People Read Strangers’ Biggest Secrets

People Read Strangers’ Biggest Secrets

“At the age of five, I was molested at the church my family has been members of for over 50 years. He told me to never tell anyone and I’d be sinning if I did.” What is your biggest secret? “During my teenage years of depression, I got involved with the psychotic and obsessive guy that abused, threatened, and blackmailed me. I swore if I had the money, I would have hired someone to kill him to relieve me of the nightmare I lived in.” “My father died 14 years ago, but I still add his number to my contacts list every time I get a new phone” “I’m addicted to porn.” “I am Christian. But sometimes I get terrified that this is all that there is.” I’m not religious or affiliated with any religion. But we all have that similar feeling and I have that same feeling that you, your eyes open all of a sudden; ‘This is where you are and this is all that you have.’ And that’s scary. “I don’t think much about leaving, but I do fantasize about what my life would be like. If I didn’t get married at 21. Have two children before 25. Or quit teaching because more money needed to come in.” “When mom told me you had killed yourself. I was so relieved I would never have to tell you I’m gay.” umm.. First of all as a person who is gay, when I was in high school, I worked on a suicide hotline for three years. I don’t want anybody to ever feel relieved that I mean what I gathered from this is that a parent took their own life.. like to be relieved. That’s a lot of… turmoil. I feel for them. “I love my dad, but wish he would get a DUI (Driving Under The Influence) just once.” Yeah, I think that’s always really hard when you have a parent and you feel like that parent.. isn’t as responsible you might like them to be. I think you can still love someone, but wish them to step up. I think that’s like a perfectly plausible… thing to ask. “My best friend died because of me. I’m 19 and.. I met her in a children’s depression hospital after an attempted suicide. A day after she contacted me and for some reason; I- I didn’t reply. I was scrolling through my instagram feed. I clicked their icon and read the comments, ‘RIP’ ‘miss you so much’ It was.., then I knew I had killed someone I love.” This situation hits me. It hits-it hits me so deeply and -and almost instantly. It’s a subtle reminder that the influence that you leave on somebody could be eternal. There’s power and… your presence is power in your influence power, there’s power in who you are.


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    We are so humbled and encouraged by the number of people coming forward and sharing their own experiences in response to this series. In season 2 of Seeking Secrets, we want to bring in the people behind the secrets and have them share their powerful stories themselves. If you want an opportunity to share your story, we are currently in search of individuals for season 2. Your identity will be protected and you will remain anonymous in the film. If you live in the Los Angeles area and feel compelled to share your story, fill out our casting form in the link below:

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    Stxr Gaming

    Me: I think I'm gonna tell the comments my secret!
    Also Me: Reads comments about people being sexually assaulted I don't think anyone cares that I'm bi ._.

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    E Lynn1125

    My secret is that.

    I’ve been close to killing myself. I have a problem with my weight and I gain everyday.. I’ve been bullied I was 12 when I started to cut myself and I’m now almost turning thirteen I was clean for two months and relapsed on Father’s Day this year beacuse I felt like I wasn’t enough I’m now almost a month clean and still have thoughts of killing myself everytime a doctor ask if I have or had thoughts I tell them no when I want to tell them the truth my mom knows I have thoughts of hurting myself and it’s hard you know

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    Daddy Danielle

    I’m scared to go out in public with my self harm scars showing. i tend to wear long sleeves and jeans no matter what the weather is.

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    Tahmena Ferdous

    See this is why I never want to hold a grudge against anyone, I never wanna be on bad terms with anyone. Coz they cud die any minute and i will wish tht I said sorry even if they had hurt me alot

