People matters | Chandrika Rao

A good leadership to me is being
selfless. Believing and empowering people around you. Understanding people’s
potential and helping them rise within their potential. I am an HR
professional and we are kind of familiar with the basic concepts but then
participating in this program I felt I could conceptualize my understanding and
also cement the leadership values that I I follow in I preach in our practice as
part of the people matters program we had three modules but our department
added two extra modules which is diversity and inclusion, and recruitment
and selection. What I learned out of this was I understood more about unconscious
bias and I added to my leadership value toolkit practice mindfulness. It has
given me more confidence that confirmation of what my values are has
helped me in my performance as well. I have always been a people person but
from an HR perspective what I could take back to the team was sharing my
understanding and also from a department perspective what those gaps are because
I could connect with people from different business areas and understand
where we need to develop. I truly believe that a leader is always
in you it’s just waking up that leader and in polishing your skills.

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