Press Briefing with Acting Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli

Press Briefing with Acting Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli

Acting Director Cuccinelli:
It’s a pleasure to be here with you today. I’m Ken Cuccinelli. I’m head of the United
States Citizenship and Immigration Services. And President Trump has
once again delivered on his promise to the
American people to enforce longstanding
immigration law. Today, USCIS, the agency
I head as part of the Department of Homeland
Security, has issued a rule that encourages and
ensures self-reliance and self-sufficiency for
those seeking to come to, or to stay in, the
United States. It will also help promote
immigrant success in the United States as they
seek opportunity here. Throughout our history,
self-reliance has been a core principle
in America. The virtues of
perseverance, hard work, and self-sufficiency laid
the foundation of our nation and have defined
generations of immigrants seeking opportunity
in the United States. Our current law, which
is generations old, recognizes that some new
arrivals to our country need the help of their
family and community. It requires come of those,
who seek to live and remain in the United
States, to have a sponsor who will be financially
responsible for them. In the case of my
own family, my Italian grandfather
played this role, sponsoring two of his
cousins, Mario and Silvio, to come to America. Once they arrived, my
grandfather wanted to make sure his cousins spoke
English – certainly well enough to work – and
listed my father in that effort, as well, to make
sure they could speak English well
enough to work. And they did. My family worked together
to ensure that they could provide for their own
needs, and they never expected the government
to do it for them. And the same hardworking
spirit shared by countless immigrants
who’ve made the U.S. their home is central to
our American identity. This spirit has also been
rooted for over a century – well over a century –
in our immigration laws, going back to the 1800s. Since 1996, the law has
required foreign nationals to rely on their own
capabilities and the resources of their
families, sponsors, and private organizations
in their communities to succeed. However, Congress has
never defined the term “public charge” in the
law, and that term hadn’t been clearly
defined by regulation. Well, that is what changes
today with this rule. Through the public charge
rule, President Trump’s administration is
reinforcing the ideals of self-sufficiency and
personal responsibility, ensuring that immigrants
are able to support themselves and become
successful here in America. Our rule generally
prevents aliens, who are likely to become a public
charge, from coming to the United States or
remaining here and getting a green card. Public charge is now
defined in a way that ensures the law is
meaningfully enforced and that those who are subject
to it are self-sufficient. Under the rule, a public
charge in now defined as an individual who receives
one or more designated public benefits for more
than 12 months in the aggregate within any
36-month period. For instance, receipt of
two different benefits in one month counts
as two months. A public charge in
an admissibility determination is
prospective and looks at whether an individual is
likely, at any point in the future, to become a
public charge as we define it in the regulation. Public benefits are
defined as federal, state and local, as well as
tribal, cash assistance for income maintenance
and small list of non-cash benefits. Some examples of the
public benefits that are part of the rule are
general assistance, SSI, SNAP, most forms of
Medicaid, and certain subsidized
housing programs. Significantly, the rule
does not consider many forms of government
assistance that protect children and pregnant
women’s health as public benefits. Generally, this includes
emergency medical assistance, disaster
relief, national school lunch programs, WIC, CHIP,
Medicaid received by people under the age of
21 or pregnant women, as well as foster care
and adoption subsidies, student and mortgage
loans, energy assistance, food pantries, homeless
shelters, and Head Start. It’s important to note
this rule will apply prospectively only to
applications and petitions received starting on
October 15th of this year. Once this rule is
implemented and effective on October 15th, USCIS
Career Immigration Services Officers – what
we call ISOs – will generally consider an
alien’s current and past receipt of the designated
public benefits while in the United States as a
negative factor when examining applications. However, receipt of
certain non-cash benefits received before October
15th will not be considered as a
negative factor. The underlying statute
passed on a bipartisan basis also requires
officers to assess, at a minimum, each applicant’s
age, health, family status, assets, resources
and financial status, and their education and
skills, as well as other factors set forth in the
rule in the totality of the circumstances. The totality of the
circumstances means that officers will assess all
of the evidence related to these factors, and no one
factor alone will decide an applicant’s case. Most of these factors are
the ones Congress mandated us to review when
considering immigration benefit applications. Under this final rule,
USCIS will be able to objectively determine
whether an applicant is likely at any time in the
future to receive public benefits above the
designated threshold. Importantly, this final
rule has no impact on humanitarian-based
immigration programs for refugees and asylees. No impact on
refugees or asylees. And it clarifies the
exemption for trafficking victims and victims
of domestic violence. Congress has long
carved out exemptions for these categories. And our regulation adheres
strictly to the laws as written. The final rule
also excludes from consideration public
benefits received by certain members of
the U.S. Armed Forces and their spouses and
children, as well as Medicaid benefits
for emergency medical services. Lastly, under the final
rule, USCIS can permit an applicant seeking a
green card from inside the United States, who is
inadmissible only on the public charge ground, to
adjust their status to that of a legal permanent
resident if they will post a public charge bond. So, to conclude, I’d
just note again that generations of immigrants
have strengthened the foundation of our country
and making positive contributions today,
and we expect that to continue in
the future. Through faithful
execution of our nation’s longstanding laws,
President Trump’s public charge inadmissibility
rule better ensures that immigrants are able to
successfully support themselves as they seek
opportunity here in America. Throughout our history,
Americans and legal immigrants have pulled
themselves up by their bootstraps to pursue their
dreams and the opportunity of this great nation. As President Trump
delivers on his promise to uphold the rule of law,
this administration is promoting our shared
history and encouraging the core values needed to
make the American dream a reality. And with that, I’m happy
to take some questions. Yes, sir. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. Cuccinelli. As you know, the primary
focus of this President throughout his
presidency has been on illegal immigration. The focus of what you just
outlined in this proposed rule is on legal
immigration. Acting Director
Cuccinelli: Yes. The Press: Why the
change in focus? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: This is not a change in focus. This rule goes all the way
back to executive orders from early in 2017. It’s been a long,
arduous effort. If you take a look at
the fully printed item, it’ll make “War and Peace”
seem relatively short. It is very thorough in the
first attempt to put into operational effect all of
the different factors that Congress itself has
said we’re supposed to consider when
deciding admissibility or inadmissibility. I would also note, as
the head of the agency responsible for
naturalizing citizens, the step after legal permanent
residency for many people. Last year, we swore in
more American citizens than the four
years before it. And this year, I expect to
see similar numbers again. So, we have not at all
laid off of – in the Trump administration –
processing properly legal immigration. I think what you’ve
seen and heard is more discussion of illegal
immigration, but we’ve been pressing ahead, and
this rule is an example of that. Yes, ma’am. The Press: Is this rule
change an admission from the administration that
going through some sort of route to reform legal
immigration by legislation is moot? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. This is an implementation
of a law passed by Congress in 1996 that
has not been given meaningful effect. In 1999, some guidance
