People Stuck In Strange Places

Today’s stories give new depth
to the phrase, “sticky situation.” Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– A few weeks ago, we did an episode on the weirdest things found in toilets, one of
which was a dude stuck in a Port-o-Potty. I guess you would have to say the whole
thing’s called “vandalism of Spot-a-Pot.” (laughs) That got us thinking: where
else have people been stuck? Sure, we’ve all been stuck in a bathroom
or the trunk of a car, or… if you’re R. Kelly, a closet. – Okay?
– But you would be absolutely amazed at the places that people have gotten
themselves stuck! And we’re gonna go – through some of our favorites!
– I got a good one. April of last year, in Lincoln, Nebraska, a mother reported
that her three-year-old son was missing. So, the police show up at her house, where
she was, and she says, “I think he might have just slipped out the front door,
which was unlocked, while I was in the – bathroom.”
– He’s an independent little boy. Well, about that same time, the police
also get a phone call from Madsen’s Bowling Alley and Billiards Bar across the
street. And the report is that, in the arcade, there is an unusually large prize
in the claw machine, that looks remarkably like a three-year-old boy.
Inside of the claw machine! – Huh!
– Dude went out the front door… – He’s industrious!
– walked across the street, and didn’t just start playing the game,
he became the game. I thought you were gonna say he went
bowling, but no, he went up– – No!
– He went into the claw machine. And if you don’t believe me, there were
people there– ’cause he was in there for a while– just snapping pictures of him!
I mean, look at this picture! There he is, inside of it, inspecting each one. He’s
like, “Hm. Claw couldn’t’ve gotten this one. Hm. What about this one? I think
I’ll take this one.” He’s inside the – machine, dude!
– And he doesn’t seem panicked at all. He’s like, “Y’all know what’s up, I got
in the claw machine! Y’all know y’all wish – y’all was me!”
– So the cops come, and two hours and $500 later, they still haven’t gotten him out
because as we all know… – Yeah.
– A claw can’t pick up an outdated iPod box! – (gruffly) Gimme another quarter, Bill!
– How’s it supposed to get the 3-year-old? It keeps grabbin’ onto his forehead
and just slippin’ right off! – It’s just like–
– Oh, it’s got his arm! It’s got his arm! It’s got it’s– oh, crap,
he dropped again. He keeps falling. It’s
just taunting you, man. – It really took ’em two hours?!
– No, I made that up. And $500. – That was the joke.
– Yeah, the quarter. I know where the math comes from. They probably
just took the glath– glath– – (mocking) They took the glath off.
– They took the glath sheath off and – grabbed him.
– Get this. They got him out. He was totally fine. He was allowed to
keep (snaps) one toy after all that. Oh, come on. He should
at least get a handful. All right, congratulations to that kid.
This is a little sadder of a story. – Okay.
– This is a… Brazilian inmate Rafael Valadao tried to escape prison,
Link. You know, he was in prison, – he wanted to be out…
– Of course he did. Shawshank Redemption style, he tunneled
a hole in the wall in his cell! No word on whether or not there was a poster of Rita
Hayworth covering it. (fake chuckles) – Shawshank fans. (chuckles)
– That’s not even a joke. It’s just like a taunt that you know something no one
cares about Shawshank Redemption. Everybody who watched that movie
knows about that poster, man! I’m just saying it was more
of a taunt than a joke. Well you know what? He decided to do
this with a group of friends in the prison. Just like Shawshank Redemption?
(fake laughs) Yeah, yeah. And Morgan
Freeman made it out first. No. – (laughs)
– His friend made it out first, and then Rafael was second. But that was the
mistake, because Rafael had not made the – hole big enough for Rafael.
– Let me guess, he got stuck. So he got his upper region out.
Here he is. He got that far out. Well, he had a good idea, because he
shaved his head and evidently his entire – upper body.
– Yeah, yeah. Which should help you get through a tight
spot. But he didn’t oil down enough. Yeah, he didn’t bring the
bacon grease from the kitchen. You gotta oil down if you’re
gonna escape prison. His friends were behind him trying to
push him out. Think about how frustrating they were. Like, “I knew he shouldn’t have
gone first, because he’s been eating extra – prison cheese!”
