the campuses that are struggling just
like she just described more of our existing resources are gonna go in that
direction to help those right and and I would like to point out that one of the
campuses that received an additional targeted support label is a berated
campus that has grown substantially every single year there was absolutely I
mean the campus is doing everything right and has grown in every single
category so it fell in that category of the other 1062 campuses in the state
with a B rating that got a federal label so some again a challenge of that system
but will absolutely any other questions well thank you so much as always and
thank you for all of your support everything thank you very much all right
members are we good to keep goin does anybody need a brief break all right
let’s keep rolling we will go to item 2 on the regular agenda which is the
public hearing on the proposed tax rate yes mr. president members of the board
first of all I don’t know what order we want to do this but there should be an
opportunity for the anybody that might be here to comment on the particulars
yeah proposed text allow me mrs. Carter would you be comfortable with doing what
we did with the budget and open the public hearing and have you just talk
about what we’re going on and then give in a comment okay all right good deal at
733 we will open a public hearing on the proposed tax rate 2019 2020 with a
perryland Independent School District and so the tax rate that we are
presenting for approval if you recall when we were preparing the budget implementation we were we had knowledge
of what to do with their imma know rate which know rate and with the I NS we had
initially proposed several scenarios we have determined that it’s in the best
interest of the district to go for a full five cent and based on what we
promised the voters back in 2016 election that we were going to be
potentially going up seven cents by going five cents this year we’ll be able
to keep those five cents for the remaining term those five cents you’re
talking about are on the i ns obviously that’s nice ever since okay so alright were there
is there any member of the public who wanted to make a comment on the proposed
tax rate okay seeing no one able to no one interested in speaking we close the
public hearing at seven thirty five and we will go into the consideration of the
action item which is the approval of the tax rate so in the recommendation had
mentioned something about in using the appropriate language as prescribed is
that the appropriate terminology or should we go to the actual verbage
that’s further back i don’t think it matters jeff the reason i I think I came
up with that particular first part of that a couple years ago because
sometimes the language in the actual tax notice does not reconcile with reality
or they’ll they’ll make it sound like you’re your taxes are going up when
actually there and so I just left that there but
whether you need to say that or not I you know I think the main point is is
that you’re passing the resolution that’s in your packet for the tax rate
okay I’d like to make a motion and using the appropriate language as prescribed
by the property tax code to approve the resolution levying an annual ad valorem
tax I move that the property tax rate be increased by adoption of the tax rate of
one point three nine five six which is effectively 0.88 percent increase in the
tax rate motion on page thirty five at the bottom square it says fiscal year
amendment required yes and the amendment for debt service will be presented in
the board in October as compared to what we adopted the tax rate will be a little
bit higher I will have to bring an amendment to increase the revenues okay
so once we approve this new tax rate we’ll be incurring additional revenue so
that will change the budget that we approved in June yes okay thank you
George Ann can ask one more question can we go back to slide 34 just one where
the text under the total appraised value the new total appraised value of
property was about twelve million more than last year
yeah the taxable value of that new property is about a million and a half
less do we know why that is section twenty six point oh four so the second
line shows the total appraised value that the county but but typically those
values are frozen this is new property typically those values are frozen when
they’ve at the rate that they buy it at a at the the rate they get into it see
where he’s looking George Annie a total taxable value of new property moved from
one forty five million in the they’re 2:143 proceeding tax years
correct so in the increase on if you look at the second line total appraised
of new property the increase was about twelve million from last year but the
actual taxable value is about a million less than last year the reason we’re we’re guessing a little
bit Shawn is that just notices unimproved property and I’ll just stop
here but if unimproved property is in the middle of development I mean they
value it you know if they’ve they take raw land and they put in streets
whatever valuation they’ve given at that year that’s what they’re gonna get taxed
upon so not to say that that doesn’t make sense but all right so with the with the iron there’s three and a half
cents higher than when we were looking at the budget during the budget process
