Privitization, NRA, #MeToo Wall Street, Civil Service | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

Privitization, NRA, #MeToo Wall Street, Civil Service | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

-Yes. (CHUCKLES) Uh, Andrew Ross Sorkin,
do you agree with Larry Kudlow that Medicare
and Social Security should be handed to Wall Street
through privatization,
is that what he’s for? -I’m sure he is.
-I’m sure he is for it. -BILL: Yeah.
-I don’t think I’m for that. No, I’m gonna take
the other side of that. Is that where you want me to go? Well, I don’t know.
What are you trying to
check in with me for? I’m asking you the question. -No, I think that’s–
-BILL: I mean,
Bush proposed this. I think that’s a real problem. I think the privatization of
so many things actually– Especially when it comes to
people’s pensions
and retirement, part of our problem
has been that. So, I’m gonna
take the other side. -But as an economist,
only I’m not…
-ANDREW: Who plays one on TV. …I’m just gonna give you
the other argument. ANDREW: Okay, go for it. I’ve seen the chart of where
money… (CHUCKLES) If you put your money
in the stock market, versus if you just put it
in the bank or whatever it is… ANDREW: Yes, it’ll do better
in the market. …the market one
goes like this. Now, you can’t watch it
every year because the market
goes up and down, but over the time,
if you put it in
when you were 20, by the time you retired at 65,
the money goes like this and– -If we had a forced
savings program, by the way…
-BILL: I’m just saying. If we had real
forced savings program,
where you couldn’t take it out and was effectively gonna be
managed elsewhere
and there was guarantees on it, I could actually go for that. Yeah, it’s not
the craziest idea… ANDREW: Not the craziest idea
in the world. …that Bush– Bush, hey.
Who is he to you?
Is he your uncle? George Bush. -W?
-BILL: Yeah. He’s my, uh– He’s my cousin. BILL:
You had to think about that. Yeah, there’s a lot of us there,
cousins. -Yeah, his dad’s my uncle,
I’m pretty sure of it.
-BILL: Okay. (LAUGHING) PETE: You guys hang out? Uh, there’s a lot of us, no,
not much. So, Billy, “How is the rest of
the Bush family holding up
under Trump,” this card says. Trying to take the high road,
I think. -I don’t know if he’s–
-Right. I’m not sure either one
cast a vote for him. In fact,
I’m pretty sure they didn’t. Speaking of Me Too stuff, boy,
the old man sure skated
on the ass grabbing. (LAUGHING) Have you ever talked
to him about that? I told him, “Never again,
you hear me? Don’t do that.” No. (LAUGHS) But– Because there’s
a conservative, I mean, sounds like the same thing
that Al Franken was accused of and that just kind of, like,
went into the ether. Okay. Except he’s a former president
of the United States who, you know,
people didn’t know that about. And there’s a whole bunch
of women that’ve said that,
it’s pretty messed up. Pretty unacceptable. And there was a joke
that went with it,
it’s disgusting and inexcusable. BILL: Right you are. These people–
What a lot of fun you are. Well, I mean, he has a… I mean… Okay. ANDREW: There’s no upside, yeah,
I’m with you. I’m not sure
what Al Franken did.
I’ll just say that. I’m talking about Pappy,
either one, I mean, who’s grabbing people like that
in a photo op? It’s weird. It is weird, esp– And– Everybody wants a photo with
Bill Maher,
have you ever even considered– I don’t even touch people. -BILL:
I take pictures like this.
-Yes, exactly. (LAUGHING) Every picture
I take is like this. -Exactly, yeah.
-Hands up. (LAUGHING) Okay. “Why does the NRA
get a tax exemption
and how do we take it away?” (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) PETE: Elect Democrats. That’s a good–
Because they do run– They would like to say that
they don’t run
a political action committee, but they do have that wing,
otherwise they say they’re a grassroots non-profit
organization, but they use legal
corporate tax loopholes to build out an entire
political lobbying wing
that doesn’t get taxed. So that’s
a corporate tax loophole, but that’s also because
the NRA knows how
to work the system. BILL: Boy, do they.
And they know
how to use a crisis. They never let
a crisis go to waste. If you follow the money
on the NRA– BILL: Now we’re arming teachers. PETE: Not yet. BILL:
They somehow turn that around– NAYYERA: You know, one shot
a student the other day. Sure, it’s moving ahead
in many states. Somehow they turn that around
to a way they can
sell more guns. It’s moving ahead in the States
where they still
beat kids with paddles. I mean, it’s not–
You know, I don’t think
it’s taking hold. Certainly it’s not–
There’s no agreement amongst
educators and experts about arming teachers,
teachers don’t want that. ANDREW: One thing that
I was just gonna say on money
on the NRA, you know, you can go after them
on the taxes or whatever it is, but the real thing,
the real opportunity, given I cover
the world of finance,
is the companies. It’s all the companies that
do business with the NRA and people who
do business with guns, it’s the credit card companies
that allow the transactions
on the cards, it’s Apple TV, and Amazon, and everybody who allows
this stuff over their airwaves,