was put in place with a presumption of rule. It followed – the
rule never followed. And so today we’re issuing
a rule, which, as I said, for the first time really
puts meaningful meat on the bones of the
1996 law passed on a bipartisan basis. This does not substitute
– does not substitute for congressional action
in other areas. For instance, asy- – I
mentioned asylees are not covered by this rule. Asylum is a major
subject of focus for us in my agency. And with the crisis at the
border, we’ve been all but begging Congress to take
action to close loopholes – some of them the same as
the Obama administration. That has not happened. So in this narrow area of
our responsibility, we’re relying on
congressional direction. And we’ve, as I said, put
meat on the bones here, I think, today. Yes, sir. The Press: Thank you. I have two quick
questions. First, I was wondering
if you could give us an update on what’s happening
with work permits for asylum seekers – people
whose cases haven’t been adjudicated yet. Acting Director
Cuccinelli: They’re being processed in the ordinary
course of business. So – The Press: I
regulation coming, though, to address this? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: We’re working on other things within
the agency right now, but I’m not prepared to
speak to where those may end up today. Sorry. Yes, sir. The Press: And my second
question, if I may ask a second question – Acting Director Cuccinelli:
Oh, you did say two. All right. The Press: There were
recently workplace immigration raids. And of course, President
Trump – his first prison commutation went to a man
who was arrested after his business failed when about
400 illegal immigrants were arrested. Did that decision to grant
a prison commutation to this man send the wrong
message to employers? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: I’m not really prepared to speak to that. I don’t think so. The President does those
one person at a time. I think what you saw
ICE do this week – in enforcing the law
meaningfully, with seven operations across the
state of Mississippi and, of course, investigations
still ongoing – criminal investigations growing out
of that – is a growth for ICE from the
previous year. Their enforcement efforts
are up, and I think you can expect to see
more of that as part of the message of this
administration: We’re going to enforce the law. Yes, sir. The Press: I also
have two questions. The first regards the
concern that the public charge rule, as it’s
going to be enforced, will have a chilling
effect on people. For example, if a man has
a citizen daughter who might be eligible for
either nutritional or housing benefits, he might
be afraid to apply for those benefits his
daughter is due. How do you respond
to that concern? Acting Director Cuccinelli:
That’s an excellent question. The receipt by a citizen
in the household of public benefits will not affect
the consideration for a particular alien,
as a general matter. So the citizens in that
household – again, in their receipt of public
benefits – don’t affect consideration of an alien,
as a general matter. The Press: So you’re
not concerned about a chilling effect? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: We – if you look at just the first
page of this rule, you’ll see we start out by
pointing out the things that are not covered. And we will have, on the
USCIS website, now and forevermore, a clear
listing of the two. So anyone who has any
question about whether the receipt of a
particular benefit would be considered in a
consideration – for instance, if they applied
for a green card – will be able to easily find
that from our website. And it is part of the message
we’re broadcasting. It’s why I talk to you
and listed so many of the items we don’t cover. I hope you all will
cover that as well. Yes, ma’am. The Press: The second
question I had regarded this idea – sorry. Acting Director Cuccinelli:
Yeah, all right. So, I’m new to this. This will be it
for two questions. Then we’re going
to go to one. But I said yes to you. Go ahead. The Press: The second
question has to do with the fact that, as long as
the public charge rule has been in effect since the
late 1800s, there have also been, almost as long,
the words at the base of the Statue of Liberty that
read, “Give us your tired, your poor…” You’re implementing a
public charge rule for the first time. Is that sentiment –
“Give us your tired, your poor…” – still operative in
the United States? Or should those
words come down? Should the plaque come
down off the Statue of Liberty? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: Well, I’m certainly not prepared to
take anything down off the Statue of Liberty. We have a long history
of being one of the most welcoming nations in the
world on a lot of bases – whether you be an asylee,
whether you be coming here to join your family, or
immigrating yourself. This rule will cover, for
USCIS, almost 400,000 people a year whose
applications to become legal permanent residents
will include a meaningful analysis of whether
they’re likely to become a public charge or not. I do not think, by any
means, we’re ready to take anything off
the Statue of Liberty. Yes, ma’am. The Press: Could you
elaborate a little bit on how big of an issue this
is – how much this is costing U.S. taxpayers to have immigrants receiving benefits? And also, there’s millions
of Americans who accept public benefits, that have
difficulty paying for healthcare on their
own, for example. So why is that different
for someone who is in this country legally, who is
struggling to, you know, have certain needs
met here as well? Acting Director Cuccinelli:
So, the benefit to taxpayers is
a long-term benefit of seeking to ensure that
our immigration system is bringing people to join us
as American citizens, as legal permanent residents
first, who can stand on their own two feet, who
will not be reliant on the welfare system –
especially in the age of the modern welfare state,
which is so expansive and expensive, frankly. So that is – that
self-sufficiency that has been a central part of the
American value set for so long is critical for
us and for taxpayers going forward. That’s part of the
motivation for a rule like this. It’s part of a
benefit that goes all the way back 140 years. This rule, as I said
earlier, simply puts meat on the bones of
that consideration. The Press: Is there any
dollar amount you can give, though, about what
does it cost to taxpayers? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: No, because the benefit for taxpayers
is forward-looking. The costs we do, that
you’ll see in this rule, are costs of
implementation. They’re not the benefits
in having more American citizens – 5, 10, 20, 30
years down the road – who are more self-sufficient
and less dependent on the welfare state. Yes, sir. The Press: How much leeway
will the case officers have when they’re
seeing this? So, obviously, you
said it’ll have a negative score. Acting Director
Cuccinelli: Yes. The Press: It’ll have
a negative impact on their application. But will the caseworkers
still be able to say, you know, “John A., I know you
took this benefit, but you will still be eligible
for a green card”? Or is pretty much, you
know, “Sorry, that’s just the rule”? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: No, that’s an excellent question. This is a totality of
circumstances test. It means that the welfare
benefits we’ve been talking about here
are one factor. I listed the others that
Congress has itself put in the statute – things
like age, health. We basically rely, for
health, on the legally required medical exam. But it is career
immigration services officers that are going to
be making these decisions, and they’re going to have
to weigh all these factors together. The change under this rule
is we’re finally giving guidance that brings all
those factors together that really hasn’t
been effectively done up until today. Yes, ma’am. The Press: How many
refugees does the administration plan
to admit in 2020? And also, are you
considering eliminating the refugee program
altogether? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: I can’t imagine anyone would ever
consider eliminating the refugee program
altogether, and Congress would have to
do that anyway. The number for next year
needs to be decided by the end of September by the
President, and I don’t have any insight into
what that number will be at this point
in time. Sorry. The Press: Just real
quickly: You know, critics are saying this policy is
unfairly targeting the lower-income immigrants. How do you
respond to that? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: Well, we certainly expect people
of any income to be able to stand on their
own two feet. And so, if people
are not able to be self-sufficient, then this
negative factor is going to bear very heavily
