People’s vote marchers: ‘Brexit is not done by a long way’

Vote down the deal! It’s not just about whether
we are fed up with it, it’s about the long term issues and
the implications that this terrible, terrible deal’s going to have for our country.
Terrible, terrible deal. I don’t even know how
significant this is. You know you hope but
it’s just endless confusion. And we feel like this is the last chance
to make our voices heard. I don’t know what to say. I want to be able to say to
my 10-year-old grandson, if he asks me what did you do,
I’ll be able to say well we did something. We protested, we marched. If people want to talk about
the will of the people this is certainly the will of a lot of
people who are actually bothering to turn out here
to express it. I’m here with eight coaches
full, and we could have filled more, from Warwick
and Stratford. The only thing that was better before we
joined the EU was I had a full set of teeth I think. What else
might be better? It does feel like a last chance.
And I think the stakes are quite high. For us personally
it means that there will be a border between us. I’m
British, she’s German. It will have personal
consequences for us. Bollocks to Brexit! We want Morris not Boris! I tried to talk to a guy today
with a Union Jack flag and I went over to him and I said,
fair play to you, you’ve got my respect because you’re out here with
all these people who obviously have an opposing
opinion to yours and you’re out here saying your piece. And
I offered him my hand and he wouldn’t shake my hand.
And I said why, what’s that? And he said because you’re
against democracy. I said but I’m for discussion
and compromise and talking things through and working out
the issues and he wasn’t interested. And I was disappointed with that
but that’s the general response I get with people at home when I talk to
them about the Brexit position. It’s all emotional. Traitor! Traitor!
Traitor! Traitor! Ignorant dick.
Anyway, that’s what you’re up against. When you have to try and reason
with people like that. It just says it all. We come
up with witty signs and they come out with bluster and bullshit. There’s no such thing as
man-made climate change. I am a man-made
climate change denier. Oh he hates it. He’d prefer
to be able to go across the Channel whenever he feels like it. I’m representing friends who
have cats who can’t be here. And we’re here because
the Brexiteers say this is just a London mob.
No it’s not, we’ve come all the way from Scotland
to say that we want a people’s vote. Do or die Boris lies dead in the ditch!
Dead in the ditch! Do or die Boris lies dead in the ditch! I’ve come from Paris last night.
I live in France. My friends always look at me with a very concerned
expression and say, what are you doing what’s going on, are you all mad?
Is it mad cow disease? I voted leave in 2016 but I’ve
changed my mind. In 2018 my daughter unfortunately
developed epilepsy and it was really horrible to be honest.
She was having like 30 fits a day at one point.
And we found out that her drug was actually being stockpiled
because of Brexit. That’s what I’ve got to say,
we need a second referendum now! Everybody here whether you’re
Green party, Labour or Lib Dem agree that leaving the EU doesn’t
solve the challenges that the country’s facing. They’ve passed the amendment.
The Letwin amendment went through? Yes. 322 to 306. So that means now he’s …
He can’t put the deal through. Is he bringing it back anyway?
Well he can’t so he now has to ask for an extension. OK. I think the rain has definitely
fallen on Boris Johnson’s parade today, the parade here has
been in beautiful sunshine. Absolutely crazy.
Just crazy. So if there’s been one small,
I wouldn’t say upside, but something really good about this process
has been to shatter the idea that we are collectively apathetic
politically. Lots of people care a lot about what happens in
this country about our relationship with the rest of the world and I
think that has to be the basis for the conversation going
forward. I think we have to come together collectively and
use this moment to ask a question about what kind of
society do we want to be and to have that in a measured way.
I’m tired of the soundbite politics. We are not collectively so stupid that
we can’t take onboard a message that’s not more than three words. We’ve had a great day.
So many people have seen what a wonderful float, how
effective it shows the relationship between our prime minister
and his adviser. It’s not going to finish on the
31st of October. It’s not going to finish in my lifetime. I think there’s going to be
another march, I think it’s not done by a long way. Is this the last float you’re
going to have to make? I hope so. It’s the fourth
one we’ve had. There’s one more to come.
A victory one.

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