that’s– (APPLAUSE) Washington, unfortunately,
is not gonna do anything,
I don’t think, anytime soon, I could be wrong,
I hope I’m wrong, but I think in the meantime,
there’s a huge swath of stuff
that can actually happen, but it depends on everyone
actually doing something
about it. And that goes for the action
related to your pocket book,
right? Consumers have to wait
about two years before we can use our power as citizens
to kick somebody out of office, I can make the decision tomorrow
if I want to go
to a different store. If I don’t like– Like Walmart,
Walmart, um– They getting your business? Uh, they got the business of
a lot of people out of that day.
Right? (LAUGHS) But Dick’s Sporting Goods did. -BILL: Yeah.
-NAYYERA: Mm-hmm. -BILL: I got– I, uh…
-(SCATTERED APPLAUSE) I got paddled a couple of times. -NAYYERA: Hey now.
-Didn’t seem to destroy me. You know, but…
Only when you do something
really bad, you know… -You know–
I wasn’t sure what kind of paddle you were talking about,
Bill. Didn’t have nails in it
or anything. It was– I’m not quite sure what paddling
he’s talking about,
but maybe we should move on. (LAUGHING) I’m just saying. Uh, “If you worked
in the White House, would you resign on principle
or stay to help minimize
the damage Trump causes?” Oh, so, I, um– I don’t think
there’s any heroism in serving in this White House
anymore. I think initially people really
did think that– Like John Kelly, he was like,
“I’m gonna serve my country
and do this.” But it’s, um–
You’re not serving the public
at this point, right? You’re serving Trump
and his personal Trump interests and that’s just not– PETE: And you don’t know what
they are. Right, but it’s actually
very clear what they are, they’re advancing his family
and whoever else is willing to
line his pocket books, whether it be Russian oligarchs
or any other dictators that he may
or may not want to emulate. But there is– And yes,
I did work in the White House and there is absolutely
no question that I would ever work in a Trump White House
and the sad thing is everybody who’s walked out
has walked out tarnished. Like, it’s a dead end job now. Icarus, fly close to the sun. -NAYYERA: Right.
-Yes. Monica Lewinsky has a better
reputation than
Sean Spicer does. BILL: Who does? Monica Lewinsky is doing better
brand-wise than Sean Spicer, the former
White House press secretary. No, anybody, as you can attest,
anybody who gets in contact, he’s a human wood chipper,
people just– Everything he touches dies! If you don’t have the courage
to say no to a job
to Donald Trump, you shouldn’t be running
a McDonald’s,
much less a White House. But we have a problem. I do wanna throw in
about public, like,
public servants who are– I was a political appointee, there are public servants
and the foreign service, the military, civil servants,
who keep the day to day function
of government running, the fact that they are feeling
demoralized is a massive problem because they’re the ones who
make sure we, you know, get things like our
social security checks. All I was gonna say is,
the real problem though is if– Look, you can call all
the people who showed up in the beginning opportunists,
which they are. Today,
the new people are believers, and fortunately
or unfortunately, but fortunately for Trump
and unfortunately maybe
for everybody else. PETE:
Sycophants and cartoon villains. But the opportunists,
to the degree you thought that they were saving the country
from Trump, those people
don’t exist anymore. And so I think there has to be
some thought about whether you do want some
diversity of thought
in the room. Even if it’s gonna taint people,
I don’t know what
the right answer is. He has to want the diversity
of thought in the room. But he doesn’t. Exactly, so, like, what do you
get out of serving? -How are you gonna fix anything?
-PETE: He doesn’t want
any thought in the room. But that’s what they’re claiming
these days, all over TV, is that he w– That’s why there’s
this turnover, he has this– He says he likes to see people
go at it in a fight. And I’m like, “This is the guy
who’s going to negotiate with
Kim Jong Un?” Like… (GRUNTS)
“I like to see people go at it.” BILLY: This is how we know him,
the boardroom. He’s the host of The Apprentice,
“You’re fired”, he instigates. They’re all about selling
lemonade on a corner
in 5th Avenue– It wasn’t like it was all there
for us to judge. But he made voters think he’d
be able to take business savvy and apply that to politics
and all these other things
and policy– So many people are complicit
in that though, don’t you think? It is, and it’s shady business
deals, that’s the problem,
it works in real estate, but it doesn’t work in diplomacy
or policy. How many of those voters that
he convinces–
This is my question. How many of those voters
that he did convince, uh, you know, have changed
their mind? Or more importantly,
has anybody said,
since Trump was elected, “You know, I was really against
him the whole time, but in these 14 months
he’s really impressed me.” (LAUGHING) “I think I’m gonna reconsider
my vote for November.” That’s, like, one guy who’s
a pig farmer. I think there are. Really? Thank you, everybody.
Thank you, panel. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)


