People Read Strangers’ Worst Heartbreaks

People Read Strangers’ Worst Heartbreaks

– “My boyfriend cheated on me
with my cousin about 3 years ago. They’re still together and I have to
see them at every family gathering.” Aw, that’s so messed up! – “I have loved the same
girl for the past 6 years. I see her from time to
time and we fool around, but to me, it’s more than that. I’ve been feeling the same
heartbreak for 6 years.” – “I dated a guy for almost 2 years. I was so in love with him,
I changed myself to his liking, not realizing that he
never felt the same for me. He dumped me, and when I ask why,
he refuses to tell me. He left me in the dark to this very day.” I can relate to that one. I had someone do something very
similar to me when I was in college. Ended up getting back
with his old fiancée. Didn’t tell me about it. I wish I wouldn’t have put so
much of the blame on myself, because at the end of the day,
it was something going on with him. I feel like so many people are so
hard on themselves in relationships. – “I was in a long-distance relationship. Everything I felt was real,
and I believed it was real for him, too. We each kept a journal to write letters,
and when we saw each other again, we would read them
out loud to each other. It was something special. But his friends didn’t
believe in our relationship, and pressured him to burn his journal. They recorded it, and sent the
video to me,” Jesus Christ… “It was tormenting and traumatizing.” I’m astounded by the cruelty… exhibited by people sometimes, like… You are far better off not being
associated with them at all, whatsoever, because it’s going to take years for this person and their friends
to discover what is at the root of their own pain that’s causing them to, like,
want to hurt other people this way, but you dodged a bullet here, I think. – “My worst heartbreak would have to be when my
great-grandma passed away 5 days before my 24th birthday. I usually get a picture with her every
year for my birthday, but not this year.” – “My father was never a religious man, but when he had liver cancer
and was at the hour of his death, I saw him pray to a god. I had never seen him so scared in his life,
and it broke my heart.” – “My best friend died in a car crash. My last words to her were,
‘I never want to see you again.’ It will continue to haunt
me for the rest of my life. I wish in her final moments,
she knew how much she meant to me, and how much she changed
my life for the better.” I think that,
that makes me want to, like, call up, like,
some of my friends and be like, “Dude, like, I love you.
Like, do you know that?” They’re probably gonna be like,
“What are you talking about?” But, like… really, just… letting them know.


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    darby thrower

    Im crying. So many different stories. That last one makes me want to unblock my ex (been no contact a week, she broke up with me and was verbally abusive towards the end) and tell her I love her and formally part ways. but she chose this.

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    joline mccansey

    i can't belive some people who really loved somebody and the relationship didn't worked. Has still a heartbreak kind of thing and mourn on the same person for years. I mean surely he/she looks forward but this was true love then. I had true love and my first love we were 2/9 years in a relationship. (1 Year distance) and then it didnt worked anymore because of the distance. Im scared no one will ever feel the same for me as he does. And i for him.

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    Willow Wants

    My worst heartbreak was when I was 23. I broke up with my boyfriend so he could go to medical school. I wanted him to succeed and not interfere with his studies. I’m 34 now and still think of him. I hope he achieved his dream. 🙏

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    Mbalenhle Gule

    My boyfriend dumped because he just didn't trust me. We spent years together and I was trying to help him with his insecurities. He always thinks that when I have contact with a guy I'm cheating. So he left me cause he couldn't believe a word I say or trust me. I'm devasted. It hurts because I'm not guilty and I didn't cheat. It's like I lost my best friend and I'm in a lot of pain. I pray I move on and get over this heartbreak.

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    My aunt invited me over for dinner because my parents were on a trip, I was not interested and ignored her text few weeks later she passed away when i was scrolling through my text few days after she passed away I saw her text again and regret not responding to he

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    Unknown 1234

    We were in a relationship for like 3years, then he dumbed me saying that i won't survive in the future that's why i should stay single, i will ruin other's life(i have some hereditary disease, it might get worse in certain circumstances). Later i found out that he cheated on me. I forgave him, but somewhere it feels like i am not good enough, don't know it's because of my disease or i am just insecure. For me it's easy to help and understand people, my friends trusts me so much. But now it's really difficult to share my small things or problems with anyone, it feels like i wll annoy them, they don't want it genuinely. I am not even sad, but nobody feels like home, i don't even share my small problems with them. It's burdening, I don't know how far i can go like this.

