Powerful Hair Makeovers That Transform People’s Lives

– Okay, ready? – Okay. (sheers buzzing)
Oh my God, oh my God. – Hi, my name is David Dang,
I’m a celebrity hair stylist, hair trichologist, and I
transform people’s lives. (piano music) – The first thing I think
of hair is something that I have to always keep in
one place, keep it tidy, it happens when I’m at
work ’cause I’m a nurse, so it has to be up, at
home I have a baby so it has to be up, it used to
be something that I could feel pretty about, now it’s just something that gets in the way. – I’m just plain Jane,
no bangs, long hair, I’ve always been on this
journey trying to find what kind of style matches my personality. – The first thing I think of
when I think of hair is work; lots and lots of work. Ever since I was a kid, my hair has always been in some kind of style. I never just had my hair just
out, because that wasn’t okay. – I went through a period
of rapid weight loss. When you lose weight
really, really quickly, your hair falls out. Most guys pay no attention
to what’s really happening with their hair, or it starts
not to be there anymore, and then you panic. – I think it’s hard for girls
with curly hair to find the right style, like a typical
Latina mom, she would give me the tightest, most
slicked-back ponytail. I look at girls and I
think, I wish I could do that to my hair, if
only I had straight hair. – My hair is pretty thin,
you watch all the commercials with the amazing hair and
you do all those things and it still looks flat. My hair style is dictated by the fact that I don’t like spending time with it. – Well, when I think of hair,
I do think of my sister. She passed away two
years ago from Leukemia, but her hair was always on point. When she’d have her chemo days, she would have me put on her make-up. She’s like, even though
I have no hair honey, she’s like, you gotta do my face. Since her passing, I would
do the best that I could, but now with being a mom it’s
a little bit more challenging. Today’s gonna be a great hair day, and she’s gonna be right there watching. She’s gonna be like, yes. – There’s a story behind every hair cut. It’s a hair journey. I’m feeling that I’m gonna
give your sister the honor of something spectacular and miraculous. I’m visioning something really simple, yet still eleganza too. – And that’s important, yeah,
you shouldn’t lose yourself just because you have a family or a job. – You’ve kind of put
your hair back over here, is this kind of like the
style that you like to go for? – Yeah, it’s my way of
feeling a little edgy. – I’ve never been able to
get good bangs, so I give up. – Oh you’ve been bangry. There’s like gonna be two things I’m gonna be talking to you about: covering your hair and then
more of a styling of your hair. With your permission, I feel like we should go natural today. You know your struggle is
I have to be more black than the black people are,
I have to be more white than the white people, same thing here, like you’re living two different
lives, that’s exhausting! – No, for sure. – Right?
– Yeah. – This is untouched. – You are a virgin. – Uh, yeah. (woman laughs)
– Hair virgin! And I think that that’s so
empowering as a hair stylist, because you’ve given me the
opportunity to just go at it. Let’s do this. – Yeah, let’s do it!
– All right, let’s go! I’m gonna ask you before
I start, because this is a really huge step. – Okay. – Is it cool if I shave you? – Are you serious? (sheers buzzing)
– Wanna you close your eyes? – I’m already closing my eyes. – Oh okay, oh shoot,
you’re all ready there. Curly hair is it’s own class. All these people who are red carpet, they have waves in their hair. That’s essentially curls. It’s curl power, you want
to embrace those curls because those are what’s working for you. A lot of moms go like, I don’t
want to try anything new, the maintenance, I have no time. But remember, if the stylist is giving you the correct consultation,
the maintenance can actually be as easy as pie. Moms, you rock, and we’re
here to show you that. First word that comes to your mind, okay? Shorter. The stigma of cutting short hair on girls. – I’m super nervous because I don’t know how short you’re going. – They go like, oh don’t cut your hair, your hair’s beautiful. I’m talking about having that
open conversation of like, why you want to cut your hair. There’s a liberating fact about it. Your hair can grow better, it’s less likely to get split ends. Live a little bit, don’t
worry, hair grows back. We have a virgin client. That’s a stylist’s dream, blank canvas. Coloring hair is not
as scary as you think, because coloring your hair is almost like covering your life. Still be you, but have a little
bit of, oh I’m someone else. For men, they have something called DHT, it’s like a testosterone,
and it blocks follicles from growing, they can either
be like, losing it here, losing it back here, losing a little here, patchiness. For every 100,000 men
that are losing hair, 50,000 women are. It’s diffused-ening, it’s everywhere. So we’re speaking to women to figure out where your areas of concern are and how we can get you from point zero to 10. I’m going to send you to one of my really, really great friends. I feel like a lot of the culture where we sabotage each other is like, oh you have to have straight hair. Who said that that’s the
best way to do things? There’s another way to feel
your hair breathe again, and to accept that as
something that’s so beautiful. – I’m so ready.
– All right. – Oh my God, I’m another human! What, it’s like wow! – [David] It’s like another you. Like this cut is just fun.
– [Jennifer] Yeah. – Like you can even scrunch
it and just let it go, that lived in kind of hair. And you’re not bangry. – I’m not bangry, I have bangs. – [David] You’re banging!
– [Jennifer] Oh my God. – Open. – Oh my God! – [David] What do you think? – [Jazmin] It looks cool!
– It’s so clean, and you have a cute scalp. This is a natural wave, people want this. – I have never had a hair cut where I love how curly my hair looks. – I look 18 again.
(both laugh) I feel lighter, I feel
livelier, I feel younger. – This is the most authentic
hair cut I think I’ve given, because my mom struggled
and I think the last thing she thought about was her looks. I feel like you are
empowering as a person. – [Anna] Thank you! – [Marc] I really like it, I’m surprised by how you really can’t
see the receding hair line. – What this looks like is effortless. – Yeah. – I literally woke up,
jushed my hair a little bit, and then bam! Here we go.
(gasps) – It looks gorgeous! It feels like there’s a vibrancy to it that I didn’t have
before, and it feels full. – Exactly, I didn’t
tease your hair at all, this is no tease, this is
straight up a blow dry. You’re gonna get some looks girl. – Honey, my sister approves. – [David] Oh I love it, I’m so happy. – Oh my God.
(both laughing) I just feel very open, I
feel very free right now, I can touch my scalp for once. – I feel like this is
another great option for you. You’re embodying everything
that I think that a woman stands for and a
woman stands for in her hair. – Whoa!
(both laughing) – Wow, that’s crazy! – It looks so much fuller,
and that’s just color. – This is a sweet color, I’m into this. – It’s the easiest thing to maintain. – [Amy] This is awesome.
– [David] Yeah. You are definitely a vock. – My advice for girls who never
do anything with their hair is to get somebody trusted and just let them go wild with it. – People forget that this is
forever, and whether you’re losing it or whether you
have a lot of it, it’s there. That’s why I made this
video for people out there who don’t have a voice for hair. – [Anna] My husband’s
gonna say “rawr”. (laughs) – [Jazmin] Just let your hair be free. – [Jennifer] Keep trying
new things and I think that really helps you grow as a person. – As my sister would say, she’d be like, “Mm hmm honey, that’s how
you do your hair, girl.”

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