Question Period: Jobs, gun control and rural infrastructure

Question Period: Jobs, gun control and rural infrastructure


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    Bubba Jay

    Mr Morneau… GROWTH, for whom???? I am sick and tired of politicians using this word. These days growth seems to mean that the rich got richer. It fails to mention how that "growth" was generated. More and more often, growth means downsizing blue collar staff, growth means offshoring good paying jobs to Indian and China, growth means cutting education and health to the lower and middle classes and opening private posh health oasis for the well to do only.
    So please someone explain what Morneau might mean by GROWTH.

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    Fools will willingly do anything and everything they say and when once that is done they will take control and instate a totalitarian government (Which is what it's going towards in the past few years, since Trudeau Marxists INC. arrived). The sheep's will be lead to the slaughter house for resisting, but it will be too late Canada will have brought it upon itself. No wonder they are selling Canada out to China…

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    Yvon Desrosiers

    For his failures.
    He appointed a minister of nothing ( illegal refugees)
    He appointed a minister of poors ( old middle class)
    He appointed a ministrer of two faces ( Freeland)
    Now, he wants a BAND and GUN BAN
    Will he appoint a minister of GANG BANG ?
    Who is he?
    Hint If you don't know, him too !!!

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    Is it just me, or does it drive anybody else crazy when the Liberals, so very often, state "WE ALWAYS STAND UP FOR (fill in the blank)". They NEVER stand up for Canadians. Never Ever.

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    wolverine anteater

    Bunch of thugs in the cabinet sucking taxpayers money, gambling holidays, expensive trips, family holidays. Thieves burned in hell

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