PVC ID Card Printing (Short & Complete Guide)

Hello and welcome to Webit Tutorials. In this tutorial we are going to show you how PVC ID cars are made with inkjet printer. Let’s start with what we need: Inkjet printable PVC Sheets, Inkjet Printer, Lamination Machine, Sheet cutter or Scissors and ID card cutter. You can
arrange 10 pieces of ID Cards in one set of A4 PVC Sheets. You can download
the template for arrangin the ID cards from the links in description below.
Load up the print ready ID cards for printing. Before you hit the print command
don’t forget to flip the image. Now give the print command & select your printer. We are going to use the Epson L-800 for this tutorial. Now manage your printer
settings. Choose paper type as: Matte choose paper size: A4. or customize it if necessary. If you are not able to set the paper settings properly for “Both Side
Printed ID” you can watch our other tutorial on “PVC ID Card Paper Arrangements”. Before you load the paper sure you will not be printing on the
protective layer of transparent PVC Sheet. Print on the other side of the sheet. Now hit the print command. Repeat the same steps for printing on the
backside of the ID Card. Let the printed sheets dry for few minutes. Now – Now we are going
to tear of the plastics from both the sides of the hard PVC Sheet that goes in between
the other transparent sheets. After taking off the plastics place the printed
sheets, both back and front aligned properly. Turn on the lamination machine and set the
heat to around 140 degree Celsius. You may need to increase our degree the heat
according to the thickness of the sheet you are using. Generally in between 135
and 145 degree Celsius. When the machine indicates ready,
laminate the PVC sheets. If you have printed on both sides make sure you laminate
second time facing the other side as shown in the video. If you are printing on only one side then face down the printed side & laminate once. After the laminated sheets have cooled down
cut them into two halves using a paper cutter or scissors. Now tear of the
protective film and cut out the ID cards with ID card cutter. Now you can simply punch a hole on the ID card with a Puncher and put a lynard on it. Or you can use
ID card holder. Thanks for watching the video. We hope
the video was useful to you. If you have any problem making PVC ID card or have
any suggestions, leave us a message in the comment section. Give us a thumbs up if
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