President Donald Trump Admin Aims To Limit Citizenship For Legal Immigrants | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Admin Aims To Limit Citizenship For Legal Immigrants | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


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    Kari F

    Try to make America function without immigrants willing to do the hard jobs that these white, far right, constantly whining victims of imaginary oppression won't touch with their delicate, white slik skin hands… If these people get their white America, they will find something else to see themselves as victims of.

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    This is fake news.

    I am a legal immigrant on the path to citizenship, and I am disgusted how the media is misrepresenting this situation in order to generate hatred for Trump.

    Firstly, there is no public charge requirement for naturalization, so that part is a lie.
    If you already have a green card and want to become a citizen, this does not affect you.

    Secondly, they are saying that it is going to make it harder for legal immigrants to get a green card.

    This is also false – if they don't have a green card, they are not a legal immigrant.

    To any permanent residents worrying about this, please stop. It's all just Trump derangement syndrome, and it is very unethical that the media are doing this.

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    Jackee G

    Don't forget if this passes as law it not only affect Hombres; but it's also going to affect other immigrants who at one time used public assistance like… Мужчин, Män, mans, , الرجال, 男人. Muži, lalaki, Hommes, Männer, Άνδρες, पुरुषों, Férfiak, Uomini, 男性, 남자, watu, Erkek, Чоловіків, etc.

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    Jc A

    This is unconstitutional he swear to defend the constitution we are going to fight back. Cuz if we don’t they will continue this nonsense

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    They told you he is trying to make America White again just look at his actions. None of this stuff is shocking the real question is what are you going to do about it? Cause just talking isn't going to do anything.

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    Google User

    Trump is a 72 year old man who is paranoid with the world, untethered by facts and into conspiracy theroies. He thinks everyone is here to get him, everyone is here to take advantage of the U.S. The sad thing is he probably has been like this forever, some kind of personality complex, but America or just enough of the American voters have just caught up to him in this paranoia. What happened to America?

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    legal immigrants pay taxes! they feed into the social security system! which allows elderly americans to live! what are they thinking?

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    If Trump is saying that he wants to change the 14 amendment so even if some people was born in the us can get deported. That would apply for him too

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    Jay Cee

    If you go to court for a misdemeanor the judge doesn’t allow you to keep doing the illegal thing that brought you to the judge in the first place do they? No they don’t. Just because it’s not a felony doesn’t mean it isn’t breaking the law.

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    Johnny Bump

    The Zionist media constantly pushes for massive immigration into Western nations as a means to overcome those societies.

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    Windy canovercome

    Stephan miller is demon evil heart and likes to obey the demons that why he can come up with this cruel unfair policy. If republican or anyone dont stop this then the whole should know how evil stephan is n get him out of earth because he hates humans and wants to suffer people. This is unjust you have just seen this unjust n you need to stop it because they come the legal way and if you dont respect then you all will not be respected. Cant believe we only see this in kind of evil in movies n on tv but now you are really seeing this demon stephan in front of your eyes. he like hilter

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    Windy canovercome

    why are they created problems only. this dont need go farther any longer it needs to stop now. Stephan miller is full of demons n must be stop. If no one stops this they all are demons like stephan. the world needs to know that stephan is a true monster demon if he dont stop. he the new hilter

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    They’re not the descendants of legal immigrants. Let’s get that straight first. Unless you consider murdering the people who were already here and then taking it legal.

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    Ohh how much liberals love welfare. Love and encourage it. It's not true that the problem is because they are "brown people"

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    Luckster 247

    28 U.S. Code § 3002
    (15) “United States” means—
    (A) a Federal corporation;
    (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
    (C) an instrumentality of the United States.

    So WHICH United States is Talking about?
    Is it "THE United States" = Corporation
    or is it "THESE united states of America" = separated powers / countries.
    Because there is a BIG difference.

    THE United States is allegedly located in the 1 square mile of the District of Columbia.
    Trump can have it ALL to himself and his politicians.

    but THESE united states of america he does not own.

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    There is income limits on health care but they don't declare their foreign property and no one checks on it outside the US so we give our tax money to support foreign wealthy home owners but not local people. The insurance companies ban local people with felonies from jobs but not foreign felons because they don't check. So get your facts straight and report some facts. We see these foreigners in their 20 grand plus SUV's and we all can't hardly afford a junker. But we shouldn't say it's drug running money yet we got none. We never are going to any of their countries taking their jobs or vacationing so how should we know who they are or why they're ALL so rich.