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    Anayeli Montes

    my secret: (which i doubt anyone will read)

    i had a relationship online with this guy for 4 years. did so much for him, ofc not physically but i was his comfort emotionally, i quit public school just so i could stay home and talk to him even more, i did so much, and of course he did the same for me, he was my comfort when things didn’t go right. he saved me from a lot of thoughts on ending my life. he saved me from thoughts that wouldn’t do me any good. years go by and we clearly catch feelings but how? there’s distance and our parents would never let us meet a “stranger”. one night just like any other night we say our good nights, and i was use to always waking up to a good morning text but that day i didn’t. 7-3-18, i woke up to no text, no call, nothing. for DAYS, WEEKS, and MONTHS i didn’t hear from him. i remember texting everyday asking where he was or if i did anything, but i know i didn’t, i was there when no one else was, i truly believed i saved him from his own self, he told me too. i remember crying every night, praying that he’d be okay or just for him to come back. almost 1 year now and i do not know how i’ve done it without him. i sometimes find myself crying because i miss him or i just need to talk to someone. losing someone so close to me hurts. i’m scared to get attached to anyone in fear that they leave. i don’t know what happen to him, if he just vanished or no longer needed me or if his mind took control and if he sadly ended it all. i still go back to where we talked and reread our messages. i still message sometimes. yet of course i get no reply. i hope he’s okay. i know i’m still recovering. if you’re wondering how i did it, i really don’t know, at that time life felt as if it was going so slow, but i do know that i took it to god and just prayed that i would be okay and same for him, i pray that he’s okay, wherever he is.

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    My mom died because of brain cancer when I was 9. The day she died my family was supposed to visit her and I was the only one to stay at home because I wanted to play videogames.

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    spacefrog 712

    My secret isn’t huge but I’m a closeted bisexual and only my close friends know
    My mom thinks that sexuality is contagious and I have friends of many sexualities
    Im afraid she could prevent me from seeing my friends as much
    My moms kinda touchy about the subject because she grew up with a homophobic father
    She thinks that any sexuality other than heterosexuality is an adult subject that I shouldn’t know anything about as a middle schooler
    I know that mine is nothing compared to others secrets
    I wish the best for everyone

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    Pencil Boot

    I feel like a lot of these aren’t there biggest secrets bc there biggest secrets will never be told because their scared

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    Seraph Sephiroth

    The last one isn't her fault. She literally could have been doing anything. If she they cared enough to call you because they knew you cared, they knew someone cared about them.

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    Haley Sandoval

    My secret is I have bad social anxiety and depression. Also that I think I’m ugly and cry myself to sleep. I’m 13

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    Jada Rose

    Here’s a secret I guess. I post this on most of these videos, hoping that someone will see it.

    My stepfather recently cheated on my mom and split the family up. He had also cheated on his two previous wives. He cancelled our trip to 6 flags to take her and her 6 year old son. After my mother and him broke up, he wanted his 3 children to meet her at an annual family dinner. Needless to say, they didn’t go. His daughter decided to live with her mother because nobody enjoys to be in that sort of environment. When she chose to do this, he unenrolled her during finals week at her highschool. In a fit of rage (after being told this) I texted him some very heartfelt things including the situation with his daughter. The text message ended with “is this what you wanted to do with your life?” He cancelled me and my mother’s health care right afterwards. He took away our privilege to take the dog that us as a family had raised together (the cutest lil fluffy white Eskimo you’ll ever see, Momo) to come over to our house. I’ve never been more guilty in my life.

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    Nico Grassi

    My brothers both have disease/disorder. One a respiratory and the other a mental disorder. My brother has autism, depression, and is bipolar. He is horrible to my mom and me. But doesn’t do anything to my other brother or my dad cause he is too scared of them. He is racist, sexist, and homophobic. Over the summer he went to Tennessee to live with my aunt and cousins. He came back the other day, and I can’t get it out of my head that my life was so much better with no communication with him. He is moving out soon and I can’t help but feel relieved.

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    Nico Grassi

    Also I’m bisexual, and I’m glad I’m not gay so in-front of my family I can act straight and say I’m dating or interested in girls.

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    White to Wild

    My uncle was a down syndrome and when he was about to pass away he was in so much pain, he was literary crying and I used to sing him a song which I remember the lyrics word to word by heart now. I miss him soo much and love him sooooo much.

