Preserving CAP’s History

Preserving CAP’s History

Greetings, we’re shooting this video
right here in National Headquarters Civil Air Patrol at Maxwell Air Force
Base, and you can see behind me one of the history displays that we have here
at National Headquarters. Civil Air Patrol has got this amazing history that
goes all the way back to the 1st of December 1941 and right up to the
present … this amazing history that you and those who have gone before us have
made. Now the thing that I want to mention to you is that we are creating
history every day, and what we need help on is to capture that history. Use your
region, your wing, and your squadron historians to capture that history for us,
not only in the written form with the reports that we ask you to do but with
the artifacts as well . We tend to be so busy in what we’re doing making history,
we’re not so good at recording it. So 75 years down the road when those who come
behind us celebrate another key milestone in Civil Air Patrol’s history,
they will know of the great things that you’re doing right now. Thank you very


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    Spartan 0136

    It seems like it would be fun to be able to visit the National Headquarters. Does anyone know if it is allowed for a CAP squadron to take an educational trip over there?

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