Q&A: Kids? Move to USA? Do I Want German Citizenship?

Q&A: Kids? Move to USA? Do I Want German Citizenship?

Hey everyone, Dana here! – And Stefan. And together –
we’re doing a Q&A video. We collected some of your questions and we
will pick them out from in here. – Yes. Thank you so much. There were so many really great
questions. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. And now let’s select some to answer.
Okay, first one: Are you both morning people? I would say I’m a morning person. –
Really?! That’s a shock to me. – But! But! With a but. I’m a morning person but I don’t like to talk
in the morning. And I like to wake up in the morning. Slowly. – Slowly. Very, very slowly. –
I’m not grumpy or anything. I just don’t like to talk. – Yeah. – So, I don’t know. You judge
if that is a morning person. – I wake up, and the moment I’m awake I’m like, hi, good morning!
And then, like, I’m fully awake. How long did it take before you considered yourself
fluent in German? Me? I would say – I think that’s a question for me. – it took around 6, 7 years of my life, but maybe it’s a question for you. So fluent in German? Um, I think it was 4
years. – What is fluent? – Yeah, for me, when I felt like I could understand at least 80%
or 90% of a conversation. – I would say you’re fluent in German because you can make phone
calls to your doctor. – Phone calls! As soon as I could make phone calls in German then
I felt fluent in German because phone calls are the hardest. That’s a good way to put
it. – Good. What change do you hope to make in the new
year? I want to start exercising more. – I have some goals. – Okay. – You said more exercising.
I started running last year in 2016, and in 2018 I want to run a half marathon. Do you
have any pets? What would be your dream pet? A dog! – A dog. And no, we don’t have a dog.
And we don’t have any pets. So the question is answered: are you a dog person or a cat
person? – I’m a dog person. – I’m a dog person. What’s your favorite German Christmas tradition
and what is Stefan’s favorite American Christmas tradition? – I don’t know. I don’t have an American
Christmas tradition because I only celebrated Christmas once with your family. – In the U.S. –
And your family has more, like, the Czech Christmas traditions. – Here we’ve often done
raclette for Christmas. – As a food, yeah. As a food. And I’ve really like that. Oh, that’s actually a question for me. I picked
a question for me. What is Stefan’s job? 50% I’m working for Wanted Adventure.
– That is a change that we made for 2017. – Last year. Yeah. – I’m doing everything in the background.
Not editing. Editing is all done by Dana. But I’m there for the – The paperwork! – All the paperwork. – Thank you so much. The bureaucracy. Good German paperwork. And then the other
50% I’m working in IT. – Do you have a a driver’s license in Germany — I guess this question
is for me, although it could be for anyone. Do you have a a driver’s license in Germany
and how much do you drive? If you don’t have a license, do you miss driving? So… I have a driver’s license. – I also have a driver’s
license. – Do you have a German driver’s license? I have a German driver’s license. Yes. – She
has. – How much do I drive? – She’s not driving. – None. Do I miss driving? No. I don’t miss
driving at all. – But you can drive. – I can drive. I just, I don’t like it. I take the small ones, then I don’t have to
read so much. – Okay. Nice trick. – Are you a German citizen? Do you have plans to become
a German citizen? Again. Yes. I’m a German citizen. – I think that question is for me. –
And I have no plans of becoming a double German citizen. – Okay. – But how about you? –
Yeah. So I am not a German citizen. I am a resident here in Germany. And for right now I don’t
have plans to become a German citizen mostly because in Germany, for me, it is not possible
for me to become a German citizen without giving up my American citizenship. I live
here and I would like to vote, but it’s just not possible right now. And I don’t want to
give up my American citizenship. So… No. I wouldn’t want to do that either. –
Yeah. Okay. Apart from wintery hiking, which leisure
activities/sports/hobbies have you encountered in Germany that you probably wouldn’t encounter
in the U.S.? Eisstockschießen. True! It’s like curling.
It’s, yeah, in the direction of curling and… And bocce. – And bocce, yeah, that’s what
I was going to say. If you took curling and bocce. – And you have never seen it in the U.S.? –
I’ve, no. I mean, I know I’m from Florida, but my parents came and they had also never
heard of it. And I take a small one again because I don’t
like to read. What are your travel plans for 2018? – I don’t know if we have any travel plans.
– No. – Besides maybe for your half marathon, you might do that in the U.S. – Exactly. – But,
yeah. I don’t think as of yet we have any travel plans. Oh! This question, we’ve been getting this
a lot. Do you speak German or English together at home? What do we speak? – None of the both. –
None of the both. – There you go. – That was good. We’re speaking Denglish. It’s mostly English-based. It’s heavy English. – It’s English-based. -Yeah. – And everyone who’s complaining, you should speak more German
at home. I’m sorry, guys. We don’t because we met speaking English. You associate feelings
with the voice – Yeah. – and the way someone speaks. So we’re speaking English. Why do you live in Munich instead of Cologne,
since Stefan’s family is from that area? That’s right. My family is from that area.