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    Satisfaction Overload

    It’s so crazy to me that very small words that you deem as meaningless can actually change someone’s life, for better or worse…

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    Marcella H. Vargas

    My biggest secret is: I'm so ashamed and guilty about helping my friend to became bulimic and anorexic. It happened 2 years ago but I can't help her anymore…

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    Marcella H. Vargas

    My second biggest secret is that I fell so bad about not taking my cousin serious when she was sick, and now is too late. She passed away one week later after saying she was sick, it happened 2 years ago and I can't forgive myself.

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    sans isop

    my secret: i was going to have an older brother that would be around 16 now but he died along time ago or i thought so until my mom told me that they gave him up for adoption now im about to be in 6th grade and i have a brother going to 8th grade i have a certain type of depression that makes me very angry about the little things and i get even worse about big things but i just wish i could go back in time and do something to save my eldest brother but i have to live knowing i cant..

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    Ai dog

    My secret

    I hate myself, to the point. every compliment or kind action someone else does for me. i consider a lie. but i'm afraid to commit suicide in case i survive.

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    animal lover

    I've done some really really bad things like really bad and I've never told anyone and I never will but people would leave me and be disgusted if they knew all the things I've done

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    Yellowcrayon Productions

    My biggest, darkest secret:

    I have a problem.

    I've struggled with it since I was very young.

    The origin of the problem are my parents.

    It's the reason I used to cry under the my desk, in an empty and dark classroom, when everyone would go to lunch in 3rd grade.

    It's the reason that had me trying to stop my abusive dad from pushing my mom down the stairs, where I would be screaming till I woke up the next day without a voice.

    I hide it till this day.

    I fear.

    I fear of loosing my friends.

    I can't tell anyone, even if I have bags under my eyes from crying the night before.

    I lie.

    I lie that I'm okay.

    I lie that I'm not struggling.

    I wake up every morning, grateful that I can go to school and escape from my house, where all my problems are.

    The scars on my arms.

    The constant bleeding of the red lines on my hands.

    I hide them.

    From family, friends.

    I lie that they are cat scratches.

    When they are nothing but a sharp blade across my skin.

    I sleep every night, wondering why I didn't just take that knife from the drawer and end it all.

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    My biggest secret is I let my sister die she ask for help but I never gave it to her now I wear her ashes around my neck and a ring around my finger

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    Here’s my secret:

    I’m gay. I’ve known for 7 years now, but I’ve never told anyone. I grew up in the south & my entire extended family is religious/conservative. I’m also a Christian (though less conservative) & this all hurts because I don’t know whether or not to think God is okay with me dating girls. I love/accept other gay people, but I feel like I cannot personally accept my own sexuality. I’m terrified of my parents finding out that I’m gay because I know they will be disappointed with me. I even dated a guy for a few months because I wanted to be straight so bad and to make them happy. I feel stuck. I’m 21 & I don’t know where to go from here.

    On top of this, my younger sibling is also transgender. My parents know about this, but don’t accept it. My mom was the one to tell me that my younger brother “thinks he’s a boy.” I want to support my brother and love him well, but I’m so scared to stand up for him in my family. I’m so angry at my parents. I don’t know how to forgive them. I know they are doing what they think is best, but it is so painful to know what my brother is going through because of their views. I feel like they view the whole thing through what they think they are supposed to believe/do rather than simply loving my brother. I feel unable to support him & I’m so scared for him.

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    Kris Schwarzbauer

    My biggest secret is that i think about suicide atleast once a day, I’ve tried twice, I feel like dying, like life is emoty

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    I was in a 3 year abusive relationship, mentally and physically. I'm only 16 now and it finally took one guy I love to make me leave the one guy I didn't love anymore.

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    WalStreet Productions

    My darkest secret which I have only one my best friend is that I feel like I’m intelligent but bc of having social anxiety and autism I feel like I have to push myself to the point of wanting to run away. I want to be with people and have good grades and find a girl who can actually respect me and get to my dreams so I can’t sleep at night. I haven’t had a good night rest in 5 years and i don’t how who I m anymore bc I have a masking problem. Bc I can’t read facial or body language with the tone of their voice I try to match they’re behaviors and actions. So I don’t know who I am with all of this stress. I just want a restart on life. Hopefully bsu can help.