against them in a decision about whether they’ll be
able to become a legal permanent resident. And a poor person
can be prepared to be self-sufficient; many have
been, through the history of this country. So let’s not look at that
as the be-all and end-all. It’s not the deciding
factor, which is why we continue to use
the totality of circumstances test. Yes, sir. The Press: I just want
to circle back to this question of a
chilling effect. You talked about the
question of whether a citizen in a family gets
benefits, if that wouldn’t be used against somebody. But take the case that
immigration advocates, I think, use a lot, of a
family that are in the country legally, they
haven’t yet gotten their green cards. They are in need of
services, whether that be medical services, whether
that be housing services to keep them off the
streets, so to speak. And they are going to now
be fearful of using the services to which they are
legally entitled, under the law, because there’s
no way to determine – one, two, three years out from
when they might apply for their green card – whether
– how much they’re likelier not to get a
green card if they use the services. So the fear is that there
will be a wave of people across the country who
will decide not to get – not to use the services,
sort of, affirmatively that they’re entitled to,
out of fear that it’ll ultimately come
to bite them. And how do you counter
that, if, in fact, you want them to use the
services to which they’re entitled? Or is it – or is this
really a sort of effort to say, “This is a whole
class of people that shouldn’t be using
any services at all”? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: Well, in your description, you described
a situation where government benefits
were basically making – allowing this family to
hang on; that they’re not self-sufficient. And while this – if we go
forward a few years and look back at that
situation – because, remember, we essentially
start counting October 15th, with the exception
of things that would have qualified under
the 1999 guidance, which was fairly narrow. Then that’s what
we’re trying to avoid in the future. Now, even under the
circumstances you describe, if you’re
talking about an applicant who has the skills
necessary to, you know, to make their own way and to
work their way of that situation, that’s a case
they make to the career caseworker – well,
immigration services officer. But we do want to avoid,
looking to the future, a situation where people who
are adjusting status do, in the future, become
dependent on those public benefits. We’re trying to avoid that
situation going forward. The Press: But, as I
understand it, the public benefits are there
as a bridge, right? Like you – the public
benefits aren’t designed for people to be
on them forever. They’re designed to be on
them to help – whether you’re an immigrant or
not an immigrant, they’re there to help
folks for a time. So are you saying that, if
you’re an immigrant, your advice to them is, “Don’t
take benefits because this is going to
count against you”? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: No, I was using your example of
where they need them and there’s – you know,
it’s their foundation, financially, as I took
your description. And I would say that the
entire legal immigration system is designed, by
Congress, for the benefit of America. And what we’re looking for
here are people who are going to live with us
either their whole lives, or ultimately become
citizens, who can stand on their own two feet,
with the same sort of requirements that we’ve
had in the past for well over a century. Yes, sir. In the middle. The Press: Will the
different benefits be weighted differently or
treated differently? Say, if someone uses
Medicaid, will that be held against them more
than, say, if they use food stamps? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: So – not the benefits, no. But the use of benefits
over the 12-month period in 36 months would be a
heavily negative factor. There are negative
factors, heavily weighted negative factors. There are positive
factors, heavily weighted positive factors. I’ll give you an example
of the other side. If you have private health
insurance, that is a heavily weighted
positive factor. So those are – those do
all weigh in, again, in the totality of
circumstances. And obviously, we call
the more heavily weighted factors “heavily”
because they matter more than the others. But they go in
both directions. The Press: We’ve heard
outspoken critics of the administration’s
immigration policies before, but it seems
increasingly we’re hearing from U.S. Catholic bishops who
are showing their concern. Now, you’re Catholic. When you hear the bishops’
concern, does it give you any pause when you
consider carrying out some of these policies? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: It doesn’t give me pause about
implementing the laws that’s already been put in
place, and particularly given the long history. I used an Italian example
from my background; the other half is Irish. So, you know, I’m very
familiar with what the Catholic bishops have to
say on this subject, and they certainly
are vociferous. And I would say, as a
Catholic, one of the things I’m proud of is
that my church has been one of the best supporters
of people in this country before we had a
welfare state. So, I don’t see that
changing, and I don’t see any conflict with
enforcing the law as it’s written. Yes, sir. The Press: Can you address
the Latino community? Some in the Latino
community already feel they have been targeted. You have the El
Paso shooting. You have the raids
in Mississippi. But as Jon noted before,
the issues before were if you were here illegally,
and now this obviously extends to legal
immigration. Why shouldn’t the Latino
community feel targeted by this? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: Well, first of all, this is a
140-year-old legal structure. We’re dealing with the
most recent iteration of it. But this is not new. This was – the same
question might have been asked when my Italian
immigrants were coming – immigrant ancestors were
coming in – and all through that 140 years. So, we’re not doing
anything new here; we’re simply making effective
what Congress had already put on the books. So there’s no reason for
any particular group to feel like this is
targeting them. This will apply
across the world. The Press: (Inaudible)
that this will apply to more Latinos than any
other – likely more Latinos? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: Well, if we had been having this
conversation 100 years ago, it would’ve applied
to more Italians. It would’ve – you
know, we can go – The Press: But we’re having
the conversation now in a very divisive time. Acting Director
Cuccinelli: Well, that’s just fine. Well, I think that the
divisiveness may be more rhetorical. And I hope that you all,
in your role, will help cure that with some
of how you report it. Yes, sir. I’m going to
take two more. Yeah. Right here. Orange tie. The Press: Thanks
for coming. Acting Director
Cuccinelli: Sorry. Orange tie. The Press: Right here. Thank you. Former Vice President Joe
Biden has said that the United States could
easily take another 2 million refugees. He’s made these kind of
comments on the campaign trail. Does the Trump
administration have a threshold that they would
like to how many more immigrants and asylum and
refugee people that they could take? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: There is no – there’s no comprehensive
number out there at all. The only things with
formal numbers – or the earlier question, say,
about the annual refugee number; that
happens every year. Of course, we’re taking
in, I want to say, around a million-plus a
year right now. And I can’t really
speak to Joe Biden’s personal opinion. But we don’t have some
target number that we’re working with here, if
that’s your question. All right. Last question. Yes, ma’am. The Press: Does this new
public charge rule impact future applications? For example, would there
be a higher bar for U.S. citizens to prove that
they can financially support a family member
for a family-based immigrant visa? Acting Director
Cuccinelli: So what you would normally have in the
family circumstance is you’d have an
affidavit of support. So they wouldn’t
necessarily fall into the category of being
addressed by the public charge rule, because if
they have an affidavit of support which has been
scrutinized by a USCIS officer, and it is
believed that sponsor can, in fact, support those
identified at over 125 percent of the federal
poverty guidelines – which is the standard – then
that would be the end of the discussion as it
relates to that sort of application. It’s an excellent question
because it addresses a huge piece of
legal immigration in this country. Thank you all very much.