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    imgunnn cole

    my dad always be the guy who everyone know he love me of the top of everything, and then one day he chose to run away. I asked him why he do that? He just said "It's non of your business." That day I cry like never did before. It's a hard time.

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    Fareeha Hashmi

    my worst heartbreak was when the guy i dated for months left me bec our family was having issues.I never wanted to give up on him and that's what I expected him to do.It's was new year eve and we were on call.He told me that things are not gonna work out and he ended the call.His sister made him remove me from his snapchat and his life.She asked me not to contact him anymore and its been 3 years and I still miss him like crazy
    note:he was at my place for a whole week and i got so close to him and from there the things started in 2017

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    Some random Guy

    I fell inlove with my bestfriend, it sucks because I can’t do something about it. We’ve been bestfriends for 3 years and now she had a guy that treats her better than I do.

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    I really love this girl in school and i have ever since i moved (3 years ago). About a month or so she asked me out and believe me, i wanted nothing more than to say yes but i couldnt. She's tge sweet, innocent girl whos never had a boyfriend. It made me happy that she wanted me to be her first but i cant. I have a bad reputation, bad behavior etc. I would ruin her. Id give anything to take back all that i did and just be with her but i cant. And thats the worst heartbreak ive ever felt.

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    t6 pwa

    I met a man in my dream and he soon with someone so quickly. I told my “friends” but they all finally left me.
    How can I always live my life so lonely
    Seems everyone I trust leaves me

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    Manahil Mkhan

    my biggest heart break this is going to be long( sorry , please don't judge me sorry for mistakes)
    for me i was always the person forgiving people, trying to keep relationships, if they are angry with me i will try to fix things with them. there was NEVER a person who stopped me when i was leaving or called me back or asked me to stay, i felt worthless. i felt me existing or not existing never matters to anyone, cause no one missed me when i was gone. except one person 'My best friend ' she was the first and last person who reached me out, who tried to be my friend, who cared if i didn't came to school or if i was down all day, she saw through me. but i never saw through i wish i did i was so happy that someone cared i was just in my own bubble that one person cared, that i matter. she was always around me unlike other people i am friends with i have to run around them all the time.
    one day she was sad but i didn't noticed , i was way to careless around here maybe because her actions assured me that she will never leave me. i came to her i talked but she didn't replied i got angry , she left school that day forever (2 days later her mom came and told they are moving to england) before leaving she gave me a number i didn't wanted to take it but she gave me she said "call me before tomorrow please, just once". i never called. time passed by, i met her mom somewhere she was reluctant to talked to me but life had taught me that she was my only best friend and i missed her slot. so i asked her mother about her .
    sh told me that my best friend promised that i shouldn't know this, i begged her she gave me a letter. that was my best friends last letter , she killed herself and my last words to her were"go away i don't want to be friends with a person like you" to this day this haunts me…. i have been nice to people who have slapped me and i was rude to the one person that was actually nice to me! i am sorry, so sorry….

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    Elaine nicholson

    My boyfriend absolutely broke my heart 4 months ago when he broke up with me. We got back together 4 weeks ago. We met once. He broke up with me again 4 days ago telling me he feels nothing for me ☹️ I'm so broken

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    Amari Hunter

    I've learned to be less hard on myself. If you can't trust people, let it go. There's always a handful in your life that you can, and that's enough.

