Promo – Civics Practice Test for the Naturalization Test

Promo – Civics Practice Test for the Naturalization Test

Hello from U.S. Citizenship
and Immigration Services! We put together a YouTube playlist to
help you prepare for the civics test during your naturalization interview. During the interview and test you will probably be in
an office like this. For the civics test, a USCIS officer will ask
you up to 10 questions. To pass, you must answer 6 of
those questions correctly. You won’t know in advance which
questions the officer will ask, so you should study all 100 possibilities. That’s why we produced 100 short videos, one for each possible question. You can download the full list of 100
civics questions at In each video we ask you the question
and give you time to respond. Then, we tell you the answer so
you can check your response. In the playlist, you can watch the
videos in order or shuffle the playlist; you can also create your own playlist
to focus on certain questions. The videos also include subtitles in
different languages to help you study. Our goal is to add more
languages in the future. Remember, the civics test is just one
part of the naturalization interview. If you want to see what the
whole interview is like, check out the Citizenship Interview and
Test video featured on our YouTube page. You can also learn more about the
naturalization process with our Guide to Naturalization. Be sure to check the description
and the cards for this video for links and more information. That’s all for now. Good
luck with the test!


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    not sure if I will get an answer here but worth a shot. I am a british citizen however my farther has dual citizenship but his passport has ran out, is it possible for him to renew it? if so will this then make me eligible for dual citizenship or green card?

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    kelvin baez

    great video.. I passed the test because I studied hard and my test was so quickly and easy. . if you study you pass. .

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    Victor Javier Godinez Castro

    You have to change the preference of family based inmigration for sons over 21 years of USA citizens to inmediate family, cause they come to help they old fathers and mothers, is very criminal that you leave old parents whiteout the help of they sons

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    Marlene A.

    Can USCIS deny the N400 application if one is registered to vote but never voted? I was tricked into registering after I told these people I was a resident I canceled my registration and also submitted a copy of my voting history showing I never voted. I'm just terrified of what USCIS will decide.

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    dedi abel gnagbo

    tres cirdialement a l honneur usa office security global…and londre..cote d ivoire abidjan/gda/
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    Kenia Llano

    Necesito información de este número de caso (sdo1993745108) De Manuel Rafael Vargas Martinez necesito información si el caso todavía existe

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    Recomiendo, aprender el significado de palabras importantes del N-400. Recomiendo oír bien. Pues en Louisville, hay mucho racismo contra los hispanos todos. Y te preguntan lo más que pueden para suspenderte. Por ejemplo el significado de la palabra weapond. Y otro detalle, la señora que me entrevistó, habló bajito y con los labios casi cerrados, como para confundir, o que no escuches bien. Esto es Louisville, Kentucky , no quiere decir que en otro lugar las personas sean como aquí. Suerte, salud y bendiciones.

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    michael merusso

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    Mercedes Quintero

    Necesito informacion sobre estos dos casos..
    Justo Martinez Diaz

    Mercedes M Quintero Fleita
    Muchas gracias

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    María Cano

    Grasias por alludar atoda la jente pase mi examen de siudadania con todas estas preguntas todos Los dias Los escuchava grasias 😘🤗💋💕

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    Rain pop instagram MsCheddargetter


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    Amal Amal

    Hi. I passed my interview on 11/26 in Connecticut but I was told that they will send me an N14? I git and I resent all the info they asked for. Now it’s been 2 months. And I’m still waiting. What will you advice me to divv

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    Michele K

    Thank you so much . I file mine in July 31 online, had my biometrics on August and finally my citizenship interview on February 14th. What I have noticed is that filing online was way faster than the paper. I still have some friends that filed before me and still didn't have they biometrics scheduled yet. I am just waiting to see how long it will take for the oath ceremony email to come through but so far I am happy with the length process. Good luck to everyone.



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    Katherine Saa

    Why is #USCIS increasing the fee amount on certain applications (forms) yet giving all its customers 2nd citizen type of treatment ??? as expensive as you all get yet you don’t have the courtesy of speeding up the process!! Hire people that want to do the job, and get the job done stop sitting on peoples lives! GET TO WORK STOP GOING AROUND THE TABLE TRYING TO MAKE THINGS LAST LONGER IN Y’AllS HANDS… it’s called SERVING!!!! Not starving people from their rights meanwhile y’all just sit there and stare at the computer or pretend to look for peoples file, there’s people out there that a process is a matter of death or life and y’all just want to let their file sit there while y’all get paid to do nothing!!! Maybe y’all need some immigrants in y’alls office to get the job done!!!! All while serving Trumps needs and wants for his businesses… #shame #itsthe21stcenturygetwithitUSCIS #familiesmatter #USCIS #serveUS

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    Jamal Abdi Audahir

    It was easy to me my interview because I had all questions on the interview I also helped the students that makes me finally I become a teacher 👨‍🏫 teach the students of citizenship questions 🇺🇸👇🤷‍♂️

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    Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth

    Why would you put these questions in Different languages????! Enough of this crap! They should HAVE TO TAKE ALL TESTS IN ENGLISH!!!!

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