And I grew up near Cologne. But since 2005 I’m living in Munich because of my work. –
You came here for a year. – I came here for a year. It’s been a long year. – The year turned into
several years and now I’m based here in Munich. How did you get your TEFL, online or an in-person
program? I’ve made, I think a couple videos on teaching English, and I will put those
down in the description box below. But I did my TEFL in Prague. So it was an in-person
course. And it was an intensive, one-month course. – Since moving to Germany, has your
music taste changed? Do you listen to German and Austrian artists? – I would say that my
music tastes have not changed. I still listen to the same kinds of music. But now mixed
in with my songs that are in English, are also some German artists, like Peter Fox.
I listen to the radio and then I mix in those German songs as well. What are Stefan’s thoughts on driving in South
Florida? – Oh, that’s a good question. Um, we will actually, or I actually plan to make
a full video. In general, it’s different. It’s quite different. – We’ll leave it at that.
And… – The rest in the video. – Okay. What are your favorite restaurants in Munich?
– Oh, good question. – Yeah, that’s a hard question to answer. The Stefan restaurant. – Yeah. –
You cook for me. We cook a lot of stuff at home, and… – Yeah, we eat at home a lot. Oh, do you have kids or are you planning to
have kids? – Here it is. – No, there’s no… – Do we have kids, Stefan? – There are no kids around.
– There are no kids. – I saw a question: Where are you hiding them, if you have kids? Where
are you hiding them? Yeah. – No, we don’t have kids. And at the moment we’re not planning
on having kids. – Yeah. So. – That’s it. Are you going to make a video all in German?
Yes. Wait, but…oh you. – I’m going to make a video all in German. I think the video talking
about driving in Florida. – Really? In German? – I will do in German. – Oh okay. – Yeah. – Oh. I thought we were going to do that video together. In, like, normal, like this. – I thought I would
do a video in front of the blue wall. I guess we’re going to have to discuss this
video still a little bit more. – We’re coming back to you. Be surprised. I’ve done one video all in German. And my
plan is that when the channel hopefully hits 200,000 subscribers… – Currently, while currently
filming that, we are 800 subscribers away from 200,000. – So yeah…my plan right now
is that I would like to put out a video in German and the same video in English. But
I’m not sure yet. But I want to put another video out in German. In the beginning was the language barrier
hard as far as getting to know Stefan’s family, or do they speak English? Did you ever feel
kind of lonely or like you didn’t fit in? Oh! Okay, so, um, Stefan’s family does not
speak English. Also your friends over in the Cologne area. And so yes, there was definitely
in the beginning a language barrier. But that’s pretty much why I learned German. But yeah,
there were some times where I felt kind of lonely. – Yes. – Like, everyone was speaking German,
and I couldn’t understand. How did you two meet? We won’t answer that. – We’re not going to tell you. We won’t answer this question on this video.
Because there’s a video coming out soon that will explain how we met. – Yes. When will you open your Christmas presents?
The 24th or the 25th? – I think we answered that last year in the Christmas video that
we two made. And I open, or we open some Christmas presents on the 24th, – German-style. –
German-style. – In the evening. And then, some on the 25th. Yeah. But, um, I mean, this year I think we’re
not really doing presents, right? – We don’t have any presents. We don’t have a Christmas
tree. We have our palm tree decorated with Christmas lamps. Are you going to visit Vienna some day? We’ve
already been to Vienna. – We have already been to Vienna. And we might go there again. –
Yeah, it was a really nice city. So I would like to go back. – It was really warm. – It was…yeah, well, it was summer. Are you planning to stay in Germany or move
to the U.S. one day? – Currently there’s no plan. – Yeah. I’m happy in Germany. Like, I
feel finally settled here. We don’t know what the future’s going to bring but, right now,
as far as we can imagine… We’re not looking to move anywhere else. My last question for today: How long have
you guys been married? Six years. Six years. And… that’s the question. – That’s the question.
– Yeah. Thank you so much for all the questions that
you gave us. – Yeah, sorry that we couldn’t answer all of them. But hopefully you had
fun watching the answers to the questions that we did answer. So our question for you
is: – Do you have any more questions for us? And also, what are some of your answers to
these questions? Please let us know in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching. – We really hope
that you enjoyed this video. And if you do enjoy these videos, please think about subscribing
to the channel and – Liking – hitting the like button! Thank you very much. And also, who
do we need to thank? – A very special thank you to all our patrons on Patreon, who help
make these videos possible. – Yes, thank you so much for your support. If you would like
to check out our Patreon page, you can find a link to that down in the description box
below. Until next time, auf Wiedersehen! So I’m going to say: and today we’re doing a
Q&A video. And then you can say: together! Isn’t that groundbreaking? – That’s groundbreaking. –


