Phillipa Soo on the Artist as Citizen | Juilliard Snapshot

Phillipa Soo on the Artist as Citizen | Juilliard Snapshot

♫♫♫ I have–since graduating–have used the
phrase, “artist as citizen,” a lot in my life, in my artistic life. It’s kind of a very…
it’s a mantra for myself really about what kind of art do I want to make, what
kind of citizen do I want to be, and especially being in ‘Hamilton,’ I think
that it’s very much, um, in the foreground of my experience every day. Um, I… because of
my experience at Juilliard, working with the Juilliard outreach program, I used
that as kind of a model for starting my own outreach program with Graham Windham,
which is the original orphanage that Eliza established, is now a real…it’s-it’s
still place and it’s called Graham Windham, and they work with men women and
children all over the city. And so we were able to start a teaching program
there, working with the…some of the young adults that are in that program
and creating art, teaching master classes, and I definitely know that I would not
have the skill set or the confidence to even start, or dream of starting,
something like that and because of my experience with the idea of being an
artist as a citizen, using that as inspiration, using my experience here to
guide me, I was able to do that with the help of many people. That…it’s kind of
incredible what, um…what you don’t realize that you take with you once you leave
Juilliard and how it’s always coming back to you. ♫♫♫


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