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    I have friends who voted for Trump. They are friends because we never discuss politics. But people of that ilk have that same common denominator of just not backing down or admitting that they are wrong. Because that takes intelligence of a sort that doesn't grow on trees or sofas, and thinking past the first thought. I hear complaints below about the guests but seriously, Bill was great and that is the show. Since I have spent my whole life ( and somewhat much to my dismay) putting women on a pedestal or at least as an equal, I just have to say. high heels, make up etc. etc. etc., do you think women get all dressed up for women? Ok go ahead wear the high heels, I'll just think they make your legs look worse, you really wore them for Betsy over there in accounting and proceed to calm down. Never underestimate that which you don't pretend to understand–(hormones). Have a closer look at how it happens in the animal world. I could go on but somebody will probably shorten this anyway.

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    App Man

    Shut up liberals, Maher is a crybaby. You have no message, you had no answers for 8 years under OB, you act like wimpy crybabies who still cannot accept a defeat by a brighter, more successful, better candidate. HRC is not well, she needs help, our country and economy are booming under DT, HRC has medical issues, our country would be in shambles under her. She accepted $145m from Russia that was funneled through their foundation, then part of the money was used to by real estate for their family, where was the liberal media for this? And HRC traded our uranium to Russia for donations, where was the media for this transaction? Why did the fake media play dumb when it came to Democratic political leaders making deals with Russia ? Do you dingbats realize that OB called Putin and congratulated him on his victory, and you said nothing then!! It's better to work with and open dialogue with nations than to close yourself off. Liberals and the media are 100% fake, you were Russia' best friend years ago, now you're against Russia because it suits you in your goal of ruining the Presidency. DT has opened talks with NK, never happened before, especially with OB and Clinton who caused the NK crisis. NK will soon de-nuclearize and re-join SK, all thanks to DT. In only one year+ DT solved this issue while OB sat there with no answer, he never had an answer to anything, just a fancy talker with no substance.

    Liberals are destructive for our country, they are out of power now and the economy has boomed the moment they left office. We are moving forward, protecting our borders, creating millions of jobs, the cities in the US where there are crime and illegal immigration and sanctuary city issues, are all run by liberal democrats, this is a pattern the liberal theory uses to gain access to votes, they do nothing for the poor, but spread their negative messages which result in the poor becoming poorer. The only person who has actually helped the poor is our POTUS, who has driven down the minority unemployment rate by 50% in just one year, while under OB for 8 years, the rate was at its highest. Liberals are failures. The only way for liberals to move forward is like in PA. where the Democratic candidate was actually a conservative but ran under the Democratic ticket.

    The Democrats will change color like the wind as long as it suits their campaign, they have no substance anymore, maybe in 1950 they were true Americans, but not anymore, the true blue collar Democrats have moved over to team DT permanently, DT is fighting for them and their country, not against their country and in protection of non-Americans.

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    Oh wow, so Bill is for "paddling" children now? I'm incredibly disgusted and angry at how conservative Bill Maher actually is. If he's not supporting Israel, constantly bitching about millennials rightly opposing his racism, or crassly attacking his audience for his off colour remarks…he's actually fucking supporting paddling children. I can't believe I ever considered this guy to be a liberal. That sure was a long time ago!

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    Bill got a white boy paddling… not a black boy paddling or a disabled boy paddling. He forgets his white sometimes.

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    Rohit Singal

    Billy Bush should NOT have been fired. He was a guy on the job who was bystanding an egomanical celebrity in a private conversation on a bus. He too (#hetoo) was in a situation of power differential. NBC has certainly profited over the objectification of women but here they canned him to save their bottom line.