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    My secret:

    My older sister’s son (he was 16 at the time and I was 10) sexually harassed me for 2 years and I haven’t told anyone or wrote it down anywhere just in case someone found out.
    I’m almost 14 and my parents are getting divorced and talking to other people.
    My dad’s girlfriend’s son (he’s 18) is also giving me weird vibes. I think I’ve heard from his other brother that he’s a small youtuber but idk… Sometimes I catch him staring at me and being more friendly towards me than my younger sister (she’s one year younger). He sometimes tries to talk to me but it’s hard because he has a thick Japanese accent. I’m scared he’s gonna try something too but maybe I’m just paranoid.

    I’m scared…

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    Marissa Hines

    My story:

    My first boyfriend cheated on me 3 times with the same girl and tried to get with my best friend while with me and and then my other best friend of 3-4 years told him she likes him the entire times we were dating and even asked me if it was fine if she dated him and then when we broke up and 3 days later they got together.

    Me and him talk here and there and me and her don't at all and I'm finally starting to love myself again so that's my story

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    Silly tea

    I am a lesbian. Yet no one in my family knows. One day my mom, uncle and grandmother were talking about how homosexual people are disgusting and that they were sinning. They asked my opinion about it and i just nodded and agreed with them. They said that if any of they're children were homosexual they would not accept them in their house. I cried myself to sleep that night. I was 13 at the time.
    4 years later and im terrified of coming out.

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    Salah Alsamaraai

    When i was little i went out side to collect the dry clothes and i look outside on the street and i see a gun pointed at me sometimes i wonder what would have happened if I didn’t run inside

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    n o

    One of my secrets would be that I wish my family were the loving, affectionate type. We're all surrounded by a wall of electronics. We're all nonchalant towards each other. I don't know if I could really say I love my parents, but I am grateful for them. I don't know if I could love them because it feels like they don't love me at most times. Whenever we attempt something of the sort, it seems cheesy now. Yeah, this concludes what I have to share.

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    Ruth Shiferaw

    My biggest secret…

    When I was 3 I was tricked and was sexually harassed by a family friend. I remember bits of what happened and sometimes I blame him for Turing me into the person I am and I also get nightmares about him often.

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    2:35 uhhh was that a misinterpretation of the secret or was that just read wrong… He WANTS them to get a dui like dafuq?

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    Hime Shiratori

    My best friend attempted suicide because of me. I lied about her doing something real bad in school to defend myself. She then was expelled from school, her parents were starting to be abusive. Every now and then, she would try to talk to me about why I lied but I would ignored her…
    Then I got the news of her caught by her parents attempting suicide.

    I still can't forget how much harm I caused to someone for my advantage..I know I am selfish and I won't be able to forgive myself…I couldn't be a good friend to her…
    Later when I approached her at hospital, to my surprise, she was happy to see me…I begged for forgiveness to her but she simply smiled and said, "Don't cry, I am just glad that you talked to me at last. Just promise, you won't do it again". I can't believe how forgiving and caring this girl is..I won't lose her for anything else. She is my angel, I must have done something good in my past life to get a person like her with me.
    Sorry this is so long, I am crying while writing this right now too…
    I feel kind of relieved saying this out here…Please don't hate on me. I know I am not good person..When depression was getting to me thinking I don't have right to live. She came as a saviour in my life again…I just love her more than myself. Rin, by any chance if your reading this, I Love you more than anything. You are the light of my life. Promise I won't be a bad friend again. I will be by your side always.
    To everyone reading this, please remember, don't think about yourself only. Or you will end up like me..

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    Dilara Fuego

    My biggest secret:

    I am studying pharmacy but I never want to be a pharmacist because I'm always anxious. And people look down at me because of that. 😢

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    Would have been funny if all of them were sad and then there was just one like ‘once I shat out a full banana’

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    A secret of mine is that I dont support transgender because if your born a man or women your stuck with that unless you naturally change no surgery no nothing I fear that if I say speak out about it i will lose friends who have transgender friends

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    Maisie X

    My biggest secret is I’ve suffered with eating disorders for years and I keep relapsing no one knows,no ones noticed and I want to scream it at them but then I’d be forced to eat

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    Kaya P.