– (laughs) Chow. They call it chow. Well, the cheese, you know,
gives you a little extra weight. – Yeah, yeah.
– Anyway, he starts screaming. – (laughs)
– He panics and starts screaming and of course, the Fire Department comes and they
extract him and then they put him back in the prison. Presumably not through the
hole, but back through the front door. – They just shove him back in.
– And when they get back to his cell, they realize that he had packed suitcases in his
cell that he was planning on getting out. I don’t know if this was a square suitcase
in a round hole situation, but I doubt that he would’ve been able
to get those suitcases out, – Probably.
– but he couldn’t get himself out. All right, I got you another one here.
January of 2009, an identi– an identide– – An unidentified–
– Oh. Unidentified. There’s lots of syllables to try to get
out there– man was skiing at the super duper fancy Vail Ski
Resort in Vail, Colorado. Oh, yes. Very nice. Had a little ski mishap. He was on the,
um… the flying bench that takes you back up the mountain. What are
those things called? Ski lift! (laughs) – Yeah. You know, I call it “flying bench.”
– (laughs) – Hold on, where’s the nearest flying bench?
– So, he was on the flying bench going up, – when all of a sudden he slips off,
– It happens to the best of us. and his right ski gets caught. He is
dangling from his right ski as this thing’s going up. The problem is, as he
slipped off, his pants didn’t slip off the seat. They just slipped off of his person.
So he’s dangling totally naked– and yes, – there are pictures!
– What happened to the underwear? – Is he freeballing out in Vail?
– Free skiing, man! I don’t know. He’s going Comanche. He’s going commando. – Comanche? Commando?
– Well, we used to call it “Comanche.” We didn’t know what
we were talking about. – In the, you know, Southern…
– It’s expensive to buy a lift ticket there, so he couldn’t afford
underwear, I think, is my theory. – Oh, okay.
– So he was dangling pantsless for – fifteen minutes.
– A lot can happen in fifteen minutes. – (laughs)
– (gruffly) Tsssh. Ah, we got a Southern exposure on the North face of the mountain.
(normally) Just think about the questions going through this guy’s mind. He starts
to slip off, and he’s like, “Oh, am I gonna die?” And then he’s like, “Is it
really cold out here all of a sudden?” – (both laugh)
– You know? People taking pictures… If you look at this other photo, the thing
I love is that his traveling companion on the flying bench never gets out of the
ski lift. He’s just sitting there, even– – I would’ve at least–
– There’s people helping him! The other guy’s just sittin’ there. He’s like,
“I’m not looking down at this.” If this happened to you, I would
take my jacket off and clothe you. – Please!
– I mean, look. Now he’s on Good Mythical – Morning!
– Drape this dude, please. (laughs) – Somebody drape him!
– This guy never, ever went skiing again without a nice tight pair of
underwear with a drawstring. – Yeah, for reals, dude!
– Okay, on October 15th, 1999, a guy named Nicholas White left floor 43 of the
McGraw-Hill building, where he worked in New York, and he took a little break. No
big deal. He’s coming back up from his break, takes the elevator… the problem
is, halfway up back to his office, the elevator stops. This has happened
to the best of us, right? Yeah. I mean, it’s everyone’s
fear to be stuck in an elevator. – 41 hours later…
– What? – 41 hours! He spent–
– I think I remember hearing about this guy, because there was
surveillance footage, right? Right. This happened a long time ago,
but it became more of an internet story – more recently.
– Okay. He had no watch, no cellphone, no food,
no water. The only thing he had to sustain – himself was…
– No cellphone? – Well, it was 1999.
– Oh. … a pack of Rolaids. He was quoted as
saying, “Rolaids aren’t a very good meal.” – Really?
– I think it says that on the package. – (laughs)
– They’re just up front about that. – Right.
– Not a meal. So after a while, he’s like, “Well maybe I
can do that thing where you pry the doors open like they do in the movies and then
you just pry the next doors out and then – you get out.”
– Yeah, that’s like hour one. But the problem was that it was an express
elevator that went up 30 floors and bypassed– there was no openings. So he’s
in the middle of a concrete shaft. So when he finally got the doors open, it was just
solid concrete wall. So he’s like, “Okay, this is a problem. I’ve got Rolaids.