the point of that is we’re going to be able to make additional payment we’re
gonna be making additional payments on on debt or how does that mean if we did
it over the list next three years we would eventually need to get to the
seven cents so we’ll have a healthier fund balance by increasing it to the
five cents now there’s a refunding refunded next year that’s an important piece okay so it’s
not just the approval of the five cents now it’s the potential for the
additional funds because we’re doing this five cents now to be able to
leverage that funds against moving the rate higher later property buddy groans and the taxpayers not gonna feel the
penalty mean the increase is much because of the compression rate that the
state created overall isn’t all right anything roll further there was a motion
in a second on the floor is there any further discussion hearing none let’s a
vote all in favor motion carries six zero with trustee Decker absent thank
you all very much decided to make you wait after that presentation about
that’s why we moved you way to the bottom particular pre stasis thank you
very close to my district all right that is item two item three so second reading
annual review update of the board operating procedures and that is made up
of the rules of conduct and the standing rules all right there were there were
two possibly unresolved issues from the last month one of them was Michael had
made a particular suggestion for addition to as it turns out item 11
under the rules of conduct regarding that vendor voting thing and then the
second one was there seemed to be a little bit of a unresolved over social
media policy and so forth for that particular one I got some information
from TAS B which I inserted as a link so I guess take it from there okay all
right this is a little bit more yes sir no I’m going I was going to give just a
little bit more background I think Jeff wasn’t with us we talked about right so I lost my train of thought I
was gonna I was in it okay mike has some language and all right we got to a point
where we talked about the the rules of conduct and Mike had a proposed language
we’re talking about voting not being able to vote on something that you
received campaign contributions you know from a person related to alright and
then the second thing we talked about was was the proposed resolution and we
talked about what is an acceptable use for board members as far as just social
media in general and then use of logos I think what’s a particular thing and so
we actually approved the standing rules those have an approval date of August
2019 but we held this item because of these
two things and because we wanted you to have a chance to weigh in and that we’ve
lost Rebecca but um Mike if you wouldn’t mind going ahead and taking us through
your language yes so a little background last month I had met with some people
from other political organizations in two seas in Texas and one of the common
things I heard was that at a point whenever in their time as an
organization there eventually became conflicts where people were having
campaign contributions from potential vader bidders or vendors and then voting
giving their potential client or whomever contracts with their entity and
we see it all the time in local politics and one of the things that I thought
we’d really good if we put that in here it’s not necessarily legally binding
because it is totally an entirely legal to take those contributions from
organizations or individuals and then vote for them unfortunately with the TEC
Texas Ethics Commission however I think that because our most of our rules of
conduct are not necessarily binding either that’s to be a good for the district just to put it in now
so that in the future that’s just understood and this verbage here and the
quotes or what we’re voting on yes yes and so I and I mentioned the email did
dr. Kelly that if there’s an acquittal with any specific word I’d be more than
happy to to talk about it that’s very arbitrary and what ways that arbitrary individual associated with any
organization business before the district so if somebody who’s a vested
individual a vested individual is someone who’s necessarily vested in the
company so disagree with that whole premise if somebody is a vested
individual with a company and they’re giving you campaign contributions then
at that point in time you have to recuse yourself from that let me just give you
an example at one point in time hewlett-packard had more than 20,000
employees in the city of Houston at which point many of them were vested in
their 401ks for the company they can be deemed vested individuals so I would
have to recuse myself from taking contributions from any and all those
individuals if we wanted to buy any HP systems for the district no that’s a
vested individual you could take the contribution but you couldn’t vote I
think you know I’m sorry for interrupting but yeah I just don’t think
that that has no place in what it is we do in the way that we conduct business
on a daily basis here let me stick my neck out there for a second and so the
the point of the language I believe is to avoid you know might just get you
that was a that was a good explanation I think we talked about that last week but
I mean the point is we’re trying to avoid conflicts of interest right right
okay so let’s take a step back and look at what the purchasing process is in
