Pick Your Passion with Citizen Science

Pick Your Passion with Citizen Science

How many of you wanted to be scientists when
you were younger? It doesn’t matter how old you are … you
can still explore the world around you. That’s what public participation in scientific
research …also known as citizen science is all about. It’s people of all ages and backgrounds joining
together … gathering and analyzing data … helping to answer important scientific
questions – each helping in their own way … big or small. Together, with lots of people
working to solve problems … we can open up new avenues for research that wouldn’t
be possible for traditional, small teams of scientists. You don’t need a degree to participate, just
some curiosity. There are all sorts of ways to get involved.
Check out sites like Citizenscience.gov or the NSF-funded Zooniverse or to find hundreds
of projects that need your help. You can do anything from looking for the Northern Lights
to helping conservation efforts. … Even play games that solve real scientific
problems, like developing new medical treatments! The National Science Foundation has been a
leader in citizen science for decades … making it easier to get involved in real-world
scientific projects. So, pick a passion … go out … OR Log on
… And science it up! Because we can’t do it without YOU.


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