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    Me Gook

    20 million illegals?? How stupid these people are to complain about deporting these law breakers! Don’t vote democrat, they caused this problem among many others!!

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    R Brown

    MSNBC and CNN, you are Fake News. Undocumented immigrants need to be deported. If our boarders were secure Mollie Tibbets would have still been alive.

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    #1 guido

    They don’t wanna go threw that then tell them to stay in Mexico god damm if you try to go to Mexico it’s 5yrs in prison like I don’t feel bad for any mexicans that are illegal come here legally or don’t come at all period

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    spot light

    At this point, we need to pause ALL immigration until ALL the ILLEGAL immigrants have been deported and the border wall built!

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    Elvis Johnson

    Where díd this guy go to school? They were settlers not immigrates. Even when people came thur Ellis Island there were laws. U can not have a country with 50 different languages or 50 different flag's flying or 50 different laws from all other countries. U have one language one flag the laws of the country and love and respect for all. That's what America is, it's not a Melting pot. U can love it or leave, but u can not change it.

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    Edmund Singleton

    Ever since this American President came down those electric stairs demonizing Mexican immigrants, no recent immigrant to America has felt purely safe in the bosom of the American fabric of life…

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    Habibur Rahman

    immigrants do the work the blacks wont do, at least they don't sit around and live off welfare, or go around doing crime. The only burden to america are the blacks, the trump admin should straighten them up

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    lynn Entler

    But here's the thing about Trump's family they're not on welfare they've got money they're contributing to the United States of America so there's the difference they're not bleeding the system got it

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    Ted Chyn

    Unfortunately, 14th amendment cannot be changed by executive order and the Supreme Court is unlikely to overrule the case of US vs Wong Kim Ark(1898) that a child born in the US of Chinese nationality automatically became a US citizen; and 14th amendments can only be changed through constitution conventions.

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    The Meme King

    Limit citizenship for legal immigrants. Really man I agree with kicking out Illegal immagrants but we don't need to incourage people to come in ilegally because life as a legal immigrant is immpossible.

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    Fla-bushcraft Prepper

    You can not have both cakes and eat them too. You get one cake and you can eat that one cake.
    There will be X number of new citizens from a foreign population base. It is wise to keep X to be as close as normal to the average number new citizens.
    For every illegal immigrant that gets a path to citizenship, it must be mitigated by limiting a legal immigrant.
    To mitigate the millions of illegal aliens that Congress will some day give a path to citizenship, the numbers must be adjusted to what they would naturally be.
    Either deport illegals, or reject legal migrants. The migrants must be allowed citizenship at a rate the nation can assimilate them.
    This means rejecting foreigners who do not assimilate. If there are illegals who learned English and have a skill to offer and pay a proper tax, give them a path.
    That is Congress' job, that is what they are elected to do. This is not the President's job. The president signs the bills into law from Congress.
    If there are legal migrants who have not learned English and have no skill to contribute, sayonara, hasta la vista and Good Bye.
    Before you ask, What if they are married or have an American born baby? The answer is that there are millions and millions who have no baby and are not married.
    Kick out the criminals and kick out those that do not meet the Merritt based system.
    Migrant Workers with a Migrant Worker Visa who learn English and contribute are of value. They have Merritt.
    Trump is about balancing the system and working to protect the American Worker.
    Poor Black American and Poor American Latino communities are hurt the worst by over population of non skilled or low skilled people.

    The wealthy corporations benefit the most by cheap new labor. Trump is working against the top 1% and working to protect the bottom 90%.
    Did you know that illegal men wait for truckers to pay them to unload trucks and trailers. Some charge $25 for an hours work. $25 cash.
    Did you know some illegal aliens wait near Home Depot and Lowes, and wait for wealthy people to pay them as much as $100 to $150 a day to help them on projects.
    This is competing directly with union contractors and union plumbers.
    Did you know some cities have started letting illegal aliens get licenses to work as general contractors and they under bit American Citizens by as much as 70%.
    Trump is fighting these inadequacies. Americans have a right to the American Dream. Illegals do not have the right to usurp the American Citizens rights.
    Those are Black, Hispanic and White contractors being under bid. Union Workers being put out of work.
    There are videos on YouTube showing illegals charging high amounts for 1 hour work or one days work, and others using a rental truck and cheap tools to under bid union workers.
    They are working the system where they can, when they can in various ways to undermine American Workers of all nationalities.
    This is why you get one cake to eat. The added population must be regulated and it must put the American Citizens first.