Pearland iced tea none of us are involved in the purchasing process
so when a recommendation gets here from purchasing it’s gone through a process
that none of us will involved in so all of the recommendations are quote-unquote
clean right so if we go to the rest of the rules of conduct what I’d be more
concerned about is trustees trying to improperly influence that process and
there are two other things in the rules of conduct that prevent us from doing
that we’re not supposed to talk to other we were supposed to talk to vendors of
the bidders we’re not supposed to try to influence staff to make any any anything
like that so I think I think the language is there in the process is
there because in some there are some organizations that when when purchasing
gives them a recommendation they give them like well here are our top three
right and you guys pick right and at that point it’s like well now you’ve got
you know people can start making decisions on who they’d rather vote for
because they gave me a hundred dollars or whatever but we kind of keep we’re
out of that situation so we’re just voting on a right on purchasing
recommendation that notwithstanding I don’t have a problem at all with some
language in there but I did I think what Jeff is saying is that vested individual
that needs a definition right and political support directly or
indirectly I think that makes a that needs a definition so I’m go further
stuck my neck out there and I wrote some other language that like to distribute
for everybody take a look at so I’m gonna take number fourteen or fifteen on
the current rules of conduct says that board members shall not place themselves
in a position that may present a conflict of interest so I feel like it’s
duplicate efforts all the time when I’m out in the communities that there’s
serious concern from people who may not know the board member rules
ducked who think that there’s wheeling and dealing because they see it in other
government entities so another mention that we talked about last time was that
this is for transparency so that everybody knows that this is explicitly
in there I don’t need I don’t need some money I don’t need some money to
explicitly put wording and you ever hear the you ever hear the phrase you know
like he talked himself into it I’m just using he as a general term yeah you know
that’s what this is doing so the more verbage we add to support what’s already
there allows for more ambiguity versus clarity the community at large is not
and so just adding language to something they’re already unaware of doesn’t clear
up I mean yeah if that’s if you can be bound by what people are looking at or
not but this is more of an agreement between us I mean we’re talking I’m
sorry no no it’s okay the reason that this agenda item is on the board aside
from the I think annual review is because people were upset over use of a
header right graphic which I was doing you know my in my official capacity is a
school board member presenting an official policy a proposal resolution
right so that being said that wasn’t against anything in the code of conduct
well you vile you violated the order of operations when is it that absolutely
not there’s no indication I think it was not let me interrupt not at the time you
posted it on Mike Michael if I if I could go back to what you said if I
could go back to what you said about the whole reason this was on the agenda was
because of I’m sorry when you when you said that the annual yeah okay outside
of the hangar review okay so but we have an annual review and so are you saying
that you brought the the language up because of now number two the item number two on this
proposal specifically in reference to right some people listening to other
people in the community about some resolution issue which is you know
strong man’s argument but that being said that’s why I put number one in here
was to further if we’re going to do these rules I’m gonna look at that
that’s why oh good for okay and mr. Perry I have to follow up on the what
you mentioned about violating the order of operations and whatnot there’s there
was absolutely nothing wrong with what Michael did as far as any written policy
right he’s had every right to put out what he put out there was nothing wrong
with it people can agree or disagree but he was well within his rights and I feel
like I have to have to say that that’s not that’s not even really what we’re
talking about right now so we’re talking about about yeah no but we’re talking
about let’s narrow the focus we’re talking about adding a provision to the
rules of conduct about campaign contributions and voting on potential
contracts let’s narrow that focus so let me read what I wrote and again
take it for what you will all right my proposed language was members will
recuse themselves from all discussions and votes related to any company seeking
to do business with pearland ISD if the member has received campaign
contributions as defined in title 15 of the Texas election code from any
employee of the company company any individual under contract to the company
or any political action committee associated with the company and the
reason I wrote this like this was to give the board something to look at that
I think gave clear definitions for who we’re talking about right and then of
course it’s up to the board to decide which way we go with it but I guess