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    Francine Safir

    I met my Mr. German in Cologne, while watching live music at a bar.. when on vacation on my first trip to Germany, even though my father was born there. Love at first sight!

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    You two are a really adorable couple. Clearly you have a great friendship and mutual respect. There's a very sweet connection between you. Inspiring 💙

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    Indonesian German

    One of the things I love living in Germany is the good public transportations, no need to worry so much for not having a car which means no need to drive! The question for Dana: how do you feel watching Bruce Willis speak German? I mean all movies are dubbed into German, sometimes I feel it a bit funny. Do you watch Tatort especially the team from Munich?

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    I'm the opposite. My husband is american and we live in the US. I get asked about wanting/having US citizenship all the time too and my answer is exactly like yours: I don't have US citizenship and I don't want it because I don't want to give up my german citizenship. Plus I was already treated like a nuisance while trying to become a permanent resident so I am happy to stay away from the bureaucratic side.

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    Stefan, do you dream in English more than in Deutsch? I dream in English after binging Netflix (und das ohne andere englischsprachige Kontakte am Tag)… Ok die Frage ist etwas zu persönlich. Ist aber ein interessantes Thema.

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    I'd go crazy if I couldn't drive. Just having my vehicle blocked in the driveway by my husband's vehicle makes me feel claustrophobic.

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    I'm like Mr. German-man in that I like to wake up, but I like to do it quietly and "ease" into the day. But, maybe it is because I am of mainly German heritage…..so….maybe it is biological? 😀

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    Every video I watch with Stefan in it, I'm more and more convinced he's the stereotypical German

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    Hallo! I am Amor from Philippines. you both looking great and i can see how much love for one another. hehe . My boyfriend is german and his from munich. Im really having fun watching your videos Dana. it feels good vibes always. and i learned something from you. Danke 🙂

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    I totally get that you're speaking English. My husband is from Finland, I'm from Nürnberg and we live here and still speak English at home. Also for us people often complain that we should speak German at home, but if you met someone with just English it'll stay like that I guess.

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    Rebecca Doyal-Meyer

    I just moved to Germany three months ago. My husband is German, so I have my residence card, but today I received a document stating that I need to take a German integration course. Did you receive this document as well? Do I need to do this if I do not intend to request German citizenship? I have been studying German for the last three months and intend to continue to do so daily; thus, I am not sure if an integration course would be necessary. Any suggestions?

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