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    The meaning of Amos 2:6 Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Israel, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they sold the righteous for silver, and the poor for a pair of shoes; 2:7That pant after the dust of the earth on the head of the poor, and turn aside the way of the meek: and a man and his father will go in unto the same maid, to profane my holy name: 2:8And they lay themselves down upon clothes laid to pledge by every altar, and they drink the wine of the condemned in the house of their god.
    Okay I will explain the verse where the man and his father will go in unto the same maid. The law of life says that it is for a Man to leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife. But Israel law says that the man, who is the son of the house of the father is not to leave his father house, but to go into the wife of the house who is the mother and wife, of the father and son. That law of Israel is against the law of life. Why? Because when the father and son go into the same house which is the house of the father, new life is not birth, but only death. And as for selling the poor and righteous, Israel sold the people of the land of Canaan for gold and a pair of shoes. The reason those people were righteous is because their life was the truth of this world, and they had to live that life, that curse. Remember when Noah said cursed be Canaan? That was because Canaan was cursed. Ham and his father Noah went into the same maiden. Noah wife was Canaan mother, and and his son Ham son. So the father and the son went into the same woman. And the meaning of Israel panting after the dust of the earth on the head of the poor. Israel who is of the dust of the earth as Adam his father was, would die if he could not eat of the dust of the ground, because all the man of dust is, is dust. So the man of dust eat the flesh of his children to live. That is why the children have no life of their own, because it was robbed from them by their father Israel through deceit.
    Now, to those that donโ€™t believe what I have said, then please prove it through the same scriptures I used to prove I am speaking truth. Israel has never been the children of the slaves. Israel has always been the same people that is over in the land called Israel right now, telling the same lie with the help of the European nations.And you can not see it no clearer then you can right now through America, that has always been against the children of truth. Why do you think they let the white supremacist walk through their streets promising the Jews will not replace us? They do this because they are frighten that the true Jews, not Israelites, has replaced them. And the true Jews are all of the people of color who has the Canaanite blood in them, and the white supremacist know this, even if they do not say it. And the reason they do not dare to say it is because they do not want the so call negro and the rest of the people of color to know who they are. The so call Palestinians are only the true people of the land of Israel, because their fathers Esau and Ishmael are married to the land of Canaan. The so call pure blood people know this truth but they are trying desperately to keep us from knowing it. Why? Because when we all realize that we are all the same people, they will no longer have any power over us. The truth is the only thing that can bring all of us that the so call Israelites and white man has separated back together as one people. And like it says in Genesis 11: the people has become one, and there is nothing that they set their mind to they can not do.