let’s just take a read of the room of what
I think we have enough standing board operating procedures to protect us
against you know I’ll question you know why is it been changed in the past I
mean this has looked at every year by many you know many boards and I haven’t
seen you know too many have change it you know to get too specific so you know
if you want the public to know what we’re doing be transparent let’s put the
article out there and let them figure it out and let’s not confuse them let’s
just you know we have standing roles and let’s educate the public we have
standing rules that already protect us as board members so I’m I’m against
changing any of it Charles I did have one thought your argument earlier I
really didn’t think about but it’s very important and that is that the process
for purchasing basically requires that the board make a yes/no vote on the
superintendence recommendations so you know there is no way to influence who we
recommend to you other than to vote no if you don’t like the person that that’s
being recommended I think I do not ever recall a board members since the time
I’ve been here say choose this vendor that’s relation that’s why I think that
this even bringing this up is just it’s absurd it makes absolutely no sense and
it’s unfounded for anything that’s ever come before this from the for parallel
dynasty I’ve not seen it nor have I heard it and trust me if I if anybody in
this room if you get political contributions from a corporation I could
do it I mean we just don’t need it I think what I have seen that in honesty
to the board over the last eight years has been if somebody has a relationship
and they think it’s pertinent they bring it up and say look I’m gonna recuse
myself from this vote or I’m gonna I want to disclose that I work for
communities in schools or whatever it might be I have seen that I’m not
arguing for or against it but I do I hadn’t thought of Charles explanation
which is true they’re purchasing comes down to it yes no vote from the board
and so obviously we’re having a conversation here not about what’s legal
but what’s a higher standard right of what we considered ethical or what you
know what could be considered ethical and I’ll also point out that we do have
policies that are we have a policy on ethics and the policy on conflicts of
interest and again those policies reference state law and there’s a bar to
be met for when it when the state says you have a conflict of interest which is
depending on how much income you’re gonna get from something or whatever you
know however you know there’s there’s a there’s places where a person would have
to file a conflict disclosure and recuse themselves so there are a lot of things
in place right but what we’re talking about is you know do we take a look at
this higher standard and say that we no we just think it’s unsightly to vote on
things because of calm you know campaign contributions and you know that that’s I
guess that’s the question before the board so well obviously I’m on the
losing side of this debate tonight and that’s okay
I think it’s disingenuous willfully and naive in the nicest of words to say that
it’s not necessary especially as you’re all politicians we’re all politicians
here this is what a lot of governments do they say that this doesn’t happen and
then of course it does happen that being said mr. president I agree
with your words here I like them I think that they would be a good thing for the
district to have however if I’m now accusing anybody up here of doing this
stuff I said made that very clear last time and I’ll restate that as well but I
do not trust most politicians can’t campaign accounts we are defined
by the state as politicians okay let’s move on to the to the social media
guidelines let’s just let’s not let’s say we have
not made it element safe for the record there Charles before we move on yes sir
at the comments mr. Floyd just made her slanderous to every single one of us on
this board and I take well you can’t you cannot put me in a category of being
deceitful which is what you just did you did you implied that I specifically did
not do that okay let’s move on to anything regarding and again I wrote
anything regarding the social media guidelines no we’re gonna set that aside
and we’ll just because we think we got three things to look at here and then
we’ll come back and look and see so social media guidelines and dr. Kelly
sent out with the agenda a document published by tasbeeh Texas Association
of school boards for social media guidelines for school board members and
that’s something that came up in the last meeting and just as for your
consideration again this is another adding another addition to the to the
rule of conduct and the simple language that I have written here is that members
shall abide by the most current version of social media guidelines for school
board members published by the Texas Association of School Boards and I wrote
these two things these last two pieces of paper here and if you guys want y’all
want a copy no just so you can see what we’re looking at anyway the I wrote
these two things just kind of to frame the discussion because I didn’t want to
just go you know all out but these the last two things I don’t think are
necessary because I’m not a fan of writing policies for
something that you know which is something that happened one time right
