People matters | Cheryl Petith

When I think of good leadership I think
of the people that I’ve worked with in the past that I’ve looked up to and that
have been mentors to me. Someone who’s very calm, empathetic who can just sort of go with the flow and and doesn’t get too
overwhelmed and worked up who can be that glue for the team. One of the
great things of the course was that the Public Service Commission tailored it to
the department so we all were comfortable talking to each other
comfortable sharing experiences we knew where we came from. What I wanted to take
out of that course was networking with other people at a similar level to me,
learn from their experiences and know that I wasn’t alone there were other
people that shared similar processes to me similar, I guess, thought processes, similar insecurities and how they dealt with the
same issues. One of the other key things I learned in the program is that each
unit goes through a process from forming storming, norming, performing and a
adjourning. I went back to my team and I looked at where we were in that
framework where we needed to go and I think one of the things I learned from
the course was it was really important to hire a professional facilitator
someone who stood outside the group who could do this that way each of us could
contribute in our own way. And I’ve had a few of those light bulb moments where
I’ve gone that’s why I do that and this is how I can improve on what I’ve done because
I’ve learned more about the thought process of how I can improve on that to
achieve better results when I’m communicating people, that I’m listening
to people. I think it’s very valuable course to take. I would highly recommend it to anyone you

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