Queer People’s History Show TRAILER

Queer People’s History Show   TRAILER

– I’m Bird La Bird and I’m the history teacher of your dreams. Welcome, tweethearts, to the
Queer People’s History Show. You’re about to see
some shots of the action in the show and then
you will see some of the audience talking about
how fantastic it was. Why don’t you come and
see it for yourself, it’s accessible, it’s inclusive, and it’s coming to you. – [Announcer] Please
take your positions, your favorite ones,
relax, and get ready to have the gaps in
your education filled. – There are two types
of methodologies for uncovering queer history, oral for uncovering surface history and probing into archives and other annals. Audience laughter (carnival music) – [Audience] Connecting the histories
of marginalized people. – [Audience] And it as really nice to see
an intersectional queer history. – [Liz] Is there
evidence of queer or trans prisoners
in Millbank, Bird? – Oh, and I’m going to tell you
categorically that there is. (fast-paced music) Catherine and Ellen are
young petty criminals who fall in love in the
Launceston female factory. (eerie music) – [Audience I thought it was fantastic. – [Audience] Immensely entertaining, it
was fabulous and informative. – Delivered
unashamedly, unabashed, with no reservations,
so go see it. (suspenseful music)

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