Pink Inspires While Accepting E! People’s Champion Award | E! People’s Choice Awards

-Thank you. It´s heavy. Thank you. That was dirty. Y´all tried to make me cry. No, it is — thank you — it is an absolute honor to be
getting this award for the People´s Champion. I looked up “People´s Champion” and Rocky Balboa came up,
which I thought was fitting because I´m from around Philadelphia and I like to wear sweat pants and I like to
fight people. I grew up in a family of activists and boxers, actually,
come to think of it. But I know that one person can make a difference. You feel
like you don´t matter, feel like your life doesn´t matter, get involved. You can´t tell me Martin Luther King, Jr.,
Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Gloria Steinam, Anita Hill, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thurnberg, tell
me one person can´t make a difference. I am a dumbass derelict from Doylestown, and I have managed
to change a little part in my little world. And — thank you — there is so much to be done. I don´t
care about your politics, I care about your kids. I care about — thank you — I care about decency and
humanity and kindness. Kindness today is an act of rebellion. There are people that
don´t have what you have, help them get it. There is a planet that needs help. It feels good to help. It feels powerful to help. Stop fighting each other and help
each other. Get together with your friends and change the [bleep] world. -[Applause] -Thank you.

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