  7. Post
    Worldvoyager 2005

    Dear Mr. President,

    As President of the United States of America you are representing the people of the United States. I am not an American Citizen but I am German and living in Germany but nevertheless I am writing this letter to you because it is an urgent matter. More and more people in Germany are very much concerned about things going on in Germany. We are concerned about our safety and our freedom. As you surely have been noticing life in Germany is getting more and more dangerous for German citizens. Violent actions even in public at places where you thought you are safe but you are not. Most people functioning in a daily life and having jobs are not able to avoid such places and public space in the country. At the same time freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of information and freedom to dress and behave the way you want is under great pressure. This letter is a cry for help. There are more and more Germans who do not know what to do to save their future and the future of their children. German government is not responding to the voices from German citizens.

    We would be very thankful if you, representing a great nation in the world, standing for freedom, could intervene and help German citizens.
    With kind regards


  8. Post
    Shannon Odermatt

    So, what I gathered from this is… that because I was not born into wealth in this country and I have past due medical debts and bad credit, I could not sponsor an ancestral relative if they wanted or needed to come to America. When in fact they could live with me, help pay the mortgage and contribute to the community.

  9. Post
  10. Post
  11. Post
    C McB

    At 14:17 minutes "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses", was written before there were welfare benefits in this country, where the huddled masses were being offered the opportunity to come and make something of themselves by their own actions. It appears this reporter desires to extend it's meaning. The reporter needs to interpret the language from the era it was written in.

  12. Post
  13. Post
    Ro L

    My grandparents from one side and greatparents migrated to the USA legally.
    Can you believe I received something in an email regarding my application?? It Has to be a scam.

  14. Post
    Ro L

    What the statue of liberty is not a law. It's a poem. The statue's a gift from France. WoW education.

    He's speaking of statutes not statue. These laws are the same laws in place for decades –
    Correction, over a century.
    Just because ppl come over the Mexico border does not mean they are all Hispanic.

  15. Post
  16. Post
  17. Post
    Maria Farfan

    Law it's been forever there forever!!!๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡ GOD AMERICA ๐ŸŒน ๐ŸŒน Blesses All, Venezuela needs HELP JESUS ๐Ÿ™ FREE

  18. Post
    Maria Farfan

    Love Israel โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ

  19. Post
  20. Post

    Come in through the front door and show respect for us, the American people, instead of disdain for the US gov't and disrespect to US citizens, by sneaking in. We the people are the actual keepers of the American freedom you desire and the ones paying the taxes. By patiently working to acquire your legal citizenship, you show the American people respect, and we will fully respect you for doing that. Has NOTHING to do with race. In the modern day, desirable countries have substantial requirements for limited numbers of immigrants. America has long been settled land we have every right to adapt to change in world population, etc.

  21. Post
    KillaryFlewToEpsteinIsland 2020ElectionsStolen

    Jericho Green speaks on the subject and he does such a wonderful job on it.
    Yes he is a black man but he is clear spoken and has 20/20 Vision on the problem. I am a Latina Mexican American and I support borders legal immigration and Jericho Green.