    My deepest secret:

    I don't wanna feel love towards somebody because I'm afraid that I'll never be good enough and that I'll lose them and not be able to come back up from that. Ever.

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    Some people know, but a big secret I keep from all of my friends is that my father is a drug addict and I haven’t seen him in over two years.

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    *****NO NAME *****

    So here is my secret:

    I have a lot of family problems. My parents are divorced and and both are married my dad is abusive and he is a bad a guy even my sm complains about him and my dad is also rich my mom is a very nice women even after divorce my dad left us .

    My mom didn’t work at the time and my dad never paid or talked to us for 4 years then since he is rich and a business man he was able to get custody of me and my sis my dad lives in a country and my mom lives in another country now I am living with my dad a horrible life he is abusive . My sis is 22 and I am 13 she is legal to go anywhere vs me I am still sitting with him my mom and sf and while family try to let me go to my mom but he is able to control btw my mom isn’t poor she gets paid well but my dad has his own company anyways all of these things made me try suicide then I was talking to my guy friend he is really close to me and I was so mad so we fought and I hadn’t seen him ever since which is a year and I wanted to contact him so I talked to his friend and his friend talked to me about disgusting stuff like sex and then asked me to have sex ofc I rejected he told me a whore I was so mad now I decided to control my and change to the best and to look on the positive side

    Thanks for reading my story and wasting your time 😊

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    chelsey kelley

    My secret:

    I had a feeling I needed to go see my friend but instead I stayed home and watched tv. 3 days before my birthday she died in a car accident because her and her boyfriend were drinking. Last thing I said to her was please Don't go.

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    piper Fern

    My secret:

    2 years ago I was in a relationship. At first he seemed like the perfect guy. I was even planning on proposing. Then one day when I was over at his house he started to touch me. I gently told him no but he continued. Eventually he had my clothes off and was trying to enter me. I was crying and beginning for him to stop. He wouldn't.
    Ive never told anyone this.

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    Cindy Paiz

    Sometimes I just think

    I wanna die, your just a waste of your oxygen no one wants you, your ugly, ik Indian so I get bullied I would suicide but I just ly my mom and if she suicide if I did… I’m crying rn I have no one to talk to my friends don’t care

    Someone wanna talk to me @1800cxndy I just want someone to care for me and I wanna let my feelings out

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    XdeadplayX x

    My deep secret is

    My grandpa yelled at me and I told him I didn’t care if he died and got a heart attack that same night haven’t told anyone

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    My secret:

    My Father killed himself.
    It wasn’t just the fact he left my mom and his 3 daughters
    But how he did
    He took every Happy card birthday card
    Christmas card Get well card my Mother ever wrote to him. And circled certain words. About my mom.
    And my sisters. And I……

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    This isn't big but I never like to tell anyone anything about me or what I like because I'm afraid people will make fun of me even if everyone else likes it I never open up that's how low my confidence is I know this isn't good but I jus want help

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    Kimmy Putri Raditya

    My secret:

    I would enjoy imagining the person I hate the most cutting their neck knowing the pain hurts more than death

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    My biggest secret is how scared I am of what other people think of me, I hate it because I want to love myself and not care and I know should be that way but I’m just not, I care so much and it’s so painful

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    My secret:

    I don’t feel much empathy for others like if I were to make a joke about someone’s relative and they said they were dead, I would say “ok” and carry on with the joke. Even though my grandpa died from a heart attack before he reached 50yrs as well as my brother who died when I was young I know you all think I’m a bad person and I don’t disagree I just don’t know what wrong with me.

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    Blurryfaced Banditø

    My secret:

    Neither of my parents know that I never got over their divorce. That day, I was in so much shock, and I spent the day locked on my room crying. It's been four years, but I'm still not really over it. I'm also really insecure, and I always think about what people think of me.

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    My secret:

    My grandma held me back from everything, I was not aloud to leave my home nor go outside unless for school. I wasn’t aloud to eat or wear what I wanted everything was planned and I was hidden away. She called me names and shattered my dreams. Now I’m scared of living and loving

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