People Guess The Prices Of Pokemon Cards

– I used to collect Pokemon cards, until one day I went to an Asian wedding and some kid stole it all and that’s when I became an adult. (techno music) – I had Pokemon cards as a kid, but I just liked them for the pictures, I never played the game. – I spent so much time collecting them, and just to one day have them be gone, I was horrified. – It was kind of like Beanie
Babies where everyone was like, “One day these are gonna
be worth a bunch of money.” And so, in my mind, the little
entrepreneur in me was like, keep these cards and then I didn’t. – Oh it does, for sure. – One time, my brother and I bought Yo-Gi-Oh! cards off of
eBay so I think that that can maybe inform my expertise. – I’m generally clueless
about the value of anything. I couldn’t tell a $10
shirt from a $150 shirt. – My name’s Chris, I’m with Core TCG, we’re a retail card gaming
shop in Pasadena, California. We do a ton of different
collectible card games and have fine expertise
in valuing specific cards. We’ve had experience with
Pokemon since the existence of the card game in the U.S. since 1999. With any collectible card games, value comes from supply and demand. How many cards of that
specific card are available on the market? Cards can be demanded by either collectors or players of the game. (bright music) So they look pretty different,
these three Mewtwos. They’re not like, three of the same card. – Right away, I recognized this one. I feel like I had one of these, and the fact that I had it, probably tells me that
it’s not that expensive. – I am a Pokemon collector,
I definitely have these two, I’ve never seen this one
and it looks really fancy. – These I don’t recognize at all, but they’re shinier than the other one and usually the shinier
ones are more expensive. – So I think this cheapest Mewtwo, I think this is like a 50-cent card, a $10 card, $100. – $10, $250, $5,000. – Uh, uh, uh, uh, try
to look at the stats. – This is hard! – $10, $30, $100. – $250, $300, and I think this one’s $500. – I would never spend
$30 on a card, like why? From a demand perspective, if a specific card is used
widely in tournament play, that can create a lot of
demand for that specific card. – $30 for a card? I mean, I guessed $5,000
which means I’m an idiot. – What? Do you people not like Pokemon, what’s wrong with you people? – $2, I’ve been tricked. – I’m feeling pretty confident, I started out on the right page, I got Mewtwo right. – I was very wrong, I got one right. – I got one right.
– I got one right. – I mean, how expensive can
Pokemon cards really get? (emotional music) Two of them look almost exactly the same. – Damn, this is tricky – I have this Pikachu though, it’s like before they made Pikachu skinny. – [Jordan] don’t
recognize this one at all, it doesn’t even look like Pikachu. – It tells me that it’s PokeTour 1999, which means it’s vintage, which means this one is
probably also vintage, but maybe not as vintage as this one. I feel like I’m in Mean Girls
because I keep saying vintage. – Based on the last one, the 2017 one was valued way higher, so I’m gonna say this
one’s the most expensive, and then this will be the middle, and this will be the least expensive. – 10-cent card you can get in a pack, $10 or so, I think this is like $100. – $5, $15, $45. – $10, $15, $40. – $2, $3, $30. – This one’s 50 cents. I was very wrong. Extremely wrong. – $50, I was close, I guessed $30. – I got all three right in this group. – So I’m correct twice now, I’m feeling pretty good about myself. – I know everything there is
to know about Pokemon cards. – This one was $5, that’s crazy that they’re
the same card essentially, and this little piece of gold made this like a $45 difference. – When they released this game in 1999, they went around promoting this card, so this is a promotional item
that came out of Australia. And that’s why it has that stamp for the Australian PokeTour
and it goes for $50. – I love Charizard, if you liked anything
other than Charizard, is because you’re a contrarian like me. – I did Charizard, of course. I think Charizard’s pretty lame, but I know these are
gonna be expensive because I feel like every little
boy loved Charizard. I started with Bulbasaur. – Now I’m looking for the PokeTour. Is there a date on it, is this a trick? These two look exactly the same. – I’m gonna say this is the most expensive and I guess these two
are the lesser expensive, but I’m definitely missing something ’cause I don’t think
they’re the same price. – [Jordan] Um, um, um, oh! I see, Edition 1. – This means it’s probably from like, the first pack ever. – That’s probably really expensive then, maybe. – I’m just gonna say
baseline, they’re all $50, because they’re holographic
Charizard cards. So I’m gonna say $100 cheapest. $200 second-cheapest, and then $500 for the first
edition Charizard card. – This one’s gonna be
like a straight-up guess: $15, $30 card, $200. – [Kane] $1, $5, $50. – [Sydnee] $8, I think this one’s $50, and I think this one’s $100, because that’s what I
value it in my heart. – So starting at $20 is
the cheapest Charizard, the most expensive Mewtwo
isn’t that much more than that. – Whoa, holy crap, I was way wrong. This is $250? – I definitely have one
of these, this is crazy! Oh, this one’s $20. – $250 is the middle ground,
how expensive does it get? (emotional music) Oh my God. – Oh my gosh, this thing’s $2,000. – Okay, I’m gonna put that down, that makes me even scared to hold it. – I’m gonna take this
with me now (laughing) – This is a 1999 Charizard, you could get a used 1999
Toyota Camry for the same price. – You guys, I could get rich quick. – I got the price wrong, but I knew it was the most expensive, so I mean, half a point? – The highest graded card we’ve have is a graded 9 Shadowless
First Edition Charizard, valued at about $7,000 or $8,000. – That is a shocking spread
of prices of Charizards, I cannot believe they got that expensive. And they look the same, this is insane. – I feel scared for
whoever owns this because it’s made of paper and it could get wet. – I think it’s cool, it brings
me back to my childhood, I think Pokemon’s still cool, I don’t think it’s ever gonna stop ’cause there’s probably
like 800 of them now, probably more. – How do you stop someone from just stamping “Edition 1” on a card and then telling you it’s worth $2,000? – If I start today, by the time
my kids have Pokemon cards, they’ll be billionaires. So, gotta think ahead. (upbeat music)

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