  22. Post
    KillaryFlewToEpsteinIsland 2020ElectionsStolen

    Open borders George Soros, Democrats and rhinos, think that We the people are idiots. Donald Trump was born in 20th century yet historians throughout centuries, clearly described breaching BORDERS are the fine line to Conquering countries.. The downfall of Rome occurred in 476 ad. The major factors were immorality, corruption and FOREIGN INVASION.
    Operation Mockingbird and CointellPro from the FBI in the 70s. Declassified documents, proved there is a deep state which openly operates to control & direct policies IMPLEMENT tyranny on American citizens.
    To pretend the borders are BAD is to support the Deep State and Shadow government. The minority class are the ones who have to COMPETE for the MINIMUM wage jobs while the employers hire FOREIGNERS & pay $ under the table+ don't have to pay the taxes on them and perhaps even sexually harass them because EMOLOYERS know that the illegal must remain silent or be reported. So in effect mainstream media reporters are supporting a SLAVERY SYSTEM instead of pushing back on THIRD world country LEADERS to give their people PREAMBLE, Constitution, Bill of Rights, CAPITALISM, INDUSTRY, REVITALIZING blighted areas.
    Indeed the past few years has proved to me that the MSM reporters are the TASKMASTERS who love SLAVE workers.

    Proud are you MSM, Dems, CIA?

  23. Post

    They make such a fuss over citizens of other countries living in our country. Imagine if they cared about the taxpayers that make all of these benefits possible.

  24. Post
  25. Post
  26. Post
    Doris Accardi

    Well this guy is making a lot of sense, so why are we supporting Muslims also. They live in their sanctuary cities and we the people of the United States pay for them to live in our country and most of them donโ€™t even work at all. What about that?

  27. Post
    John Z

    America welcomes persons from other countries who enter through immigration portals LEGALLY. Thir goal – assimilate and become self reliant. Thank you Mr. President, Thank YOU! MAGA / KAG, TRUMP 2020!

  28. Post
    John Z

    At 14:30, re the plaque on our Statue of Liberty. That plaque was placed upon the statue at a time of America's extreme industrial growth, America needed workers and she got them. They arrived in droves, asking for nothing more than a chance to WORK and help their families find WORK. They DID NOT RELY UPON OTHER AMERICANS TO FEED NOR HOUSE NOR CLOTHE THEM, they went to WORK and helped America rise to heights of industrialism the world had never seen. Thanks to the liberalks those aspirations to become "contributing immigrants" have been lost. The GOOD NEWS, our 45th President, Donald J Trump is leading the movement to bring back those sort of people, NOT those seeking a free ride. TRUMP 2020!

  29. Post
    John Tatum

    Thanks Ken C. for the explanation…wish we could completely rework the immigration policies and update them. Maybe this will happen when the Republicans dominate the House in 2020.

  30. Post
    daymon lindsey

    This is how it is in EVERY country on the planet…NO FREE RIDE….those of you complaining this is anything other than what it is, get off the couch and go visit another country before you spew your bullshit. Way to go …..Trump 2020

  31. Post
  32. Post
  33. Post
    Donna Mason

    They should have to pay to come here. If Americans wanna live in other nations, we have to pay up to live there. God bless Trump. Trump/Candace 2020

  34. Post
    Leslie Schafer

    I love when he says "Even people of poorer status, can effectively stand on their own 2 feet." Absolutely!

  35. Post
  36. Post
  37. Post
    QDeeDra ร†ldรฆg

    Chaga s disease silent but deadly ! 100s of thousands of USA citizens are infected ! Guess where it comes from ? Just take a guess ?????

  38. Post
    Dennis Garrett

    hey dude how long you communists from 1970s going to run america and airports with microwavegun laser killer groups spray dope and train flying monkeys with video dome training camps in reno nevada and salinas california. then everytime people show up in court or ploice station you got kgb or arabs running place and use fake judges. to attack people while spending millions of dollars a hour thats never reported for 50 years. these people 911 hurricane katrina nasa space shuttle terroists running three plus presidents now running weapon factory.

  39. Post
    Brutal Truth

    How come Italians look Exactly like Jews sometimes. This Guy is a Loser & he looks like an Italian Jew๐Ÿ‘Ž

  40. Post
    Janet Skene

    Many will not try to come because of ideals like: self sufficiency, hard working and sincerely willing to integrate into this society

  41. Post
  42. Post
  43. Post
  44. Post
  45. Post
    Vajrahaha Shunyata

    I live in Switzerland. This year they changed the laws. If you are an immigrant here you now have to pay back any money you took from social services before you become a citizen. Why did they do this? They did the math. Immigration has increased dramatically over the last decade for all wealthy (western) countries. The people who worked all their lives and paid taxes are already receiving less support to pay for immigration. If they donโ€™t do this they make their own people who built the economy with their lifeโ€™s work be poor. They are cutting off the free ride. Trump team is following what other intelligent governments are doing to protect their nations from insolvency. Itโ€™s self survival. Not racism or cruelty. Itโ€™s math…

  46. Post
  47. Post
  48. Post
    Just Me

    When Russians arrived for 5yrs they received double welfare and double food stamps while working full-time they also receive 1% interest loans for cars homes and businesses. Along with them came many elderly Russians who receive federal assistance I do believe this was also extended to people from India.

  49. Post
    Jim Lewis

    You are a great gentleman, sir.
    Your audience, however, are half numb and half dumb. Choosing who is who is like a boring game of Whack-a Mole.

  50. Post
  51. Post
  52. Post

    WIC, CHIP, Snip, Dip…you work hard every day and pay too many taxes so leeches can can come here from 3rd World dumps and get free stuff.
    Keep working hard…millions of these bums are depending on you.

