Proving Genuine Marriage on Immigration Petition (Immigration 101) [2018]

Proving Genuine Marriage on Immigration Petition (Immigration 101) [2018]

hi friends here’s another immigration 101 topic for us to talk about today and that topic has to do with proven that you and your spouse have a bona fide marriage you may have heard that term from me before in my other video on do it for love and only love if you have not yet seen that video I want you to go back and watch it because that is a great foundational video about why it’s so important to put together the right evidence to show the government that you and your partner entered into this marriage for love and not to get around immigration laws this is a super important topic that trips up so many people they just don’t get it they don’t get it and so you guys who are watching my video I want you to get it you need to understand specifically what the government wants from you when you are filing for your spouse so the question is this I have sponsored my husband what evidence do I need to send immigration to show that my husband and I have a bona fide marriage excellent question let’s think about the documents that we could put together here that you will put together not me first of all do you guys own a home together if so both of your names should be on the mortgage right so you include a mortgage statement showing your husband his name as well if you guys don’t own a home together and you’re renting the lease should also have both of your names on it if it does not you know I I would question why not if you’re living with your parents or another relative that person should submit an affidavit or a letter of support indicating that you guys live with her or him though you’re contributing to the rent or other utility bills you guys need to show that you have commingled your resources it means that if you have a joint bank account or if you have a joint investment account or any other assets that you guys jointly owned a life insurance policy’s health insurance statements or copies of your health insurance cards if you guys have any children that have been born between the two of you you would need to show the birth certificates of those children affidavits are also very important and these are statements or letters from people in your lives people who know your relationship to be true people who understand your love story people who can talk about how they know you are you related to them are you guys friends what do you guys do together how they see you guys interacting with each other do you guys spend time with each other at parties at church at do you guys go on vacation together also be careful here with those letters because those letters need to be notarized and those letters need to include the person’s full name their address their age their relationship to you the people who submit these letters on your behalf they don’t have to be US citizens okay they could be green card holders as well need about three I would say three or four of these types of letters to go with your packet to the government to show that other people in your lives can attest to the fact that you guys have a real relationship and any other evidence that you think is relevant whether those that evidence is a statement from yourself you can write a statement or a declaration and send it in with your packet and explain to the government what your love story and what your life together is like certainly pictures write photographs off your wedding day photographs of your day to day lives on vacation and other things like that photographs are very important as well and let me just say this okay let me say this and I tell my clients this as well your love story has to be convincing to me it has to jump off the page I need to see teachers that appear real and genuine you have to convince me if you can convince me the government will also be convinced but what I’m looking for from my clients is that their relationship is true I’m convinced I’m touched ice I feel the love and I see the love in evidence in paperwork in photos I feel it and so it’s very important that the person who is looking at your application and your petition feel it too and can see that it is real what has your experience been like so far with your spousal petition have you filed for your husband or your wife recently how did that go how what evidence did you pull together that you thought was helpful to your application packet comment below I’m in the comments I’m responding and I’d love to hear from you alright guys so you have a good one and I will see you in the next video bye-bye


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    My wife is not in the US. How can I get her name on my mortgage, bank account until she comes here?

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    Raina Peterson

    What happens if my spouse doesn't live in the United States but comes up when I petition for her to live in the States with me but we don't have anything together yet

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    McBean Immigration TV

    Friends, I appreciate all the calls to my office! Unfortunately, I cannot answer questions over the phone due to my busy schedule working for my clients. However, if you'd like to meet with me about your case, call to SCHEDULE a Consultation…(718) 301-9732. Consultation FEES apply. Phone or office meetings only. Visit my website for more details –

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    Pat Owuh

    This video is only applied to a spouse that is already in the US. What about a petition for a spouse that has not been given a visa yet?

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    Abdulhakim Omar

    Every time I watch yr videos i have guylearned something from it
    I married in Ethiopia but the embassy rejected her Visa
    She is pregnanted and we went f Dubai and Djibouti for honeymoon
    It is almost a I haven't heard from uscis
    My case back to uscis they keep tell me waiting
    Any advice

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    Ato Quaye

    I'm a foreigner but my spouse is a green card holder in the states and we have a daughter together, how can I get a Visa so we can be together

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    Anthony W Mitchell

    My wife has no Visa, she has never been to the USA, we have no Bill's together of course, nobody here knows her . It seems I would have to smuggle her into the country Illegally to get the documents for her visa … this makes no sense to me

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    Linda Starr

    My i130 got denied because the RFE asked for non tranlated marriage certificate and so I only sent in non translated marriage, and in the beginning I already sent in translated marriage certificate it got denied because I didnt send in both non translated and translated marriage certificate
    But I did a appeal, so because I sent in multi times before RFE the translated marriage certificate do you think I will get the appeal?

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    Ella Lovli

    Why am I watching this video? I am a citizen married to a citizen. No need for green card.
    I don't agree that you should marry " only for love". People get married for a 1000 different reasons; love is only one of them. I got married because I wanted kids, a family a home. I wasn't madly in love with my husband. I do agree with the term 'bonafide', without deception. That's all you have to prove, that your marriage is real.

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    gee tee

    My husband is abusive beat me for years we got married after we met in class in high school he illegal throws me out if he is mad..he got rid of pictures and things..i can get our transcrips from high school but eveeything is gone social media everything.. we been married 19 years is that good enuff..i am still.undocumented and he used it against me he abused me for year i am surprised i am alive…we are worried about immigrants but its the person with the advantage you should worry about also.i have no life to show cant work cant hmget insurance in a shelter…and giving up again..this time permanatly..i cant deal with my life is ruined

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