    I am not crying for him but the 'holier than thou nonsense' coming from Haq and Dominick was so over the top and hypocritical and so frenzied that Bill could not even cool it down. ANYONE who blames Billy Bush for anything related to the hot mic does not know a thing about the world, men, women, the workplace, psychology, sex and socialization. It is WAY more complicated than that chattering moron on the left could ever dream. People like this are not helping women achieve equality.

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    Alpha Prime

    Self-righteous pretentious virtue-signalling bald little liberal SHIT Billy you should of pop him ? this is why Trump is going to win again.

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    Dennis Dwyer

    Wow I felt compassion for Billy but hopefully he is strong enough to really find himself. That Dominic guy is not scared on what he feels.

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    This was a very weak panel if Billy Bush was your highlight. Pete Dominick is about as much a comedian as Rush Limbaugh claims to be and i kept waiting for Andrew Ross Sorkin to finish taking coffee orders for the rest of the panel.

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    Michael Richards

    "Anyone willing to line his pocket books, whether it be Russian oligarchs or any other dictators that he may or may not want to emulate" – Fake speech
    8 long years of "diversity in the room" – What was achieved?

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    what if all private and public savings got a tax break on not touching ones money. through lets say a common percentage fund asset

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    It frustrates me how Bill Maher oozes this self-righteous rationalism and science-centrism, and then supports his own beliefs on various matters purely because he feels it's true or because he experienced it. That whole bit about him being hit as a kid not screwing him up; okay, so maybe that's his experience. Good for him. But since when are we taking the approach that one person experiencing something means it's globally true? Does the grandpa who smoked a pack a day and lived until he was 96 disprove all the science into the negative effects of smoking?

    The scientific body of research across various fields and as shown in numerous peer-reviewed studies from across the globe are pretty much unanimous in the long-term negative effects that hitting children as a form of punishment has. This is not some bleeding-heart, wishy-washy moaning about not making people sad. This is proper research into the rates of depression, anxiety, criminality, substance dependence and many other factors among populations who were and were not physically punished as children. The conclusion is not, and has never been, that ALL children who are hit as children will be messed up, or that children who are never hit as children can't be screwed up. I was slapped for doing things wrong as a child. I don't think it's particularly harmed me in the long-run. But science does not look at one or two cases and come to a conclusion. And we see that, across the board, corporal punishment does far more harm than good in children.

    By all means, Bill, cling to your belief because it's comfortable to you, but if you do then you lose all right to sneer at Trump voters or Fox News viewers for ignoring the wider body of evidence when they make their opinion.

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    Anna Warner

    Social Security of totally out of date. The information system they've put in place at the expense of taxpayers is laughable. They cannot even print short verification letter listing all medicare related deductions such as plan D (medicines) and Plan C (supplemental plan). The only deduction they are capable to display is Plan B (doctor's visits). As a result, information displayed on this verification letter is incorrect. Who are the idiots who work in IT in federal government? After all, it is already 2018! Time to transfer social security accounting to Government is not capable to run any information system.

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    Sir Jon Smith III

    Every veteran i know, every one, is ashamed of trump. And many are republican and loathe Hilary. That does not change their view on trump. So you can try saying "but" all you want, trump is still a disgrace.

    I really hope people get out and vote this time.

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    Kelly KitKat

    Hashtag MeToo – IT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT COMMANDMENT TO KEEP, IS IT NOT ? : Jesus said that his disciple should rejoice when someone accuses him falsely. See, ma 5 : 11 – 12, kjv

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    This was a great example of an episode as to why Trump is president. A big reason as to why he got elected was because people are tired of having to walk on egg shells with literally everything they say just because it can be offensive. A lot of the jokes Bill made were booed at by the audience because he poked fun at something that could be seen as a little offensive. His audience is obviously super liberal and these types of people get offended if someone sneezes too loudly. Billy Bush got chastised by the American public because he agreed with Trump that a woman was "hot as shit". When I was 15 I would talk to my friends about girls in this way, I am 30 and still do it, I will when I am 50, and probably when I am 80, we are men it is what we do. That moron on the far left of panel railed into Billy Bush for not standing up when that happened and I just have to think to myself seriously that is what we are getting mad about? I am way more liberal in my view points than I am conservative, but when this stuff happens I just get so pissed at my fellow liberals for being such whiny babies. Each party is full of such intolerable people that I have trouble supporting either side.