  53. Post
  54. Post
  55. Post
    Samiran Chowdhury

    Father Good Evening.Father,I believe sending a comment to your channel unnecessary,yet I do to make myself accountable to you,a Father,a resourceful son of America and a builder of the future generations.Father,I am a father,an aspirant of being an American citizen and a student of life thus want to make my soul and spirit clear to you and Brothers,as to what I feel should be my responsibilities and duties to substantiate my wish to live in United States,which I consider to be my nation.Father,I always remind myself every moment of the day the teaching of Father JFK,who had taught,"Dont ask me what your country can do for you,tell me what you can do for your country."Father,I also remind my children and grand children the same to build up their character,and they are getting enlightened about this reality which was in their subconscious always.This teaching of JFK has made them conscious about their duties towards our nation,which is their's leading to awareness about their rights also. I end here with my regards for You,Mother and the children at home.Good night Father.

  56. Post
    Sonia Gangotena

    Questions are good, but also show that the public doesn't differentiate or understand categories of individuals in our country. For example a. Not applied for anything yet , is on a tourist visa or in any other of the dozens of categories. b. Applied for residency or green card. and waiting for resolution, c. has been granted residence in the US and has to wait 6 years b4 applying for citizenship. c. Has residency, is legal and will never apply for citizenship. d. Has applied for citinsenship and is waiting for resolution, e. has taken all tests and gone for a citizenship interview. f. And, is finally given citizenship and sworn in by a judge.

  57. Post
  58. Post
    Cody Perry

    Fucking bullshit. Children having to go to court alone. Fuck that. Fuck this administrations racist practices. Fuck Trump.

  59. Post
    Chris R

    My great grandparents immigrated worked hard in hard times, learned English and never looked for any gvt handouts. They saw handouts as something only the lazy looked for and worked for their living, became good citizens and did not stay in ghettos, that is in a neighborhood of theirs ethnicity and faith only. All immigrants should be that type only, those who become Americans not any ethnic type Americans ie German American, Italian Americans etc. simply American! Also noted America is Christian nation, before, now and forever but others are welcome to come, it not welcome to try to change that.

  60. Post
  61. Post
    BarbaraL Lowell

    The media attempts to corner him is so obvious, these press meetings are just seized for gotcha moments for each network and rep to jujitsu him into saying something they can crucify the administration with. Like he said near the end when they were trying to get him to see the Latinos as targets, he dispels that and says it just so happens that years ago it was the Italian community that was affected, not targeted … he states that the divisiveness at this point is more rhetorical, and I would hope that you in your role will help cure that in the way that you report it. (yea, right sure they will, so sad that they just intend to throw gasoline to further inflame the situation)

  62. Post

    Iโ€™m disgusted by Trash & all his low class, disrespectful, criminal staff & appointees. If weโ€™re getting rid of birthright citizenship then the Electoral College is going to go to. Enough is enough with these tainted โ€œelectionsโ€ that a majority of Americans donโ€™t want. I never want to see Trash again unless itโ€™s in a jail cell for corruption. That is…if the U.S. even outlasts the presidency of this degenerate.

  63. Post
    Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  64. Post
  65. Post
    Alan Falk

    With the all the money U.S.A. owe away , I have a hard time understanding why the congress doesn't fix illigal immigration that is SO expensive in many ways . How can a country use so much money on people who doesn't even respect its law while letting 100.000 or more of its own people live on the street !? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜’
    China will rule the world in 10 years if the left doesn't wake up and stop tearing the country down from within !

  66. Post

    Please Pay attention = STAY ON TRACK = Chemtrails = poisonous heavy chemicals you are breathing NOW !! Chemtrails killing off TREES ( they tell you its bugs but no bugs folks ! ) They have killed anyone with knowledge about heavy detoxing metals ( Natural herbalist ) Holistic Doctors Death Series = 60 Dead from murdering them to keep you from seeking help from this poison they are putting into us !! STAY ON TRACK They want you going in 50 directions STAY ON THE CHEMTRAILS THEY ARE KILLING US AND OUR FORESTS !! Bees and insects dying off WTHU

  67. Post
  68. Post
    Josie Higuera

    All illegals have nice home and land in theirs home country!! They just here to milked the system.People that comes to the USA illegally right away they applied for cash aid medical and foods stamps and plus they delivered their baby and they become USA citizen how crazy is that!!

  69. Post
  70. Post
    Made in Michigan 67

    I love it! Both sets of my grandparents came here legally and had to go through tons of details to enter and then more to become legal. Not one of my family members have ever taken one penny from our government. EVER! My grandparents took America as their own and also kept their traditions and mixed them happily with American traditions.
    There is no way I want one illegal to disrespect our country in any way, shape or form and this law is a great start in putting American people first! Stop making us pay the way for those who disrespect our country, our citizens and our laws.

  71. Post

    Libs leaning on Lazarus poem on statue. I gotta ask was this poem added with the consent of the people? Something to look into since the left will use this as some legal basis for immigration.

  72. Post
  73. Post
    Worstmom Intheuniverse

    I`ve signed the petitions {build wall, deport illegals}. Here`s what I really think {nutshelled}…..
    I live in "Jax" Florida {the biggest city around}, and have witnessed that MOST hispanics
    1) breed like rabbits {which is great for FARMWORK but they`re not doing farmwork},
    2) send the men to work AND the men do light-duty work, and then all evening they drink alcohol,
    3) the women don`t do ANY work outside of the home if they have any kids at all, but they do hit every food bank in town as often as they can and stock up 2-3 households` food {IE work the system}
    4) they start partying around 10pm, and go until 1-2am – and do NOT care what the neighbors think {?what if a neighbor has a migraine or serious illness and they need rest?}……
    5) they TAKE more than they give to the world.