I now have to pee.” He proceeds to– – Pee on the Rolaids.
– (laughs) Don’t pee on your only
source of sustenance! He pees– not in the corner, this is
smart– not in the corner, but out– in the little slit between– he opens
the door and pees down the shaft. – (laughs)
– Thankfully, he did not have to poop. That would have been a really
difficult decision at that point. – 41 hours! 41 hours, he did have to poop.
– He did not poop, though. – He just didn’t.
– He did not poop. He did not do it. What would happen
if you peed on Rolaids? I’m just asking. It’d probably fizz. Like a
Coke and Mentos situation. – That’s another episode.
– We’ll do that next time. He ends up ringing the bell, getting on
the intercom, looking up at the camera… Five security guard shifts go by. He’s on
the camera the whole time. None of them happen to notice that he’s stuck in the
freaking elevator, eating Rolaids and – peeing into the crack!
– (laughs) Not dookying. But eventually somebody
realizes that he’s there, and he gets out after 41 hours. He thinks he’s gonna die,
but he doesn’t. And he sues the building management and settles for a small
undisclosed sum. And to this day, – he still–
– Never… – does take elevators.
– Oh, he does? He does take elevators. It didn’t scare
him away from elevators. What’re you – gonna do, stairs? C’mon.
– All right, I gotta squeeze this one in for you. March 2011, Mr. Timothy Cipriani
of Schenectady, New York. (silly voice) Cipriani of Schenectady
New York! Wanted him some money, and – he wanted him some pizza.
– Right. (normally) Look at his face. You know this
guy has been through sumpin’, y’all. – (laughs)
– Well, lemme tell you what it was. He hatched a brilliant scheme
to rob a Paesan’s Pizza. – Oh, yeah.
– He scaled a tree, pried open a vent on the roof, and then entered
through the vent. – Mission Impossible style.
– Yeah. Now, I don’t know if you know this, though. Air ducts
are designed for air… – Yeah.
– not for Timothy Ciprianis. – (laughs) Yeah, exactly.
– He got duct-stuck! Now, I don’t know how the police were
alerted, but it may have been because of – his screaming.
– Oh. He’s like the dude in the… so he starts
screaming. The POPO arrive at 1 AM and they find him screaming and dangling…
his feet are dangling over a deep fryer. He gets his feet down.
He got his feet out. – Yeah. Look at the picture.
– He gets points for feet extrusion. Now, what does this tell you? This tells
you that the police showed up, and then the first thing they did was,
(silly voice) I gotta take a picture of this. – (laughs)
– (normally) Some dude took a picture! A policeman or somebody took a picture of
him while he was still screaming, “Hey, you gotta get me outta here!”
I got to get the framing right. – Evidence, man! It’s evidence!
– I gotta make it square for Instagram, you know? It took 30 minutes for
firefighters to get him out, and the dude had done five prison stints
before, all for attempted burglary. Oh. You gotta grease yourself up if you’re
gonna do this kinda thing. If you’re gonna escape from prison or you’re gonna go rob
a Paesan Pizza, you gotta put Crisco all – over yourself.
– Have you been taking notes? (laughs) – Put Crisco all over yourself!
– C’mon, people, think about it! And also, like and comment
like you always do. – Yeah, please do that.
– We thank you for that. You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Chloe.
– I’m Phil! And it’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality. Woohoo! We’ve been having lots of fun over on
Snapchat! Yes, that’s right, we’re on Snapchat. The username is realrhettlink.
Realrhettlink! I’m Rhett, he’s Link. – We’re real!
– Hey, we’re real! Click through to Good Mythical More. We
got an amazing rollercoaster stuck story. Stuck! – (Link) Alllllmost!
– Rhett can’t stop smiling. Hey man, be serious! Pull it together,
man! Are you in pain or are you happy? – I can’t even tell!
– I just can’t stop smiling! I’m not happy – about it, I just can’t stop smiling!
– Wow. I’ve never seen such a painful – smile in my life!
– Oh, you know what? I think it’s – constipation.
– Oh, it is? – Yeah. I’m gonna go deal with it.
– Makes a lotta sense. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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