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    Raymond Hernandez

    People are so stupid and fall for this welfare stuff that immigrants are taking all that money from us citizens,FIRST OF ALL YOU NEED TO BE A US CITIZEN TO QUALIFY FOR WALFARE SO THEIRS NO ILLEGAL CITIZENS ON WALFARE THEY MITE WORK UNDER A DIFERENT SOCIAL SECURY NUMBER BUT GUESS WHAT ON TAX SEASON THEY CANT COLLECT THEIR TAXES SO WHO DO YOU THINK KEEPS ALL THE TAX MONEY FROM THE ILLEGAL IMIGRANTS THAT HAVE JOBS HERE IN THE U.S….THE GOVERMENT KEEPS ALL THAT MONEY AND THATS IN THE MILLIONS THAT THE GOVERMENT AND IF THE GOVERNMENT USES THAT MONEY ON US THEN THAT BENEFITS US ALL,so in reality they are helping us with money as well,do your research don’t believe the lies trump talks about ,he puts he’s own wife down and he’s so stupid and doesn’t notice that he fits on the same category ,he’s own wife is barely learning how to speak English we have an immigrant as First Lady ,but he wants to get ride of illegal imigrants ,trying to make it sound like they are the ones responsible for all bad things that happen here,when he knows is the people around him the crooked ones ,it’s been documented how people from our GOVERMENT were bringing drugs here ,every year around so many million go missing and nobody talks about that money ,and it’s been going on for years ,but people see things on tv and believe everything,all of you are forgetting that we are all humans ,we should all help each other ,if we work together and educate everyone ,this world can be a better place to live ,but the rich want to keep us seperated so the poor stay poor and never become better then what they are ,and rich keep getting Richer,what are we turning into ,we act like we care when we hear or see people getting mistreated or are hungry or don’t have a place to stay cause of their governments keeping the money for themselves and not caring about their people ,if that country has something we want ,then we are quick to go to war with them and waste millions ,and nobody complains or think it’s wrong ,but if people come to have a better life ,that’s not ok and we don’t want them here,they are doing the same thing our grandparents did to get here ,it’s ok when it’s us doing it to them right ,we even stole some land from Mexico and force them to sing over a few states ,we took this land by force and our people were actually welcome and treated with respect ,and now after comiting so many crimes and breaking so many laws to be in this land ,we tell the rightful owners of some of this land to obey the law and they can only come here if they do what the laws say,we should be embarrass to even talk about this when we are the bad guys ,it’s like the crook going back with the police to the house he burglarize and tells him to arrest the owner of the house cause he kicked him when he was stealing he’s tv,and the cops arrest the owner of the house and let’s the crook stay in the house ,and later when the owner gets out of jail ,the crook tells him that he can just come in the house cause it belongs to the crook and theirs rules and laws the ex owner must follow if he wants to rent the small room and be able to enter the house legally .we are the crooks in that story and naitive Americans and mexicans are the owners in that story .if we want to make things right then we should stop bullying people give them back what’s rightfully theirs and then try to get along ,when we were the illegal ones ,they welcome us to stay in their land ,they dint disrespect us or put us down like if they were better then us ,if you believe in god and doing good then you should know this immigration stuff is pure evil and they doing it to separate us and keep us fighting amongs ourselves so we won’t pay attention to the things they are doing behind our backs ,wake up people ,history explain that we are all related cause their was only a few humans here on earth ,this land was for all of us to enjoy together ,not to put borders and divide us and put us against each other ,you are doing the devils work if you think like trump ,our GOVERMENT the people a lot of you trust and believe the most are the ones keeping a lot of the money that they blame on other things that’s who we should focus on ,theirs good and bad people legal or illegal but thanks to a lot of illegal imigrants the US is what it is cause of the help that came from other places ,and yes their was bad people that came over too ,but that’s part of life and can’t just blame it on them,but if we help each other educate everyone then the ones that could of been bad people we got to change them and help them be good people ,and that’s how we make things better .

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    JR GEE


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    Pat Carague

    As a non-white immigrant, I am offended when people say this new rule targets non-whites, which implies people of color are less likely to be financially independent.

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