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    I find it funny that folks are targeting the NRA with less than 7 million members against 14 million ccw holders and another 100 million owners holding an estimated 350 million weapons and 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition… Sounds like We The People are the real enemy. Good luck taking those weapons. XD

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    Rene Jenkins

    @3:53 in agreement with "experts"? What "experts"? You mean non experts in dealing with threats? Here is a "teachable" math moment. If you have a person actively committing harm in a given area you want the fastest possible response in order to save lives and injury. Mathematically it does not make sense to wait for an armed response. Would you wait for the fire department to put out a grease fire in your kitchen or use a fire extinguisher? No one is saying to force teachers to be armed. They are merely saying let them be armed if they choose but also require a some type of training like the FASTER program. To pass and be allowed to carry you must surpass law enforcement standards. They don't have enough money or resources to train the amount of requests coming from various school districts around the country. Liberal media doesn't want to report this. Do some F'ing research before regurgitating crap from the media.

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    Rene Jenkins

    @4:06 sure I agree lets get the credit card companies to stop transactions that society, not law, deems as unworthy like abortions. Great Idea! That is the scariest thing I have ever heard. Yeah lets take away free speech from people we don't like.

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    Ak Ras 007

    Donations to the NRA tripled after the parkland protests. It shows that the message of repealing the 2nd amendment does not augur well with the Americans contrary to what Democrat partisan hacks think

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    Criminal break the law so you want to take my 2nd amendment rights away. Criminal don't care about any of your bleeding heart food stamp laws.

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    YES! Boycott! Use the free market to your advantage! No need for coercive and unethical legislation!

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    C E

    They compare the thing with Al Fraken and George H. W. Bush, and they are very comparable. They're not acceptable behavior. I think that the difference was that the Democrats demanded that Franken be swung from the gallows for what he did. Bush is in his 90's, and while it's not appropriate, I think most of America just thought of it as him being a dirty old man. I worked in a nursing home for awhile, and if I had gone all #MeToo every time some old lady pinched my ass, I would have had no life. Old people do some dumb shit sometimes, but they're old so whatever. Like Matt Damon said, "There's a difference between a pat on the butt, and rape or child molestation, right?"

    Also, that guy on the left with the big-ass teeth needs to chill the fuck out. Every time a subject was brought up, he had the opinion of someone you'd usually see as an angry troll on Facebook. So, the thing with the NRA had some inconsistencies too. Yes, the NRA gets a tax exemption because they are working the system. Saying that they don't let a crisis go to waste sounds fairly hypocritical though. When has the mainstream news not been all over a crisis, unless it didn't fit the narrative. You notice that the Southerland Springs shooting in Texas was horrible, but got dropped after a week when it was basically known that an NRA Instructor shot the shooter and chased him down on the highway. Also, the NRA is not selling guns. Private organizations, businesses, and corporate entities in the firearms manufacturing business sell guns. Yet, the only reason they're selling guns is because people like me buy them. The NRA doesn't sell guns. They are paid by the gun manufacturers with my money, and also paid by members like me to fight solely in the best interest of gun owners. I know that people that seem to hate guns say that the NRA doesn't care about Americans, but it does… but only the ones that like the 2nd Amendment. If you don't like it, there's no incentive for them to actually care about your opinion.

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  54. Post

    MeToo FAILED because it does not address the middle to lower class women. Sexual harassment is alive and well among the millions of US societies the majority of viewers couldn't give a shit about because they're not in the celebrity limelight. That and sexual harassment is already opposed and illegal. There's no guild or entity supporting sexual harassment. MeToo is high paid women failing themselves historically now realizing they have responsibility over their own bodies. MeToo is women outing their ignorance, cowardice, and masochism. And sadly, backlash affects ALL women, not just the high rollers. This is a case of women screwing themselves.

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    Thomas Busse

    There's no income tax on gifts and contributions. Income is, by definition, earned. That's why you can't tax church income because there is no such thing. Also, the NRA is assessed property tax in most states as well as UBIT at the Federal level (look up its form 990T – advertising sold on NRATV is subject to income tax which the NRA pays). That's why the NRA is a nonprofit. It's a stupid question and the answer shows the ignorance. There are two nonprofit NRA entities actually: the advocacy group (gifts are NOT tax deductiable) and the legal services charity (gifts are tax deductible to fund legal defense for gun owners in unfair lawsuits or to appeal denials of permits without due process). There are many nonprofits that are not public charities. Visa for years was a nonprofit: it broke-even to provide a service for its banking members who made the profits.

