QLives: Young People

The hardest thing about being young and queer is I think your identity not being
recognised. In life we get, especially in school,
we get boxed into these really rigid expectations of male and female
you know, ‘are you gay or are you straight?’ kinda thing.
My primary relationship is with a trans guy so we’re often read as straight and neither
of us consider ourselves to be that way. I don’t fit in a box nice and neatly which is
why I’d identify as queer. Prejudice towards queer people isn’t
always as obvious these days. There are still a lot of ignorant comments
that go on, and ignorant questions but I think we’re getting to the stage that is
more like ‘well-meaning’ homophobia rather than ‘be-put-in-jail’ homophobia [laughter] I could walk down the street and I
thought I was just walking normally or whatever, but people would
yell from cars ‘fag’ I have had that on several occasions. It’s amazing that the difference that
harassment can make because you go from being, you know, yourself, happy
and you know excited and do anything and then you just go into ‘am I gonna cop it
later?’ and that’s just, ahh nobody should have to experience
that. My close male friend texted me and was like
‘I hear you’re bi now…’ ‘…that’s really hot.’
And it made me feel like crap because I felt like this person
who I had a really close friendship with now
only saw me as a porn trope and every time I think about
that it just makes me feel, like, urrrgh. So it would be really great if medical professionals could be more kinda frank and open about talking about sexuality with
people but also to not make assumptions about the kinds of relationships and sex
that the people in front of them are having. I don’t think there’s enough information out
there, I mean, our sex education curriculum basically provides this one-sided
you know this ‘this is how sex works’. It was always boys and girls do this
together no understanding that there are
trans people no acknowledgement that there are
queer people. People like us, you know, as we grow up, get ourselves
into situations that we haven’t been properly prepared for and that’s kinda, it’s kinda terrifying! One of the biggest challenges that I’ve encountered as a queer person is connecting with the queer community
to be honest going to events and having a boyfriend
at the time and not knowing whether or not I could talk about him and maybe when
I’m in queer spaces assumed to be straight or less legitimately queer We have to stop picking on each other
I think, and really support each other. The
hardest thing about being young and queer is accepting your self, I think.
The best thing that’s helped me is making queer friends cos then you’re not alone. I played soccer with an LGBTI soccer team.
For the first time in my life I didn’t have to worry about are these people thinking, ah, you know
‘he’s so gay’ or whatever now I’m just, the other worry was that,
oh, I’m not very good! I’m a lot more comfortable in my queer identity and maybe some of that
has been to do with just getting a little bit older
and more comfortable with myself in general The most awesome thing about being young
and queer is that basically we can express ourselves however we want I’m proud of who I am. I’m proud of
being gay, I’m proud of being gender fluid. We have to break down those old stereotypes and those old
expectations of what things should be and just… be.

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