    I`m middle-aged "white" {and native american Jewish} woman w/o serious health issues or minor children…. and have been told MANY times that I`m "overqualified" for some of the jobs that I`ve applied for {such as retail cashier} because supposedly the businesses "need to keep these positions open for people who don`t have the opportunities that you have" … and I don`t have enough money or credit to start a business ….. so I`ve been unemployed and struggling to survive while I see these huge families {small communities in themselves} live happily here – be they legal or ILLEGAL. I do love the food and music, but I have come to hate their lifestyles because of how it affects the world around them.

    Re: immigration>> USA is a business – businesses fail when they put out more than they bring in, economically-speaking. If we keep letting lots of people in while we`re "down on our luck", WE ARE FOOLISH. China is going to overtake us because we have turned our back on God, and most of the world`s "unwanted" will be squatting here, while USA runs out of resources.

  74. Post
    J D


  75. Post
    narumol noosuwan


  76. Post


  77. Post

    too bad he forgot how his ancestors were treated when they came here. there was a time when people considered your nation of origin to be a "race". and the italians, the irish and the polish were routinely discriminated against in the early 20th century, but even back then families were not separated.

  78. Post
    stan hootzz

    IDOL worshiping GOP FILTH!!!!!!!!!…

  79. Post
    stan hootzz

    Hey "MOSCOW M$TCH" wheres them 2016 TAXES at fer pimp-putins CHILD MOLESTER

  80. Post
  81. Post
    stan hootzz

    the GOP of FAMILY VALUES is leading the charge…
    by Electing and SUPPORTING a
    …………………………………………………..DAUGHTER F$CKIN PEDOPHILE~
    ~~~~~~~RUMPY TRUMPY……ye aint "NORMALIZING" This FUBAR ye GOP FILTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Post
    stan hootzz

    Is amazing thet the video feed was corrupted during the same time frame as EPSTEIN being MURDERED as he was getting ready to TALK aboot them
    thet you ATTENDED REGULARLY………………………………………………."OH IVANKA…PEE HARDER!!!!"

  83. Post
    leos rule

    My ancestors came to America in early 1900's from Europe.
    There was no welfare, no food stamps, no medicaid.
    They took jobs in farming, hotel maid, factory, etc.
    They worked hard and felt successful just to be able to feed the family and have a home.
    No government hand-outs or laziness.
    Hard work is what built this country. And even though we hate to admit it, capitalism gave the jobs for our ancestors to live life in a healthy country.
    I want to see others have those opportunities but the way it is now – taxed to death to cover the masses of unemployed (plus foreign aid) – a regular job for a regular life seems impossible. This handout needs to end.

  84. Post
    leos rule

    Regarding language:
    Its great to keep your heritage and culture close to your heart, but no one can tell me these immigrants dont speak English. The whole world speaks English.
    Watch the 'voice global', most contestants are singing American songs, in English. Watch a documantary on any subject, 99% will be in English.
    The British conquered so much of Europe that the entire continent knows how to speak English – even some rural tribal ppl in Africa.
    They speak it in Australia and New Zealand, in India, Greenland, and Alaska. They know it in Germany. France, and Russia. And all the Arab countries know it and so does China & Japan too. And all the little islands like Hawaii, Phillipeans, Azores, Bahamas, Cuba, Marshall, etc.
    They may each have their own language but THEY ALL KNOW ENGLISH.
    And im sick of spanish being the first set of instructions on packaging, followed by Arabic, then English, Then French.
    It's ridiculous.

  85. Post
    Richard Hutchison

    ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ USA,USA,USA!!! Vote Blue in 2020! You are an embarrassment to those of us who have Italian heritage. You are a disgrace and your lies are so discernible!

  86. Post
    dennis garrett

    losers both of you

    4;116;149;000 market value of products sold monterey county california

    united states department of agriculture statistics by state

    Industry statistics portal business data from us census

    List of casinos in Nevada

    Money laundering

  87. Post
    Denny Garrett

    C3 โ€“ Command, Control & Communication (Human activity focus)

    C4, C4I, C4ISR, C4ISTAR, C4ISREW, C4ISTAREW โ€“ plus Computers (Technology focus) or Computing (Human activity focus)

  88. Post
  89. Post
  90. Post
    Kelhori Elhori


  91. Post
  92. Post
  93. Post
  94. Post
  95. Post
  96. Post
    ezgi tatar

    so everyone in favour of this public charge rule really thinks, that any of the supposed 'saved' money would be put into helping middle class and low income US citizens? you must be confused…

  97. Post
    Fire Dog

    The Founders' of America authored Immigration Law that forbids immigration unless Founders' descendants and progeny invite or vote immigrants into America. The Founders legislated NO non-White, NO Muslims, and NO Catholics immigrate to America because they are ANARCHISTS. Founders' Descendants never voted/invited TWO-THIRDS OF AMERICAN RESIDENTS, THEREFORE, YOU ARE "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!"

  98. Post
  99. Post

    Ken is a poor choice for pool boy and anything else above that. He and his family are white Nazi trash. Any questions?

  100. Post
    Benjamin Lee

    Thank you very much.
    President Trump..God bless you.
    Strong USA..God bless America.
    SAFE ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Victory..Win..Win.

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