it’s I just don’t think it’s an elegant solution so there’s that piece and then
we talked about making sure that if a trustee puts something out that it is
that own trustees product or proposed whatever to be considered that we have a
policy regarding out of policy but we have something in the rules of conduct
about you know I guess proper use of images and then the way to disclose that
this piece of literature whatever it is belongs to a single trustee and not the
board of the district so for your consideration those are the last two
things are there on the page and if there’s any interest in discussing any
of that right we signed our state your name know what this is that if you put
out a document all right your document has to have a disclosure
on it it says this is mine right in that would be okay and every time something
is produced you have to put that on it again I don’t think we need to go into
that but that’s just where the discussion went so I just wanted to have
something to frame the frame the discussion
so Charles I’d like to come in both these I think both of these are helpful
to the administration the first one in social media that is not confined to any
one trustee nor to any particular year there are always concerns about social
media postings and whether they’re perceived by the public to be
official or not official so I think I think your solution is very elegant just
basically saying keep in mind these guidelines put out by tasbeeh which is a
very trusted source and and the second one – yeah I think that where Michael
tried to do this with what he put on his resolution he was basically trying to
put this thing at the bottom but I think yours is even clearer and says language
was proposed right you read it yeah so so I think that it’s pertinent to
consider the social media guidelines because as we progress in a world with
social media and computers we haven’t really I don’t think boards prior to us
have been as engaged in that world as we are with the members sitting here on the
board and future members for that matter as well so I think that guidelines for
that are helpful because there’s nothing referenced currently in the current
rules of conduct which references social media code of conduct I I think that the
last part in my opinion is a little it’s similar to the extra comments about
campaign contributions the data is already referenced in the code of
conduct about not speaking on behalf of the board and remembering that you’re a
solo person you’re not the board itself and so I feel like it’d be a duplication
of effort there but that those things are already covered both in the rules of
conduct and the guideline president by toss B so if I had to give my opinion
that’s what it would be I’m seeing social media include the
social media guidelines and do away with the rest that suggested on the paper
that Charles provided by yes I don’t even go further than any trustee that
creates anything with district letterhead must have full approval of
prior approvals aboard before this distribution because then I have to ask
you and that’s not you know this that’s that defeats the whole purpose of free
speech and being an independent elected official are you speaking on behalf of
our board no no so that’s if I get on I get on
Facebook tonight and say whatever right that’s not that doesn’t bind anybody I’m
speaking on that’s correct but just me right and so that’s I really think that
that was just a one-off situation that really doesn’t really doesn’t need to be
addressed in the policy and I think we’ve moved on I think we’ve all moved
past it it’s not mr. president I think that this is entirely unnecessary if you
look through the guidelines and proposed from number 18 nothing in there would
have resolved what I was apparently attempting to do I think clearly that
there’s this is a false outrage people are saying that you know there were
calls for censure because I used a graphic and we can I I totally actually
agree with the graphics portion I said that last meeting but I think that the
disagreements that came out about my resolution were more with content of the
resolution because there’s still a significant number of Americans who
reject the idea that guns are at all a problem in our society I think that’s
where the real disagreement is and that’s okay we can disagree on those my
closure on that letter this is where I think people get confused on was on the
on the proposed letter did it on the letter itself not your actual Facebook
post on the letter if you were to just print out the
or you know someone forwarded the letter did that say propose or on your post it
did and both of them said a proposed resolution now the text that this did
not reflect the district unfortunately oversight I didn’t put that on the
actual graphic hindsight being 20/20 have done it if I had known that you
know there would be censure calls from Kevin Cole and others in the community
but I didn’t anticipate that okay I think we’re gonna move towards a
resolution on this item well when I say this item I mean all
that’s in front of us tonight are the rules of conduct okay yes what’s in front of us is the
board members rules of conduct and I mean I got to go back to the way that
the way that the this first thing about the campaign contributions that the way
