President Moon to discuss state affairs with 300 citizens in televised town hall meeting

president moon jaein will soon hold a
town-hall meeting with the public which will be televised live across the
country a translated version will be available right here on a deal on TV and
a dealings at social media channels live studying 8:00 p.m. Korea time but let’s
first turn a two-hour packagin who is at the blue house for us here Juna what can
we expect today well out on president ones channel
meeting is going to begin in less than an hour now and for 100 minutes he’s
going to take questions and feedback from the 300 South Korean citizens who
are pre-selected by the main broadcaster NBC and this event was actually
organized for president moon to better interact with the people especially as
the energy second half of his five-year term and today he’ll reflect on both the
achievements and his shortcomings of his policy so far and he will also shed
light on the future direction of various state matters it’s going to last for
over an hour and a half so we expect to hear the president’s view on a vast
range of issues now June as you mentioned it certainly will give the
public a better understanding of the moon’ administration’s policy goals but
do you have any details on the topics that will be discussed during at the
meeting well not really not until we actually begin with the
meeting because we have no idea of knowing what the audience is going to be
asking the president now president moon will first begin with his opening
remarks briefly and then today’s emcee for the event Spitzer Suh a well known
radio host and former singer will randomly choose a member of the audience
whoever is picked will be given the chance to ask whatever they wanted a
president that can be along the lines of news headlines such as inter-korean
relations or bilateral ties with Japan or even some rather sensitive issues
like the recent controversy regarding ex justice minister toogle but then again
because the audience consists of ordinary citizens questions could focus
more on matters closely related to their everyday lives like jobs real estate or
even education so basically it’s entirely raw and unscripted with
President Mun answering the questions on the spots
it’s his first live Q&A with the citizens but it’s also an unprecedented
format for any South Korean leader former presidents have either received
the questions beforehand or had the episode pre-recorded
and Moon addressing the public’s worries and concerns without any preparation
will make today’s discussions are much more genuine and candid and I’ll be back
with the updates in our later newscast back to you Adam

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