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    Mushtaq Hossain

    My worst heartbreak was when I left Afghanistan in order to find a better life with my family in Australia and we went back a couple years later to see my grandpa who had raised me and my brother because we had no dad.. and once we got there our family told us he had passed 6 months ago… it broke my heart and I still cry about it to this day… this was when I was 14.. I’m 19 going into 20 now…

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    xchtskyo awesome

    The worst heartbreak of my life is when my boyfriend ends up marrying another girl and does not tell me until a week before their marriage. Also the day when he is married, in the very early morning, he texted me and said that he loved me and tried to persuade me that it was not his choice to marry her. And now, almost a month since he's married and he still tries to reach me 😑

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    Ainin Sofiya

    about the father's story , i totally can relate . i saw my dad pray to god in the midnight , 3 months bfr his death . and he changed . 3 months to experience his true love towards me .

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    Usha Opal

    I was living abroad away from my family, I lost my first grandmother that I saw agonising for hours when I was 20, at the same period began to date a guy, guy promised me everything and above all to help me, but a month after a close friend of mine killed herself. I began to feel very isolated and depressed, I missed my family but I thought my boyfriend understood me and would support me. Turned out he dumped me out of nowhere one night saying very harsh things to me, and my mother had just called me 10 minutes before that to tell me that my other grandmother had cancer and that she would die soon too. She eventually passed three weeks after, a few days after my birthday that I had to spend alone because I had cancelled everything on that day because my (ex) boyfriend had promised me we would do things together.
    The night he dumped me was the night where my heart broke the most, I'll know other heartbreaks but this one night will stay as painful as if it happened yesterday.

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    i think the worst heartbreak was when i asked my friend if she would care if i died, and she said no, even though it was a joke it really hurted me bad.

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    Crystal Alvarado

    My worst heartbreak was when I was at home alone. After coming back from an amazing time with friends. I told them I was getting back with my ex that I was in love with for 5 years. That night I got a call from another ex, when I picked up the person who answered was the girl that slept with all my ex’s. I was terrified when I heard her voice because I knew what she was gonna say. She told me she was having sex with the ex I’m in love with and they’ve been doing it for a while. Usually after I would leave his house with hope. Then she told me he was with someone else he would always tell me not to worry about. I felt my heart shatter because the man I’ve loved for 5 years broke my heart all over again. I completely broke I screamed and cried. They kept calling me and wouldn’t stop saying they were sorry. My brother came home and found me curled up at the corner of the room. That day I contemplated whether or not suicide would be better.

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    Cis Co

    My ex n i where on n off for years , fooled around every now n then .we have a kid in common , now it was a weds we went out has dinner got drunk , we hook up, next day the same but we tAlk about getting back together we said yes, on friday night she tells me shes been talking to a dude n they official .. to this date dont understand why the hell she would do that ?? Does anyone ?????

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    The first one that was said in the video is exactly what i'm going through today and the last two years, but except it's not my cousin, it's my brother … and he knew that loved her.

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    Tea Dora

    my worst heartbreak was when i broke up with my ex. i was manipulated into breaking up with him by my “friends” at the time. i only realized how real our love was a couple of months after, now he hates me and has a gf. so now im just stuck with the memories of him that haunt me everyday, guess my karma is finally getting to me.

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    Lino 4eva

    My worst heartbreak when my childs father gave me a black eye for mothers day and my son who was one at the time he was looking at my eye and said " momma hurt, why you hurt momma" I knew I had to leave and never looked back.

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    Thatgirl Yami

    Hug the people you love and tell them you love them as much as possible because you never know when that will be your last❤️🥺🤞🏽

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    Jenny Velez

    Being in a long term relationship on the opposite side of the country only to find out the ex had been cheating on me with his “best friend.” Dumped him and five years later they still together with a baby. It was unrequited love but that was my first and worst heartbreak to date.

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    Shayla Smiley

    Having my mom tell me she hates me and wish I would just leave or die hurts really bad I haven’t spoke to her in 5 years she kicked me out with nothing but the clothes on my back and I didn’t do anything wrong she just has really bad mental issues I got a job got married and had a baby I’m the happiest I ever been. It just hurts sometimes to have to go though all that without a mother 😢 and have to wonder everyday why didn’t she want me?

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