Pohang citizens take shelter after M5.4 earthquake rattles southeast Korea

Pohang citizens take shelter after M5.4 earthquake rattles southeast Korea

We start with the magnitude five-point-four
earthquake that rocked the southeastern part of Korea on Wednesday afternoon… The main quake struck at 2:29 p.m. near the
city of Pohang… with two smaller quakes or– “fore shocks” happening before… and
aftershocks still continuing. For more we go straight to our Oh Jung-hee,
who is at the locatoin for us. Jung-hee, it’s still relatively early in the
morning,… how are residents there coping at this difficult time? Semin, I’m at a gym a few kilometers north
of central Pohang. The surrounding area was directly hit by yesterday’s
earthquake,… so two-hundred to three-hundred citizens — from little babies, to middle
and high school students, to elderly citizens — have evacuated their homes and have spent
the night here. Officials at this gym have been distributing
food and blankets to citizens here so they are warm and comfortable. I was able to talk to a few people here,…
and they seemed shocked to have experienced once again, the same disaster they had gone
through in September of last year… when a magnitude five-point-eight earthquake struck
the city of Gyeongju. To give our viewers an idea,… Gyeongju is
just around 30 kilometers away from here. People here say, although they feel relatively
safe in this gym,… they can still feel the aftershocks… and are naturally quite anxious. Since yesterday’s quake, there have been over
30 aftershocks… and more are expected over the coming days. Here’s how citizens remember the moment when
earthquake hit. Take a look. (Korean)
” Everything was shaking, so I just ran… and followed a friend in front of me. I looked out the window and the building was
almost collapsing. The windows were originally closed, but they
all swung open and shattered into pieces. They told us not to come to school until Friday.” [ . . – . . . .] (Korean)
“Everything shook so violently that I couldn’t even move. I heard windows shattering, so decided to
stay inside with my daughter. When I went to my office, I saw a few flowerpots
and a mirror had hit the floor. We’re still feeling the tremors and some people
are even too frightened to turn the lights off.” ( . , . , . // , . // . .) You can understand why people are still worried
after experiencing that. But Junghee,… the quake was powerful enough
that the government has even taken the unprecedented step of postponing the nationwide college
entrance exam, or Suneung, all because of the earthquake. It’s the first time the test has been rescheduled
due to a natural disaster since it was implemented in 1993. That’s right, Semin. The government says it made the decision because
a number of test-sites have been badly damaged… and there’s a high possibility aftershocks
could strike while students take the test. They say students’ safety is their top priority,
and I can see why they made such a decision. Since I arrived last night, I’ve been looking
around the city with our camera crew, and indeed, a lot of buildings are in bad shape. Broken windows, collapsed walls and cars crushed
under debris… and that was around the whole city… in the most ordinary places like schools,
apartments and supermarkets. The impact of this earthquake in Pohang is
much more powerful than the one in Gyeongju last year despite the lower magnitude… because
the epicenter was so much shallower. The people I’ve been meeting at this gym are
stressing that Korea is no longer a “safe” country when it comes to earthquakes… and
they are demanding the government take steps to protect ordinary citizens. Semin.


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