    So don't get all outraged by saying "why don't we tax" when you are just plain stupid about tax issues.

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    Donald Swamp

    Billy Bush appears to be one of the few people who is a better person after tRump, I give him props.

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    Richard warren

    You only got 3 k likes with half million views? You fake fuk,! you are phony, your channel is phony and your subs all come from dead channels, you should get fired again.

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    claronium 780

    For every ONE person who didn't vote for him and NOW thinks they MIGHT vote for him in 2020 – there are THREE people (at least) who voted for him in 2016 that would at least CONSIDER voting against him in 2020! (BELIEVE ME!)

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    Jason R S

    Why can't we include churches ,,, should be treated as any other cash or acruel,, tax rhe shit out of them,,, I think god will bring money for their tithing

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    Mike Bernard

    These people are like a bunch of high school kids…the more they agree with each other, the better they feel.

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    The Logical One The Logical One

    More idiots blaming an intimate object while claiming to care rather then talking about the real issues. Absolutely shameful.

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    Klara Stern

    you still paddel children in the US?! What the actual f*ck?! For the "best country in the world", you're quite backwards in so many ways!!

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  76. Post

    4% GDP, Death of NAFTA and overall better Trade Agreements, Existing of UN….these liberal dipshits would cut off their own nose to spite their faces with Trump.  Bill actually said he hopes the economy crashes so Trump can't win on it, that is scary ideology.

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    Tuber You

    Apparently, none of this was important enough to see the light of day until Donald Trump was getting close to the presidency. Not to Billy Bush, nor to Access Hollywood. I think we can drop the hypocrisy and fake moral outrage and see it for what it is: Political dirt on Donald Trump to be held until the timing was right to go public. Like the final presidential debate before the election. I think Drumpf is a monumental douche, but this was following him down douche road.

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    Matthew Pangburn

    I know this video is half a year old, but this comment still works: I don't think there will be a #MeToo Wall Street because they're completely untouchable. Wall Street is a huge part of our economy, a whole bunch of bank CEOs being removed at the same time could cause the banks and Americans to panic, and that could cause enormous economic problems. They have too much power to be taken down. I hope someone can prove me wrong, I hope people who've done awful things get fair punishment, but for now I think bankers are too powerful to get fired.

  79. Post

    Fnot the craziest idea for the government to force you to save money so they can use it when they need it. Nope. Nothingto see here.

  80. Post

    Are these people out of their minds? They talking about having prople in the white house that can sabotage trump. They say trump is a dictator by saying the white house serves him, but basically want government control of our lives. Mandatory savings where we cant touch it, but the government can use for free till its gone. Umm… social security??? These are the elitists that think the middle of america is too dumb to know what they want people. Fuck them.

  81. Post

    Because politicians like this chick in blue are swamp rats. They kill to get in office to further their own pockets and President Trump is exposing them. That’s why the project this hate on the man. When Obama was in office they hated the country to make money, now they make money buy hating a man.

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  83. Post
    Tracy Olson

    Is it me, or isn't she just the whole package? Confident, assertive, well spoken, and oh, what a looker. She's kind of like a Cleopatra-esque figure.

  84. Post
  85. Post
    Justin Thomas

    So teachers diving in front of bullets is perfectly fine but giving that teacher a chance to defend their life is irrational? If a teacher were to abandon their students in a shooting we’d want their head but we shouldn’t allow them the option of fighting for their own life.

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  89. Post
  90. Post
  91. Post
  92. Post
  93. Post

    It's funny y'all hate the NRA so much but it's a fact that the NRA is a membership driven organization. And the fact is that they give less than a million per year to politicans. People like their guns, you Hollywood jackasses are in a bubble.

  94. Post
    Sharon Spaghetti

    If i were Billy Bush i would have lost it. Good for him keeping his cool. Poor guy gets it from all sides.

  95. Post
  96. Post
  97. Post
    Lynda Mackrous

    But why would you want Democrats who is selling American jobs to China how many Americans made millions from Americans losing their jobs. And I think there are two sides to a story and then there is the truth

  98. Post
    jim Curtis


  99. Post
  100. Post
    Frank Stoeffler

    Pete is the biggest fizzy anal douche bag you ever had on your show and Nayyera the biggest used tampon you ever had on your show. They make Trump look like a brainiac super achiever. You found them on the Golden Corral Buffett line next to Jeff Foxworthy telling everyone that Pete and Nay are "special" people…. didn't you?

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