Problems? Make 3 Polite Requests during the Citizenship Interview!

Problems? Make 3 Polite Requests during the Citizenship Interview!

Hi! This is Teacher Jennifer
from US Citizenship Podcast. One of my students just brought up when she went to her first interview, that the officer spoke very QUICKLY
and she was very low (soft-spoken) and she did not repeat any of the questions. Some things that you can say to the officer…. If the officer is speaking too quickly. Please say to the officer: “Please slow down.” The officer cannot read your mind,
but if you ask them (to slow down), they will do it. Also, the officer will repeat (a question). So if they ask you a question, and you just look at them Will they repeat? They will not repeat. You must ask the officer to “Please repeat the question.” And the officer will repeat the question. One more problem is sometimes an officer……
(…soft mumbling…) What did I say? Sometimes the officer speaks too softly. If that happens, please ask the officer: “Excuse me. Can you speak up a little bit?” Again you must ask the officer this politely! Why? They can’t understand what you’re thinking. If you don’t say anything, they don’t know.
They cannot read your mind. But if you ask the officer: “Speak slowly.” “Speak loudly.” and “Please repeat.” They will do these these things for you Remember, they want you to be successful,
but they must be fair to everybody else too. Thank you so much! Bye-Bye! Learn more about U.S. Citizenship at


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