that’s written I just think that’s clear and concise and yes it’s policy already
covers it but I just don’t I just don’t have an issue with that language what I
would like to do is yeah what I’m gonna do is ask for a motion to no we don’t
you don’t have to vote you know how to vote so well I mean meaning what Sean is
saying we don’t have to vote on each of these so what I was gonna what I was
gonna do is ask for a motion on the rules of conduct that’s probably too
much who’s gonna ask for amendments on everything I think there’s gonna be too
much I’m probably overthinking but I think what we need to do is have the
rules in motion and then consider amendments to the motion grant it and
probably overthinking it but that’s just the way I think it ought to go as far as
being clear with we dr. Keller we were required to adopt these rules every year
the requirement is your own requirement within the board members rules of
conduct where you say you’re going to review them every year and address any
amendments that you wish to see so you’re not required to amend it or
require to even approve it but you are required by your own internal rules to
review it and as Charles and others have done they can suggest amendments to it so I mean if the the if no one will is
willing to make any changes then it’s been reviewed and it’s been accepted so
unless there’s a motion to include any of these amendments then miss president
have a motion yes sir that the rules of Condors of the the
Board of Trustees amend the board operating procedures including rules of
conduct in the state of rules to include the rules of conduct related to campaign
contributions to be included as I remember eleven which is presented to
each trustee on this document including items number one two and three okay it’s
a motion is there a second chair was second any further discussion hearing
none let’s vote all in favor all opposed same sign motion fails to five to four
excuse me to for any further amendment motions I’ll make a motion that members
shall abide by the most current that we should include a social media guideline
as stated on your proclamation or on your document motion Carbone is there a
second second second Barry any further discussion yeah so what you’re saying is
number two document members shall abide by the most current version the social
media guidelines for the school board members posed by tech Association of
School Boards that correct I’m gonna make a statement on this and again
social media guidelines as a guideline because again I’m a believer in free
speech and I think that all seven of us up here are elected officials and we’re
all responsible for what we say and what we post we reap the benefits and we
suffer when we don’t post things so again this is a guideline but we are
free to say whatever it is we want to say I would okay I understand what
you’re saying but nothing in these guidelines restricts anybody’s free
speech correct it’s just acceptable use to help
yourself stay out of trouble alright that’s it I mean are we already under
these guidelines by being a tasbeeh district some of them are right
I mean avoid deliberating school district business without a quorum 11
point oh five one I mean all of these are laws or cases well aside I mean the
local policy BBF kinda redundant but it kind of falls into the social media
clearly there’s some things that are not covered by policy here I could go into
those if you’d like but okay so there’s a motion and second on the table is
there any further discussion I’ll restate the motion to include the
language members shall abide by the most current version of social media
guidelines for school board members published by the Texas Association of
School Boards all right hearing no further discussion let’s vote all in
favor all opposed I told you I didn’t think it needed to be there so yeah
they’re not boasting carry six one with good and voting against the stuff you
five one how many people here Rebecca mess me up okay five more alright so any
further message any further motions all right so do we need to have an actual
motion on we’ve what we’ve done is that we’ve included remember we’ve included
this language into the rules of conduct generally speaking the rules of conduct
are voted on in the consent agenda so there’s an actual
motion that says we accept these and we vote on it right so what we’ve done
right now is we’ve said we want to add something to it and is a motion to
accept it yeah we’ve amended them so is there is
there is a motion in order to accept the rules of contact as amended necessary I
don’t know I’m thinking I think it’s clear enough okay all righty is the so we’re moving on from from that
okay we’re moving on to item excuse me letter B item B underneath
administrative reports I think I actually mentioned this earlier that we
were gonna have a committee take a look at naming options and dr. Kelly pulled
the board and we were kind of evenly split about what I tried to do is make a
nod to Jeff one of your issues was there’s no need to pay for that so
that’s gonna be facilitated in-house yes it’s gonna take a little bit extra time
but I think what we’re gonna get from the committee is gonna be very helpful
moving forward with naming buildings in the future all right with no further
business to come before the board we will stand adjourned at 8:16 p.m.

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